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Jamie Lee Curtis is opening up about her legendary father Tony Curtis, who passed away last month - and she doesn't seem to have the nicest things to say ab… Read more…

46 comments to “Jamie Lee Curtis Opens Up About Her Deceased Father Tony Curtis”

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    aww so sad :(

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    She sounds like she has closure to me. By closure do you mean adoration? Nothing can change what was. She sounds like she has a lot of respect for him in her unique way.

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    I think you missed the part where they actually did have a connection and a relationship as adults. She had a very good understanding of the person her father was.

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    As she doesn't I don't blame him. His wife was the one who wanted the kids. He didn't but at least he provided for them. It's that generation too, smokers, drinkers; their word was law in the house. A lot of them weren't close to their children.

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    Re: marlow – Agreed. Many of that generation of men who went to war left the children to the women, and dropped in to dispense money or treats when it suited them. They were a pragmatic, if not warm and fuzzy group.

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    I just wish She would fix herself up….such a pity

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    It's sad when children don't have close relationships with their parents, especially when one of their parents is one of the most well-known actors in our time.

    Huh? Why especially? How does that have anything to do with the whole thing being sad?

    You should stop trying to write deep profound psychobabble.

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    I love Jamie for her strength. She accepted him for who he really was and proceeded from there. I love the Truth because it sets you free and based on what she says, she is. There was obviously a connection of some sort between them and she showed up at his funeral to honor his life at his death. Makes me smile and happy for her.

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    There is no closure for this woman.
    She is still bitter.
    No where in her words are, "he was a stranger when we were children and over the years we were able to work through a few issues. I will miss him."
    It must account for her massacred hairstyles, she has kept all these years. It perpetually keeps that self-hate in the foreground, every time you look in the mirror, caused by negligent parenting. Too bad.

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    I love Jamie Lee Curtis! She is one of my favorites actress! It's sad that she doesn't have a close relationship with her father, but she is loved by her husband, kids, friends and fans! I liked when she recognized that she got something from her fater. Actors do like attention. Specially new Hollywood generation. Fortunately she is more than a pretty face, but a great children's book author.
    By the way she is a great person to help you Perez with the whole bullying thing…of course, if you want to do something about it. You began to be less mean, how about a gay teen website? Think about it! Use your status to change a good cause.

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    He sounds like a completely self centered asshole.

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    What about opening up about the fact shes a HUGE DYKE???

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    I read about Tony Curtis' childhood and it was a wonder he could parent at all. I too had a strange relationship with my father who was oddly detached from his children although he and my mother were married for 50 years before he died. No, he didn't beat me or call me names or do any other horrible things thank God. But I have no concept of 'daddy's girl'. I too have a cold detachment from men and was briefly married once and have been single for years. Your relationship with your father or father figure has a profound effect on you whether you like it or not.

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    Tony's botched plastic surgery look horrendous…

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    Luv the woman - she is just being honest, she has no need for any closure. For those of you who say she looks awful, ummmmm she doesn't. Have you seen her when she was in her 20s & 30s, she was smokin', guys loved her. If you had a tenth of the awareness this womas has, you wouldn't be saying that about her. She is beyond appearances & material things - she knows what is truly important in life. Geez she's over fifty - what are YOU going to look like at that age. Or maybe you should die young so you can never know! Sound like a plan?

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    HEY JAMIE! Your problem is you were waiting for your father to turn into the man you wanted him to be and he was NEVER going to be the father you wanted him to be. Truthfully, he should have never been a father. But I hope you have forgiven him and looked at his own pathetic childhood to understand why he was the way he was.

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    I understand what she's saying. I never had any emotional attachment to my father. Financially, he provided for my family, and he wasn't a terrible father as far as being cruel or abusive, but I can't say he was there for me as a person. When he came home from work, you couldn't bother him. He was always glued to the TV with a beer in hand, and that was his time until he went to bed. Conversations were minimal, if they existed at all. He never was involved in my school work or anything I ever done, and when he died several years ago, I realized I was burying a man I really didn't know. He drove my mom crazy, because much of the same emotional detachment he showed to us (my siblings and I), he showed to her; I wonder how they ever got married.
    I resented him for a while after I had moved out of the house, and although there were several attempts on both of our ends to develop an adult father/son relationship, it just never blossomed. I do forgive him and I now do understand to some degree why he was the way he is.

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    Sounds like she has a grasp on reality.

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    He was a deadbeat father and even if he contributed financially to the welfare of his kids , still it doesn't mean shit. If he didn't want to have kids then he shouldn't have had them !!! It's as simple as that. There are no excuses.
    I feel sorry for Jamie, she's an amazing actress and an awesome woman and like every child, she deserved to have a close , loving relationship with both parents.
    I have to say that i'm repulsed by the majority of the comments who show any kind of support to that kind of man, no wonder so many men are bad fathers , nobody blames them for anything and they get a free pass- especially if they're famous. If it was the other way around - a negligent mother - you would have stoned her to death.

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    My mother is convinced that Jamie Lee's real father is Charlton Heston. She says that back in the day there were rumors that Janet Leigh had an affair with Charlton while filming "A Touch of Evil". Although I've never read anything about it, I will say that when I look at Jamie she really does look like Charlton and absolutely nothing like Tony.

  24. 6one9 says – reply to this


    Kind of “ messed up!!! But that's “ a man “` for ya!! Like a lot of absent fathers!! He probably wasn't “` a child “ molester “` like my dad was. So which is better?? This world is “` ALL “` kind of “ fucked up!! YO!!

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    Re: YoungTaurus – Readh the book - Adult Children of Alcoholics by Janet Woititz, please. You are going get a lot of insights.

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    Re: luvs2tango – Why is she obligated to make excuses for him and act as if she'll miss someone who really wasn't a particularly big part of her life because he CHOSE not to be? I think she's remarkably well adjusted…the man HAD kids. He was a bastard to just elect to ignore them, outside the financial, because he just wasn't into them. Selfish. I think she's been very generous to him.

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    I had a really bad childhood but I didn't use that as an excuse to emotionally abandon my children.

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    I think JLC is correct in telling it how it was…when you do have children and you sacrifice and do your very best, it becomes clear what parents aren't doing that for themselves and for their kids.
    Some people don't want kids but are given them anyways. That is the sad part.

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    My dad was a doctor and hardly spent any time with my brother and I - let alone even speak with us… and now retired, he's still completely self-involved. Don't even get me started about my stay-at-home mom… some people just shouldn't have kids… funny, they made the choice - they adopted both of us. I'm never having kids.

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    Re: Dixie77 – You're absolutely correct, she's not in any way obligated to make excuses for the absent father. I, thus interpret that point of view, that she had not reached closure on that issue.
    Usually, when closure is reached, a softening of the heart goes along with that, "let go, let God" approach, so the future can be less painful. That's all.

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    Re: 6one9 – "He probably wasn't “` a child “ molester “` like my dad was."
    My dearest 6one9,
    Tears welled up in my eyes and my heart broke, when I read your story. I am so sorry. That's a tough one to overcome.
    My dad was more like Tony Curtis…handsome, lots of money and he fucked everything that moved, and gone all the time. I'm sure I have plents of brothers and sisters out there. At least he didn't do that stuff with me and I always said, he might have been negligent, but at least I wasn't abused sexually. It made me feel better. I did grow up with a great step dad that idolized me, but there's still stuff that never heals when a dad is too busy for her as a kid.
    We did make up some lost time. He knows he was a dickhead.
    We had made peace when he died. We had closure.
    dogmama's dad really lost out on his precious daughter's life.
    I'm so sorry. We sure don't get to pick our parents.

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    Kettle meet Pot…..

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    I don't sense any anger, I sense an understanding of her father's nature
    and as such, she has found closure. So many children have fathers that are
    financially involved, and that's as far as it goes. I hope those children find the same clarity that Jamie has found. Forgiveness is powerful.

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    I think she's just being honest. It is really hard sometimes to get over the idea that its your fault when your parents are emotionally absent. She is saying what might help others still suffering from Famous-But-Not-There parents. Money is no substitute for love encouragement and healthy self esteem which can't be sold or bought.

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    Re: Wholegrain – She looks just like Tony, her lips , her eyes ,her whole face.

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    This thread epitomizes why I hate, when Mario spotlights only one group, like gay bullying.
    So many women here have their demons too. I've dated many very rich, white men, that were damaged goods because of that same neglect. Sure some have more, but there's so much crap for everyone to deal with, but for the very few.
    Every human being has stuff to overcome. To single out only blacks, or latinos or poor versus rich, we all have our own demons, not just gays.

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    Sounds like she totally has closure. He was what he was, and wasn't what he wasn't. That's just the way it is, and she knows it.

  38. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: ParalyZzzZzer – You're right, of course, but they weren't a talk show generation. After splits, male spouses probably tried not to interfere with how the mother was raising the children. Tony sounds self-absorbed and a bit of a narcissist, and when he and Leigh split, he married several more times and had children with many of those wives, too, so he was a busy, busy guy. Back to your comment, though; had he put more into his kids, he would have gotten more out of them; so, it was ultimately his sad loss as I see it. His chain marriages looked to be filling a vacuum that he could have filled himself by sitting still.

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    re post 7 : ' fix herself up' : translation = become an ageing barbiedoll bimbo.
    LOVE her individuality.
    And honesty.
    And as for 'closure'? she's doin just fine. Despite all the psycho jargon, a happily ever after isn't always possible.

  40. pj88 says – reply to this


    I admire Jamie so much. I hate all these bull shit people who cry and moan when someone famous dies (or even in "real life") and yet they were never close to them when they were alive or said mean things about them. Why lie and cry for the publicity… God bless her

  41. @v@ says – reply to this


    Jamie is grey gorgeous. She still looks like a sleek race horse, and wears the cropped do fiercely. She seems to have gotten that and her strength from her mother (apart from that paternal need for attention), and learned to doggedly try and find contentment with one man by watching her Dad; so he also did that for her.

  42. wjm says – reply to this


    I wonder if any of you geniuses who contend that she's bitter know anything of their past. The man used to snort coke with her. There's an amazing parent.

  43. 43

    she sounds very honest in her analysis of the situation
    shes still got the body… hot mama

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    Re: Dixie77 – I am not saying that it is an excuse, but Tony Curtis grew up emotionally crippled and he DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO BE A FATHER! I don't think he woke up every morning and say, 'I'm going to be a lousy father today and ignore my children.' He simply was incapable of it. And it's true that there are alot of people today who really should not have had children. And that is the responsible thing to do. IF YOU DON'T WANT CHILDREN, DON'T HAVE ANY!

  45. 45

    Re: dogmama – The reason why some women have children is because they are told that they are defective freaks if they don't. They don't want to be 'different'. They say, ”All my friends are having children, or my husband wants me to have children or my parents want me to have children OR I want to trap my husband so he will never leave me and on and on ad nauseum. Sit down with yourself and be totally honest and really try to understand why you don't want children and express your fears etc. In the end, if you decide you still don't want children tell the world to kiss your ass and don't have any. It's your life and noone elses.

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    Loose the gray, gal. You are only like 53, loose the gray. It is not charming, you have had it too long.