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We're surprised that he had the gall to say this. Kings of Leon drummer Nathan Followill recently took a cheap dig at the AMAZING band Arcade Fire in a… Read more…

49 comments to “Battle Of The Hipsters! Kings Of Leon Slams Arcade Fire!”

  1. 1

    So corny.The Strokes are better than both of them. End. Of.

  2. 2

    Both groups are super lame!! the Strokes? Are you serious? More music to consume. Straight Garbage!

  3. 3

    I've seen both bands live: Kings put on a much better show.
    But The Killers and Muse were better than both of them!

  4. 4

    team KOL. arcade fire are so up their own arses they've begun to resemble bracelets. i hate nothing more than posh people being pretentious.

  5. 5

    I thought you were done being a 'bully' or whatever. You can attempt to be subtle if youd like but it still counts…

  6. 6

    first off, kings of leon need to stop bitching. they aren't very good. the arcade fire a very, very talented band and everything they put out is gorgeous.

    comparing the strokes and the arcade fire is like comparing apples and oranges. but we all know (or at least we SHOULD know) that they are the best band in the world. holla.

  7. 7

    Arcade Fire is an amazing and talented band. The Kings of Leon are also good, however, they are not in the same league. If someone doesn't like Arcade Fire I believe it's because they don't "get" their style of music. They are NOT pretentious whatsoever. Watching their live performance is an experience few bands can achieve. Maybe being Canadian helps.

  8. 8

    surely the whole point of a band is to become mainstream. There's no point in creating a band if you don't want to be commercially successful. I'm not a big fan of either band to be honest, but Kings of Leon always sound like dicks.

  9. 9

    kings of leon are band of fucking loosers and douchebags. Only morons likes them.

  10. 10

    KOL can suck it they totally full of them selves and making comments like this proves it. Arcade Fire are definetly full of themselves too but but they don't speak out about other random bands for more exposure

  11. 11

    arcade fire and KOL are amazing..this was not necessary. maybe he see things we dont..but i dont give a fuck keep it to your self

  12. tasha says – reply to this


    Kings Of Leon are fantastic. I like them alot more then Arcade Fire. You continue to show your a douchebag Perez.

  13. 13

    Wow! That's the pot calling the kettle black. Let's just get real here. They're both completely pretentious. The only reason Kings of Leon is calling another band out is to protect themselves from getting called out for the same fucking thing they themselves are guilty of. Oldest trick in the book. Stop trying to cover your asses, because you're not fooling anybody with a brain.

  14. 14

    Who the hell are you Perez claiming that something that someone else says is a low blow?

  15. 15

    Arcade Fire is an incredible talent; they are a band like no other that will no doubt be here for many years to come, probably the best band since Radiohead. Funeral and The Suburbs are easily mondern masterpieces. Kings of Leon can only hope to be feautured on a one-hit wonders compilation CD about ten years from now for Use Somebody, which is quite possibly the most annoying mainstream rock track I've heard in some time. Yeah, seems like Followill's 15 minutes will be up soon since he needs to bitch about a legitimate group that possesses talent to distract from the shittyness of his new album. REPRESENT MONTREAL, CANADA!!!

  16. 16

    Cut his hair and fix his eye, and he would be way hot.

  17. 17

    Does anyone know how hard it is for a Montreal band to get just the smallest amount of international recognition like Arcade Fire did? Sure, there are better bands, but if you would just realize how much effort they had to make to get where they are now, you would see that hating on them is totally stupid. Kings of Leon need to stop being such ass***** to everyone, including their fans and realize that there are plenty of bands doing the exact same music as them and that them being famous is just luck, unlike Arcacde Fire.

  18. 18

    Re: smellyhonkey – Is This It didn't get voted the best album of the past decade by NME for nothing. The Strokes are the shit!

  19. 19

    That's a funny story considering the King's of Leon have yet to make an album even nearing the quality of any Arcade Fire record. Someone gave me a Kings of Leon record last year and I returned it and got Funeral by Arcade Fire.. Best decision I ever made. And the drummer looks like he's on about 15 oxycontins in that picture. What a dick.

  20. 20

    WTF?! Arcade Fire is amazing!! and we cant say the same of Kings of leon…

  21. @v@ says – reply to this


    Nathan ought to stick to honing his own stage show.

  22. 22

    sounds like jealousy to me. arcade fire are in a different league entirely…they are artists, KOL have become too generic lately, hence the mainstream success they apparently loathe.

  23. 23

    Wow, I'm calling BULLSHIT on this one. I think Nathan should give his fucking hippie head a shake. If anyone has sold out and become INYOURFACE it's Kings of Leon. I listen to both bands. Kings of Leon perhaps can't handle the fact that many of their "fans" called them out on their last album as simply rubbish. Their interviews and stage presence is so boring and lame. I am not suggesting that Arcade Fire is superior but why is it that this is the second quote I've read that mentions how better KOL are to other bands. They need to seriously get over themselves and have someone else speak for them because considering they are very much Christian they show little acceptance towards others. If they keep this up their dreams of being a Boxset band will come to a conclusion faster than they thought.

  24. 24

    ACTUALLY… yes AF are awesome but they are very pretentious. When they came to Toronto they did a gag at Toronto island… and charged $75 for tickets! Most bands don't charge that much so we were all very put off by their attitudes… and it reflected in the interview they did later that day.

  25. 25

    the arcade fire is one of the best bands to come out in the past 10 years. If not the best. Don't be jealous Kings of Leon because they make better music than you do! waaah wahhhh

  26. 26

    Kings of Leon, especially with their new lacklustre album, are proving themselves to be overly pretentious and jealous assholes.

  27. 27

    Re: lacey1 are you from the UK and think the strokes are "indie" and are comparing them?! No, they are NYC post punk and are not similar to either. I love The Strokes but I have no clue why you even bring them up

    Re: JAY ELLE – That's the venue then because the tickets were NOT $75 in the US

  28. ommmz says – reply to this


    Kings of Leon… funny people.

  29. 29

    Love both bands but Nathan's being a tool

  30. 30

    Arcade Fire >> Kings of Leon, but != The Strokes

  31. 31

    KOL, they are whiny assholes. No doubt about that.

  32. 32

    WHA? Who is in a band with their home schooled brothers, with matching hair cuts and facial hair-all of which happens to look extremely like the bros from the Black Crows? Can't stand the "too cool for school" toolz soooo concerned about what other artists do. Fucking poser!

  33. 33

    WHA? Who is in a band with their home schooled brothers, with matching hair cuts and facial hair-all of which happens to look extremely like the bros from the Black Crows? Can't stand the "too cool for school" toolz soooo concerned about what other artists do. Fucking poser!

  34. @v@ says – reply to this


    This guy could do Pantene Ads. Imagine shooting this beautiful, silky hair from the back, and then he turns around, looks at the camera, and pounds his drum kit…

  35. 35

    i mean it's been blatantly apparent for the past two yrs tht KOL has become completely mainstream…i mean use somebody? tht was played more on KISSFM than rihanna's song. i'm pretty sure they are aware of this and maybe are just trying to take arcade fire down with them…which doesn't really work.

  36. 36

    But, the Kings are mainstream. They sold out along time ago…

  37. 37

    love them both,but not equally.ive been a kol fan for a long time,before they became "mainstream" and i know Nathan didn't mean it like that,in a rude way,he is very outspoken but a real nice guy,but when it comes to who performs better live,hands down kol,saw AF in a festival one time and they sound horrible!

  38. 38

    WERE they the ones that let the fans down when maggots fell in their mouths or pigeon shit or was that a diff set of divas

  39. 39

    Kings of Leon really do need to get over themselves, they always seem to be slagging off someone, and their childish behaviour and mistreament of their fans in the last couple of years is really just disgraceful. I do think that Arcade Fire are far more talented and interesting than KoL, but they do seem to have a bit of an attitude problem too - when they were headlining Reading Festival this year they were quite unpleasant to The Libertines and said to them something along the lines of "we're going to be so much better than you tonight because you only have four people in your band" - which seems a bit ridiculous.

  40. 40

    what a sad exuse for a rock band.

  41. 41

    i'm so sick of you talking sh*t about kings of leon. they have a hell of a lot more going for them then you do. i'm pretty much done looking at your pathetic website

  42. 42

    'hipster' really?

  43. 43

    what is wrong with you Perez did they refused your advances you changed drasticly you're opinions and don't tell me you care about their fans you have the thrne for being disrespectfull so don't throw the first stone!i love both bands,they are amazing - it's just about the music! they can say what they please !they have great work ethic,put on fantastic albums and incredible live performance so you should judge that you pretentious shmuck!they are rock stars they are not mules!

  44. 44

    Your so wrong perez.. Kings of leon have put out 5 unbelievable albums.. and kings of leon don't do their career for fame or money they do it because they love music… they havent bitched about fans they clearly stated that they appreciate the fans that have been with them from the beginning and who enjoy every song they have ever produced more rather than the fans who only like Sex On Fire, Use Somebody and Radioactive as they were popular singles.. And everytime I have gone to see them in concert they were electrifying, grateful and in no way diva like so don't assume anything..

  45. 45

    Re: Saosin – Sensitive much? Frankly, this doesn't seem like bullying at all.
    Fairly straightforward celeblog type post - a rundown of the dis- quote included-, with a little bit of personal commentary and background. It's practically a compare and contrast essay about the musical fortitude and fan commitment of two bands. Also, it's not bullying to call out KOL on their divatude when they walked off stage due to pigeon shit.

  46. 46

    Re: Scatter – srsly? grow a brain. dumbest comment evar.

  47. 47

    I've never heard of Arcade Fire…maybe I'm just too old…now I feel sorry for myself.

  48. 48

    Yea, Arcade Fire is VERY VERY overrated. I agree with Nathan!!!

  49. 49

    Is he HIGH? KOL are the biggest sell outs of the 21st Century of bands. They COMPLETELY changed their sound to something more glossy and commercially viable. They've been trying desperately to have commercial success. They've played corporate sponsored Hollywood parties for years to get noticed. Arcade Fire have changed their sound for each album, but never to something that would get them played on top 40 radio. To something that was simply an alternate take on who they are as a band. Someone sounds bitter that Arcade Fire are seen as the Radiohead of their time and KOL are more like the next Creed…if they're lucky.