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DAYUM! What is going on here??? The world has gone MAD over these pictures! Yesterday, the ladies of The View addressed the ongoing debate on whether o… Read more…

120 comments to “All Hell Breaks Loose On The View Over Glee GQ Photos!”

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  1. pinki says – reply to this


    Why aren't the boys in there underwear? This is so sexist.
    Can GQ only ever display females as sex objects?
    I think it looks really cheap, the outfits are terrible, something you'd see on some tacky page three shoot.

  2. 2

    not the world. only you stupid americans would go crazy about this. poor, poor people.

  3. 3

    Honestly, this has gone way too far. I just can't imagine how this got blown out of proportion… A bunch of cynical sheltered parents got together and made a big deal out of something and now it's everywhere. And let me point out that ABC is owned by Disney, so no, they wouldn't let any of their charater's from a TV show do a magazine spread only because Disney own's you once you sign a contract. Glee is on FOX, who pushes the envlope. This is not a show for children. I am not sure where that idea came from. Glee has done B. Spears, Rocky Horro and Lady GaGa. All were pushing the envelope. I hate to tell you, but it's time to let this one go and move on to banning books from school ladies.

  4. 4

    This is getting ridiculous! who cares.
    The pictures looked good, and there's been worse stuff by people who are younger…
    There 24!! get over it. If you don't like it, don't look at it.

  5. 5

    my lil sis is not look at that show no more it sad it seen like a fun show to watch with family

  6. 6

    grow up babies. are you worried about these photos looking like "child pornography" or are you worried about kids seeing them — because the two are mutually exclusive. Next point, you can see photos of these kids in sexy cheerleader outfits every week on the show.

    So why no uproar about 17-year-old TAYLOR MOMSON on Revolver??? She is a minor and that photo had guns & lingerie. CLEARLY GLEE gets bigger ratings. How about shutting your yapholes and doing something to stop REAL child porn and the kiddie sex trade which is on the rise.

    Oh yeah… I forgot, because that would mean DOING something not just running your mouth and issuing a press release.

  7. 7

    Don't these ladies realize that any kids can see these pics online??

  8. 8

    The photos of the girls are extremely sexy. Understand the show got a need to try to appeal to men to increase the amount of viewers. If they let the women on the show dress more sexy perhaps they will get more men to view the show.

  9. 9

    it's not about young children looking at these pictures. it's about the pedophiles that will be looking at these young actors posing as teenagers in high school locker rooms and fantasizing about raping a young teen. adding fuel to their pedophile flame.

  10. 10

    Did you post the wrong clip or something? This seems pretty tame compared to every other issue they talk about on The View. Usually you can't even understand anybody because they're all talking at once.

  11. 11

    i think they all look hot….. end of!!!!!

  12. 12


  13. 13

    I only watched Glee once and not all the way through. I hope it burns bright and burns out. The recent storylines are for the most part gross. And as these girls are portraying teenagers on the show, I think this photo shoot is inappropriate.

  14. 14

    These adults are portraying teenagers in the show and the mag. It is wrong. I only watched the show once and I was planning to try it out again. Not now. Dayum shame.

  15. 15

    I am sorry but the media is what is making this a problem. By constantly talking about this so called scandal putting these pictures they think are so wrong all over tv everyday. Sherri Sheppard is an idiot. Like Barbara said if your child is going in and flipping through these magazines this isn't the first time they have done it. I remember back when I was in high school that picture of Britney Spears came out on Rolling Stone in her underwear and she was only 17. These girls however are in their 20's. This is a ridiculous issue and I have to say that Glee isn't exactly appropriate for a child under 14 so these parent's have bigger issues if they call it a family show.

  16. 16

    You can't buy this sort of publicity. Oh wait…

  17. 17

    I gave up watching these old bags a while ago, All they do is yell & scream over each other….go away!

  18. 18

    these women are such bitches

  19. 19

    They are too racy lol

  20. 20

    Having a problem with these photos doesn't make you prudish…or American (re: AK1234). As pinki points out, this shoot is totally sexist. It's also completely unoriginal. Why women can't seem to keep their clothes on in front of the camera is beyond me. How Lea Michelle, standing there in her underwear, couldn't look over at Cory and question why he was totally covered in jeans and a long jacket and she was catching a chill is beyond me. But, is it shocking? Not at all. It's more of the same stuff adults and kids see on a daily basis. That doesn't make it ok, though. It's certainly not elevating the show or these actors or having a positive impact on teens who already feel enough pressure about sex as it is.

  21. 21

    Women's programming is shit.

  22. 22

    Love how Sherri is so pissed off about these photos WHILE they're scrolling on a giant screen behind her. And all these news shows are saying how awful these pics are while showing them over and over on a loop.

  23. 23

    DEFIED????? do you know the definition of defied MARIO???? She went against Barbara in opinion, but defy her? WHAT, SHERRI IS NOT ALLOWED TO GIVE A DIFFERENT OPINION THAN BARBARA? Did not know that was in her contract. Is she the next to be fired? While I don't think posing in GQ was in the best taste, I don't think it was the end of the world. I think the Parents group Again has got their panties in a wad and Elisabeth and Sherri are worried about the wrong things. I think Barbara was right on this one. It is all a question of whether Glee has them in a contract that has an ethics code that keeps them from doing this.

  24. 24

    I agree with Sherri things have changed a lot (&in a bad way i think) since Barbara's childhood days. Children see everything whether it be in magazines, tv, bilboards, ANYTHING. ITS EVERYWHERE.
    This is what I think,

    It would have been TOTALLY different if it was just Lea Michelle doing her thing (or any of them i dont know their names) Because they ARE old enough to make their own decisions but I think portraying their characters in a provacative high school way is just gross and weird and yes borderline pedophilia.

  25. 25

    I am so sick of The View! I am shocked that Whoopie sat there with her mouth shut the entire clip. They can't have a civilized discussion and respect the different points of "view" of others. They are hell bent on trying to convince each other that they are right and the other person is wrong. Newsflash to The View ladies: Not everyone agrees with you, stop trying to change their mind and convince them that they are wrong.

  26. 26

    Oh&& I don't watch Glee and I have no idea what it is about.

  27. 27

    This is no more sexualized than the Britney Spears Glee episode. These parents who see it as a problem are fucked. Don't let your ten year old buy GQ if you don't want them so see this. I don't know why parents try to push the role of parenting onto others- especially those who seek profit. Do your job as a parent and talk to your kids about it. Buy the magazine go through it with your kids and explain to them why you think this sexual imagery is a problem. Personally I don't think a ten year old would even know about these GQ pictures/ seek them out if idiot parents didn't make such a big fucking deal about it. For those who argue kids can see these online? UMM HELLO PARENTS- if your kid is too young to see these pictures than he or she is obviously TOO YOUNG to be allowed free reign over the internet. It all comes down to the fact that some parents don't seem to want to do their job and want everyone else to do it for you. These are adults. Not even 18 or 19 year old ones like when Christina Aguilera went through her dirty phase or Britney Spears was singing "slave for you," these are mid twenty adult women. Get the hell over it.

  28. 28

    Re: prickly – Nicely said.

  29. 29

    The POINT is that GQ is a magazine for adult men!!!
    While the actresses who posed for these pictures are all over 18, they PORTRAY on t.v. high school teenage girls. The photo's are very explicit in some cases, (spreading your legs wide in panties is a bit much). These photos are a pedophiles dream. They can legally buy a magazine which shows girls who LOOK like they are in high school, act like it on t.v., and are dressed up in the pictures promoting it.
    I believe these women had the "RIGHT" to take these pictures but I believe it was VERY POOR judgment on their part to do so.

  30. 30

    when all is said and done, the only ones going nuts over the pics are the ones who are too old to be watching the show or buying the magazine. Neither are aimed at the grannies on the view, they dont speak to them or for them and are not in their world. its not peadophillia. the peados like kids and they know the adults in the pics are not children so it wont be a turn on to them. Does it blur the lines and lower standards ? yes. does it outline why its always the females and never the males in their underwear? hell yes. is it important? no. well done to the seniors on the view and everyone favorite person to not watch on the news Granny Couric for protesting so loudly and having the very effect that this manipulative promo was aiming for. idiots.

  31. 31

    Barbara Walters is the oldest yet she is way less prude than the younger women on the panel. I hate the view these self righteous bitches who have no credentials have NO right to judge girls AND a guy who are younger than them and way more successful. Why is no one flipping out about that dumb kardashian girl who is 14 and slutting it up. Gross. people are gross.

  32. 32

    Re: AK1234Re: AK1234Re: AK1234
    Yeaaaaah get over yourself.

  33. 33

    Instead of worrying about young kids looking at the pics, Lea should have said NO to some poses. Old Perverts are going to get off on that lollipop and schoolgirl pic and some other poses. As for young kids…..uhm, NO. If they were interested in looking at 'sexy pics', kids, especially BOYS will find NAKED GIRLS, WOMEN, WHERE EVER- either in a mag or on the internet. AND, if they are interested in it, them, it is time to talk to them about sex, birds and the bees, etc. Young kids who are not interested will look at those pics, say of Lea with the Lolli and the short, short schoolgirl's outfit and they will tell you she looks STUPID. I don't know, Sherri has more innocence, or naivety, like the magazine is going to suck her son into opening it up.

  34. 34

    I 100% Agree with Barbara Walters. Regardless of who is watching the show, (the show is watched by adults as well), I would never let a 13 year old child watch an episode of Glee, because it's incredibly mature humor. I work at a summer camp and some of the kids watched Glee others didn't. And those that did, said there parents would flip the channel during certain parts. So at the end of the day, it's a pretty mature show to begin with. And if you're letting your kids watch it, you obviously couldn't be bothered enough to sensor what media they are looking at. What child is reading GQ? And like Barbara said, if they are picking it up at 7-11, you know that this isn't the first time they're seeing content like that.

    Whether or not the actresses are being sexualized, isn't the debate (OF COURSE THEY ARE) but that's besides the point. They are in their mid 20s and have a right to pose how ever they want regardless.

    The media shouldn't be responsible for raising kids. The parents should. If you don't want your kids to see certain things, then they should be more sheltered. Get over it already. Take some responsibility for your child's breeding. A copy of GQ isn't going to change anything.

  35. 35

    99.9% of the kids that have now seen these photos.. would NEVER have known about them if it wasn't for the parental control - busybody - group. I'm a parent and i'm offended that they think they can speak for me!

  36. 36

    here i thought lea michelle was not that hot.. her face is still shit but man her body.. i jacked off to the pics btw

  37. 37

    This is hilarious. These actors are in their mid-twenties, this isn't even close to when Britney Spears did the RS cover. Why don't these people focus on something that actually matters? Oh, I forgot it was the View.

  38. 38

    if the view represents the diverse "voices" in america, we are truly effed. how did they cast these women?

    looking for the following stereotypical types:
    1. bossy matriarch
    2. sassy moderator (lap dog of bossy matriarch)
    3. ill-informed conservative/religious right winger
    4. jewish bleeding heart liberal
    5. ignorant black woman

    so wrong!

  39. 39

    They are in their mid-twentys and yet dressed like schoolgirls.

  40. 40

    defied? That is a stupid comment to make Mario….defied? really? when did she "defy" her? i seem to miss that…thats why Rosie and Star got off there…they didnt kiss her old saggy adulterous ass..btw Sherri has a point….but so does GQ, they are all adults…BLAME MILEY! ITS BECAUSE OF HER SLUTTY ANTICS FROM 12-17 THAT NONE PAID ATTN TO UNTIL A MONTH BEFORE SHE TURNS 18 THAT IS CAUSING THIS STIR!! SHE'S THE CULPRIT..she should be lynched with potatoes while walking through DISNEY…

  41. 41

    why is this show still on the air?

  42. 42

    I guess 'close-minded' and 'bitches' in the same sentence is redundant. But what a table full of close-minded bitches! Whoopi & Joy… NO ONE cares what you think, what your opinions are, who you 'would have cursed out'… why not walk off that stage for good if you're too cowardly to let your INVITED GUESTS speak their minds on your show. 'Freedom of Speech!' - look it up hypocritical bitches! Stick a fork into yourselves… you're DONE! Washed-Up! Has-beens!

  43. 43

    who cares!! these women are adults and can do as they please. Barbera is 100% right, if a child is picking up this magazine and flippling through to these pictures they have done it before and im sure when the next issue comes out they will do it again. These women are ridiculous and i think everyone is getting a little tired of hearing their CONSTANT bitching.

  44. 44

    Uh HELLO, Terry Richardson shot them!!! Should we say anymore??? *Gags*

  45. 45

    Sherri needs to get that stick out of his ass. "picture of her crotch showing" Lea wasn't nude idiot. o_0

    And puhlease as Barbara said kids these days have seen much more than that on television/internet ect..

  46. 46

    i can see both sides to the argument. on the one hand, the actors are of legal age to be dressing sexy and what not and they should be allowed to do so. on the other side, in the pictures they are portraying their characters in the show, who are in high school. the fact that these pictures take place in front of lockers and in locker rooms and things enhances the fact that they're supposed to be representing high school kids. it's allowing pedophiles the opportunity to find these high school kids attractive and think it's acceptable to be.

  47. 47

    What you aren't taking into perspective perex is that.. it doesn't matter who watches the show, and it doesn't matter who doesn't. It also doesn't matter how old the actors are, because they are PORTRAYING high school students. So yes that does border on child pornography, and yes people are going to be offended by it.

  48. 48

    Why did they put Lea in the skimpy outfits? Dianna is way prettier and way hotter. I think they would've sold more if they put her in racier outfits.

  49. 49

    Re: AK1234
    Where are you from and why are you on an American site if you think we are a stupid country - I mean what does it say about you ?

  50. Dolby says – reply to this


    Cory is clothed because it is a magazine geared towards STRAIGHT MEN WHO DON'T CARE TO SEE SCANTILY CLAD MEN. YOU STUPID MORONS!

  51. 51

    Hilarious….where can we get posters!!!!

  52. 52

    Re: AK1234 – As an Italian who lives in the USA, let me tell you that the pictures are distasteful in a pedophile way. Not sexy at all.

    For the first time I agree with Sherri, OMG, I need a drink just for that.

    Carry on folks, Glee is not that great show anyway.


  53. 53

    I honestly think it was WRONG for the glee cast to that!!! They are portraying teens which means they are setting an example for teens, so they shouldnt be doing such a racy photoshoots. They are a bunch of sluts

  54. 54

    Re: UberBling – LOL!!!

  55. jami6 says – reply to this


    For all of those that are not aware of this GQ magazine is aimed toward straight(if metro) men, so in a lot of the issues they 'racy' pictures of women. I dont know if i would call that sexist, just most straight men dont want to see other men in their underwear

    But honestly this whole argument is ridiculous. I have no idea where Sherri Shepard is shopping at with her children but at any of my local grocery stores they DON'T sell GQ magazine. And if your allowing your eight year old kid to go to 7/11 by themselves then why are you concerned about them seeing women who are over the age of 18 in their underwear?

    Honestly Glee isnt really even a show for anyone under the age of 15 or so, its about high schoolers not children in middle school.
    And lastly, since when has it become a big issue for 10year old boys(maybe girls) to look at those kinds of things? Does any one not remember how shows used to make whole episodes about children stealing their dads Playboys?

  56. 56

    I want to clip Elisabeth Hasselbeck's vocal cords like they do dogs.

    And these are not young GIRLS. THEY ARE 24…

  57. 57

    classic, classic, classic example of…..You don't like what is printed, don't buy the magazine, news paper, novel, etc, etc. What's crazy is these ladies are usually pretty reserved and can keep things civil (minus Hasselback). Why are they getting sooooo bent out of shape over a GQ article. Even negative publicity is a good thing, how many people are running out & buying that magazine to see what all the fuss is about. You are playing right into their hands ladies of the View. Maybe Barbara has stock in that company. She's helping bring attention to the Mag. so sales will increase. And to be honest, should people even be watching Glee if you aren't in High School or older? the subject material is clearly for a more mature audience. Ok, you can't control your 17 year old, but you can certainly rein in a 5 yr old kid. The TV isn't your baby sitter & don't leave racey magazines right on the coffee table for your kid to read. It's called…Being a Smart Parent ;)

  58. 58

    Barbra Walters is a freakin' IDIOT.

    The TEENAGERS that watch this show are definitely affected by this. These are the girls they look up to and it's a terrible example to them (us, I'll include myself in there). I really admired these girls and was very disappointed when I saw this. At least with Lea, Dianna's weren't that bad but still. These girls are role models and they have let teenage girls down big time.

  59. 59

    Honestly, Glee is not the best show for kids to watch anyway. Girl on Girl making out, pregnant teenagers, slutty cheerleaders…don't let your kids watch it and don't let them read GQ. People need to get over it. If your kid is picking GQ up at 7-11, they obviously have seen all this hype and want to see what it is all about. This is ridiculous!

  60. 60

    True Blood was also nominated for a Teen Choice Award as were the following rated R movies which won awards: Paranormal Activity, Shutter Island, Jennifer's Body. Also Family Guy which is in no way family friendly won an award as did Eminem. So are all of those things marketing themselves for teenagers? I am on Barbara Walters' side for this one. They are adults, they can do what they want. Not to mention that as she said GQ is not marketed for children, them putting it all over tv will gather more kids' attention than GQ on the top shelf of a news stand.

  61. 61

    Re: pinki – Exactly!!

  62. 62

    um has anyone seen the show? i watch it. the show is racy anyway. idk ppl thin its for kids cause its reall not

  63. 63

    I'm going to buy the magazine and show it to 8 year olds…haha!!!

  64. 64

    I myself am far from a prude and I absolutely hate it when people feel like they need to weigh in on any little thing. But I will say that it irritates the hell out of me that EVERYTHING has to be sexual. Why can't these people just sing? Why on earth did they have to go there? I mean really, for what? Is it not possible to have passion for something unless somebody's got their coochie all out. Ewwwwww. I love sex and sexual situations, but there's a time and a place. I get tired of looking up somebody's ass everytime I turn on the TV or pick up a magazine, or go outside, or blink for that fucking matter. Ewwwwwww

  65. 65

    Sherri should talk. Have you seen some of the clothing she wears where her huge boobs are practically hanging out.

  66. 66


  67. 67

    Re: cafehead1
    Joy Behar is Catholic not Jewish

  68. 68

    Barbara will fire Sherri Shepard,if she goes on defying her

  69. 69


  70. 70

    Re: cafehead1

    you could have left out the 'Jew' and 'Black' from your commnet and it would have been just as effective..the fact that Joy is a Jew and Sherry is black have nothing to do with them being right wing and ingnorant (which they both are)..

  71. 71

    get over it they're old enought 2 make their own decisions. people r 2 conservative. They can't always pertray teenagers.

  72. 72

    God I hate that stupid Sherri Sheppard and Elisabitch Hasselbeck. Sherri is an uber Christian idiot that pretends that butter wouldn't melt in her mouth one minute then talks about how horny she is the next. She's a low class retard. And Elisabitch is just a shit stirrer. She's another holier than thou who is terrified her children are going to see someone in their underwear and turn into sex maniacs. Both morons.

  73. 73

  74. 74

    BAH. This is ridiculous! The actors are all way over 20, Corey is actually nearer to 30! It's a known fact actors usually play characters way younger than them! ALSO PARENTS; GLEE IS NOT A KIDS SHOW! It's meant to be older teenager onwards… It has a lot of subtle sexual talk (if you watch Brittany and Santana scenes again properly you will see what i mean!) So I repeat; not a kids show!

  75. 75

    Pictures are pictures they were adults the problem i have is saying it is borderline pedophilia. Pedophilia is the sexual attractions to pre pubecant children. An actor or actress that i 15 or 24 playing 15 has reached puberity. No pedophillia involved border line child porn mabey. all i have to say is DANM LEA MICHELLE IS HOT!

  76. 76

    Re: pinkiRe: pinki – the reason it doe not protray boys in there underware is becaue GQ is a magazine geared toward Adult Hetro Sexual males.

  77. 77

    Re: marymeass – Pedophilia is the attraction to children who are pre pubecant. Not teens that have reached puberty

  78. 78

    Re: cafehead1 – …it's the view… it's really not that serious.

  79. 79

    American have there priorities on the wrong things A PICTURE ON A MAGAZINE. !!! What about homelessness, poverty, people with no jobs. COME ON PEOPLE AND DUMB SHERRI UGH !

  80. 80

    They took some racy pictures… BIG DEAL! Stupid moron's are afraid of a little skin. PS Sherri… her crotch WASN'T showing, it was covered by underwear. Barbra was right, the actors who posed like that didn't have to, they chose to do that. If people weren't so fuc*ing uptight about showing a little skin, especially in something like this, we would have less problems with sexuality and what not. What's wrong with seeing a little skin? It's the human body…

  81. 81

    Re: justtfax – i totally agree.. the bitch should know better not to pose like a porn star.. some role model she is …gtfo

  82. 82

    Re: kchobo123 – Although these girls are definitely fully developed and past puberty, it's still strange and BORDERS on pedophilia for men (and women) to be slobbering over high school girls/boys…who are not fully developed until usually around 17 or 18(girls) and early 20s(boys).

  83. 83

    Re: Elilan – fucking well said!

  84. 84

    Re: marymeass – obviously you dont know much about REAL pedophilia ..they will not feel anything for these photos.. because they know they are of age.. they can tell -_-..they could be in diaper and their dicks still wouldn't be hard

  85. 85

    these dumbass parents and people in the media like the view are the problem.. lol omg.. kids probably wouldn't even know about this if it weren't for these idiots and everyone else on tv and online throwing such a bitch fit about it.. it is not pedophilia people.. they are of age.. omg u see people all the time dressing like school girls an shit to be sexy..this isn't new. so stupid.. don't want your kid to see it? then keep an eye on them yourself it's your kids.. it is not the actors responsibilities.. get over it.. and glee isn't really for kids anyway. god these people are a bunch of jokes.. raise your own kid.. and get over it.. holyshit.. their are actually teens in mags doing this.. how about focus on REAl pedophilia.. dumbasses

  86. 86

    THE PICTURES AREN"T THA BAD.. IF U CROP LEA MICHEL OUT :P She's the only one who looks inappropriate and she's kinda extremely unattractive so everyone wins if she's gone :)

  87. 87

    Re: SweetMelissa204 – thank you! well said!

  88. 88

    This photoshoot was done in poor taste. I'm fine with the girls doing pics like this BUT I'M NOT OK WITH THEIR BACKGROUND. They should've done something different than a HIGH SCHOOL setting. That's sick and pedophilic.

  89. 89

    it isnt a big deal and if you watch the show, look at all the sex they they talk and almost show in that.

  90. 90

    Any show that mentions "Scissoring" is not for kids anyway. End of Story. I'm with Barbara. Get a life!

  91. 91

    Re: Chrisorama – I couldn't agree more. XD

  92. 92

    Re: rosebud99 – then shame on the parents that don't monitor what their children are looking at online. I'm a mother of 2 kids both under the age of ten. I would NEVER allow my children to watch Glee and I monitor what they look at on the internet. Its time for parents to start taking responsibility for what their children see and do and stop looking for someone else to blame for why their kids are so messed up. Im not saying that my kids are not aware of things out there, but I do the best that I can as a parent to keep them from the things that they shouldnt see. Glee is not a show for children, period! I can assure you that if your 8 year old isn't watching Glee they will certainly have no interest in some stupid photos of the actors in a stupid MENS magazine.

  93. 93

    do these women expect these kids to not go off and do movies where they have sex scenes and probably some nudity !? this is just stupid.

  94. 94

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Glee geared towards adults??

  95. lolli says – reply to this


    i agree with both sides of the argument but at the end of the day these were adults posing for the pictures and they gonna live with their decision.

  96. lolli says – reply to this


    35 year old playing a teen? wtf show was that? lol

  97. 97

    Re: LizfromNOLA – What are you talking about? This show was broadcasted as a family show. Hello its based in a high school setting moron. If they wanted a certain demographic to watch this show they could have easily used a collage setting. Yet they chose to go with a teenage audience. This show has become a joke pushing what? Showing kids and adults yet another reason not to have morals? If you want raunch in your life that's coo, but don't get mad when parents and normal good people disagree with these tasteless photo's that represent the the show. Fox is a joke and so are you.

  98. 98

    he takes advantage of his models and perpetuates sexism
    the shoot is in bad taste

  99. 99

    Wow. Only Americans would get so crazy about this. Fucktards.

  100. 100

    oh my fucking god these parents against this are fucking stupid. does nobody actually realize most of the people that play high school kids on tv and movies are usually 18 or over? The parents that made this a big deal congratulations for spreading this through the media your kids are deff gonna see these now idiots.
    im 17 and my parents have tried to shelter me from stuff like this and i honestly don't really see the point in hiding your kids from it really whats the worst that could happen your son gets his first hard on? They need a view for actual teenagers giving there veiws on it not some old ass conservatives see what we say and think about it.

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