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Leah Michele & Mom! Like Mother, Like Daughter!

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Yes, that is Lea Michele's mom! Quite the hottie, isn't she?!

So youthful! So well dressed! Obviously, these a genetic traits.

Glee's continued rising star was spotted taking her mommy to Le Pain Quotidien in Los Angeles on Saturday. Both looked casually radiant as they made their way to the car to head for home.

Way to work what your momma clearly gave you, girl!

[Image via National Photo Group.]

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42 comments to “Leah Michele & Mom! Like Mother, Like Daughter!”

  1. 1

    You have such low standards. Cut offs? Really? pppfffttt.

  2. 2

    perez, take it easy. you're being transparent with those backhanded compliments. way to hide the sarcasm. who's lea's mom anyway to have to doll up for the paparazzi?

  3. 3

    Cool! I thought it was a girlfriend!

  4. 4

    Both are super fugly. Without airbrushing and Photo-shop Lea Michele is just a common troll. How on earth did she ever get an acting job? Her dad must be in the business.

  5. 5

    yeah she looks good

  6. 6

    Re: cafehead1 – ummm because of ppl like you… who would call her out of her insecurities if she looked like a mess.

  7. 7

    What a great looking family!

  8. 8

    Not only is mom not attractive, but Leah is fugly as well. Just goes to show you girls, even if you are unattractive, makup can do wonders.

  9. DJay says – reply to this


    Since when are flip-flops and cut off jeans "so well dressed." You're kidding right??

  10. 10

    u g l y

  11. 11

    I'm sorry but her Mom is NOT a "hottie". She's ugly at best.

  12. 12

    Her Mom doesn't look young at all, but whatever. More concerning is that you think she looks "well dressed". NO!

  13. 13


  14. 14

    I can't begin to understand how some people call Lea ugly. I'm not saying she's the most beautiful person in the world but she is in no way ugly or homely etc.

  15. 15

    are you joking???? ewwwwwwwwwwwww

  16. 16

    ugh..send her back to N.Y.C

  17. 17

    this skank and her mom both look like trolls

  18. 18

    wow. her mom looks really young. but i don't like how's she's dressed.

  19. 19

    I thought her mom was her little sister at first. They're not ugly you guys, come on.

  20. 20

    Her mom looks young

  21. 21

    lee michele is an ugly pig. why the fascination with this ugly troll???

  22. 22

    UGH!! What a fukkin mess. The both of them! I love how Perez is now concealing his mean spirit, by using false compliments. Well-dressed? Hottie? Radiant? ARE YOU SERIOUS??? It is without a doubt that he's being super sarcastic. As for Lea? What can I say, I've always thought that is one ugly bitch. That big-ass mouth and nose make her look disproportionate. It's almost like looking at random pieces of a Mr. Potato Head, all stuck on that face.

  23. 23

    where is the pic????? i wanna see these ugly jew bytches

  24. 24

    aw her mom is fugly just like her :) !!

  25. 25

    Seriously these are hotties to you? Mommie must be younger than 40 and looks about 58 and daughter will also age too quick by what we see in the photos…

  26. 26

    yea, for sure, …..a couple of dogs

  27. 27

    Her mom looks kinda young lol

  28. 28

    Sandals is good dressed?… you have no idea.

  29. 29

    Lea Michele is in NO way ugly. And neither is her mom. You people are so hateful. Not everyone has to look like a supermodel to be considered beautiful.

  30. 30

    I think Lea's really pretty

  31. 31

    God just looking at her face you can tell she's a raging bitch. What an ugly personality she must have. Oh and I hate it when 50 y/o moms try to dress like teens. Act your age ya hag.

  32. 32

    Re: bleahf – yeah i don't trust people with bad grammar.. *hint*

    She dress WELL for a mom.

  33. 33

    shes so gross..

  34. 34

    They're both really pretty. No life haters, go fuck yourselves!

  35. 35

    Re: CaliCoyote – Maybe because she works really hard for it. I'd love to see what you look like. If you're too ashamed to put up a picture of yourself, then STFU!

  36. 36

    Re: Inga Parks Echelon – Yes I know you are ugly. Your picture is on your icon. No need to announce that you're ugly.

  37. 37

    Re: mullet1 – You seem so fascinated yourself by putting in this hate comment. Why are you so fascinated in her? Fucking moron. It's like the haters have more of an obsession with her than the fans.

  38. 38

    wow so much hate. it is truly sad how hateful people are on the internet. thing is these people don't even care one way or the other they just come her to make nasty comment. i don't even think it matters who is in the picture for most of them.

    How is it you spelled her name wrong.

    Why do you even allow comments? Seriously what is the point to see who can come up with the nastiest comment?

  39. 39

    which one is the mother?

  40. 40

    did they switch clothes in the restaurant? mom looks like she got dressed in the juniors department

  41. 41

    "Yes, that is Lea Michele's mom! Quite the hottie, isn't she?!" ….no

  42. 42

    You sarcastic little wanker. Even her mother is 10 times hottern than you'll ever be. HYPOCRITE. BULLY. SCUM.