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All Hell Breaks Loose On The View Over Glee GQ Photos!

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DAYUM! What is going on here??? The world has gone MAD over these pictures!

Yesterday, the ladies of The View addressed the ongoing debate on whether or not the pictures of Lea Michele and CO. in GQ were too racy to be printed.

We actually can't recall a time when Sherri Shepard so outwardly defied Barbra Walters like this, but things got pretty HEATED between them!


Watch the ladies battle it out during Hot Topics! (above)

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120 comments to “All Hell Breaks Loose On The View Over Glee GQ Photos!”

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  1. 101

    The View had to get it's rating boost from all the hype surrounding this ridiculous story plain and simple. If it was not a main stream story on all the major news networks, then it would never have made it to their lineup. These actresses are grown woman and can make their own choices. If you don't like what you see, then don't buy the magazine. If you want your children not to see them then unplug the computer. You have a responsibility as a parent to monitor your OWN children, not mine or anyone else's. Oh, btw, Cory Monteith is the hottest guy I have ever seen, whew!

  2. 102

    To the chick who said the show was marketed as a family show because it features high school teens: FAIL! That's like saying Fox's Sunday lineup (The Simpsons, The Cleveland Show, Family Guy, American Dad) is family night because it features cartoons.
    The whole "they're adults posing as teens" argument has more holes in it than some of the plots of Glee itself. You can't like the show for having adult actors playing racy or sexual teens on a TV show INTENDED for a mature audience, and then condemn them for posing as racy or sexual teens in a magazine meant for mature readers.

  3. 103

    go sherri go sherri. put barbara in her place.

  4. 104

    It all boils down to PARENTS doing their job of parenting. If they teach their children the correct values they don't have to worry if this magazine gets into the children's hands. It isn't their job to judge GLEE for the ACTORS decision to pose for the magazine. As for the VIEW I personally think something is going on with the gals and BW…I think they are slowly sliding down in ratings and they will do anything to stir things up.I have a feeling that this might be their last year.

  5. 105

    Do parents still think their teen kids are virgins? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I used to dress up way worse than these photos for my bf when I was 15. Parents get a CLUE and EDUCATE your children on safe sex because they're having LOTS of it.

  6. 106

    Seriously people??? They're over 18, and compared to so many other covers - these are nothing! However, I do agree with pinki - why aren't the boys in their underwear as well?

  7. 107

    Re: pinki – Because GQ is directed toward straight males, so that's why they have the ladies in their underwear. Personally, I agree with you though. It is very sexist.

  8. 108

    Who enjoys listening to a bunch of women bickering like this? The three minute video gave me a headache. Ai ai ai.

  9. 109

    Seriously, this is the stupidest argument ever. The show is rated TV-14 and not intended for young children. Kids over 14 have seen worse than this, I can assure you. When I was 14 some of my friends had already had sex (not me) and if they hadn't they were at the very least seeing R rated movies, looking at porn or watching adult TV shows.

    If your kids are under 14 and you are letting them watch this show, but have a problem with this photo shoot, you are an idiot. One girl uses a boy for sex to make sure they sing together, one girl gets pregnant, one of the guys has a prob with premature ejaculation, etc. So really? This photo shoot bothers you, but the content of the show is OK? Really? That is just stupid.

  10. 110

    oh man…do these women think its still 1960. Kids these days have seen it all. Have they seen the internet. Besides, these kids dont read anymore…they just log on to some site. Besides,I have noticed Glee has been going on the adult side…for example, 2 girls kissing on a bed, the Britney Episode, Drag, losing virginity…etc. Get over it girls, you are starting to sound like the New Golden Girls.

    Um…the boys not in underwear…have you even looked at GQ? Its a Mens Magazine

  11. 111

    Re: marymeass – Your argument is stupid as hell. A pedophile is a pedophile no matter what. If they want to rape children, a photo of the Glee cast is not going to make them want to do so any less/more. Not to mention that pedophiles usually look up pictures of ACTUAL children on illegal sites (or pictures of naked youngsters parents took in innocence) not adults.

    Pedophiles are turned on by pre-pubescent girls, not fully developed adults in a locker room. Dressing an adult up like a child doesn't excite a pedophile. If it did, they would just date young adult women and infantalize them during sex. Instead they kidnap, rape and murder little kids. They wouldn't risk life in prison if they were aroused by adults dressed as children. This photo shoot would not excite pedophiles. Period.

  12. 112

    rosebud99 says – reply to this

    Don't these ladies realize that any kids can see these pics online??
    Don't these ladies realize that any kids can see these pics online??
    Don't these ladies realize that any kids can see these pics online??
    Don't these ladies realize that any kids can see these pics online??

    old stupid bitches, any kid can do a Glee search and find all these pornographic pix.

    glee, I've lost respect for you.

  13. 113

    Omg Seriously this shit has gone 2 far!! 4 gods sake LET IT GO PEOPLE!!!! There old enough 2 do what they want, there not children. Yea they portray teens in a show but it doesn't mean they shouldn't be aloud to act there age… so wat there not aloud to drink, smoke or have sex either cause there "tv teens" come on now people grow up an learn how to distinguish fiction from reality. Parents u want 2 protect ur children then stop with ur paranoia, its ur guys damn fault that more children have NOW seen these pictures. there all over the damn television everyday because of these complains. So congrats on making this a whole lot more visible to ur children.

  14. 114

    "child pornogrphy" it doesn't make any sens.They're not seventeen like in Glee they're twenty five.This is an adult magazin, childs shouldn't see it.They don't work for Disney but for the FOX. It's totally like in the britney/brittany episode or like the rolling stone's cover.They're not naked in the pictures.I think the lady of view are jalous to don't have lea's body anymore LOL

  15. 115

    For people that are SOOOO worried about kids seeing these photos, I find it funny that they are posting them everywhere. Half of the kids out there probably never knew they existed until all the controversy started. What's done is done. I don't particularly care for all the pictures. At the same time, not every picture is innapropriate. I think the biggest problem is that the pictures have a very cheap feel to them. I just think these actresses are so talented and gorgeous that there really is no need for us to see them in thier panties to know that. Either way, what is done is done and society needs to back off. I love the talented cast of Glee and I stand behind them!

  16. 116

    And I forgot to mention….. a "FAMILY" show…. this is a show for like 14+. It isn't for little kids. If little kids watch it, then they are introduced to plenty of adult content that they probably shouldn't be introduced to in the first place. Most of the 14 year olds that I know of probably know more than thier parents about certain things.

  17. 117

    I think causing such a huge commotion over these pictures on daytime television is encouraging the kids the don't want to see them to go on the computer to the GQ website and see what they are talking about! They do have to remember that the actors in the photos are well into their 20's and haven't done anything different then Britney did for Rolling Stones magazine when she was what? 17 or 18! So like come on! Bringing more attention to it is only going to create more curiosity to it when the kids that they are worried about maybe have not even seen it! Not to mention kids are seeing more in pg-13 movies then they are this!

  18. 118

    Pedophilia is characterized by a primary or exclusive sexual interest in prepubescent children. Even if they are in their 20's playing teenagers, it still can't be considered pedophilia since they have all been through puberty. Just sayin…

  19. 119

    I agree with you 100% I don't think the issue was them taking sexy pictures. The big issue was them taking sexy pictures while obvisouly portraying their characters who are high schools kids. Had they taken these same types of pics and not be in a high school setting or wearing variations of high school uniforms, i would see no problem with this because then they would just be adults posing as themselves and not adults who play kids posing as their characters who are kids which is wrong on SO many levels.

  20. 120

    Re: cafehead1 – Joy isn't Jewish.

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