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JWOWW says…

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jwoww posts messages to fans

Jersey Shore star JWOWW posted this interesting message to fans on Twitter:

"I want to express something: A: people only get to see 1 side of us when we are on the Jersey shore because we are in a shore house in the middle of summer and are there to only have fun. people dont get to see our business side or anything else so when we dress differently/ or just show different sides of us people say negative things and its a joke to me.
B: we are not characters on a show or in real life. we are real people being documented so dont think us dressing or doing something different outside the show is outside our character. its still us being us just in a different light!"

Thank you for the insight Jenni!

We wonder what prompted this??

[Image via WENN.]

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18 comments to “JWOWW says…”

  1. 1

    Right. So she's only a slutty looking hooker only on her down time or when cameras are on?

  2. 2

    We watch because you behave like idiots. Continue behaving badly and close your trap.

  3. 3

    joan rivers called jwoww and snooki out on fashion police when they dressed in "buisness" attire and pretty much called them fake and said they should stick to their day jobs.

    who gives a fuck jwoww. nobody cares what joan rivers says and nobody cares about you! everyone on the jersey shore are just there for entertainment…nobody ACTUALLY thinks these people have anything else to offer.

  4. 4

    it's probably on this week's fashion police…she and snooks were grilled on there outfits post shore. =[

  5. 5

    Last night on E!'s fashion police, they showed her wearing a skirt suit in NYC and made a big deal about her "new image"

  6. 6

    Probably prompted by that Joan Rivers show that mentioned even when she dressed more conservatively, she still looks like a hooker.

  7. 7

    they were pretty harsh on her on 'E!'s fashion police' - i'm sure that is what prompted her to say this…

  8. 8

    Last week Snooki & JWoww were interviewed on NY's radio station 95.5 where their interview was cut short by the radio host due to his overwhelming annoyance by the way they were handling the interview. After the call, they proceeded for two days to ridicule them and callers from all over called complaining and saying terrible things asking WHY THE HELL did the radio show EVEN THINK about having them on their show. It was pretty intense.

  9. JuNoZ says – reply to this


    Hmm…I think that who is most likely game the house mate’s played on last week season finale prompted this statement. Very well stated Jwoww, keep on entertaining the masses.

  10. 10

    She's still a dumb bitch with fake tits.

  11. 11

    Lol, so you are not fake, you are just idiots.

  12. 12

    We all know that reality tv show is made for fun. Those who don't get.. shut the fuck up.

    We all know if you were given a shot to sell your soul for fifteen mins of fame you will take it.

    ahha but i actually wouldn't I want to have a real career, if i didn't have goals i would so be on Big Brother or Real World

  13. 13

    2 bachelor degrees and you can't capitalize the first word in a sentence. God.

  14. 14

    The irony of reality stars explaining their reality as "not fake". . . I think I just heard the evolutionary clock tick backward.

  15. 15

    What is that saying … You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Oink oink JWoww

  16. 16

    JCOW and that whole crew are grotesque.

  17. 17

    who would admit to that at least if u say im a character in the show then u get to actually be different the rest of the time

  18. 18

    Re: Chinwe Okorie Ŧ – Wow your picture really fits your comments - idiotic.