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Storm Lee Is Just Too "Self-Realized" For The X Factor

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Well, isn't someone completely full of himself?

Recently eliminated X Factor contestant Storm Lee apparently can't deal the reality that he didn't make the cut in the competition, and is now claiming that he was the best singer on the show!

He asserts:

"I'm the most versatile singer out of all of the contestants. That’s not me being arrogant [ed. note - yes, it is.], but I realized early on that it's not a singing show, it's a popularity competition. I feel really relieved to be out, actually. Right from the start I was pushing against a lot of factors that were really against me, and I knew, quite early on, that I was probably a bit too creative for the show, a bit too polished and too self-realized."

Justify it to yourself anyway that you want, bb, but face the facts!

You didn't make the cut for a reason! And we doubt that it had anything to do with popularity or 'self-realization!'

We think his performance (above) speaks for itself.


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14 comments to “Storm Lee Is Just Too "Self-Realized" For The X Factor

  1. 1

    what happened to not being mean?

  2. 2

    He lives in LA, by the way. He could try is luck on AI, although something tells me he wouldn't.

  3. 3

    HE SUCKS!! >_>

  4. 4

    Springsteen meets Boy George……Bruce Queersteen…horrific crap, brutally BAD!

  5. 5

    thoughts? 4 people commentated on this crap. give this shit up, this is an american site, noone gives a shit.

  6. Dozi says – reply to this


    Could have sworn we just did "Glee does Springsteen" at the intro to some awards or another…

  7. 7

    Perez is not mean..he's honest. I have been watching xfactor..and I totally agreed with the judges. Storm is not that special..I was getting tired of his exaggerated performance of * i am a rockstar on stage*. He is not. His voice doesnt show any variety..So I was actually getting tired of it. He needed to stay grounded..and do more slow or soul like songs..His view of himself is way out there.. Its not just about popularity..its about what he radiated as a persona as well..he wasnt likeable..his talent mediocre..and his performance a tad too much. That's why you are out Storm Lee

  8. 8

    I didn't reaaly like him, but he is right, it's a popularity contest.

  9. 9


  10. 10

    YOU ARE NO LEONA OR SHANE!!! nothing about you is captivating or special! and guess what, humility goes a LONG way in the industry. You at least wont look like an ass hole!

  11. 11


  12. 12

    storm was ill for this performance, you could have easily picked any other one where he actually is a really good singer & how could you turn what he said into something he never even intended..

  13. 13

    It's easy to pick on Storm because he looked a bit weird and the vocals on Born to Run weren't perfect, but, as the previous commenter mentioned, he was ill and losing his voice on the day of that show, so he did a pretty good job of it, all things considered! His first auditions were great. It was only during the live shows, where he was given songs that didn't show off his voice and styled into 'the zany guy', that things went a bit pear-shaped. His mentor was Louis Walsh, for crying out loud, whose only claim to fame is that he's managed two Irish boybands who look pretty, sing ballads and sit on stools for most of their performances. As for the quotes, these things always look worse written down. He probably could have chosen his words a little more carefully, but if you actually watch any of his interviews, you'll see that he doesn't mean that stuff in a big-headed way. He just meant that, as someone who's a little older than most of the other contestants and has been singing professionally for most of his life, he's better able to adapt to different styles. Compare him with someone like 17-year-old Cher, who only seems to be able to do r'n'b and rap stuff. Imagine what she'd be like on Abba week or Big Band week…

  14. 14

    I have known Storm for over a decade. He was sick (which does happen to people) & don't believe all the "quotes" circling in the media (see above)… most aren't true or re-interpretted to "fit" the needs of the critic.

    Ultimately, (regardless of your views on this performance) he's an amazing person & artist. Plus, the show is actually a difficult process for these musicians… it's hell.

    Perez, you would probably really like the guy if you ever met him… reach out & see if your negative judgments remain.