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Robert Zemeckis Is Moving Forward With Yellow Subma-remake

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robert zemeckis moving forward with yellow submarine remake

At a Back To The Future red carpet event, Robert Zemeckis said that his Yellow Submarine remake was "all ahead full," which sounds like an indicator that he's moving forward with the movie.

While none of this is 100% confirmed, it looks like the movie will be shot in 3D, and the rumored cast is as follows:

-Dean Lennox Kelly (as John Lennon)

-Peter Serafinowicz (as Paul McCartney)

-Cary Elwes (as George Harrison)

-Adam Campbell (as Ringo Starr)

There have been mixed reports about whether or not this movie will actually happen, but given the fact that Zemeckis said the movie was happening so recently, we're inclined to believe it.

We have VERY mixed feelings about this project.

Are U excited about this project? Or do U think it's sacrilegious to remake a movie like this?

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16 comments to “Robert Zemeckis Is Moving Forward With Yellow Subma-remake

  1. 1

    Ugh. Hideous idea. Why is it so hard to do something original?

  2. 2

    really stupid idea..hope he doesn't need to make money on this…this film can NOT be done Better…how do u not see this..Robert…do something original please

  3. 3

    you've got to be shitting me

  4. 4

    aww lol

  5. 5

    I agree with everyone else, leave a clasic ALONE!

  6. 6


  7. R.B.A says – reply to this


    First off really bad idea to try to remake a classic, this has been proven time and time again. Secondly Carey Elwes as George Harrison? The dude looks nothing like him. I will not be seeing this.

  8. 8

    Some movies should not be remade. Why can't the directors show the classics some respect?

  9. 9

    hideous idea but if it's done, they have to find a role for Rufus Sewell as an homage to his late father (who was one of the animators on the original)

  10. 10

    This is a travesty.

  11. 11

    Those actors look nothing like the band members! They should use the guys from that Beatles Rock Band Commercial. YouTube it and you'll see what I mean…especially the Paul and John. Anyone know those actors names?? mayve they can get the job lol

  12. 12

    what difference does it make if the actors look like them? it's an ANIMATED movie. i'm more interested to see if they can nail the accents, because in the original the actors sounded nothing like them, except maybe ringo and even that was a stretch.

  13. 13

    what a TERRIBLE idea

  14. 14

    To the people making comments about the actors looking nothing like the Beatles…it's going to be animated. They don't have to look like them. And the Beatles didn't even do their own voices in the original.

    As a guy who has been a Beatle fan for 44 of his 50 years (yes, since I was 4), I don't see a problem with a remake. It will do damage to nothing but itself if it sucks. And if it's good, great! Something else to help perpetuate the Beatles even more for future generations.

  15. 15

    … in the immortal words of Comic Book guy … WORST IDEA EVER!

    The yellow Submarine is my all time favourite animated film! It's pure genius and remaking it would be like shitting on the mona lisa ¬_¬ John Lennon and George Harrison would turn in there graves!

  16. 16

    I am excited because this will give lots of publicity to the original one as well. I love 3D and I am looking forward to this movie. this will be a great Beatles day in my opinion.