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Teen Mom Loses Her Baby!

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Geez! This girl has got a world of problems!

Then again, she pretty much brought them all onto herself. (We still feel sorta bad for her though.)

Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has reportedly lost custody of her 2-year-old daughter, Leah. Or at least, she is about to.

Sources close to Amber's baby daddy Gary reveal that almost a week ago, Amber dropped the baby off at Gary's house and then vanished. She hasn't visited, called, texted, emailed or anything in six days. She seems to have cut off all contact with Gary and by association, her own daughter!

That is not going to bide well with the judge when your domestic violence case comes up! He might revoke your custody rights right off the bat!

Besides, what kind of mother just abandons her child like that? What kind of mother could stand leaving something so precious and not even care to check up on it!


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90 comments to “Teen Mom Loses Her Baby!”

  1. 1

    Poor baby Leah, she doesn't even have a shot at having a normal life.

  2. 2

    Why not desperation?
    Fatigue? Poverty?
    She did the responsible thing. She's in crisis and she left her child with an appropriate caretaker. Where are the social workers to offer this young woman some assistance? She is overwhelmed, and she needs help and resources.
    This is not something to be ashamed over.

  3. 3

    Please just stop covering these people!

  4. 4

    What kind of mom you ask? A teenager who didn't understand what being a mother meant. And when she found out, wanted no part of it.

  5. 5

    Until YOU have the countries newspapers against you… until YOU have the courts after you.. until YOU have embarrassed yourself on tv in front of millions of viewers… Don't judge what this TEENAGER does.. she's scared and confused.

  6. 6

    Why feel bad for her but hate on chris brown?? what she did was much worse.

  7. 7

    people complain if she has the baby, and now complain if she doesn't. get the girl some help and quit piling it on. she obviously grew up in a terrible family with no support and is a product of that environment. she's messed up. don't make it worse.

  8. 8

    ok isn't true

  9. jami6 says – reply to this


    I really can't believe im saying this in defense of Amber since i dont like her but maybe she realized that the best thing she could do was to take her self away from her daughter for awhile, and while that doesnt mean she should have cut off all contact it might be Ambers best solution in her head.

    But then again this could all not be true, because since when do stories run 6days after someone semi-famous leaves their kid?

  10. 10

    These chicks need to take a break from their men. I suggest they go to www.aerbuddy.com and book a flight asap and get away!

  11. 11

    Drugs will do that and you can tell that monster is on something

  12. 12

    I seriously think she'll commit suicide.

  13. 13

    who? who? who gives a shit about some no body teen sluts?

  14. 14

    I thought you were done bullying, Perez? Can't you see that Amber is barely out of childhood and has severe problems, likely from the abuse she suffered? How about you bully MTV for exploiting her when she was a minor and putting her at risk of getting bullied on a national scale?

    If this kid kills herself, I blame MTV and all of you for making her terrible life worse.

  15. 15

    The kind of mother that wasn't even remotely ready to have a child.

  16. 16

    Re: Laura1165 – i have NO sympathy for this kid… I have sympathy for the BABY that was brought into this world…. Poor baby… no chance …

  17. 17

    Well, if she's unstable, then even if she's not getting the proper help, her child is better off. I think Amber is the one to worry about.

  18. 18

    haha imagine that- a 16 year old overweight whore with an 8th grade education isn't the best mom ever. Its why shes on tv, bitch aint normal

  19. 19

    about fuckin time

  20. SF90 says – reply to this


    Ever thought about the fact that maybe Amber felt guilt? She fought infront of her child and maybe thought that the kid would be better off without her in her life.

  21. 21

    what I believe is…she had sex..she should be able to handle the responsibility of having a child. I hate it when I get teen moms hating on me for hating on teen moms…who are still children. I am a single mom and know how hard it is. I hate this 16 and pregnant/teen mom shows. They make being a mom look easy and fun.

  22. Dov says – reply to this


    Thank god!!! We don't need anymore future welfare recipiants/criminals in this country!

  23. 23

    Why are people glamorizing these nobodies? Reality shows, including the likes of Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant, and Jersey Shore, are doing nothing but promoting the degradation of society. Impressionable young adults think it is ok to lead these type of lifestyles, because they are REAL, right? They don't know that these shows should be looked on ONLY as entertainment, not a situation where life imitates art.

  24. 24

    Re: caroaber – If she was responsible she wouldn't have gotten pregnant in the first place.

    stop making up excuses for her choices.

  25. 25

    Re: Laura1165

    You left out…until YOU spread your legs and get knocked up.

    This girl is an idiot. stop making excuses for her bad behavior.

    You don't see the Duggars having any of these problems…because their children were planned.

  26. 26

    Re: Rileydog – YEAH>>>>like a chastity belt

  27. 27

    Has she looked under the bed ?

  28. 28

    Why do you do such a huge deal of that? Men leave their children all the time. Might be better for that kid to be with father.

  29. 29

    WTF is wrong with all you people here feeling sorry for the mom?? She decided to have sex unprotected,have the baby the time to be a child was over the minute that happened. Even if she chose to give the baby to a better parent why not tell the father that she will be gone or even a heads up about it??

    I fucking hate hypocrisy and im 100% sure if the roles were reversed you bitches would be against the father .

    KatieKatie - I agree lets lay 100% of the blame on everyone else but her yeah!!! Where has all the personal responsibility gone?? and it wont return with people like you making up excuse after excuse for irresponsible parents like this woman here .

  30. 30

    Yet one more example of why babies should not be having babies. That little girl will be in therapy some day when she learns her mother abandoned her. Very sad.

  31. 31

    What this website and the media are doing is bullying this girl. She needs help. This isn't help. This is hurt. Instead of embarrassing her further- why not offer to help her?

  32. 32

    ORRRRRR…. Maybe she realizes that she has major issues and that her daughter is not safe with her. I think it could be a very selfless move on her part… (and yes… i realize that it's also possible that she's just a fuck-up)…

  33. 33

    What an idiot.
    Leah is such a cutie.

  34. 34

    Re: HOLYJEEBUS – Who the fuck are you to say that the baby has no chance? What a douche bag thing to say. Many people have bad home situations and get through it as a better more hard-working person.

  35. 35

    "Bide" well? Take an English class already.

  36. 36

    Paragraph 5: It's not going to BODE well, dumb fuck. This stupid site might be "nicer," but it's dumber than ever. And boring as hell.

  37. 37

    shame on you Perez what happened to being nicer! Let's remember she is also just a child raising a child and thanks to people like you she may have just killed herself.
    That fat slob never helped her parents dont give a shit . We saw what happens to a child just out of school for a short time lose it . She only had being a mom and thats not going well due to the fact she has no skills or education. Shame on you if we show someone how to be a better person and they work at it should we not be there to help out rather then condem! I hope she is ok and comes back and gets the help she needs to be a good mother. I hope you all realize this child you care so much for will someday read what you had to say about her mother. If Amber did kill youself out of the shame of not having the right tools you all may have made damn sure her daughter does the same. NEVER EVER SAY A MOTHER DOES NOT LOVE HER CHILD you may not always see it but deep down they all do . They just may not have the skills to do well at the task!

  38. Eula says – reply to this



  39. 39

    Re: Laura1165 –

    You left out…until YOU spread your legs and get knocked up.

    This girl is an idiot. stop making excuses for her bad behavior.

    You don't see the Duggars having any of these problems…because their children were planned.

    r u kidding me the duggar girls are slaves yah thats is so much better. stay at home take care of the kids ur mom pops out while your brothers go out and start small businesses real nice. dum* A**

  40. 40

    Re: Ashley Marie – Have you seen the shows? Because it doesn't look easy or fun to me in any way…

  41. 41

    bulllshit. The only thing she has is Leah.. she wouldn't drop her off without coming back. on her show you can tell Leah is the only thing that keeps her waking up in the morning.

    *roll eyes* people believe just about anything

  42. 42

    amber is probably feeling like she's worthless and shouldn't be raising the child. she did the right thing.

  43. 43

    I could never do that, when i leave my son at my sistrs house for a couple of hours (He has his cousin to play with) i get a little sad after and miss him. its just the connection i have with my son. it seems like this is what amber doesnt have with her daughter. (jane fonda was talking about this connection on oprah, that she says she never had with her kids, which was on oprah today) But i know that it must be from problems from her past that she needs to work out and get over with. It is notfair that so many peple are judging her and have no clue what her situation is. I do not know her situation, but i will not judge her. Things go on with people that makes them the wayy they are. They need to dealwith it. and Its just ridiculous and pointless that ppl have to judge her.

  44. JAA says – reply to this


    Re: caroaber – Bravo. I hope to God she hasn't harmed herself. MTV should get this girl the mental health assistance she has needed since day one. Its shameful to make money off this struggling young girl.

  45. 45

    Re: WatchuKnow – i agree..but disagree too.. :P It's not like this stuff hasn't been in our soceity. That's like saying teens haven't done drugs before until Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton Glamorized it or w.e parents may be saying.
    Our problem in our society when in comes to teen pregs is that we make sex like this taboo topic.. makes girls like me way too curious when its just needs to be spoken openly. Girls in this country are afraid to be called sluts when we talk about sex all the time like a guy would. I mean girls get looked down if they masturbate. 2) majority of people in their youth party and have that group of friend you can look like an ass in front of, have their own language.. thats the jersey shore. The show is like a drinking game now for me.
    and the rest of reality tv game show just shows that people are capable of doing horrible things for money…

  46. 46

    Meanwhile, we finally have answers about Jon Benet Ramsey. Gawd.

  47. 47

    "Sources close to . . . Gary" are hardly reliable sources.

    Amber's got her problems, that's true, and it would be nice if MTV would step up and get her some counseling, but the losers who get off on judging her — and e-bullying her (so much for certain recent resolutions) — should keep in mind that she (like the other teen moms) is a kid.

    It was pretty clear from the finale that Amber didn't have good parenting examples growing up — she had to "parent" herself.
    The poor girl seems lost. She needs help and support, rather than asshats with nothing better to do sitting in judgment and using Amber's problems to make themselves feel better about their loser selves.

  48. 48

    Re: Ashley Marie – I certainly don't think the shows make motherhood look fun and easy! I could relate to the teen mothers from the days when I was pregnant and a new Mom and I was 20/21 years old. I think it gives a pretty realistic portrait of what it's like. However most of the girls seem to have a lot of family support and help. Not every young mother has the help of Mom and Dad taking over some of the responsibility and watching your kid for you whenever you need to run out.

    I think Amber probably had a less then ideal childhood, and deals with low self esteem and depression. I don't think she tries to be a horrible Mother to Leah. Nobody intentionally wants to be a fuck up in life, but when you don't know any better you can't change anything. I hope she can get some help through MTV after they've put her on t.v., get in a good place and be a good mommy to that sweet little baby.

  49. 49

    I have to say that I am really happy to see that people see that this girl DOEs have some issues she needs help with. I thought if I read these comments it would be filled with rude remarks only, but the truth is, she DOES have a problem. caroaber- you are correct. This girl did the right thing, she obviously relizes that she may not be suited right now to take the best are for her daughter. That is NOTHING to be ashamed of.

  50. 50

    I feel really bad for Amber. People are so quick to jump on her but I think she suffers from Postpartum Depression and is overwhelmed. People forget how USELESS gary actually is, he has no job, no home, doesn't fucking contribute! If I were Amber I probably would have done the same thing, no joke. It's one thing if the baby's daddy isn't around and useless but when he is sitting his fat ass on your couch and not helping then I really wonder who the heck wouldn't be angry!!

    Amber needs to go to therapy and needs to stop trying to make things work with Gary. I give her credit for at least leaving Leah with Gary and someone who can help take care of her (his family) and not ditching her in a supermarket like some people have done.

    Get well Amber. Good luck.

  51. freak says – reply to this


    Back to your sneaky BULLYING Mario.
    That didn't take long.
    She is a minor.
    You stupid big fat piece of shit.

  52. 52

    Re: caroaber – You are SO right about that!! Why hasn't she been offered proper help?? She probably does feel embarrassed about the situation she's found herself in, but you're right that it's nothing to be ashamed of. She needs proper HELP.

  53. 53

    That sucks for the baby that's the only person people should care about right now! In all honesty I think she needs to stay away from Leah for now until she gets the help she so desperately needs. A girl always needs her mother.

  54. 54

    Re: freak – A minor? How the hell is she a minor? Apparently you've never even watched the show or you would know that she is at least 19, maybe even 20. Last time I checked, that wasn't considered the age of a minor. Get your facts straight.
    P.S.: Last time I checked, saying someone is a bully while calling them a 'stupid big fat piece of shit' is kind of hypocritical. Doesn't that make YOU the bully?

  55. 55

    that little girl deserves so much better, I am so glad they are doing something about this! go Gary and Leah! And I pray that amber finds the help she needs, and can one day learn to control herself and be a good mother. I DOUBT IT but i pray lol

  56. 56

    Dear MTV,

    Please clean up the mess you've made and get Amber some real help. Put her in California or New York or something, get her a home, separate her from Gary, poor thing obviously doesn't have a fit mom and is probably snorting something along the lines of coke (C'MON we all know she didn't get thin that fast from freaking Craw Magaa). Give her a celeb rehab stint or something. SAVE AMBER. Remember, if you help Amber, you help a defenseless baby… little miss Leah.

  57. 57

    Re: KaraLee – How about people helping themselves?? Why is nobody held accountable for their own life decisions?? You can't be led through life by the hand. Sometimes, you have to do it on your own. Maybe she should've made her skeazy boy wear a rubber or she could have given the baby up for adoption to people who were READY to have a child.

  58. 58

    Re: caroaber
    You took the words outta my mouth.
    If you have never had kids you have NO IDEA how hard it is to be a parent. I am a grown adult and I get stressed & overwhelmed but I have the age, life skill and awareness to behave as an adult and not become reactive. She is a kid…she is behaving and tolerated as much as a kid can. Not to excuse her behavior but as Caroaber said, she was in crisis and left her baby w a responsible caretaker. Many parents are murdering their own children or abandoning them for days alone because they reach a point of explosion. She made the best decision she could in this case. Judging does not help.

  59. jami6 says – reply to this


    Re: URwhatUeat

    You have got to be kidding me, your using the Duggars as a GOOD example of parents?

    Granted this Amber chick made some mistakes in life and i really dont have any sympathy for her other then what shes done to her little daughter, but the Duggars are a completely different tragedy. If you have watched their show and even use common sense then you know that there is NO WAY that the two parents have raised all of their children by themselves, in that family its older siblings raising younger ones because theres so many of them. It ridiculous for anyone to use either of these situations as a positive

  60. 60

    Just because you screw someone, get pregnant, and push out a kid doesn't make you mother material. Dogs do it all the time. Why should this little teen slut be any different than a dog in heat? Except for the money she got from starring in a messed up reality show, that is. That baby would be way better off with a parent/parents who was/were adults devoted to the child and not devoted to themselves … if the kid isn't FUBAR already.

  61. 61

    i feel sorry for her and baby leah but just leaving for 6 days with no contact is just wrong

  62. 62

    Re: Ozz465 – are you fucking dumb??? chris browns a douche bag who beats women till their faces become disfigured

  63. 63


  64. 64

    amazingly, I read this on a somewhat NEWS site, somewhat news, because it was carrying this crap, but THEY WERE TALKING TO AMBER AND SO WAS GARY. Gary was saying that he TOOK Leah because things were not safe. Leah said the the 'things' that were not safe was the house/apartment/whatever she was living in and she was in the process of moving to a 'better' place for her daughter. But, instead of GOOGLING, you copy and paste the worst story out there. Too lazy or biggest shock?????

  65. 65

    Maybe she had a breakdown. It´s is not so easy being a single young mom and take care of a baby by yourself. I know, because I used to be one myself and I often cried myself to sleep and had a feeling of hopelessness. I hope she and the baby get some help with whatever they are going through.

  66. 66

    Sometimes I only read these comments because its hilarious how everyone jumps on the bashing bandwagon. I am sure that everyone commenting is 100 percent perfect and it must pain them to put up with such flawed people when they lead such exemplary lives lols. You really should be ashamed of yourself for having nothing better to do then badmouth some 20 year old. Don't you have your own lives to live and be concerned about? If not maybe you should work on that.

  67. 67

    Re: caroaber – I'm sorry but I have to disagree with you… at no point has she shown that she can think of anyone else but herself. Besides its been 2yrs so the PND excuse doesn't work. I'm not exactly rolling in money and my husband and i have a 2mth old daughter, yet I don't feel the need to beat up my husband and then dump my daughter on him while I run away from the problems.

  68. 68

    Excuse me, but this sounds all wrong! Well…I hope it is. If the source is Gary's friend aka Jordan who is known for instigating and being a troublmaker the real story probably is Leah is left in the custody of her father, Gary while Amber is getting much needed help for her depression, anger management, etc. Amber is probably not allowed to have contact with them for the first few days. This "source" is probably getting paid for talking crap to newspapers and magazines. BS sells! In any event, I really do hope she's getting the help she needs for Leah's sake.

  69. 69

    I was only watching Amber's episode two days ago :(

  70. 70

    What kind of mother? A fucking CHILD that's who.

  71. 71

    Ok and everyone here is sobbing and feeling sorry for the mom why? Anyone notice that the child has a wackjob for a mom? And dont come back saying "oh shes a teen who's confused and depressed." … yeah well call me a ice veined bitch, but its called a condom. Had they started there, none of this would have gone down. I lost my virginity at 16… along with most of my friends…not one of them is pregnant or has a kid. Her situation was preventable, so she needs to sack up and deal with it.

  72. 72

    All the jumping to conclusions. SMH @ all the dumb people. Maybe just MAYBE Amber is getting help. She did ask MTV for help, maybe she got it. And I have serious doubts that Maci is moving to L.A.

  73. 73

    men do it all the time and courts don't care.. "GOOD MEN" do it chronically also.

  74. 74

    Quit with the poor her stuff. How hard can your life be when you are starring in a reality show and being paid? That little guttersnipe is probably making way more than a two parent household. So quit with how hard teen parenting is. She has no clue of what teen parenting is all about because she's got cameras in her face and money in the bank.

  75. 75

    Selfish little girl.

  76. 76

    FIRST, I was a teen mom, maybe an older teen mom, but nonetheless a teen mom! I was in no way shape or form a slut….SECOND, they will not just terminate parental rights…family services is about keeping families together. THIRD, she did leave the baby with her daddy. She did not leave her alone in an empty apartment, she did not leave her on a street, or anything like that. WAS SHE WRONG….YES, BUT this is more or less about Garry being hurt and Amber being abusive towards him. DO I LIKE HOW SHE ACTS ON THE SHOW? "h" no! She is an embarrassment to all teen moms and how they should be acting! And not taking care of business.

    I hope that Amber gets the help she needs to get her anger issues under control, because that is not the role model that that baby needs. She is such a cute little girl and Garry is a wonderful father. Maybe this is what needs to happen to make Amber realize that HER life is NO LONGER her life anymore!

    And while she is laying down with this "probationer", not sure if that is a word, but you know WHO I mean, I hope that she is thinking about BIRTH CONTROL, because she is not responsible enough nor stable enough for another child!

  77. 77

    Those that feel sorry for Amber are pretty fucking stupid. Yes, she was a teen when she got pregnant but if you feel the need to spread your legs, then be prepared to get pregnant and grow the fuck up! No excuses and I could care less if you were a slut or not because that is not the point. Accept responsibility and take care of your child. Leah would've probably had a better life if she were adopted like the other baby. By the way, the best thing she has ever done was to leave the child with Gary. The girl has mental & emotional issues and is dating guys straight out of jail. That is not a normal safe environment for Leah.

  78. 78

    i don't have sympathy for amber. she might be under stress, but she has no reason to do what she's done. its good that she left leah with gary, but i hope for the sake of leah, amber loses custody. leah can have a good life if she wants to put the effort into it. it seems like amber uses her bad home life as an excuse. i mean look at catelynn and tyler. i think even if they had carli, they would do the best to make her life better than what they had. amber needs to take responsibility and do what she can to better herself for her daughter. she should have grown up when she gave birth.

  79. 79

    Poor Leah!!

  80. 80

    Most people live and learn. This girl lives and get's dumber.

  81. 81

    Re: pradagirl7
    ESPECIALLY letting a guy straight out of jail change her daughters diapers!! WHAT THE FUCK WAS SHE THINKING? Oh, she wasn't..

  82. 82

    Re: cookie555
    Really? ALL Moms love their child? That's why they abandon them in dumpsters and some even murder them? Hmm,some love.

  83. 83

    I'm a teen mom and OK magazine is full of shit, they lie all the time. You guys can't judge amber for something that is probably noteven true yes she's probably close to losing her baby but she's a teenager she's probably scared and confused.

  84. 84

    Re: caroaber – i agree, i don't get why everyone has to judge her over what they see on TV or in the magazines.

  85. 85

    I really can't stand this girl.. and ppl PLEASE quit taking up for her. I had my son as a teenager and guess what, I didn't act like a psychotic nutcase. She has issues and YES she does need help but that is no reason to treat Gary or Leah the way she does. Period.

  86. 86

    the worst thing is, is that people at these magazines are making teenage pregnancy seem like something you should do to get your 15 min. of fame. Its terrible and children should not be raising children.

  87. Mmkay says – reply to this


    poor baby leah..other than that I don't feel bad for anyone else involved.

  88. 88

    ok first off . YOU PEOPLE ARE CRAZY! Amber is a horrible mother. MY sister is just like her. i have a daughter and i WOULD NEVER leave her. it doesn't matter how she feels she is a f'in mother your kid comes first@! and yea she dropped her off to Gary but if Gary feels confused and he doesn't want to take care of Leah and can't just throw her off because then people would call him a dead beat dad! so stop trying to cover for this damn girl. She knows what she is doing she just wanted the attention of having a kid but she didn't want the responsibility! She has not been a good mom or girlfriend since DAY ONE! i hate watching her on Teen mom. she should of been like Caitlynn and tyler and gave the baby to a better family.

  89. 89

    I don't feel sorry for any of these teen moms. They knew what they were doing, they knew the risks and consequences. SAFE SEX!

  90. 90

    Re: Wake Up And Smell The Facism! – - You know, I think you may be the only other person to argue against the thought that the show glorifies teen pregnancy. I seriously wonder if I'm watching the same show as a lot of the other people on this board, b/c what I see is fights, financial issues, familial issues, education difficulties, etc. I think people can't see beyond the fact that these girls are on a tv show - therefore, based on that fact alone, MTV is glorifying pregnancy. Eh, I guess I just see things differently.