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Lisa Marie Presley has opened up about her former husband Michael Jackson's death for the first, and only time, on Oprah. The interview airs today. I… Read more…

46 comments to “Lisa Marie Presley Talks Michael Jackson Death On Oprah TODAY”

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    whoa - that's a lot of turquoise……………..

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    Michael was a runaway-drug addict-pedophile train waiting to crash. Arriving next at gate letter J, train number 666, enroute to nowhere

  3. 3


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    Forget about Michael, what about her being the size of the Goodyear Blimp!

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    I'm sick of these "professional widows". Yoko Ono, Priscilla Presley and now her daughter, Lisa Marie. After more time has passed than the actual LENGTH of marriage, it's time to move on. She, like most of the people who have claimed they "loved" Michael, didn't actually have a relationship at the time of his death. Let it GO.

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    i really wish she wasn't doing this interview. this information should be kept private, especially when someone isn't here to defend themselves. i'm not saying she's not speaking the truth, i have no idea but i'm sure his kids would be better off if she kept her mouth shut!!!!!

  7. 7

    No - I won't watch. I don't see the point of this interview. Does anyone really think she will actually tell the truth about Michael?? Why bother?

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    Re: Sonia6349Re: Sonia6349
    I agree! How would Lisa know what was going on in Michael's life when they had been divorced for 14 years when he died? She had moved on long before he died - she got married twice and had two more kids in the time span between her divorce from Michael and his death in '09. Anything Lisa says in this interview can only be speculation…Michael himself said in '01 that he had closed his heart to Lisa after she lied about starting a family with him while they were married and he had spoken to her in a long time (at the time of the interview) I also wonder why Lisa feels the need to talk about her brief, not even two year marriage to a man she had previously publicly bashed and voiced regret about marrying? And what about Michael's children? Haven't they heard enough from those who supposedly gave a damn about their Daddy but when he needed them, these people were nowhere to be found? Lisa could've shown support for Michael when he was going through his molestation trial in '06 but she didn't. Just seems like another vulture from Michael's past trying to get some attention…

  9. 9

    It's so sad she has all the money in the world and she such an ABSOLUTE MESS, for us to look at and watch like she is a zoo animal.

  10. 10

    Did some FASHIONISTA tell Lisa that she looked "SKINNY" in that outfit?

  11. 11

    Anyone associated with MJ are in denial about his drug use. Even Jermaine Jackson told an incredilous Matt Lauer on the Today Show than he had never known Michael to take drugs. You can't believe a word anyone of the Jackson's or those in their life say and that includes Miss Lisa!

  12. 12

    Re: lolalovesmichealjackson – A-freaking-men, Lola. Exactly.

  13. 13

    Scientology kills!
    Remember Lisa McPherson

  14. 14

    I'm stunned Lisa is doing this. She was always a rebel, always condemning of exploitive and lowbrow "pop culture" –and Oprah is the quintessential purveyor of that bilge! I mean, giving an interview to The View or Larry King would have been worse…OK, maybe not. Not worse. Oprah represents exactly the sort of thing I thought Lisa despised. Why must she give an interview to ANYONE???? She's doing just what she reviled, publicizing and exploiting Michael, removing privacy. She left the U.S. because of privacy, didn't she???? Gawd. What a sellout. Sickening. And she inherited her father's indulgences, as we see. sad.

  15. Harv says – reply to this


    hey,hey hey …….. it's fatso Lisa

  16. 16

    Re: bongo – ha ha ha, so true. At least she is saying he was a big old junkie. ah ha ha ha THANKS FOR THE MUSIC, ASSHOLE.

  17. 17

    Who cares what LMP has to say about anything, let alone trainwreck Michael Jack$on? They weren't exactly married in the traditional sense. It was an arranged marriage to hide his homosexuality and rumored pedophilia; scientology set its sights on Jack$on $$ and a$$igned the task of bringing him into the cult fold to Presley. Over a decade later, LMP is still pumping the Jack$on connection to get fame for herself. She sucks (and I'm no fan of Jack$on).

  18. 18

    i remember the interview she did with oprah long before this one…. Oprah asked her what were her thoughts when she thinks back to her marridge with Michael… her reply was "Holy mother of god" before bursting out in fits of laughter. spent the whole interview completly looking down on him and making fun of him. yes im sure she loved him once but as someone else pointed out where was she when he really needed her? nowhere, she had no contact with him for years so anything she has to say wouldnt be of interest to me.
    Lisa Marie Presley said all she had to say about Michael years ago, knowing full well there would be no comebacks from Michael because he wasnt the type of man to bash people he cared about publicly!
    Anything she has to say about him now whether good or bad should have been said years ago, when she was a part of his life!

  19. 19

    Lisa only married MJ to try and get his millions into that cult called Scientology.

  20. 20

    Re: MJ ROCKS!!! – what the FUCK do YOU KNOW? You were not married to HIM. Shut the fuck up. YOU just think you know this little pedo-junkie-fucking animal so well. ha ha ha You just keep showing what a fucking FOOL you are defending this fucked up devil.

  21. 21

    Re: Jazz-Hands Chaz – yayyyyyyy!!!!! my first reply from you when you vowed never to reply to me again hahahaha
    and i know more than you fucking know asshole… ALOT more!! so i wont shut the fuck up, if you dont like what i write then dont fucking read it!!
    got that Anni????

  22. 22

    so its been almost a year and a half and people are still talking about Michael Jackson!!!

  23. 23

    Re: Willys Bong – And what is it about Oprah promoting all those scientologists? LMP - Revolta - the Cruiser - Kirstie "I'm the fattest 175-pounder you'll ever see" Alley. Leah Remini will probably be on soon to promote that View rip-off (unless it competes with Oprah's time slot).

  24. 24

    Re: Jazz-Hands Chaz – sorry do you prefer anni or annika?

  25. 25

    Shes not even his fucking widow!!! Debbie Rowe is technically his widow. Fuck both these bitches

  26. 26

    Well she, among others, are in on the hoax so it will be vague answers to vague questions. Nothing as in the facts that lead up to MJs "death", will be clear and concrete.

  27. 27

    Re: MJ ROCKS!!! – you sad and twisted FUCK are you getting wood. ha ha ha you and little boy fucker, ha ha ha annie are youok, you aren't ok annie. ha ha ha how

  28. 28

    How desperate you are for validation ha ha ha, sounds like another big old pedophile we know. YOU Know So Much !!! Then you know your little hero was a PEDOPHILE, ha ha ha THANKS FOR THE MUSIC, ASSHOLE.

  29. 29

    ha ha ha Do you honestly think he mounted this woman, ha h aha yeah baby.

  30. 30

    Re: MJ ROCKS!!! – actually replying to you is my way of not knowing/caring which little butt fuck nambla boy lover you are. There are so many of you floating around out there under all kinds of assumed names, ha ha ha GO SHOVE YOUR PINKY UP YOUR ASS AND PRETEND IT IS MJ'S DICK

  31. 31

    Get me to a TV, fucking pronto.

  32. 32

    First of all. Lisa Marie Presely hadnt seen or spoken to Michael for years so her claims about he was going somewhere and noone could stop it are BS! She didnt see him for ages so she doesnt know a shit. On the other hand, we have friends like Liz Taylor, Miko Brando and tons of others who actually met MJ and said it was nothing strange about him (e.g drugs). LMP really needs to shut it cuz frankly she has no clue.

  33. 33

    Re: Aileen (Canada) – it is NOT about being in denial. Have you read the autopsy report? No drugs were found in MJs system. No painkillers etc were found in MJs system. The "only" thing found was Propofol which is NOT EVEN a controlled substance. Jeeez

  34. 34

    Lisa Marie Presley Jackson just confirmed Michael Jackson was a junkie.

  35. 35

    Ah, sure will.

  36. 36

    OK….I am finished….never to return, do not need to. Lisa Marie has said it all, the man was a damned drug addict. It has been documented by a highly reliable person, his ex- wife who loved him. I am correct with my postings since the Death of the Most Famous Pedophile In The World, thanks for the Music, Asshole. I am out of here, forever………………………………………..

  37. 37

    does she have a new album shes promoting .. sigh keep that shit to urself.

  38. 38

    She also talked about their life together both good and bad. Plus she talked about her father too. And she said she will never talk about Michael Jackson again and people can refer to Oprah. They showed a picture at his private memorial and she had some alone time with him. I think she kinda wish she had done some things different. It was not a negative interview at all. RIP my beautiful Michael! One thing she did say when you were in his presence it was like a drug. I know just what she mean. I once looked him in the eyes as I touched a car he was driven in after a concert. His music is the fabric of my life.

    Peace Out,

  39. 39

    i watche dit, ti was sad she still loves him :(

  40. 40

    Poor fat rich Lisa. She married Michael cause he idolized Elvis, never stuck it in and hadn't talked to her in years and years. She just repeats the same things we all say in our own living room.

  41. 41

    It's kind of funny how you take excerpts from that interview that could be misconstrued to paint Michael in a negative light…. LMP loved Michael (and still does love him) and he loved her. It was a REAL marriage and like all marriages they go thru their ups and downs. I'm glad LMP finally did an interview where she didn't guard her true feelings about Michael. I never agreed nor did I understand why she would be somewhat harsh towards him regarding their relationship in past interviews but after this interview I see that she was just bitter and angry towards him because as she stated she felt "disposable" to him. I commend her for speaking about Michael. I believe Oprah did this show for the ratings and is EXTREMELY happy that LMP decided to only give her this interview about Michael.

  42. 42

    Continuing on about what I mentioned. I was always confused as to why LMP played the role of not caring about Michael or giving the "I don't know what I was doing" act regarding marrying him when they were shown together several times after their divorce. I'm glad she also mentioned that in the interview because I think it needed to be said. I'm also glad she did this interview because now more then ever all the haters and people who didn't try to get a chance to know Michael Jackson the human being vs. Michael Jackson the superstar can now get a glimpse of what us fans have always seen and said. Michael was human and he felt like the rest of us. He was no saint (Yes that's right HATERS us fans have always known that he isn't a saint or GOD)

  43. 43

    When I heard about this interview I was skeptical. I was skeptical of LMP and Oprah. I was skeptical of Oprah because anything pertaining to Michael on her show has been talked about in my opinion for her ratings. She did a show during his trial that I don't agree with. Everyone has their right to their own opinions but don't pass judgement on others based on your own experiences. Oprah kept wanting to press the molestation issue with LMP eventhough LMP said in the past that she never witnessed anything inproper going on with Michael and children. I'm sure if she had any worries about that she wouldn't have allowed her children to be around him. So good for Oprah. She scored the interview with LMP and she also she scored the interview with Michael's mother, children, and other family members *rolls eyes* I respect Oprah but I don't like how she's treated Michael in the past or now.

  44. 44

    Lastly regarding LMP.. She says she loved/loves/understands him now but I wish he could have heard it. When she mentioned her last coversation with him where he was crying because she was distant toward him and couldn't express the love she once had for him at that moment that broke my heart. All Michael ever wanted to be was loved and to a have women that you loved and cared for, for so long to give you the cold shoulder must have really hurt. I'm sure he always loved her though because I never once heard him say one negative thing about her. I just wish alot of the people who "love" him now would have showed him the same love when he was around to receive it. But I respect her for what she said though and I also respect her for being someone at one time that he could honestly trust and be himself around. Must have really been hard for him to have to guard/shield himself from others so he wouldn't get used or mistreated.

  45. 45

    First of all, Lisa Presley was young and immature when she married Michael Jackson. She loved him not like a husband but like a brother. As she got to know him after she married him, she realized that he had too many problems. I have read all about the two people who accused him of inappropriate behavior and concluded that he was innocent. The first was a man who was fighting for custody of his son and wanted money, and the second was a financially desperate hispanic woman. In her case, the jury concluded he was innocent. But these accusations contributed to his severe depression. And this deep depression destroyed him.

    As for Lisa Marie, she is a mature woman now no longer an immature girl. And as for her weight, it happens to alot of women after they have babies. Unless you exercise regularly, it will NEVER come off.

  46. 46

    Re: blubabiecutie

    Michael´s behavior during the marriage showed he didn´t love Lisa as much as she loved him. That´s the truth though many fans insists on the contrary. I love him but if you see the signals you´ll see the truth.