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Michigan Prosecutor Pushing Jail Time For Parents Who Miss Teacher Conferences!

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Michigan Prosecutor Pushing Jail Time For Parents Who Miss Teacher Conferences

Yikes! Things are getting crazy in Michigan!

County prosecutor Kym Worthy is trying to get a law passed that would put parents in jail who repeatedly miss their kids’ parent-teacher conferences. His proposal is that if parents don’t attend at least one parent-teacher conference a year they will face three days in prison.

Detroit Council President Pro Tem Gary Brown thinks it’s a great idea.

"It's child abuse when your child is failing in school and you're not involved, because you are strapping that child to a life of poverty," said Brown.

We definitely agree that parents should be more involved in their kids school life, but this seems way overboard!

What do U think?

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103 comments to “Michigan Prosecutor Pushing Jail Time For Parents Who Miss Teacher Conferences!”

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  1. 1

    fuk the illuminati !

  2. 2

    You mean "her" proposal.

  3. 3

    WHAT ARE THEY SERIOUS? This is so stupid and pathetic! I am now 24 and my parents have never been to any of my parent teacher conferences and I was still an A student and I now am going for my masters degree. This is really dumb. I would like to speak to the person pushing for this law

  4. 4

    I have a crappy boss who wouldn't give me off for my daughter's HS graduation, and I asked FOUR months in advance. Employment laws would have to be changed to allow for people to take time off for school appointments. And of course I didn't miss my daughter's graduation. When doing the 'right' thing doesn't work out, there is always calling in sick.

    Our jails are overcrowded with misdemeanor crimes. Really, adding a jail term for a nonsense charge is going to improve this?

  5. 5

    As a teacher, I completely agree that this is necessary. Once we start penalizing the parents, the actions of the students will change drastically.

  6. 6

    I am… 100% for this in every state!!!

  7. 7

    This sounds like a ridiculous law, if there is a particular problem in school for a child, obviously the school should just contact the parents anyway.

  8. 8

    I am a teacher and nothing is more frustrating then having a struggling student that you try to move mountains for. BUT because the parent is unwilling to participate and contribute to the education process all hope is lost. Educators can only do so much for a student. Education is a team effort between the child, parent/guardian and teacher. If whats being done in the classroom isn't reinforced at the home, the chances for success are slim to none. So I say yes! Finally! Let's start holding parents accountable as much as the teachers are. Maybe this will enlighten them to the fact that we are not a "free" babysitting service and it is time to for them to take responsibility for the child they brought into this world. Education begins AND ends at home.

  9. 9

    Uh yeah, because separating the parents and child for 3 days is SOO much better for them. Idiot.

  10. 10

    Straight people always be poppin' out crotchlings they can't afford or be bothered with.

  11. 11

    then where is the child going to stay for 3 days in a home? they cant take care of themselves, come on people lets use some common sense

  12. 12

    I think if you've ever worked with children from less fortunate backgrounds, you'd push for any sort of punishment to make sure their parents take care of them. If you've ever met a ten year-old who can't read, an eight year-old who's never been to a dentist, or a six year-old who walks himself to school through the inner city, you'd wish there was some way to make some parents fucking show interest in their own kids. It sounds ludicrous to someone who thinks that parents would only miss a PTC for work or a death in the family, but it's probably more in response to people who just can't be fucked to do it or who are so ill that they lose track of long, long, LONG stretches of time.
    This world is so sad.

  13. 13

    Too much government.

  14. 14

    3 days in prison…parents that do not care about their children's academic life r not gonna change their mind b cuz of a law. Yeah, They'll go to avoid jail time not bcuz they care. It won't change their attitude towards their children. It's like saying that anyone who doesn't wear green pants will go to jail, people will wear them, sure, but will take them off as soon as they get home.

  15. 15

    Wow jail time seriously? Do they know how much money goes into housing a person in jail even if it's for one day?…While I do think it is very serious for parents to be there for conferences some parents work 2 jobs to put food in their children mouths. So are they going to make a labor law saying that every person with a child in school should be allowed time off during parent teacher conferences?

  16. 16

    When Democrats rule - that's all I have to say about it. Pretty soon, it will be jail time if you don't take your kid to the dentist or if your kid is a few pounds overweight. Can't believe I've been a Democrat all my life. The party has been taken over by the far left radicals.

  17. 17

    yes, and teachers are doing conferences DURING THEIR WORKING HOURS. I have had just this month a group conference for my son, who is classified, and yes, has problems, and we asked that do it any day, any time, BUT FRIDAY MORNINGS. They sent us a time, 3 weeks in advance, then 4 days before cancel the meeting. We get the rescheduled meeting, for the following week, ON FRIDAY MORNING. It is not 'good' for your child if you go about rescheduling, they will not do meetings after school, NOPE, DURING SCHOOL. Screw you if you have to take off of work. Luckily, we were able to do it. Had to work around things, but what about people who can't. My husband lucked out, and could go, BUT he works a job where he just can't take off. He has to put in WEEKS IN ADVANCE. These school districts, THEY JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND. Is she going to put someone in Jail who doesn't have transportation? who can't get a babysitter for an infant? Or who works 2 jobs to support their family and CAN'T TAKE OFF OR THEY WILL NOT GET PAID. Some teachers are NOT FLEXIBLE. When you have a classified child that has behavioral problems, some teachers, especially NEW ONES that are do not know all aspects of special ed do not know words such as cooperation, giving, etc. Not all teachers go into the profession for the right reason.

  18. 18

    What a moron. Putting a kid's parents in jail for three days? So the kid will be parent-less for three days? What the fuck? How is that benefitting a child at all???

  19. 19

    First, Kym is a woman with kids of her own who are in school right now. She has common sense and knows that parents need to be involved in their child's education. Obviously if your employer won't comply they could either have action taken against them by the county. I am also a teacher who works with children of all socio economic backgrounds and can tell you that when I have struggling children in my room, their parents are always the ones who refuse to show up, won't return phone calls, etc. FYI to all those nay sayers - a conference doesn't have to be in person. It is possible to have a phone conference with someone as well.

  20. 20

    As a former teacher, I say RIGHT ON! I left the profession because I had had it with dealing with irresponsible parents…if you can even call them a parent. It's not bad teachers, it is bad parents that is causing the breakdown of our educational system. People need to be held accountable for their kids. At our school, we would even offer free food or rides to get them to come to the conferences. They still would not!

  21. 21

    I think someone has too much time on their hand and their brain is going to mush. You can be the most involved parent and your child can still fail. You can take the horse to the water but you can't make him drink. This lady should use that time to take care of her own child and let other handle their business in the manner they see fit to do. If she puts those parents in jail, who the hell is going to take care of the kids in the meantime? I doubt very much she is planning on opening a day care to help. Another case of a crazy bitch in a position of authority, what a freaking waste of time.

  22. 22

    WAY overboard. When the hell did government get so fucking full of themselves? Seriously, enough of the Orwellianism. The way things are going, an anarcho-capitalist revolt is seeing red… carpet.

  23. 23

    screw her thanks to obamas politics some of us have to work 3 jobs to make do and dont have the time, food on the table or conference my kids like to eat, screw her twice

  24. 24

    Hooray for more of business' hard-earned (especially in this economy) money being spent on throwing citizens in the slammer. Disgusting!

  25. 25

    Re: Sonya Gunter – You are as crazy as that prosecutor lady. Unless you plan of bringing the bacon to those parents after they miss days at work for going to talk to you teachers, you have no business saying that. I bet if the shoe was on your foot you be crying foul. Get real lady.

  26. 26

    Re: puglove0304 – I agree with you but you don't have to have parent teach conferences. You can send them a letter about how their child is doing or e-mail and even better, over the phone.

  27. 27

    It would be fine if the parents were not showing any involvement at all in the children's education, i.e. not helping the child with homework, projects, etc. If a parent is actively involved in their children's education, I don't see why they would be penalized for not being able to go. Many parents cannot attend because they are working and are unable to take the time off. It isn't like they don't want to go. Now they are facing a risk of getting fired to go, or risk not going and getting fired because they have to go to jail. Ridiculous.

  28. 28

    waayyyyyyy overboard. and also severely over estimating the value of the 15 min conferences in the age of email puhhhleasssse

  29. 29

    Umm..this is absolutely ignorant. Jail time? Really?. My parents missed 98% of my parent teacher conferences when I was growing up..guess what? I'm really really successful today. I make a ton of money and I'm happy with my job. I've got more degrees than the lady in this article does to boot. My point?. People like this shouldn't be making such silly proposals public.

  30. 30

    Kym Worthy's a girl, Perez.

  31. 31

    Interesting concept. How can a child understand the value of education if the parents do not find any value in it? This kind of behavior is passed down from one generation to the next in families. This is what they have seen at home and they do not know any better because this is normal to them! You can arm them with all the information that you want but they will never grasp it because it has and always will be unimportant to them. So very sad.

  32. 32

    What a crock of BS! They should put this prosecuter in jail for being a twat.

  33. 33

    Maybe then the state of Michigan should make it mandatory that all employers allow their employees an hour of paid time to go to the conference. Yes, parents should be involved but it would work better if our government actually supported parents instead of making it so difficult to raise children and work.

  34. 34

    I dread p/t conferences as a high school teacher, because 90% of the parents that come in are ones I don't need to see because they're already active and interested, and the other 10% swear at me, interrupt me with other parents, and text on their phones while I'm meeting with them. If there's going to be crazy punishment for lack of involvement in your child's education, I'd rather see it go toward counting the number of books parents have in the house for their kids to read, because that's the kind of stuff that really makes a difference. P/T conferences are one way of having better communication between home and school; but if parents aren't committed to supporting education at home, all the communication in the world is pointless.

  35. 35

    I think this is dangerous. If we give that kind of power to local authorities they can be unresonable and fill our jails. Once again instead of becoming part of the solution they create a problem. Maybe the money used to house people in the local jails could be set up for babysitting or stipin to allow families to be more involved. If they need child care to attend these events it would also create a job for someone who is qualified. Think out of the box instead of making life harder for struggling parents.

  36. 36

    So, jails are so crowded now that they leave drug addicts and worse out or even no jail time at all (Lindsay).. but you now want to put parents in jail for missing a meeting.. insane!.. Lets just see how many more stupid nonsense laws they can stick on the books. How about first give jail time for politicians and celebrities who break the law.

  37. 37


    read the Constitution

  38. 38

    Re: puglove0304
    Not every parent may be "irresponsible" and "neglectful" if they do not attend parent-teacher conferences. While in elementary school, my mother worked insane hours as a nurse and my father was very from the time I was five until he died when I was 12. I can't recall them attending parent-teacher conferences simply because my mom was working to keep a roof over our heads and food on our table and my father was simply too unwell to drive somedays.

    So, no. I think punishing parents who miss a conference is beyond ridiculous. You don't know every child's home situation. And if they were in a home like mine back then? It would hurt families a lot more than help them

  39. 39

    ROFL what a stupid law. Stupid woman and anyone who things this is a good idea. Pure stupidity. We have enough overcrowding in jails as is. Most parents cannot attend stuff like this due to work. Chances are the meeting will be during school hours and most don't have the time. Sending the parents to jail for 3 days is beyond dumb. Considering they could probably lose their job

  40. 40

    its not that parents arent willing…but usually the hours for teacher conferences…the parents are at work and cant get time off.
    theres others way..like email..phone calls. its one thing if a parent isnt showing any interest in the childs education, but its another if a parent just cant get time off.
    and really…seperating a kid from thier parent for 3 days isnt gunna help anyone.

  41. 41

    wow, all of you saying this law sucks are wrong. this law is directed towards parents in the detroit school systems. stereotypically, parents in this district don't really care whether or not their kids are doing well in school. parents from the main socioeconomic group in detroit (which is by most standards poor) just don't care. this would make it so that parents are less likely to skip them, and then ultimately parents would say to their kids "oh you better work on your _______ because you're getting a bad grade in it." this is a fabulous idea, and i am from the detroit area. people who are not familiar with detroit: you have no idea what is happening here and you can keep your mouth shut. in your suburban community, it would make no sense for this law to be in effect. but here , is most definitely is.

  42. 42

    I understand the reasoning behind it, but it's pointless. The types of parents that don't go to conferences are either unwilling or unable. Either way, forcing them to spend 10 minutes at a conference isn't going to change anything.

    Also, even if it does pass, I seriously doubt anyone would ever actually be put in jail. It's intended to scare parents into putting some effort into their own child's education.

  43. 43

    Pathetic, you know I did my best for my kids. One of my sons speaks 4 languages and has traveled to many countries and gone to school in Russia and the Ukraine. My other son is a US Marine PFC. I tried to go to conferences but you see I suffer from a illness called panic and anxiety disorder. Sometimes I couldnt leave the house for months. I did spend alot of time with them at home and I did help with homework and whatever they needed I just couldnt leave the house alot of the time. Usually if it was dark out my husband would take us for a drive and we would laugh and joke and have a ice cream or something like that. How sad it would be to throw me in jail because I cant for reasons I dont understand. I love my boys and did the best I could by them I didnt go cause I couldnt not because I didnt care. Where do you draw the line?

  44. 44

    I totally agree w/this. My daughter is a teacher w/her masters. In just ONE instance, she had a student who was failing (behavioral problem as well). She contacted the mother DAILY by phone, e-mail, written requests, progress reports…all went unacknowledged. The mother KNEW what was going on. My daughter had no choice but to fail the child. Lo and behold the mother came in yr. end w/guns blazing stating the school did nothing to help her child…gonna sue the school board, yada, yada, yada. My point is, education starts in the home w/the parents. New concept, right? Parents HAVE to take responsibility for their child. All 50 states need to implement this program. Quit putting all the blame on teachers - they are only as effective as the child's home life. I'm done ranting.

  45. 45

    Sounds like the typical conservative nutjob.

  46. 46

    Someone needs to mind her own fucking business..

  47. 47

    Everyone will be a felon soon and your entire life will be crap!

  48. 48

    Re: Laura1165 – Completely agree with you. Well said. Ridiculous!

  49. 49

    While the parents are in Jail the little kids will be thrown in juvie-jail & RAPED & TORTURED & FILMED & PUT ON THE INTERNET CHILD PORN NETWORKS.

  50. 50

    I don't agree with the jail term at all. I do think parents need to be involved yes, but they have to understand in order to make ends meat some parents have to work more than one job and may not be available all the time or at specific parent teacher interview times..thats ridiculous

  51. 51

    This is dumb, I get the sentiment but this is way too extreme. They should just give them a small fine or something. Kind of like a parking ticket. Jails are already overflowing as it is and people shouldn't carelessly throw around the 'child abuse' words. Those are heavy words and saying things like that due to putting a teacher through inconvenience by not being able to attend perhaps due to work or other obligations takes the seriousness out of the words 'child abuse'.

  52. 52

    My sister and I were straight A students in small classes and knew how to socialize. The teachers would almost get irritated when my mother showed up on conference night. One of them even asked her "why are you here? your kids are fine!" and that was the end of the conference.

    So you are telling me that, according to this law, my mother would have had to go to jail for 3 days because she had 2 well behaved, intelligent, children with good social abilities? And according to these posts of people stating that they "100%" believe in this, they believe that my mother would have had to go to jail, sitting in the same cell as the drunk who almost ran over the child chasing the ball into the street, and the prostitute who was selling herself for a crack fix, if she didn't take the 2 hours out of her evening (away from her family) to find out from people who only spend 35 out of 168 hours per week with her kids, that there is no reason for her to be there and that her kids are fine! WHICH SHE ALREADY KNEW! In conclusion, if the conference is really "jail time worthy" then that's what phone calls, emails, voicemails, answering machines, PROGRESS REPORTS, QUARTERLY REPORT CARDS, AND THAT LITTLE SECTION ON THE REPORT CARD MARKED "COMMENTS" IS FOR!!!

  53. 53

    Hahaha wow what a fuckin bitch, why is that anyone's business if someone can make it to a teacher conference… this could really be abused. Teachers could not like a child and mess with their parents by continuously calling for conferences to be a pain in the ass. People HAVE to work these days and most of the time BOTH parents work or they are single and work twice as much as a normal person. Taking away our rights is what they are doing. We pay taxes here and we shouldn't have to do ANYTHING we don't want to when it comes to schools -which is we pay for through taxes-.

    Thank god home schooling is still legal. Fuck these types of people, they are the types that ruins schools.

  54. 54

    @ PUGLOVE…you lost me with the incorrect use of the word THEN…should have been "nothing more frustrating THAN." I am also a teacher, and am sickened by the prospect of this idea. I was the child of a single mom. My mom, older brothers, and I were abandoned by my father. I distinctly recall the prejudice I felt from teachers because my mother was unable to attend many events at the school, unfortunately including some conferences. Let's be honest, will a parent showing up for a conference really make a difference? I have been teaching ten years and can tell you I really don't think so. It takes a lot more than that to help a child, so please get off your high horse and show a bit more intelligence than to think that some BS legislation will solve all the world's problems.

  55. 55

    Re: Sonya Gunter – Annnnnd your statement right there is why I won't send my kids to public schools. Pure ignorance! Punishing the average working person. Not ALL of us have our asses wiped at our jobs like teachers do. I wouldn't want someone with THAT attitude teaching my kid. You have no consideration for working parents. Blame the economy for why kids are wild… parents dont have time to raise their kids anymore because it takes two people working or two jobs to live. But thats no excuse for teachers like you. You guys can be fucking druggies and still keep your job. Why don't they make random drug tests a LAW before something like this, how ridiculous.

  56. 56

    Re: puglove0304 – Then kick the idiots out of school. If parents dont care, they dont care. They have the right to do what they want, it's their kids. Punish the child for being ignorant, and I can guarantee, they're kids will punish THEM someday for not giving a shit. Let them have it out. And great, more money paid away by us to put people in jail over something retarded as hell anyways.
    Put two and two together. I'm a 19 year old and it wasn't hard to use a bit of psychology and common sense in the situation.

  57. 57

    First of all this is old news, but secondly i kinda agree to an extent. I'm not a teacher, but when you look at a 12 yr who can't read, and a parent who never shows up for a conference, or never answers the phone you can put the pieces together and realize that it's because the parent doesn't care, and in a way that is child abuse. If there can be child neglect, then there sure as heck can be educational neglect: denying your child a good education. Also perez michigan is where detroit is, which is there main focus. Detroit has gone down the drain. Personally it may be a a little extreme but when you have extreme poverty and circumstances you go to extreme measure to make everything work again.

  58. 58

    [re=5410426]Re: DesperateHousewivesFan

  59. 59

    My parents went to every student teacher conference and they were on the PTA. I made A's and B's in school.
    However, now I cannot find a full time job and I still live with my parents. The only jobs available are part time and you cannot live on a part time job even with a bachelor's degree.
    Jail time for parents that miss student/teacher's conferences ultimately tells the child that it's normal to go to jail and/or their parents are hardcore criminals.

  60. 60

    This is a state issue, not a federal one, or so it seems. So Obama haters can find another venue to rant on. This concept seems ludicrous to me. This is more of a Child Protection Services issue if it is a case of abuse. I would ask Gary Brown to work 2 jobs as a single parent for a few months (with no money) in unsupportive jobs that do not allow time off, or if you do, it is without pay. Let that be the next reality show, for one of our officials in any capacity to live the life of one of their constituents. That would be one t.v. show I would watch with interest.

  61. 61

    THIS IS MAINLY FOR THE PARENTS WHO LIVE IN DETROIT! For those who don't know, detroit is in poverty now, and they have horrible schools. Some parents from that area don't care. If you don't care about your children's education then you don't care about them. In a sense that is child abuse! I agree jail is a little extreme, though. Besides who would the kids stay with while the parent is at jail? I know some parents don't show up for back school night, but they could atleast show up to conferences, or give the teachers a call!!! If your child is struggling show that you care, b/c this is what happens when parents don't care.

  62. 62

    My daughter's school doesn't tell me about parent teacher conferences. the last time they did, it was a call at 3pm to alert me to the appointment at 4pm, and i live 2 hours away in another state and couldn't have made it there in time even if i could have gotten out of work. so basically the prosecutor is a dbag.

  63. 63

    Re: Mushu Baby – yea you know why your parents never went to your pare teacher conferences? b/c you made straight A's! That's why. did you read the article? it's talking about failing students.

  64. 64

    Re: pictureframe – That is the parents problem, not the schools. Looks like ya got the 'frame' but not the picture of the situation -har har-. How could someone sue a school when the teacher has proof of attempting to contact the parent. It would make NUMEROUS things worse for a child and a family if this law passed. Bullying would happen, the student would make things worse for the teacher… more violence. More money being taxed to us tax payers. And that's just a FEW things.
    You don't know WHY some people don't come in. It's invading someones life to make a repulsive law like this. I think people should consider making random alcohol and drug tests mandatory for teachers, before this. My friends teacher came in drunk almost every day. No joke. They still have their damn job too!

    Wow, a 19 year old conjured up some common sense with the situation pretty quickly before a parent with daughter that has a pretty little degree. I'm a big girl now and I have no damn masters degree stamped on my face. It's common sense to notice how much this could damage peoples lives.
    Common Sense>Degree… Goes a long way!

  65. 65

    Re: perezizmyboy – You are a blessing! Thank you!!! I wish there were more compassionate teachers like you.

  66. 66

    if parents are in jail they'll be missing more than a parent-teacher conference. I agree parents should be more involved in their children's lives but this is cray-cray

  67. 67

    I volunteer to stay until 9pm and you can't make it to conference, I tell you to pick the time, the day, in person or over the phone, and you can't do it. I just want to tell you that your lazy rude smartass smug child is failing but you'll wait for the report card and THEN call the principal and ask him/her to make the mean old teacher back off their precious widdle innocent and of course he/she will do it because a whiff of lawsuit,makes the system run away with their tail between their legs.

  68. 68

    One meeting a year? Come on, if you can't make it to one meeting in a year, maybe you SHOULD have a few days to sit around and reassess your parenting skills. It's a good idea for at least elementary school kids, that's a pretty important time in a kid's education.

  69. 69

    Schools are so ridiculous nowadays. I have two children in school; elementary and jr. high and they are so far up parents' asses for every single little thing. I get phone calls because my son's book cover fell off and needs to be covered. He get constantly gets detentions for STUPID things like not having a pencil. I hate the public school system and how the expect the parents to do EVERYTHING while most of the teachers to mediocre jobs at best.

    However, parents should most definitely be attending conferences especially if their child is struggling in school.

    And it is the law that employers let you off for parent/teacher conference at least in California it is.

  70. 70

    Yeah that will work out great *rolls eyes*

  71. 71

    I wish I could put my son's teachers in jail for the failing to want to teach a child with adhd. Not every parent wants to put their kids on medication. LEARN to you do your fucking jobs and maybe we will come to your shitty meetings.

  72. 72

    I feel this might be necessary to an extent. I was a good student in class and I was never a problem. However my mother is a teacher for kids with behavioral and grade issues and those parents don't show up for ANYTHING…. These kids or constantly suspended or kicked out of class. Parents are not involved at all. Then yes I think something should be done to the parents maybe CPS comes out or administrators come out.

  73. @v@ says – reply to this


    Parents that don't care enough raise children that don't know the importance of caring enough. Maybe these kids can be reached in the schools. I've mentored a few psychologically abandoned kids, but it's a never ending pit; and half of the time I got proverbially kicked in the teeth for it by the child or their family. It's a sad day and a bigger comment on a society when attending parent teacher conferences has to be legislated. Perhaps the teachers could place a call into the child's home at night. It can be effective. Parents are also strapped and busy.

  74. 74

    Re: HollieSpirit – ADHD is nothing but a lame excuse for parents who failed their raise from age 2 on. If you want the teacher to teach it right put in in a special needs school.

  75. 75

    I think that all parents should be monitored with cameras in their houses 24/7 just to make sure "little Johnny" gets all his proper rest, eats all the proper food, gets all the exercise he needs. I would also like to make sure parents don't commit adultery because that could harm "little Johnny" also. Perhaps we can GPS all parents cars to make sure they don't speed with "Johnny" in the car or do anything that might cause him harm while driving. Let's monitor the temperature of parents hot water heaters to make sure that the water isn't too hot, because we don't want "Johnny" getting burned, and give classes on how to use a stove. Penalty for breaking the laws…..jail time, and lot's of it! How's that sound people? Sound stupid? Well, so does this!

  76. 76


  77. 77

    I'm all for trying to make parents more involved with their children's education - but good point from some of you - you send the parent(s) to jail for three days - who watches the children? Not all parent's who can't make a parent/teacher conference are bad parents. I'm just hoping all angles have been tried before this would occur. Does e-mail between teacher and parent count? I just know we don't all have two parent households or family/friends to help out and be nearby. I think this Kym Worthy needs to have an open mind.

  78. 78

    What about those lazy ass teachers that Ihave tried to get a conference with but they never have time or don't show and then have to go to the Principal and then they are pissy cause I went over their head. Then I say arrest their lazy asses to at the school in front of the students and staff cause that is what will happen when the cops knock on you door they will get you in front of your kids. So this law should work BOTH ways then.

  79. 79

    What about those lazy ass teachers that I have tried to get a conference with but they never have time or don't show and then have to go to the Principal and then they are pissy cause I went over their head. Then I say arrest their lazy asses too at the school in front of the students and staff cause that is what will happen when the cops knock on you door they will get you in front of your kids. So this law should work BOTH ways then.

  80. 80

    Yeah I don't know. Lazy parents need to be involved with their child's education. I understand not every parent can be a PTA Homeroom mom kind of parent. But ANYONE can make 1 conference a year. You should see the kids I see every day whose parents have no clue what goes on in school. These kids never get to come to any programs the schools offers etc. Of course a kid can have these parents and just naturally do well all on their own. But that is about 1%. If you are not going to be a good parent, don't have kids. I am a PTA VP and homeroom mother. I also am a Parent representative for the school reading. People think only the well off uppity parents do this. My family is lower income and struggles. But I am involved.

  81. 81

    Ok, if they are talking about Detroit, the parents probably are in jail already & the threat of 3 more days in jail is nothing to them. How about forced sterilization of all these ghetto queens who just pop kids out as a result of all their random hookups & have no intention of ever properly parenting said children?

  82. 82

    Re: mustbenargles – You sound like an idiot. I'm 19 too. Here's some common sense for you: What part of this is happening in DETROIT do you not understand? Do you live there? Different states have different issues, thus they also have different laws and needs.

  83. 83

    Is she nuts????
    Of course parents should be involved with their children especially their education - but now we are going legislate it

  84. 84

    I live in MI n wish they would enforce the laws of parents making the kids GO to school 1st. Crap, they have to show up before there can be anything to conference about!!!

  85. 85

    PugLove- I agree. Teachers are held so accountable now that in some states if we don't have our students improve academically we get lower ratings at the end of the year. It's time parents are held accountable. If they can't attend their child's conference whether in person OR BY PHONE (because teachers understand if you work) then why did you decide to raise a child???? I'm a teacher and every year I have 3 or 4 students who need a lot of help at home and I do everything I can at school but I'm with them 7% of the year and its so sad when I don't even get a phone conference let along come on it to meet with me so I can share some practical ideas on how to help. At my school we even offer a TURKEY DINNER if you come. Sad times.

  86. 86

    If the problem is that bad where the childs behavior is intolerable, their work is not being completed and parents are not attending any parent/teacher conference for a large percentage of the school year shouldn't social services be notifed? Sounds like the school is skipping a very large step in investigating the childs home life. Sending the parents to jail for 3 days isn't the answer. There is more that needs to be done then skipping to the worst possible scenario, throwing the parents in jail. What is the kid going to do with out parents around for 3 days? If the kid is a teen then they may run wild and get into even more trouble. Or if the child is young, who will protect them from criminals that are out there? What will the state do with all these kids for 3 days that have no other adult around to take care of them for that time? I'm sure the state cannot afford to house a large number of kids for those 3 days during the months Sep-Jun? Is there enough foster homes to take these kids in 3 days at a time?

  87. 87

    This country is becoming more and more a dictatorship rather than a democracy. Slowly we are being told how to live our lives, how to parent, what size we should be, what size our kids should be, and the list goes on and on. There are so many laws now who the hell can keep up with them? I resent being told how I will live my life. This country used to be about freedom but that's become a joke. The reality is our rights and freedom are being taken away from us.

  88. 88


  89. 89


  90. 90

    Re: mustbenargles – "Teachers could not like a child and mess with their parents by continuously calling for conferences to be a pain in the ass."

    Yes, because that is SO likely to happen… In any case, throwing parents in jail isn't going to help one bit. I teach but we hold parent-teacher talks during the evening between the hours of 19.00h and 22.00h (and don't get paid for those hours, whole different subject..). Thing is, parents who are already active in their child's life tend to show up, the kind of parents that actually pick up the phone when you call them or respond to your email within a week's time. It's the parents who are M.I.A. even though you've tried to contact them time and time again that are the problem (and who shout the most at the end of the year when their child has to redo the year). And over here, those parents will eventually get into trouble with the Inspectorate of Education. Doesn't the US have one?

  91. @v@ says – reply to this


    These neglectful parents could use feeling a little shame while they sit in a cell for a weekend or two. It wouldn't hurt them one bit, and they might start doing right by their kids as an offshoot. You get out what you put into it and all that.
    It sounds heavy handed, but this is child neglect, and these parental twits could use a wake up call.

  92. 92

    I'm a teacher and think it is SO IMPORTANT to go to parent teacher conferences and be involved–it really makes a difference. But I don't want to live under Big Brother…so I think this is a terrible law! Personal responsibility is extremely important but forcing it does not help anyone–and does not create true responsibility.
    And also as a teacher, I can say that it is very hard for many people in many inflexible professions like my own to take off work–I have to take a sick day to go to my own children's conferences and have to weigh things out as to special award ceremonies, etc. as I obviously can't take off for everything! And for those of you who say teachers should have conferences on evenings and weekends…please remember we also have families–we may be dedicated to your children (did you know the average teacher easily works 50+ hours a week including planning, grading, paperwork, and actually teaching–and add another 10 hours per week for the constant classes we must take), but our own children are a priority!

  93. 93

    For those of you who don't know, this is mainly being put in place for the parents of those children who are doing bad in school. It says that parent's of children who are getting I believe a B or higher do not need to attend parent / teacher conferences. It also states that the meeting does not need to be in person, it can be over the phone, through email, etc. The teachers just want to make some type of contact with the parents. They are taking such drastic measures because the Detroit graduation rate is less than 60%. If they can get the parent's to take more of an interest in their children's academics they expect the graduation rates to rise.

  94. 94

    well, the fact that i go to school in michigan and my parents DON'T go to conferences, i think this is bullshit. why make parents go if the child is doing well in school? i get all As, behave in class, and listen to the teacher. Therefore, why is there a point for my parents to go when half the teachers you have in high school don't even remember who you are/your name? my parents haven't gone to conferences since elementary school, and i'm still doing great. i think it should remain how it is, where parents have the CHOICE to go and talk to their children's teachers. My school's teachers call parents of kids who aren't doing well anyway to set up a seperate meeting, so this law would be so pointless.

  95. 95

    and all these teachers that are for this law, saying that it's the parents fault that the child isn't doing well-it's your fault too you. you are the teacher, and you can make an effort to help the child learn, it's possible because that's your fricking JOB. i can't tell you how many teachers I've had that just don't know what they're doing or just don't care. I have classes that are all busy work. In fact, this last week my school held conferences and one of my teachers asked us to help him put stuff up around his room to show the "tax payers" what we "do in class" maybe they should start with the teachers, and get rid of all the lazy ass ones who don't even teach before they start blaming parents!

  96. 96

    oh and one last thing, my district happens to be one of the top three highest in the state, and my school has a "failure is not an option" policy, but it's still happening. kids are still failing and it's because teachers fail to put in any effort to help them get back on track. a teacher knows better than a parent of how to get grades up, all they have to do is try working with the student first before pointing fingers at the parent. a child is very capable of succeding without a parent having to babysit their school life. they aren't going to have their parents to watch over them and make sure they do their homework in college. there are no parent teacher conferences in college.

  97. widad says – reply to this


    Re: melonia – I have never posted or responded to anything ever but this made me go over the edge!!!! I am a single dad raising a daughter. Parent teacher conferences are ALWAYS DURING THE DAY!!!! ALWAYS!!!! I am a parent who believes education is very important and I stress that to my child. But she doesn't see it. I am in constant contact with the school or her teachers. I rarely get responses back and if I do I hear you my make an appointment to talk to us between the hours of 9am -3pm Monday through Thursday. I have a boss who will not let me have time off during work hours! I have requested times at 3:30pm 4:00pm and I get I am sorry it is in my contract I do not have to do meetings after 3:00pm. SO I ASK YOU WHEN AM I SUPPOSED TO MEET THE TEACHERS????? Then throw me in jail for 3 days so my kid can have no one watch her and I more than likely will lose my job !!! YEAH THIS SAYS A LOT ABOUT OUR TEACHERS!!!

  98. widad says – reply to this


    Re: justtfax – I agree with you. I have the same situation and have experienced the same type of results. I hear it is not in my contract to meet after 3:00pm or on Fridays. Doctors and dentists have finally offered hours after 5 or on Saturdays why not teachers. After all you get a lot of the summer off. And yes I know you have to take classes during the summer to stay updated and current but not all day. I put in long hours for my jobs all year long not just September to the middle of June.

  99. 99

    It sounds shocking, but if you've ever spent any considerable amount of time in Detroit you'd realize that nothing short of jail time is going to get some of the parents here to take an interest in anything their children do. They're treated as cancers instead of blessings. That being said, such a law would never be passed. The prosecutor is just trying to bring attention to the issue.

    Also, Kym is a woman. The editing on your site has gone to shit, Perez.

  100. 100

    My mother never went to my teacher conferences, but that is not to say she was irresponsible or did not care about my education. It's because she could not afford the time off work to go to that conference. By throwing the parents in jail for not showing up proves nothing and it doesn't help the children at all. There is a little thing called "Maslow's hierarchy of needs" and maybe Kym has never heard of it. Not everyone has an easy life, and if a kid has to go to school worried about if their electricity will be on when they get home or if they will be able to take a shower that night, they wont be interested in learning what we are trying to teach. My mom did everything for us when we were growing up, broke her back every day trying to make life good, but it doesn't mean we had it easy and weren't struggling to make ends meet. By throwing the parents in jail, this is going to make it even harder for them to make it that month, which will set them back even more when you include all the extra fees that will later be tacked on when bills start getting paid late. Kym Worthy needs to spend her time raising funds in the community to help secure homes that these children are living in and stop trying to look like a hero for education so boldly by throwing parents in jail. If you want to make a child resent education, you're sure finding ways to do it.

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