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The New York Times asked Angels in America/Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto whether or not he's gay, to which he replied: “I’m grateful that celebrity … Read more…

53 comments to “Zachary Quinto Addresses Gay Rumors By Saying…”

  1. 1

    You're gay Zach. I've seen you walking around with your boyfriend in the West Village.

  2. 2

    Oh please Mary-O I don't buy this new act for one second. You so desperately want to try to get him to out himself, its so transparent.

  3. 3

    He used a lot of big words but didn't really said anything. He sounded like a politician avoiding a yes or no question, total bullshit if you ask me…

  4. 4

    That's the nicest way of outing anyone I've ever seen. Haha… Perez is trying so hard to carefully craft his words so he can say what he truly feels, but in a way where he won't be called a hypocrite. LOL

  5. 5

    I want to add that we all know this "nice" schtik Mary-O is pulling is eating him inside and he'll revert back to the pathetic low-life he always was in no time.

  6. 6

    being gay shouldn't be his identity…. the world doesn't need to know because thats all everyone would care..

  7. 7

    So much for not bullying people on your website, you gross fat fucker. The man wants his privacy. Fuck off.

    I hope Ellen NEVER invites you back on her show. You lying asshole.

  8. Beccx says – reply to this


    Finally! Perfect statement. That should be the standard statement given whenever the subject is brought up to ANYONE.

  9. 9

    And there goes the new Perez out the door………knew it wouldn't last.

  10. 10

    One's sexuality does not define the person. Who cares? I think people place way too much importance on this single aspect of one's life. Who cares? Seriously!

  11. 11


  12. 12

    He's an actor — we pay to watch him on screen that doesn't give us the right to snoop into his bedroom! I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW IF HE IS GAY! I want to know if I will like his next movie. Leave it alone Mario!!!!!!!

  13. 13

    Mario……it is no one's business who sleeps with whom. Your sexuality does not define you as a person. What you do, does. You don't see straight people introducing themselves as "hi, i'm so and so and i'm straight" Leave people and their sexuality to themselves.

  14. 14

    Thought you promised not to be outing people anymore..?
    Your "kinder, gentler" blogsite is NOT any different than when you were being a complete dick. You do not respect people's privacy. Never have. And just because you "believe" you are correct for your cause, does not give you the right to throw accusations or OUT people. You will always be a jackass and continue to make your living out of muckraking through other people's lives - - no matter how "nice" you think you are being now.

  15. 15

    Which means he's gay. Love this guy!

  16. 16

    I don't know why anyone cares. Him being gay or straight makes it easily as plausible that I'll ever get to get to "get a little Vulcan in me."

  17. 17

    cut the bullshit dude and man up.

  18. barb says – reply to this


    this is just a nice way of outing someone, that is not ready.

  19. 19

    Isn't this the same as outing someone? He plainly does not want people to know he's gay and you put up this big article continuing to do it- I guess those vows didn't last long- they lasted about as long as the press did for it. Figures.

  20. 20

    QUIT TRYING TO OUT PEOPLE!!!! It's none of yours, or any one elses business!

  21. kat27 says – reply to this


    Loving your perspective!

  22. 22

    It's only a matter of time before he comes out. But who cares?

  23. sanaa says – reply to this


    What kind of journalist asks a respectable actor about their sexual orientation? What kind of job is that? This guy is an amazing actor and wants to remain neutral to benefit his work, I can repect that. He's phenomenal to watch on screen.

  24. 24

    The media and "fans" have already made up their mind about Zach. If you see him around with guys, have you ever thought that maybe he has guy friends, being a guy and all. He has been "paired" with his straight friend Neal Dodson, his brother and his best friends husband to name a few.

    Even if Zach answers this question, people will speculate. He cannot win.

    No one pays attention to the multitude of sightings with him and women too. He could be bisexual, who knows?

    Perez has an obvious crush on him, as do a lot of people and they all have an agenda.

  25. 25

    Everyone knows he is gay.
    I don't think this is much of a secret.

  26. 26

    No one is going to associate the actors gayness to Spock. Spock simply wasn't gay. So there will be no gay role modeling. What a silly idea to try and get him to out himself for that reason.

  27. 27

    I don't care if he is gay.

  28. 28

    its funny how ppl say its none of our business. lol obviously its not, but this is a celeb gossip site. a majority of the posts on this site are none of our business. also the ppl who say "who cares?"…the obvious answer is many people care, because they're curious to know more about the actor they like or w/e other reason.

  29. 29

    Go fuck yourself Mario. I really hope someone kick's the shit out of you! BULLY HYPOCRITE ASSHOLE!! It is no ones biz!!!

  30. 30

    Zach is amazing! It is just so crazy! His sexual orientation should not be an issue, but it is called being famous. Zach is a sexy guy. It does not matter to me if he is gay or not.

    Someone being a homosexual should not be such a big deal. Also, I feel bad for them when the press is pressuring them about it.

  31. 31

    PIGFACE, you are a mean hypocrite. Stop with the BULLYING. Maybe you should be punched harder next time.

  32. 32

    "Admittedly, if he does consider himself to be gay, it could be really fantastic for him to announce it to the world."

    Oh please, what a load of old BS. Perez, always trying to out people. I bet you think you have a chance with him if he is gay right?

  33. rsvp says – reply to this


    He's not denying it, he's just leaving it alone for now. I can understand. He's a hot young actor. I think he'll eventually own up when the time's right for him, not for some pushy rag, even if it's the NYT.

  34. Tinc says – reply to this


    Yes,he is 100% gay,and it is no secret in H-town.

  35. 35

    he will come out when he wants to, do all the straight actors need to come out as straight?

  36. 36

    a gay rolemodel??? So many people in showbizz are openly gay. What do you mean perez? If there are role models out there..they are in Showbizz! For me..I would rather see role models in other positions then just the showbizz ones…not everyone can become a star you know..

  37. 37

    zach is from pittsburgh….and he is most definetely gay…..in person his every mannerism oozes gayness….

  38. 38

    Bottom line, it is his business whether or not he chooses to disclose his sexual preference(s). Too many people define themselves by their sexual orientation. That is NOT all you are is it?? You are more than who you love and I believe Quinto, if he is gay, is truly the modern gay man for choosing to not define himself by his sexual orientation and advocating for human rights. As a populous, we are too consumed with who is sleeping with who. How about, who stands up for what.

  39. 39

    he is not gay!! if he doesnt want to address it! then leave it!

  40. 40

    is Pretzel on vacation — usually he would bash the hell out of Quinto for not announcing to the world that he's gay, and then he would bully him in these posts endlessly for not doing what Pretzel wants him to do…

  41. 41

    He is just so sexy to me. I love his dark hair.

  42. 42

    Hey Perez I admire your restraint.
    It is up to Zachary whether he decides to announce his sexuality.

  43. 43

    I love Perez but, he's not even a "positive influence in the gay community."

  44. 44

    Stop trying to OUT people! Just leave it alone!!! You're still a bully.

  45. 45

    the truth is it doesn't matter one little iota wether this man is gay or straight.
    celebrity is all about fantasy and people are going to construct whatever fantasy they want around this celebrity no matter what he says. People need to feel good about themselves for their own sake..not becausesome movie star told them it was okay.

  46. 46

    I'm sorry, I fail to see how this is outing someone. Unfortunately we live in times when having high-profile homosexuals is a big deal, because we're trying to show the world that gay folks are just as worthy of life and happiness as hetero folks. All this post does is quote from the NYT with context, and then a big of editorializing at the end, a la "is he or isn't he gay? Either way, he's an ally."

    Also, you are lying if you're proselytizing that it's wrong to wonder who famous people sleep with. You know you're interested in who the straight stars are dating, it's not taboo to wonder who the gay stars are dating.

  47. 47

    It's rude, I think, for the NYT to have asked him that. If he wanted to talk about it, he would. He gave his answer, obviously his answer is what makes sense for him, Perez reported it, and then Perez gave his opinion that the more gay people who are able to be nonchalantly be "should-be-no-big-deal-but-yeah-I'm-gay" the better. The NYT is the loser here, not Quinto or Perez.

  48. 48

    Hey Mario I bet all gay people hate you. Your new passive agressive bullying tactics are SO transparent. You are a DISGRACE.

  49. 49

    Well judging by comments I've read on ZQ posts before, it seems like he is, but it is nobody's business, and he doesn't have to reveal his sexuality to the world. Let him keep his privacy.

  50. 50

    perez! You are right. Coming out right now is the best thing He and Queen Latifah can do

  51. 51

    not everybody wants or needs to be outed. they should just be allowed to BE!!! i mean, what will happen if you come out??? more hate??? more gay people thinking, "he may actually fuck me cuz we're both gay!!!". just let people be

  52. KimS says – reply to this


    Re: Chinwe Okorie Ŧ – Yes! You said it ;)

  53. 53

    Re: MoreISay

    you are so full of bull and no we don't all wonder who famous people sleep with anyone who say we all do anything is an idiot there is no such thing. Those who have someone to sleep with in real life rarely care about who someone they don't know is sleeping with. Period and you are full of crap since there is no evidence Quinto is dating anyone. There is the difference. Straightd ONLY get covered when they date or divorce or break up. Gay actord get branned as less than human and only gay which sadly is what to many gays want not to be people but just their privates no other group acts that way every other group wanted to be viewed as human first not just their race or gender. Plus every time a gay actor comes out middle America become more anti gay it has been happening for years since middle America will always go against what is seen as Hollywood.