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Christopher Nolan Announces The Title Of His New Batman Movie!

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Finally! Some official details!

Director Christopher Nolan has announced the title of the third installment of his Batman movies, and it will officially be called The Dark Knight Rises!


He also revealed that, despite much speculation, The Riddler will not be the film's villain!

He explains:

"We'll use many of the same characters as we have all along, and we'll be introducing some new ones."

Eh - we're not too thrilled with the title, but then again, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight aren't exactly innovative, either!

Lame about The Riddler, though! We really wanted to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt rawk that part! But hopefully this means Catwoman will be showing up for a much-needed dose of ferocity!

What do U think?? Like the title?? Who do U want to see as the film's villain??

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36 comments to “Christopher Nolan Announces The Title Of His New Batman Movie!”

  1. 1

    awww.. i don't remember the ending of Dark Knight.. but wasn't there a hint that the riddler was on the loose? or am I fucked in the head.

    2) the title is cheasey >_

  2. 2

    JANET JACKSON as CATWOMAN!!! She'll blow Halle Berry's version out of the water 10,000 times over! Campaign for Janet!

  3. 3


  4. 4

    I don't give a damn if the title is good or not. I only care weather the movie will be any good. I'm excited! I love Batman.

  5. 5

    fuck catwoman u tard, who listens to ur stupid opinions anyways

  6. 6

    Neil Patrick Harris would have made an awesome Riddler if they were thinking of casting for him.

  7. Emesa says – reply to this


    Catwoman belongs to Michelle Pfeiffer (and Ertha Kitt). If they do re-cast her they need to find someone really good.

  8. 8

    i hope that there is no catwoman riddler penguin etc in it
    there are plenty of other villains

  9. 9

    Can we finally get a Harley Quinn?

  10. 10

    its all just so overated

  11. 11

    do more research, they casted tom hardy as a role which they did not reveal, and sources say he is going to be a villain. so probably not going to be catwoman unless they bring in black mask. well you prob dont know much about the other villains besides the ones from previous batman movies.

  12. 12

    The character of Cat Woman sucks and Halle Berry's Cat Woman sucked real bad.

  13. 13

    its bound to be good cos chris nolan is a geious… people who are saying that janet jackson should be catwoman hahahah that is pathetic!!! cop on guys if anything they would have sum1 to join the all star cast with a good reputation like marion cotillard etc… janet jackson would have to be taking the piss… thats like casting linsdey lohan to be jackie kennedy…. have a little bit more sense guys!

  14. 14

    Thank God! No Riddler!!!!

  15. 15

    The title is fine, they could've gone with "The Dark Knight Returns" but Batman is 50 in the actual book, and "Returns" sounds too much like the early 90's Michael Keaton Batman.

    I completely trust whatever Christoper Nolan does at this point. I remember fans complaining about the casting of Ledger as the Joker, hopefully all doubts are done after the last movie and Inception.

  16. 16

    Zoe Saldana would make an AMAZING catwomen!!!

  17. 17

    Re: lovesmadea – totally agree with u. riddler isnt a good enough villian for a cris nolan batman flick.

  18. 18

    Are you guys fucking kidding me?You guys know if halle berry had not played catwoman in 2003 then people wouldn't perceive catwoman as African american?I know allot of people think it sucked but She did and iconic role right there…..If it wasnt for her they would still be casting blond bimbos for the part.

  19. 19

    I don't remember anything hinting toward Riddler. But I'm still trying to figure out why they killed TwoFace so what do I know.

  20. 20

    so…. how about lady gaga as catwoman? she's made so many brilliant music videos and she's been a great public icon, i think she should do the film (if she wants to that is- and if she wants it, go get it girl!)

  21. 21

    Brittany Murphy would've made a great Harley Quinn.
    I want Joseph Gordon Levitt in it, dammit.

    They should have Killer Croc as a villain! :-P
    Also have part of it take place at Arkham Asylum!

  22. 22

    Re: juhuston – Are you fuckin nuts? I'd rather see Halle Berry again as Catwoman than that tub of lard Janet Jackson! It's not 1992 anymore….Janet is a has-been! No more black chicks for superheroes! Unless its for Babymomma Woman Haha!

  23. 23

    Poison Ivy whould be awsome! female villian FTW!

  24. 24

    that which we call a rose
    By any other name would smell as sweet;

  25. 25

    Why do you think they're gonna use "many of the same characters" as if there isn't a variety of cool&amazing Batman villians to choose from. They can't include many new characters cuz they messed the whole thing up by turning Batman into a way too realistic boring piece of shit. The lenghts they went to make Two-Face happen was laughable and in your stupid realistic and generic Batman universe, that guy would not last a minute before dying of infection… You think you're gonna enjoy the cool&gothic Batman villians? Think again, you can't have a disfigured fatso who lives in the sewer, eats fish, and has an army of Penguins and a lovely collection of umbrellas in the new Batman series, you will never see anything similar to the moment Penguin's dead body falls on the snow. That essence of Batman is gone and everyone is cheering for it, I don't understand. I so wish Zack Snyder would have been given the chance to direct this, instead of stupid Superman….

  26. 26

    And horrible fucking name.

  27. 27

    catwoman fool!! halle berry could have done a better job and she still can. the director's idea sucked and the storyline was shit. but if u polish up everything and put catwoman with the best most suave superhero ever lol u'll have a hit! catwoman is abad bitch my man men always ruin everything let us have our fun assholes CATWOMAN FOOL! lol

  28. 28

    Maybe YOU could play the Catwoman?

  29. 29

    does this mean we might get another joker? and new ones, harley quinn, poison ivy??
    that would be AMAZING

  30. Emesa says – reply to this


    Re: bich45 – Ertha Kitt was white/Cherokee/Black. She only played catwoman on the 60s TV show, but Halle wasn't the first mixed-ethnic catwoman.

    Halle Berry won't ever play that role in a Nolan movie. They'll get someone new if catwoman is in the new story. Personally I think they should bring in Harley Quinn.

  31. 31

    Megan Fox for Cat woman!!!!!!!!

  32. 32

    If they want a scary villain they could have Michael Lohan play himself. He would be too scary for little kids though…

  33. 33

    there are only 2 villains i think would fit Nolan's very dark, gritty version of Batman: Bane and Hush.

    if either one of them is the villain i will be SO HAPPY!

  34. 34

    And to think Nolan really wanted to direct Superman. lol Irony. Maybe they should've switched.

  35. 35

    The title is fucking shit. Not original at all and makes no real sense.

  36. 36

    Re: bich45
    dood, are YOU fucking serious? Earth Kitt was the original catwoman. And she was a black woman. Google it.