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Oksana To Face Extortion Charges?

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oksana Grigorieva  denied motion to keep police from looking through her computer

The District Attorney is gearing up for it.

This afternoon, Oksana Grigorieva legal team faces off with the Sheriff's Department as Oksana is opposing giving investigators access to her personal computer for evidence. However, the Sheriff's Department filed documents shortly before the hearing was to begin, disputing that her motion is unreasonable and access to her computer is vital.

The documents read:

"Evidence obtained from the Hard Drive would be used in a forthcoming criminal prosecution when Detective Wagner's findings are presented to the District Attorney's Office…It is common for evidence to be found on a suspect's computer and hidden or mis-labeled in a particular computer file."

The only criminal prosecution she is facing is the extortion charges. Hope she is prepared for that.

UPDATE: The judge officially denied Oksana's motion to keep investigators away from her computer.

The judge explained:

"For me to begin to limit law enforcement functions in the investigation is premature at this time … therefore this motion in denied."

And the plot thickens!

[Image via WENN.]

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14 comments to “Oksana To Face Extortion Charges?”

  1. 1

    I cant wait for the pro Aksana Idiots spin this here , While i agree mel is a racist POS , he isn't the one prob getting charged with extortion.AND BTW MEL IS PAYING CHILD SUPPORT IDIOTS (THE ONES TALKING CRAP ABOUT MELS DEAD BEAT ACTS) he is just fighting the highly inflated number .

    No matter who it is from a dish washer who is poor as F to A holly wood star that 20 g number is an amount that should never be awarded. its called child support not a free ride for the parent who has the custody .Just because a person can afford it does not make it right.

  2. 2

    Why would she do all her criminal activity on her OWN computer? Use a friend's computer or something you dumb bitch

  3. 3

    she should face these charges sorry
    i dont like either of them but she is clearly a blood sucking vampire

  4. 4

    Deport that Russian gold-digging whore extortionist-whore !!
    The only thing she's good at it seems is making sure there's enough cum in her love chunnel to get pregnant by old RICH actors and then sucking them dry via their wallets.

  5. 5

    OMG I am soooo sick and tired of hearing about this story… You have other stories that are more worthy and more interesting to read… Just sayin…

  6. 6

    The child support, which seems excessive, is completely in line in terms of how Mel Gibson's "other" children are living. That's how judges decide these cases. This child can not be deprived of a privileged life style because Mel no longer likes the mother. He's worth a billion dollars, 20K a month is NOTHING for him!

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    Well, they'd better get over there before she wipes it.

  8. 8

    For a woman who set about to be a celebrity brood mare for money I don't understand why she didn't take the 15 million that was offered and move on to the next Hollywood fool who was stupid enough to make another deposit in her reproductive bank.

  9. 9

    Good!! lock the greedy fat lipped whore up and throw away the key before she gets knocked up with some other old actors spawn for a pay check.

  10. 10

    LOL… I've been saying she was extorting Mel ALL ALONG!

    Die bitch… DIE!!!!!

  11. 11

    although what he did and said to her was horrible, if she had any true concern for her child she would just take the child support and leave him and his crazyness alone…. i feel bad that she was abused and no one deserves that but she has nonetheless the right to rape him financially just because he obviously has ALOT of money that that he has earned through decades of hollywood work…she is either being manipulated by her legal team or is ignorant to the cause of helping abuse women….she should leave him alone like he deserves…..just sayin!

  12. 12

    Good and when this lying skank ho gets convicted they can give the poor kids to their dads and deport her after she does her time!!!!

  13. 13

    Here we go. Let's say that they find numerous things on that computer and have enough to charge her with extortion. She won't get a fair trial in Californina cuz all of the judges out there went to idiot school and don't know how to fairly punish celebrities. They all get a slap on the wrist and that's it. Is there one judge in that area that is really fair to all? I don't see it. She will get away with all her antics. Those kind always do.

  14. 14

    Hope they find lots of evidence to charge her with extortion maybe fraud too huh? She'd look divine in an orange jumpsuit for the next 5 years or so!

    What nasty piece of work she is - Your children are just meal tickets for you.