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Lindsay: "I'm Broke And Powerless!"

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lindsay lohan feels powerless and broke

We're sorry to hear this, Lindsay…but at least you didn't get jail time???

According to Lindsay Lohan's probation report, she admits to feeling powerless against her addiction, and she is broke.

Looks like the probation report was an influence in Judge Elden Fox's decision to send Lindsay back to rehab, instead of jail.

Here's an excerpt from the probation report:

“The defendant was motivated to look at some of the problems in her life, however, there was some denial regarding her drug addiction. He feels that the longer the defendant is at the Betty Ford Center the better."

More from the report:

“After the positive drug test with the probation department, Mr. Richman indicates the defendant finally began to talk about feeling powerless and about being an addict. He states the defendant needs ongoing treatment and has a lot of growing up to do."

And more:

"She indicates that she cannot afford to continue to pay for the treatment program and she needs to work. The defendant stated her clothing line is falling apart because she is not available to monitor the product."

According to the report, Lindsay is in a group geared towards self-esteem improvement, as well as group therapy and AA meetings.

All right, Lindsay, so things aren't great, but try to stay positive. We have our suspicions that you'll figure out a way to pay for your treatment.

Other than that, at least you're getting therapy, you're not in jail, and you're getting the treatment that you desperately need.

Keep your chin up, bb! Instead of focusing on the negative, take actions to improve your situation. Think about it.

[Image via WENN.]

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105 comments to “Lindsay: "I'm Broke And Powerless!"”

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  1. 1

    A lot of people around the world are broke and they live somehow. She got 7 mil $ for a movie, If she wouldn't spend money on drugs and shit she would not be broke. I Don't feel sorry for her at all!!!!

  2. 2

    aww lindsay keep goin girl you'll make it!! btw guys check out steeve foster on itunes..new single just releases..he rocks!

  3. 3

    she can afford lip injections and expensive designer clothes fancy cars etc. but not rehab?? lol
    i call bullshit!

    it's all about priorities and what you WANT to spent your money on.

    conveniently she has no money for rehab….wah wah wah! cry me a river!

  4. 4

    am I the only one who feels this sort of information is a gross breech of privacy?

  5. 5

    Why do we oddly feel no sympathy? Because if she was a black lady and the same age, she would be in PRISON for a year. No second chances, no rehab, just cold hard jail. Her money and fame have bought her how many second chances?

  6. @v@ says – reply to this


    I'm pretty sick of her whining. She's just plain bad news right now. She had the world on a platter, but chose instead to party and imbibe non-stop rather than put her nose to the grindstone like everyone else has to when they need money, and mess with the law, going in and out of the justice system wasting everybody's time as she gets yet more negative attention. She can't be very bright if she can't see the broke and powerless coming down the road because she's spending all of her time in court and serving her chronic string of sentences instead of fattening the bank account. She needs to go away.

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    She also always seems to have the not so small money to get her lips injected every couple of weeks. Trout pout. It looks weird.

  8. 8

    is this part of your new leaf u turned over? good for u if it is but lets not get too mushy, KK???

  9. TCYB says – reply to this


    Gee, after her last recent sentence to jail and rehab, she gets out too early, buys a brand new prosche after settling a multi million dollar lawsuit in her favor (My name is Lindsay and I am a milkaholic commercial).

    The article in People magazine says she is making alot of money off of her clothes line while working on it in rehab.

    Go to Jail Lindsay and sty there.

  10. 10

    Right… Bitch is broke cause it all went up her nose. Not to mention the fact she has no talent what so ever.. Whahh… you dug your own grave bitch

  11. 11

    where are the parents when she needs help. Isn't Dina her manager? What is she managing???

  12. 12

    I hope her life gets clean and on track and everything gets better for her. She is still young she can do it.

  13. 13

    Well said perez ! lets not forget that there was a time when she was an accomplished actress , hopefully with all the help n support she can bounce back

  14. 14

    On another page I read, that in addition to what you wrote :
    "Rather then throwing her in jail for a minimum of 30 days (the DA wanted her behind bars for 6 MONTHS!), Judge Fox ordered Lindsay to stay in rehab until January 3, but apparently that's not good enough for the 24-year-old actress. Before she met with Judge Fox yesterday morning, Lohan requested to move to outpatient care after her 30-day stay at Betty Ford ended this weekend, but she was denied."
    I feel sorry for her! But she had 1000 chances to do the right thing.. she can be happy, that she didn't have to go to jail - and I think she really deserves rehab and jail! - and should think about getting her life together. I don't believe it until we see it, because the thousand chances she had she didn't want. Addiction is a serious illness, but she has to want to be healthy and I don't think that time has come.. She wanted to be outpatient!? She smiled on her way to the judge.. and looked awful.. and a bit arrogant.. I think she should get healthy in rehab but get jail too.. because I don't think she learns that she can't do anything she wants without a longer stay in jail.

  15. 15

    This girl still doesn't have anyone that's a positive influence on her which is really sad.. on the other hand millions of people struggle everyday with addiction and dependency problems and have no money and get through so can she and please the girl has money!

  16. 16

    She'd rather bury her nose in a book about some economic basics to get a clue where the financial disaster comes from. No matter what addiction you deal with, it sucks you in like a giant black hole. The drugs won't do the real work, instead, they cloud your talents and decrease your potential that you need to get over it.

  17. 17

    Oh and she came out of jail, went shopping and drove around in a porsche.. so I think this whole "work/broke"-reasons for getting out of rehab are just excuses!! I think she thought this "work/broke"-reasons would be impressive enough for the judge to let her be outpatient.. she can be sooo glad, that she didn't get the 6 months that they wanted!! What would have happened in that situation?? She wouldnt've been available for 6 (!) months. But I think she really doesn't care what she deserves because she never had to really to bear the consequences of her behavior..

  18. 18

    define "broke" please…she's probably got less than 2 mil bucks in her account and can't afford a fancy house, but a lot of people have less than 2,000 and are even worried about how to pay rent for the next month…

  19. 19

    BUCK UP AND DEAL! All we hear is wah, wah, wah. . .

  20. 20

    Hey Linds, if you need money, I'll do ya for $250 a pop. Add your mom in and I'll make it $350.00 Stupid sluts. Both of them and daddy too.

  21. 21

    Why doesn't Dina sell her house? Good God does Lindsay need to support that woman? I am sure that is a big portion of the problem right there. The woman should be ashamed of herself.

  22. 22

    Boo Hoo ! Her clothing line is falling apart because…its CHEAP ! Likely made by poor Pakistani children earning 5 cents a day ! This dumb WHORE HARLOT SKANK is sooo boring ! Stop putt'n all yer cash up yer nose, Hun, and on yer (duck)lips, and maybe you would have a little change left for the more important things in life. BROKE ! GIVE ME A BREAK !

  23. 23

    Re: @v@ – She kinda DID put her Nose to A Grindstone….Just say'n….

  24. 24

    Well if she's that broke then she can either throw herself on the billing office at Betty Ford and plea herself as a charity case or check herself into Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab. Drew's offer is a win win seeing she'll get the treatment and be paid while doing it. You just know this ones to fucked in the head to take up Drew's offer. Bitch is going to end up homeless and turning tricks at the after Grammy partys in the not to distance future.

  25. 25

    Gawd…Is she ugly….

  26. 26

    So maybe stop spending money on drugs dumb idiot? Or stop injecting shit into your duck lip?

  27. 27

    Lindsay Lohan is sooo ugly these days ! All those drugs, Botox injections, nights out with that ugly Sam… really, you would think she was a 40-year old ! IF any kid EVER needed a reason to just say NO ! (and go and tell!). Again…I wonder who gave her her first joint, line of coke, tab of E … ? Friend, agent, Dina … ? Hope she writes a truthfull AUTOBIO SOME DAY - NO HOLDS BARRED! Trashes HollyWood and all - She'll NEVER GET BOTOX IN THAT TOWN AGAIN !

  28. 28

    She is ugly ……..

  29. 29

    I'll bet she plays with herself at night, just to get attention from her roomate !

  30. 30

    It's a shame she's always had to be the family work horse. Did her parents have a college fund for her? Anything put away for their children's future? No, apparently not. They all depend on her…it's sick and I feel for this girl.

  31. 31

    Re: klingchad – Was Whitney in jail? o.O

  32. 32

    Hey…..Lindsey, they are hiring at Lovely Linda's in Daytona Beach. If I buy you a shot of Yeager will ya rub ya juicey red box on me?

  33. 33

    Re: WatcherOne – Don't! She has been given MORE than enough opportunity to help herself ! How fortunate she is with all her resources ! And, WHERE are all her HollyWood friends … ? Gerard Butler, Adam Levine, etc. … ? Funny, they dont' want to be seen with her…so PATHETIC, those HollyWeird poeple……So Pathetic !

  34. 34

    I see her working as a check-out girl at a VONS in Receda ina few years ……

  35. 35

    Re: klingchad – exactly!!

  36. 36

    Re: Suck Me Hard – ! She likely would at this point ! Anything for a FIX !

  37. 37


  38. 38

    The fact that she seems more interested in whining because she can't work and requested out-patient care after only 30 days indicates that she STILL most likely isn't ready to make a change. I wish the best for her but can't help feeling that she still thinks this is a joke and she's above the law. Anyway, she has a couple of months to work on it so maybe she'll get it together?! Kinda pisses me off that she complains about her financial situation. We all know Betty Ford will allow a celebrity an IOU if she truly can't afford it right now. How many desperately addicted people out there would kill for that kind of break in life. She BETTER NOT screw it up!

    By the way, Carlo_B - it didn't keep me from commenting but I totally agree with you that this leak seems like a breech of privacy. Good point!

  39. 39

    My neighbors were out having a yard sale to raise money for bail for their daughter. That's exactly what Lindsay's family now needs to do for money for rehab. We all know she has plenty of clothes that could go on auction and a car or two. That would be plenty for the $63,000 needed. If Lindsay is currently feeling the stress of not working on her clothing line, etc etc she won't know how to get better. Very sad. :(

  40. 40

    I dont wanna judge lindsay, but i think she's putting other things in priority then her own HEALTH. But even if i would go poor i'll use all the money i got to cure my addictions health come first money comes and go but if she's thinking about her money first she will end up poor or dead anywayz. Lindsay you're still young and you can make that money back just think rehab is the best investment ur doing right now. WISH YOU THE BEST IN LIFE ;0)

  41. 41

    She kinda looks like Michael Jackson here…

  42. 42

    Had she not spent tons of money on drugs and designer clothes she wouldn't be 'broke'.

  43. 43

    "We admitted we were powerless over our addiction, that our lives had become unmanageable."
    STEP 1 in NA

  44. 44

    Botox smooths wrinkles, you do not put botox into lips. The stuff she gets pumped into her lips is a filler.

  45. 45

    Get a job, it gives you a lot less time for self-destructive tendencies, and helps with that whole "I'm broke" thing but whatever! Like that's gonna happen. Everyone go out and rent Parent Trap! Only royalties can save our little Lindsanity now!

  46. mw says – reply to this


    yeah….also lindsay…you were the brains behind all your business ventures really?? i'm pretty sure you paid people to do all the thinking for you…you have no idea what goes on..

  47. 47

    its good she is trying, whether by force or not, to get over this while she is young. She will be a better, stronger person for it. Sad to see someone so young with addictions problems.

  48. 48

    HA! Powerless? I think not. All you need is to before a judge in California. Almost any judge. Only one judge dealt with you as if you were equal to anyone else and her ruling was shot down within 48 hours. You are one charmed bitch, Lindsay. You didn't even get jail time. Honestly, I can't wait until you are out of rehab and O.D. Take your parents with you please.

  49. 49

    She's apparently not too broke to get her lips fattened for photo ops. Also, it's apparent the world is over her. I think she had the opportunity to make the comeback a few months ago, then blew by setting off the scram bracelet and failing a couple of drug tests. Lindsay, you're done.

  50. 50

    I guess it's time she fired her manager, aka Dino Lohan

  51. 51

    What if she becomes all born-again, and starts her own religion … ? Or, quits HollyWood for some rich old fart in Texas…? oR, GOES STRAIGHT INTO PORN, AND DIES WITHIN A FEW YEARS OF ALL SORTS OF THINGS … ?

  52. 52

    Re: Nathiestx – what's BS this time? is it what's is being read from the probation report which was submitted to the judge and then released to the media? or is BS what lohan says? which is it dina or ali?

  53. 53

    That' exactly how the 12-Step Religious Cult wants you BROKE & POWERLESS FOR LIFE; misery loves company.

  54. 54

    WTF? Who is telling her those injections make her look better?
    Get some Oil of Olay for your wrinkly pole smoking puss!

  55. 55

    What a load of bullshit. You're not totally alone and at loss until you don't even have your health. Speak to someone who knows.

  56. 56

    If she is broke how can she afford to keep putting all that ridiculous looking shit in her lips?

  57. 6one9 says – reply to this


    Guess DINA and Michael better start looking for “` JOBS!!! lol

  58. 58

    hmmmm, coke cost some serious cash huh? well you got nothing to lose, sell you body for your precious coke, hit rock bottom and then we can talk, but honestly you need to hit it first….. get a grip and grow up…. my favorite line is when you got arrested, with the dont you know who i am???? i am lindsay lohen….. bwahahahahahahahaha, hey lindsay, i am a free man without an addiction….. beat that!!!!!

  59. 59

    If she is broke, then how is she paying for her drugs? Oh what about that shit in her lips or that damn weave and blond hair dye. She should pay or go back to jail. Watch she will come up with the money.

  60. 60

    Kill your parents, then yourself Lindsay. It's the only way!

  61. 61

    STILL trying to bullshit the system Lovag? NO ONE but your stupid Judge will believe you (mainly because the Judge is a MORON!). Sniffle… sniffle… go whine on my crotch BITCH!

  62. 62

    Re: JigSaw – where the fuck have you been my little troll? I thought you were dead.

  63. 63

    jesus fuucking christ. fuucking suffer a little. everything on a plate her whole life, what a joke.

  64. 64

    wahhh wahhh wahhh ,god atlease she didnt get jail time

  65. 65

    oh whaa whha whaaa. Does anyone care of lindsay anymore?

  66. 66

    I hate how you're posting all this stuff. If the girl has low self-esteem, how is this helping her?

  67. 67

    Ahh, yes…Feeling powerless. The old - and worthless - Alcoholics Anonymous saw that in order to get better you must admit you're "powerless". What a bunch of crap! Fuck AA! And fuck all those who follow and recommend it. Run away as fast as you can in the opposite direction, Lindsay - and get some help from a program that has a better track record than AA - which has a zero percent success rate. Cognitive behavioral therapy appears to be a better solution. Try looking elsewhere and save yourself from a lifetime of conflict and failure, Lindsay!!!!

  68. 68

    Dear Perez,

    You used to be my absolute favorite. You were honest, truthful, straight to the point, and most importantly you were HIGHlarious. You were not only a blogger but also a comedian. Now with this "new you" you are boring and twofaced. Comedians aren't gay teenage boys.You talk about them because celebrities are naturally in the limelight. Please revert back to the old Perez or you're gonna lose a lot of fans who have loved you because of your genuine spirit.

  69. 69

    Isn't she dead yet. Waa I'm broke. Waa I'm poor. Dina time to work and whore out Ali to pay the bills.

  70. 70

    You know what I really dislike Lindsay but this is sad this is when a kid really needs thier parents support and not like hers who are just using her for money,and now the mom wants to make the other daughter famous. How sad somebody needs to slap some sense into momma Lohan and tell her to be a mom and not a manager or whatever she thinks she is. People your kids got to have rules and get disciplined once and a while not let them do what they want just because thier rich and famous….

  71. 71

    she's got money for duck lip injections and nose jobs. die already, PLEASE.

  72. 72

    Did she not just win a $100million settlement for the whole E-Trade "Lindsay the Milk-a-holic" ordeal????????????????????? WTF?!?!?! She just doesn't want to "waste" money on rehab, and would rather just buy useless shit that you only wear one time to look stylish for the paparazzi. Stupid jackass loser cokeWHORE!! Get a life Lindsay. Save yourself. Can't wait for this obituary to come up….."washed up actress/trainwreck Lindsay Lohan dead from a cocaine/methamphetamine/ambien/alchohol-induced OVERDOSE"

  73. 73

    she has money for botox

  74. Nuria says – reply to this


    Couldn't agree with you more Perez!

  75. 75

    Who will pay for her plastic surgery upkeep?

  76. 76

    aww boo hoo,you think your broke bitch come live my life…had the world by the balls & you screwed it all up & now were all supposed to feel bad

  77. 77

    i dont beleive any of it she just trying to get out of going to rehab and hoping the judge again lets her off lightly..

    no addict finds it easy to recover but admitting u have a problem and then working towards a solution is the only path to take no more lies no more denial not more manipulation of the system isnt there a cheaper rehab she can attend does she have to go to the over price ones

  78. 78

    It´s hard to sympathize with an unapologetic party girl, but her parents are a profit-loving enabler (momma) and a fame-whore (dadda). No surprise she´s such a mess.

  79. 79

    If there's a will, there's a way. Worst case scenario, once she's detoxed she could go to AA/NA meetings and take it one day at a time as many people do that can't afford rehab stays or even therapy. Are your lips plumped? If so, take that money and spend it on therapy. You'd look just fine without it (i think better). Good luck to Lindsay!

  80. 80

    This bitch is never happy with anything. She is living in a cushy enviroment, it's better than 3 hots and a cot and she's still bitching. She makes me sick. And I'm sure that ol egg donor isn't letting her clothing line go down the tubes if it ever was doing decent sales. It probably never did well to begin with. She dresses like a slob so if that's her line I can see why it's failing. She always looks sloppy. I noticed that on Friday for court her and egg donor had matching hair do's. How cute was that.

  81. 81

    She had a great opportunity and she blew all on her own. Cry me a river!

  82. 82

    Has anybody else noticed that she looks more and more like the late and great MJ each day?

  83. 83

    Poor Lindsay, the 12-Step Religious Cult and its grasp of the nation's legal system will drive her to suicide; VERY EVIL CULT!

  84. 84

    fuck lindsay and fuck the court system. i think we all here have our own problems that we need to fix. HOW ABOUT ROOTING FOR OURSELVES TO GET BETTER instead of wasting our time rooting for some girl that none of us know (apart from perez)? i am so tired of hearing about this trash.
    PS i wish if us "regular people" were in such a situation WE would have the same soft hand from the judge.

  85. 85

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    Like: Louis Vuitton Chanel Gucci Burberry Chloe Hermes Prada Fendi etc.

  86. 86

    Isn't it a little early for TROUTPOUT????

  87. Dr. M says – reply to this


    I remember whne she was 17-18 years old and living at Chateau Marmont. I asked her if she was using drugs = she said no. I asked her if she was drinking = she said no. She has been lying for a long time. I told her to watch her money and she just laughed and said she'd be just fine. I told her not to pull a "Belushi" and she didn't communicate with me for months.
    The more someone questions her lifestyle or disagrees with her actions = the less involved they are in her life (like Elvis). She cannot (or will not) learn from the mistakes of others.
    She believes she is her own role model. Now that she's starting to admit that she is "broken" = she needs a new role model. People have tried to push her toward the LORD (Father/Son/Holy Spirit) = but she resists this like the devil. This leads me to wonder about her spiritual "sanity".
    Shalom Aleichem Lindsay
    Dr. M

  88. 88

    Oh boo hoo.. She has to go back to rehab and stop being a misfit. What a spoiled brat. Try living in the real world and know what broke really means instead of whining about the resort your staying at compared to some of these nasty rehab places. I guess she just doesn't get that not having a few million in her bank account is considered broke. Dumb ass chick

  89. 89

    I still see her doing PORN, prostitution, etc., in a few years…..

  90. 90


  91. 91

    Tranlation: She wanted to go to jail for thirty minutes and be done with the whole mess. She could go back to her old ways until the next time she was arrested. Sad little girl. She'll never learn.

  92. 92

    I am tired of this media whore …. they should lock her up and through away the key …. and how money and a hollywood-ish career can manipulate a whole court system (Over-crowding my ass) … I totally agree with Jerry Lewis !!!!

  93. 93

    "clothing line is falling apart because she is not available to monitor the product."

    Uhhh no it's because it's overpriced crap we have all seen time an time again. She's lucky peeps took pity on her,but it's time she looks for other jobs than those that promote drug use,whoring herself out and traveling to events that she clearly can't afford..that all is, if and when she gets out of asylum.

  94. 94

    Dina and Ali and the other one all need to step up to the platter and maybe WORK FOR A LIVING to support Lindsay for a change!!!! Then again Lindsay is a dumb ungrateful bitch who doesn't appreciate anything she had/has so why don't they all, in the immortal words of the Who, "F-f-f-Fade awayyyy"
    PS or they could form a detective agency and find out who is trying to kill MIchael!!!

  95. 95

    How about she sell some of that crap she's hoarding at her house, and also have Mom and Dad pitch in to help with the cost? Lord only knows how much money these peope have sponged off of her.

  96. 96

    No one feels sorry for you anymore Lindsay.

  97. 97

    Firstly, congratulatins Mario on your recent makeover. Long overdue. You didn't have to be childish to be a gossip columnist. A definite improvement. Poor old LL. It's hard to sympathize with someone who basically pissed her career up against the wall. It's impossible to feel anything but contempt for the hangers-on and enablers who fed off her good fortune. Perhaps now that she's stony broke, her family can bail HER out? Perhaps LL can stop acting the victimized waif and start acting the grown-up instead.

  98. 98

    I love me some Linds, but how many chances can one get?? I've been in NYC most of my life, was a door girl at a club that Mz.Lohan frequented post-"Mean Girls," at the height of her fame….she was escorted to the private restroom by her bodyguard 5x an hour! Very sweet, very pretty and talented — how could she let it get this far? Drugs are so not worth it. girl! Get your sh*t together, Linds, and make a killer come-back like my other formerly very-troubled girl, Miss Britney!

  99. 99

    I totally agree with Carlo B…. Major issue in breech of privacy. Working in health care I know how much trouble some one can get into for "leaking" this sort of info. Sure glad I'm not working @ Betty Ford cus I can tell ya, my gossip mill would be working over time! I feel bad for her tho. I hope she can turn this all into somein positive. Good Luck Lindz

  100. 100

    Re: brinjak – AMEN, preach it to the choir! Couldn't agree with ya more

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