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Chatting With… Joey Lawrence!

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It's Blossom week!


Check out our exclusive interview with hottie Joey Lawrence (above)!

We talk about his new sitcom with Melissa Joan Hart, doing Broadway, doing music, and much much more!

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30 comments to “Chatting With… Joey Lawrence!”

  1. 1

    Oh I love him! You're so lucky Perez! Love Melissa & Joey too, great show.

  2. 2

    wow…an exclusive interview with Joey Lawrence. What a coup! I guess 104.1 the Egde in in Bumfuck, ND passed first.

  3. 3

    Perez is going bald. Faboosh

  4. 4

    Melissa Joan HArt? What Charlene Tilton was unavailable?

  5. 5

    it's actually whoa

  6. 6

    Less than 2 months ago, Mario posted a pic of him and Lady Garbage and he was actually skinny. But it looks like Mario gained 15 or 20 lbs…in less than 2 months. We all know the last month or two has been rough for him but the question is did he gain weight cuz all those suicides made him binge or did he stop doing meth? I would say that he stopped doing meth but he kinda looks methfaced and methed out here. He's also not fooling anyone by combing his hair forward.

  7. 7

    i would love to know why these celebs site and talk with you after all the crap you say about them.
    cause lets face it…over the pass few months you made fun of him & his show.

  8. 8

    wow looking brutal

  9. 9

    Weren't you putting his show down a few weeks ago, Perez?

    I think his show is cute even if it is a lot like "Who's the Boss".

  10. 10

    The meth use is starting to show on your face Perez - avoid the close-ups.

  11. 11

    yeah it would get better if Obama didn't try to keep DADT in the military! SERIOUSLY! He has done nothing to affect real change.

  12. 12

    you seriously annoy the crap outta me! ur such a douche perez!!

  13. 13

    Mario always looks like he could use a shower.. Really.

  14. 14

    you shudda let the girl carry on doing the interviews. youre very difficult to watch. very amateur and cringy!

  15. 15

    i'm sorry the world

  16. 16

    Keep scraping that barrel.

  17. 17

    wow did anyone else think that perez looked seriously uncomfortable sitting beside joey! was it because he sightly made fun of the show and now here he was sitting beside him! joey lawrence on the other hand was cool!

  18. 18

    Why didn't you ask about his brothers?! HEHE! Nice interview!

  19. SF90 says – reply to this


    You must be paying these celebs a lot to get these interviews ’cause for the past few months you've been bashing Joey about this look, calling him and Melissa hasbeens and calling their show shitty even if you didn't watch it. And now he's doing an interview with you.

  20. 20

    Re: garebeardcl – Then why do you go on his site? STALKER much? Leave him alone. He said that he was turning a corner and was going to start being nice. Why dont you do the same. Who is the douche now?

  21. Krii says – reply to this


    What the heck happened to his hair? He seriously looks like he had hair plugs that just don't look right.

  22. 22

    Such a hottie! I love their new show Melissa and Joey. Hes a good actor esp. @ comedy.
    This show better now get canned! But I dont think (and hope and pray lol) it keeps going.

  23. 23

    Perez, you look really uncomfortable :(

  24. 24

    Quit twitching and blinking you meth addict.

  25. 25

    I am upset by this interview because I book the audiences for this show and as much as I thank Joey for his comments about how great it is to have a live studio audience it seems you both do not understand just how many shows do this. And How I met your Mother uses Laugh Tracks not a live audience. It is the only one that does that. We do 2 1/2 Men, Big Bang Theory, Melissa and Joey, Hot in Cleveland, Mike and Molly and !%$# My Dad Says Rules of Engagement and Better With You. It is not old school it is how these shows are done and the actors love the instant feedback. Go to www.tvtickets.com to get free studio audience tickets to any of those shows.

  26. 26

    Joey Stop Waxing Your Eye Brows Your To Old For That

  27. 27

    uhh u look like a baboon in heat.. what is up with ur hair..

  28. 28

    I love Joey Lawrence! Such a sweetie but I can't believe he did Perez a favor by letting him interview him after all the crap Perez said about him and the show. He must be really forgiving.

  29. 29

    WOW… i would have NEVER expected this!! From bagging out the show, to Melissa then Joey to this? I really don't get Perez… he was always putting them down and being soo nasty towards them!! Maybe this whole bullying thing really has made him open his eyes and he has realised that what he was doing was wrong and has now changed? that's possible right?
    Well either way…great interview! i love Joey!!! :)
    im glad Perez has now taken the right path!! Now all he has to do is make things right with Melissa Joan Hart!! I expect an interview with her! And also an apology and set things right!.

  30. 30

    Re: H2TheIzzo86 – haha yeh actually Joey is really forgiving and doesnt hold a grudge!! :)