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Yikes! It's just not a good time to sell. Kelly Clarkson is selling her Nashville home for $1,449,000, even though she bought it for $41,000 more. T… Read more…

26 comments to “Kelly Clarkson Listing Nashville Home At A Loss”

  1. Harv says – reply to this


    I hope she's not planning a career as a decorator.

  2. 2

    I think its really nice! If I could afford it, I'd totally buy it

  3. 3

    I didn't even know she had a house in Nashville… Is that a popular place to live? I thought that was more for country artists.

  4. 4

    I like it. At first I was surprised because the decor was kind of stark, but Kelly is doing a lot of wrestling with who she is lately so I'm sure the stark decor fits her frame of mind, not letting comfort in. Psychobabble …

  5. 5

    I wanna go to the open house so I can lick the bathroom floor where her chubby little toes touched the tile.

  6. 6

    That's way too much house for one person.

  7. Coopt says – reply to this


    If the house wasn't in Trashville, I mean Nashville, I might consider buying it.

  8. 8

    Only if she had those rooms painted. The colors are hideous!

  9. 9

    it probably isn't selling because of those god awful green cabinets.

  10. 10

    Nice place but I think she overpaid even thought she's taking a loss, it's still overpriced.

  11. 11

    Very posh area that's for sure. Why have a house like that when you travel like she does anyway? Property taxes in Belle Meade are RIDICULOUS.

  12. 12

    Mario, stop stealing stories from the Realestalker…

  13. 13

    Paint on the walls doesn't hurt a home sale you fucking retards! I'll bet you working-class back wood imbred rednecks wish you could have voted Bush in for a 3rd. term to further crust the world economy! Go read a book or something…

  14. 14

    People HAVE GOT TO turn off the HGTV Channel; those people on those shows ARE NOT DESIGNERS; they are models & actors PRETENDING to be designers.

    All those HGTV color schemes are SCRIPTED BY Manufacturing Sponsors to get people to buy those hideous colors, and textures.

    On one HGTV show they paint all the room puke beige, and on another show they try to sell a home with the same color scheme and NO ONE CAN STAND IT, thus creating ANOTHER HGTV show.

  15. 15

    Kelly HAS NEVER BEEN IN THAT HOME EVER! It's an investment that lost money; Nashville is actually in a DEPRESSION!

  16. 16

    Ah, yes I would buy it. That is Nashville where property is higher. I was born near there. But, have lived in the Midwest most of my life. Here I can get that same house for much less. That's because we are the boring Midwest! Nice house btw.

  17. 17

    the trappings of success … people get a bit famous make some money and then buy huge homes without knowing if they can afford them….

  18. 18

    Re: The Dude! – Hey Dude, Obama has outspent Bush by far. Get informed.

  19. 19

    As is the entire planet genius.

  20. 20

    Kelly has lived in this home in Nashville a bunch. She is all the time in Nashville working and she's not the only one who lived in this home. This house is pretty nice. All you Negative Nancy's just wish your homes were this nice & classy. To Pretzel Ramada how childish are you and ignorant. To PSJ306 the reason she lives in Nashville is because she works there a lot recording, etc and her manager is based out of Nashville so it makes since to have home there.

  21. 21

    Re: The Dude! – I don't see how you can blame Bush for killing the US economy (let alone the world economy). With the housing market in particular, there is absolutely nothing he could have done that could have made it crash. What happened was a result of many factors and bad decisions that had been occurring across an extended period of time starting decades before Bush was even office. It just happened to be that the consequences were finally realized towards the end of Bush's term.

  22. 22

    If that house was in West Vancouver, it would sell for 3-4 million. Location location location.

  23. 23

    So where does she live if she doesn't really live here. I forgot about Kelly. I thought she had moved to Australia or something.

  24. Aleya says – reply to this


    That interior is shiteous

  25. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: flozone – Maybe so, but then a person would have to fly back to Nashville from W. Vancouver to see a good hockey team.

  26. 26

    Just like her career, the value tanked!