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Judge Unimpressed By LiLo's Rehab Stint

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probation office putting pressure on judge fox to give lindsay lohan jail time

As the sun rose over the dusty plains of Rancho Mirage, Lindsay Lohan was awoken this morning by the sound of birds chirping and her Blackberry blowing up like Hiroshima. As she scrolled through her messages in her morning haze, she was thrilled to see so many well wishes from "friends" in regards to today's crucial probation hearing.

One person who didn't bother to call was Judge Elden Fox, as we hear he is preparing to read Linds the riot act when she steps foot in his courtroom. Many had speculated that her time in rehab might have soften the judge up and that he might consider giving her a lighter sentence for her crimes. (Right now, she faces as little as 30 days in jail for failing her drug test or a full year should the judge revoke her probation entirely.)

But that just ain't so. Sources suggest that the Probation Dept. is putting the pressure on Judge Fox to make an example out of LiLo and recommends he give her some form of jail time. They're looking for her to get the 30 day sentence, but Judge Fox gets the final call.

Things aren't looking good for you, girl. We hope her people are preparing her for the worst.

[Image via WENN.]

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11 comments to “Judge Unimpressed By LiLo's Rehab Stint”

  1. 1

    I wish she'd do the year jail time (what would she do, 60 days?) and get this freak show over with.

  2. 2

    why should the judge be soft on her? she heads of to rehab EVERYTIME SOMETHING LOOKS BAD. Now, I do not believe any rehab 'REPORT' especially the last one, BECAUSE THERE IS CLIENT/PATIENT PRIVILAGES and the BS the UCLA did not think she was an ADDICT. Basically, Lohan, and her family are leeches on this planet, taking far more than any of them will ever give, DINA BEING THE QUEEN LEECH. AND though they don't realize it, the judge is actually thinking of Lindsay. If she actually spent a FEW MONTHS in jail, she would have a basis for being dry, clean. Unfortunately, until she stops hanging out with MOM, Dina, who is an alcoholic (spends 8 hours at a time DRINKING, know this personally) don't know if Dina uses drugs, she CANNOT STAY CLEAN. DINA WILL BE THE DEATH OF HER DAUGHER

  3. 3

    The Judge is not going to comment on the case to a courthouse worker. Purely speculation.

  4. 4

    Get new sunglasses that fit you, ho.

  5. 5

    would wearing a bra have killed her?? those things are going to be hanging below her belly button one day

  6. 6

    She needs to go to jail, not hide out at Betty Ford. Jail first, rehab second.

  7. 7

    A year in jail will do her good and it is what she deserves but sadly she will probably serve only 30 minutes. Is she gonna break into tears again and tell the judge she is taking it seriously such a good actress NOT!!!!

  8. 8

    Throw the book at the little HARLOT ! She needs to learn a tough lesson, and that involves jail, IMHO. The tramp coulda killed someone - she needs to pay for her actions. Trust me, it won't be too long before she is back to sort'n up a storm, going down on guys and gals at PURE…Just say'n….She DOES have a history !

  9. 9

    yeah well knowing the judges so far who make out they are so tough only seem to give her half a day lol. we shall see what happens. so when shes done at the spa er rehab we will know

  10. 10

    god i love her tits

  11. 11

    Man what has she done to her lips?!! She still a young girl - why in the hell woujld she screw them up like that? It looks horrible! Why does'nt somebody tell her for God's sake!