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Joe Jonas Grabs A Handful

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While at a Baton Rouge bar this week, Joe Jonas was spotted grabbing a handful of Ashley Greene's behind!

At least she doesn't seems to mind.

Have fun, kids.

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37 comments to “Joe Jonas Grabs A Handful”

  1. 1

    At fred's! Holler!

  2. 2

    that is obviously back, not ass….

  3. 3

    i hate that couple.. i mean him really.. i can't look at her the same way anymore..

  4. 4

    Are you sure this was in BR? I cant imagine a BR bar having an Ole Miss sign in the background…

  5. 5

    Are you sure this is in BR? I cant imagine any bar in Baton Rouge having an Ole Miss sign in the background… we're pretty obsessed with LSU!

  6. 6

    If that is where your butt is, I am sorry for your body inconviniences.

  7. 7

    hes not grabbing her ass.

  8. 8

    you lie!

  9. 9

    I dont see a hand on her ass. I see it on her back

  10. 10

    Little to high to be her butt.

  11. 11


  12. 12

    love joe, hate ashley! #sorryassley

  13. 13

    They've totally already done the nasty nasty.

  14. 14

    oh wow!!! what a handful of…back?
    you're too stupid mario, stop creating rumors that don't exist.

  15. 15

    Gorgeous couple is gorgeous. She flew to Mexico with him the next day for the weekend. They really seem to be making it work.

  16. 16

    Re: LSUGyrl24
    It's at Fred's in Tigerland in Baton Rouge. They have all the SEC flags up.

  17. 17

    Re: LSUGyrl24 – It's at Fred's in Tigerland in Baton Rouge. We have all the SEC flags up.

  18. 18

    Nahhh that is her lower back…not her ass. Get your facts with picture proof right man!

  19. 19

    He looks like hes saying (Ewww im touching her BACK) not her butt .His boyfriend must be pist to see his mans hands on some girl. Nice try Joe but I can see right throw you girl.

  20. 20

    It is Fred's. They need to pick up Rob, and head over to FQD!!! The Hen's will be waiting!!!What up Rik?!! HOLLA!!

  21. 21

    Re: kylielover02 – Stupid comment is stupid. This picture was taken by a fan. They didn't even know about it. Joe simply isn't gay, as much as you might want to wish he is.

  22. 22

    hes not touching her ass you blind fuck

  23. 23


  24. 24

    There is some really weird stuff going on in this picture. His hand is between her waist and the small of her back and unless it's a really huge hand it isn't on her ass. But that is that streak that looks like a ghost arm at the right?

  25. 25

    haha lsugyrl i was thinking the same thing about the ole miss flag… but does he wear a virginity ring too?

  26. 26

    He didn't grab anything like what you suggest! His hand is on her hip, PERIOD! Geez!

  27. 27

    Fame + whores= Joe and Ashley.

  28. 28

    EWWWW!!! I really thought she was cooler than this. Joe Jonas…such a waste of a pretty girl.

  29. 29

    i really dislike Trashley. Joe's too good for her. she's changed him.

  30. 30

    Ha! LIke this isn't a staged pic?? ha ha … who the hell wears that dress and stands so perfectly like a prom picture in a Louisiana dive bar?? PUL-EASE!

  31. 31


  32. 32

    Re: Adult Joe Jonas Fan – 'Gorgeous couple is gorgeous' 'Stupid comment is stupid'. No you're stupid, and I doubt that you're an adult. The point in repeating something twice?

  33. 33

    wow… Joe has made this one last longer than 3 weeks! I'm shocked! I do think they are cute together. BUT, Greene can do better.

  34. 34

    He isnt touching her ass -_-

  35. 35

    Anyone who thinks JJ is Str8, is seriously retarded? Twinki girls like to believe all of their male idols are Str8. Grow up girls, this is the real world, not the one you would like it to be………..

  36. 36

    Re: hottytoddy1 – No, he doesn't wear a "virginity ring".

  37. 37

    his hand looks odd. {: