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Jane Lynch Weighs In On Risque Glee Photoshoot (A Week Too Late)

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jane lynch comments on glee gq spread with lea michele

Yep, we're still talking about this.

People are still outraged over the recent Glee spread in GQ magazine starring Princess Lea Michele looking less than wholesome. (Though we still maintain we've seen MUCH worse!)

Anyway, sources reached out to one of the adults on the show, Jane Lynch, to comment on the photos. She made the solid argument that impressionable youths should be flipping through a men's magazine and that it is up to the parents to control what their children are exposed to. Then she said:

“I think whenever you put a woman scantily clad in underwear it makes a lot of other girls and women feel badly about themselves, so it should be done with great consciousness.”

Hmm. We don't know if that's exactly true. Sure, everyone has their insecurities and celebrities, with their pristine looks and perfect bodies, may amplify those feelings , but this "consciousness" that you speak of should be the knowledge that everyone is built differently yet still beautiful.

We refer you back to the story about Lea and her nose. She was berated for that, but no one is looking at her nose in these pictures!

We think everyone just needs to calm down and move on!

[Image via WENN.]

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24 comments to “Jane Lynch Weighs In On Risque Glee Photoshoot (A Week Too Late)”

  1. 1

    Jane hits the nail directly on the head. And Perez….keep your opinions on how women truly look at themselves to yourself…. As a man (even a gay one)you don't know what the hell you are talking about. Women berate women…not men. Women creat wallf of resistence to photos like this…a photo shoot like this removes their talent and leaves these young women with nothing but their underwear…Underwear is not respected - it's shit on

  2. 2

    That's so true! Whenever I flick through my boyfriend's FHM I am left feeling like an un-airbrushed walrus lookalike!!! Haha!

  3. 3

    What is the big deal. Conservative people are annoying. I'm not gonna complain if I see a woman on a cover of a magazine wearing a nuns outfit so we shouldn't be complaining about underwear. It's just underwear!! People wear less then that to the beach.

  4. 4

    Pristine looks and perfect bodies????! It's called airbrushing dumbass

  5. 5

    Funny this on ET of Access Hollywood Jane said they looked adorable and thought Cory had on too many clothes… Which is it Jane.

    This was overblown, these girls even if a little racy didn't deserve this much criticism for something that was meant for a men's magazine. They aren't the cause of objectifying woman, they aren't the first to pose and won't be the last. Time to move on…

  6. 6

    I think it should be left alone, so they play teens on the show. Has anyone watched this show?? Not exactly a teen show in the first place, I mean, it is, but if your old enough to watch it, your old enough to see a girl who is in underwear and who ever said less is worn at the beach is right. Less IS worn at a beach, but are they looked at diffrently for prancing around in a bikini. I think not.

  7. 7

    If it makes anyone feel bad about themselves they should get their asses to the gym and stop eating cr*p/unhealthy food. End of story.

  8. 8

    ..Your "still maintaining we've seen much worse" comment is grossly ignorant. I guess we should accept every cheap representation of women media companies display because hec "it can be worse" right?!
    Here's a tip, instead of whoring yourself around declaring this site won't bully celebrities anymore, how about you start to promote women and young girls in a more positive light? How about being responsible for the effect that fluff websites like this one has on our youth population?
    And about praising Leah because she's kept her ugly nose…who cares that she kept it? There are strippers with natural breasts and call girls without hair extentions. Leah is beautiful but this cheap photoshoot reveals the insecurity and lack of self-acceptance that remains. Perhaps she too indulged in media-junk pre-stardom days.
    These are pathetic attempt to convince others she's hot, sexy, and lustworthy. Another one bites the dust.
    Stay out of real issues, unless you have something substantial to contribute.

  9. 9

    Re: Alasen

    You've obviously missed the point. Get your head out of looks & weight worries and see the bigger picture.

  10. 10

    Re: Alasen – you totally missed the point…

  11. 11

    well idky you all only take it in a negative light.. i also see it as motivation to get into better shape :P

  12. Emesa says – reply to this


    No Perez, Jane is 100% RIGHT. Don't speak for women plz.

    Us females are forced to see images of perfect, digitally-manipulated images of women and barbie doll ideals from early childhood. No one seems to care what effect it has on our collective self-esteem and self-image.

    I'm so glad JL said this. It's about time someone did. And I say all this as someone recovering from body dysmorphic disorder.

  13. 13

    you guys are need to get over it..it's not a big deal.. even if you can't handle the fact that there has been worse and there has been .. they are old enough to do whatever the fuck they want to do with there bodies.. geez.. you don't like it? don't look at it..don't read about it.. go make your own site and shine women in a positive light..what those girls did isn't as terrible as a lot of people are making it out to be..ridiculous

  14. 14

    If Lea Michele was in Vogue, as Lea Michele, she could dress however she likes. She's an adult. The cast of Glee was in GQ, as the cast of Glee. So they have to have some sensitivity to the audience that watches Glee. Tweens and teens. They were deliberately dressed in high school attire, but in inappropriate poses. It crossed the line, and the line was probably crossed deliberately. We're talking about them…

  15. P2daT says – reply to this


    Are you serious? So if a person is self concious about their nose, they should strip down, look like a ho, and then that's what's most important??? Please correct this. It wasn't Lea humping a bench in her panties that made people forget about her nose. It was her talent and preserverance.

  16. 16

    So Jane, I guess it's okay to strip the men down, as you have suggested Cory could have worn much less.

  17. 17

    Wearing your undies - agree no biggie - wearing your undies, spreading your legs in a school locker room with what appears to be an image shining on the bench of a large object entering between her legs is not right…we can see what the intention of the photographer was and that is where the line was crossed.

  18. 18

    Meh, Its because girls are dumb and don't realize the obvious. Any average girl can look like a celebrity. –Most– are just average looking girls. But with the power of PROFESSIONAL makeup/hair they can look amazing. Their WHOLE job involves looking hot. To look good it cost money on creams, personal trainers, nutritionist. Girls don't realize that celebrities are nothing special. Give an average looking girl the MONEY and TIME to invest in her looks, Pays for personal trainers and a nutritionist and high end skin creams..Facials, Laser treatments..Then a girl can look amazing.

    Like I said their jobs involve being hot, and with the media telling us whats hot..yea..

  19. 19

    she's right and the point IS NOT BODY IMAGE its OBJECTIFICATION
    obviously you wouldn't know this mario, since after all you are a man

  20. 20

    OMG - check out Youtube….for the most hilarious parody of Glee.. go to 0 GLEE feat. Michael Jackson: The Key of Awesome #29

  21. 21

    i dont think the photoshoot is a big deal. however what i do find obnoxious is your hypocritical attitude perez!! these people play highschoolers and are clearly still portraying the high school characters in this shoot and you dont think there is anything wrong with this, but if miley cyrus wears denim shorts she's a street walker… stop being biased

  22. 22

    i dont think the photoshoot is a big deal. however what i do find obnoxious is your hypocritical attitude perez!! these people play highschoolers and are clearly still portraying the high school characters in this shoot and you dont think there is anything wrong with this, but if miley cyrus wears denim shorts she's a street walker… stop being biased. i can see where someone could even be concerned that this spread advocates child pornography

  23. 23

    Re: GothamGirl – so wajt if she wanted to dress are as school girl?

  24. 24