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Dear Texas, This Is Truly Effed!

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This is absolutely sickening. And truly upsetting.

Check out (above) a clip from KETK-NBC, a news station in East Texas, which features news anchors inviting viewers to call in and give their opinion on the 'hot topic question' - "Do you think the acceptance of homosexuality will be the fall of America?"

It's truly disheartening to hear so many people with such intense hate in them, all over something that they outright refuse to try and understand.

And for that, our sentiments tend to echo the comments of one of the more rational viewers to call in, who said "I think the true downfall of this country will because of the religious right, and their extremist views."


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158 comments to “Dear Texas, This Is Truly Effed!”

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  1. 1

    It's not the economic collapse, or the drain from all the wars, or the decline in the education system - it's the gays. Sounds like they are looking for a scapegoat. The Germans had the Jews, the Americans have the gays.

  2. 2

    It's sad that these types of people hide their absolute hatred behind God.

  3. 3

    It is called the First Amendment Perez….I may disagree with what they're saying but they still have the right to say their opinions as long as they're not inciting violence.

  4. 4

    Exactly. It's the extremist views that will bring the downfall of the country, as well as the dependence on our "government" to get the job done so to speak. There are so many issues that have not been addressed at all. It seems that instead of changing for the better, it's for the worst. I think that we as citizens should really show these people that WE are in charge, not them. We the people, have the power to make change happen. NEVER depend on an other to bring about this so called "Change" that was supposed to positively affect us. I just wish I could do something on a grand scale and really be a catalyst for change. It all has to start from within. We all need to wake up! Peace and love to all. Equality, respect, justice, freedom! Love is everywhere and everything. This won't stop it.

  5. 5

    Why are Americans afraid of gay people?
    Why do Americans think everyone is Christian?

  6. 6

    i'm offended that they thought it was appropriate to even ASK this question.. yes, i know shows like this (and even cnn when they invite right-wing bigots on to express their 'views') would say 'everyone's entitled to their opinion', but if that's the case then why don't they invite the kkk on to express their 'opinions' about interracial relationships, etc? it just shows where we are as a country that they thought it was appropriate to offer a platform for ppl to express their bigotry about homosexuality..

  7. 7

    All I have to say is that I am proud to be Canadian. We have freedom in everything we choose to do, in who we want to marry and how we want to live our lives. Americans need to grow up, I understand people are entitled to their opinion, but not at the costs of kids lives. When was the last time you heard about a 13 year old boy taking a gun to his face here? Never.

    Fier d'être Canadien.

  8. 8

    As a Native Texan who fled the small minds in East Texas for the more progressive & beautiful Northwest, it sickens me that the bigotry seen in the above video still runs rampant in many parts of my home state!! It's even more disheartening that a local news network ANYWHERE in the USA would feel comfortable spewing such ignorant hatred without a single qualm!! I'm just glad my Children are being taught to judge people on their own individual merit, understanding that everyone is unique & different, and it's our differences that make us fabulous as individuals! As far as Texas goes, just know folks the whole state isn't filled with ignorant rednecks, just pockets of it! I'd love to see these Backwards Bigots dropped off at Mary's in the Montrose, Houston for some intense leather clad re-education !! o.O Bigotry Blows East Texas ! Stop Brainwashing Your Youth To Hate!! *Lurves* ~A FORMER Texan

  9. 9

    PEREZ .. I completely disagree with any form of discrimination whatsoever, but i think by constantly drawing attention to the negative opinions of others brings people down. It's evident how strongly you feel about the 'It Gets Better' campaign but - I think constantly posting stories and video like this does the opposite of what you want to do. Some things are better left unshared. If we want to stop suicides and spread love we need to stop putting hate in everyones face all the time! please!

  10. 10

    that made me nauseous. the downfall of this country will be ignorance, and hate, and bigotry. People need to remember that you can be religious, and have faith WITHOUT reading the bible as a life manual. It was written a pretty long time ago! The bible says a whole lot of things that we dont follow, that no one would ever follow anymore. (honestly, if we all followed the bible word for word, we would all be jewish, and there are many different religious groups in the world.) why do extremists pick and choose certain things to follow? how is that legitimate at all?
    The world changes and people need to change and evolve with it. THe newscaster in that segment kept on reiterating that it was only 7% affected, and the rest of the 93% shouldnt have to care. Personally, that is complete and utter bullshit. "When one man is enslaved, all are not free."–JFK

  11. 11

    I live in TEXAS!!!!
    East TEXAS is known to be the moderate and liberal side.. but not liberal in what the rest of the world think liberal enough ahah but its Texas, give us a break :P

    i am surprised These comments weren't from West Texas.. thats the hick side.

  12. 12

    This might be a step back, BUT what we have to look at is the backlash over it. 5 years ago it would not have even been noticed by anyone other than anyone watching the newscast, hence spreading the hate. Now it is a form of education of where the hell we went wrong and where the hate and fear is so obviously a pile of horse shit. I come from a very small Canadian town and this was the norm attitude growing up of what the perception of "gay" should be but of course as we grow up and educate ourselves as a mother I would want my daugther to be a happy person no matter what sexual orientation she is BORN to be….Perez Hilton has gotten alot of negative press as being a bully or a nasty person but since I have been on this site from the get go I have had my eyes opened to the fact we are who we are and to accept that as is. This may apply to me, my child, my family, all I love but this site over the last few years has made me think, mad, laugh, love, appreciate and accept we are all one…Love you Perez and keep it REAL! XO

  13. 13

    Ha ha ha wankers.

  14. 14

    I agree with rosebud99, they're looking for a scapegoat. We've all seen this before, like that one caller said "homophobia is the new racism." Everyone has the right to say what they believe, but don't defend your comments by using God as a shield. This is what you believe and you should own up to it. Religion can be a wonderful thing for some people, but peoples misconstrued, extremist interpretation of what the message behind religion is what will be our downfall. I am not gay but I have seen this before and I am so blessed to live in an accepting society in this day and age where this is not tolerated. Hopefully, one day everyone will have this same acceptance and homophobia will be viewed as negatively as racism and hate.
    I have never seen a question like that asked on a Canadian television program and it truly shook me to the core to hear what some people had to say.

  15. 15

    i think its true that the acceptance of homosexuality will be the fall of this country…with all these gay protests and fighting for their "rights"…and them being able to marry and adopt…its making it seem like its okay to be gay and almost encouraging homosexuality. its not okay to be gay. what are the children of these gay people going to be taught…thats its okay to be with someone of the same sex? its wrong. men and women procreate..gays cant they are slowly but surely ruining this world. and its gross.

  16. 16

    You Americans are so narrow-minded and backward! You're supposed to be the 'Land of the free' not the 'Land of the suppressed' Get a grip! The rest of the world has!

  17. 17

    I don't want to watch it because I will just get irritated, and I don't feel like going to bed tonight in an angry mood. I am sure I get the whole idea from the post. It is something I don't agree with. Didn't we elect George Bush president once on the whole gay marriage issue? I am pretty sure that was about all the guy had to offer, that and WMD's and we know how that went.

  18. mw says – reply to this


    again…keep bringing down obama and you'll get a nice homophobic republican in his place…

  19. 19

    You blame the whole state for a couple peoples opinion? Im from texas and completly dissagree with them and its really annoying when you do this. Next time why dont you criticize the people saying the offensive things instead of assuming everyone from that state agrees with them.

  20. 20

    one person pointed out something interesting…the percent of gays is very small…yet all anyone can ever seem to talk about anymore are gay issues…wonder why that is?

    the dj/radio announcer explained it, but i will again:
    it is because they have clearly studied what jewish people have been doing for ages, they attack and harass anyone who says one tiny little word against them. they make it so politically incorrect to say anything or do anything anti gay, that people fear them.
    Fear is why you can't say anything about gays or jews, but you can about christians, women, fat people, native people….and basically any group that is lazy about policing the way people society speaks about them. Fear of the social attack and media onslaught you will incur, the wrath of these 'weak' 'minorities' and their media power.

    what is really scary, is to hear all these uneducated morons who live in the states calling into the show…but y'all are so proud of your country, right?!? lol
    those people sound as if they can't read or write, and are missing teeth.
    its all probably true too, since your education system sucks…and you pretend to care about your neighbours yet you abhor the idea of free healthcare/dental care.

  21. 21

    This is disgusting! People in Canada are so much more accepting! All of those `moral christians` probably do some crazy shit of their own but to be gay is the worst offense ever! One of the responses was right, homophobia is the new racism. Being GAY is not a CHOICE!! This is who they are and they deserve to be themselves and no who anyone else wants them to be! Just get over yourself and your stupid uneducated FEAR! Gay people are still people! They deserve support and respect as everyone else does!!! I seriously HATE homophobes!!

  22. 22

    Why are we giving voice to these Stone Age mentality people? This is a prime reason I got out of Texas. Go thump you Bible some where else.

  23. 23

    There were plenty of supporters, too. But they cut them off after 5 or 6 words, while they let the idiots continue on as long as they wanted.

  24. 24

    I am disappointed with those reporters. are you kidding me!! they were soo biased. The question was set up to favor their opinion. Thats not what we learn in Journalism!! Well.. back then they interpreted the bible in support of slavery.. ugh I hate extremist and you don't speak for all Americans. East Texas is not filled with bigots its generally a fun place and open place, These people are just mad that white people are minorities in Texas. Generally Americans are Moderate says so on my poli sci book, the graph shows it, we all know polls don't lie ;) lol

  25. 25

    Hey Perez,did you pay attention to how much Obama is doing for the gay community.He may not be doing everything you want or doing it fast enough but he is by far the most supportive President of Gays that this country has ever had.

    Remember that when you're criticizing him. Remember that when you think about not voting for him and that helps a Gay hating Republican gets elected to office

    You also keep saying you want Hilary as President. Hillary has never supported gay rights as much as Obama nor did Bill when he was in office

  26. 26

    Sadly, this is my hometown. I lived there for 20 of the 27 years I've been alive. Thankfully, I got out of there without this way of thinking. Furthermore, it is sad that in this area there are a lot of people who hide behind their interpretation of the Bible to pass judgement on other people. However, for every person there with a narrow way of thinking, I promise you, there is a person who thinks completely different. Unfortunately, the Bible thumpers have the louder voices.

  27. 27

    I'm all for gay rights and stuff, but I come here to this site for gossip not for your gay agenda. I think a lot of readers would like it if you kept them separate. Kind of like how you made sites for fitness and animal rights, etc.

  28. 28

    Note everyone likes the gays. Deal with it.

  29. 29

    a couple of strange things about the call ins and this post:
    1. those that supported tolerance were cut while,
    2. those that wrongly quoted the bible to promote hate were allowed ramble on
    3. obama should see that by riding the middle line about the issue, he's only garnering hate from the religious right to perez. she should do what he promised the nation when we got out and voted for him, and that is give gays what is due to them, equal rights. that goes the same with all other issues including health care and the wars. do what is right instead of pandering to the right that have not had any ideas to help the nation, certainly not when it comes to the economy!

  30. 30

    Holy cow. Most of them didn't even speak English as the rest of the world knows it !! Anyway, freedom of speech is what America stands for, so deal with it already.

  31. 31

    This area is full of people whose thinking is linear and limited. It only gets worse as you travel East across the South.

  32. ttuVG says – reply to this


    Being from Texas, it's hard to comprehend how some people still discriminate in such a progressive time. Tolerance shouldn't be an outdated term and media outlets have a responsibility to ask fair and balanced questions rather than lead viewers towards their agenda.

  33. 33

    And you're the biggest reason people hate gays, dick breath.

  34. 34

    I live in this town and the guy who said this is a Bill o'Reilly wanna be! He spews hatred about any group he disagrees with!

  35. 35

    Re: Heggoo – yeahhh you tell us. Isn't that funny how it all works out? our country is hypocritical

  36. 36

    Re: ShoeWhore – Who said they didn't have a right to speak? Perez and the majority of the posters on here are stating that they do not agree with these callers, there is a difference. You're right we have freedom of speech so I have a right to disagree with their uneducated opinion.

  37. 37

    Hate to say it, but I think the United States has a LOT more to worry about right now then gay and lesbian issues. Where are all the jobs? What is happening with our economy? Why does our education system suck? Etc. Etc.

    Sorry to piss anyone off, but this is how I feel.

  38. 38

    can't we all get along?

  39. 39

    ENTITLEMENT is the fall of America. It was built on hard work and it will fall from generations of lazy people breeding irresponsibly. None of this has anything to do with one's sexuality.

  40. 40

    Re: Heggoo – You realize your comments share the same ideals as the one posted about right??? how about you don't lump all of America for the thoughts and actions of some? Such ignorance is sad.

  41. 41

    Out of curiosity Perez, are you aware that by constantly targeting the "religious right, and their extremist views" that you are bullying, something that you, just last week took a stand against? I never for a moment thought you could keep that promise and this solidified that belief. Just because you don't believe in the Christian God doesn't mean you can be rude to those that do. There are extremists in all beliefs and viewpoints and the entire group that uses the same nomenclature should not be stereotyped by a minority.

  42. 42

    Re: Chinwe Okorie Ŧ – Ah I know- when I first read "Dear Texas," I was like no! Don't think it's all of us lol. I'm from Austin and everyone here is liberal as they come lol

  43. 43

    I cant even believe this even made the f***ing news. Ignorant prick. But then it is Texas.

    Also people 8 years ago were probably just to scared to be open about it.

  44. 44

    Anyway, Mexico already has surpassed America, Canada already did … when it comes to equality. You can't change things over night, and for some reason, I think it'll be a right-wing Republican government that will do what no Democratic government has ever managed to do, and that's equal rights for all. Even with the mega-churches screaming bloody murder every inch of the way.

  45. 45

    It's ok to bash the extreme religious right, but keep your hands of lifestyles???? tolerance is a two way street hypocrites!!! I don't agree with either side of this bashing trash, but does no one else see the hypocrisy ? ? ?

  46. 46

    Funny stuff. they just devoted 8 minutes of their air time to the homosexual agenda…

  47. 47

    A few of the respondents each had at least a somewhat sane opinion; most others, however, seemed to be rehashing Glenn Beck-style horseshit.

    Really, the troubling factor was how the radio talk show (wannabe)pundit was so insistent and pervasive in attempting to hammer into the minds of the audience his twisted rhetoric.

    How did a few otherwise rational people, holding positions in modern-day media, manage to collectively emit such an odious brain fart–the notion that the acceptance of our fellow citizens–those who happen to comprise the LGBTQ community–will cause the downfall of America?…!

    Acceptance is a form of progress, if anything; growing pains of a society still in dire need of maturity, i.m.h.o.

    Progress…isn't that something American society excelled in, once upon a time?

  48. 48

    ok im from texas! and just because two people say something, you basically think its that whole state saying it! People are stupid and way to offended! get over yourselves. Im straight but some of my closests friends are gay. I measure a persons stupidity on that individual person not the entire state they are from!


  49. 49

    I am a Texan and a christian. East Texas is really a different place and I was actually shocked to hear so many supportive comments from this video! Most christians aren't bad. You only hear in the media when they say outlandish things - polarizing comments. Most christians keep to themselves and believe in being compassionate to people. They may question the Bible at times because it is an ancient document written in a different time.

    The comments about gays being the cause of the collapse of America make me proud I am in that 10% mentioned in this video. If a collapse is needed to change America and bring in some equality, then bring on a collapse. Let's rebuild the right way instead of relying on that other ancient document signed by our "founding fathers".

    Level the playing field for everyone.

  50. 50

    What a bunch of ignorant fools, they cant even express themselves with actual facts

  51. #1 says – reply to this


    This is just pure evil. This "news station" is spurting out pure hate in the most uninformed and irrational way possible. How can you call yourself a journalist if you ask such one sided questions like whether the gay "issue" will be the downfall of America. What ever happened to journalistic integrity and keeping personal views out of the news. YOU and your hateful callers will be the downfall of this nation. The power of the religious right is only in their ability to separate us by classifying us in our own categories. Whether it be gay, straight, black, white, hispanic, foreign, muslim or any other category under which the conservatives love to place the minorities of America, we need to come together as many minorities to make up one strong majority of persons who finally put these hate mongers in their place. We are not the issue. THEY ARE!!!

  52. 52

    You Americans! I can't believe you al believe this shit. Wow 100% of you are homophobic right?

    Oh wait. This is just a telecast from some random area in East Texas. You mean it's not the opinion of every one in the whole country?

    I don't know why every one seems to think that homophobia ONLY exists in America. If that's true then why do other countries, like England, spend lots of money on PSA's fighting homophobia. Would you like someone to come to your country and see those adverts and assume they are there because everyone is homophobic?

    When you lump everyone into one group and label them ALL homophobes, you are just as ignorant as the people spewing this bullshit.

  53. 53

    I think one of the most terrifying thing about all of this is firstly that hatred still runs so rampant in our country. If someone is capable of fulfilling a job (and hopefully doing it well) what difference does their sexual orientation, physical ability, race, creed or gender have to do with it. I also find these statistics quite skeptical considering the fact that to be openly gay even eight years ago carried a stigma that clearly persists. Does it not occur to anyone (though some commented on it) that there have always been gay tendencies in society? Some of our most famous and respected artist, philosophers and minds from ancient Greece to the present have been interested in their same sex. Does that invalidate their art? Their work? Their lives? No- while we are guaranteed certain rights underneath our constitution I think it's time we start earning them- many other countries are way more harsh and some are way more open. Everything, including sexuality is a spectrum. It's a shame though, that the extremists scream the loudest.

  54. 54

    East Texas has probably the highest rate of imbreds in our state, second only to West Texas (home of Dubya) so I apologize on behalf of the smart people of my state (yes, there are some smart Texans) for any ignorant shit that spews out of the mouths of those hicks.

  55. 55

    It's not the callers that are the problem. The television station needs ratings. They want to make money and they don't care how they do it. They invite the spread of H8 by inviting comment on a question that any decent non-american would find disgusting. This is the american way, corporate profit determines the social fabric of a nation. Americans probably deny they are responsible for the global financial crisis as well. Honesty seems to have a different meaning in their culture.

  56. 56

    Re: jenn-37 – I agree did you really need to bring more attention to these Morons?

  57. 57

    These shrimp eating/ployester wearing assholes are going to the same imaginary hell as the gays so they better get their bibles out & read a little closer .

  58. 58

    Who cares. People in Texas don't claim East Texas anyway. Louisiana can have it.

  59. 59

    geez….. it sickens me…
    I have lived in texas my whole life and the people i know would never say these things….
    when this kind of thing shows up… i feel ashamed to be a texan…

    My family is REALLY catholic and they would most likely agree,but i refuse to believe in the same things they do, when they don't even understand…

  60. 60

    I am going to Ignore the religious beliefs of people, since most of the U.S. can not be categorized to agree on a specific religion and base this statement only on what America is about.
    The Declaration of Independence states:
    "That all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness"
    The Declaration of Independence was and still is a strong foundation on what our founding fathers wanted America to be and stand for.
    I believe that a person will do with their life however they want wether it be legal or illegal because it is their pursuit to happiness. I do not see nothing wrong with two people who love each other getting married wether they be man and woman, man and man, or woman and woman. They have the right to the pursuit of happiness with the person they love. I strongly agree that Gay Marriage should be legal no matter where you are.

  61. 61

    Re: Heggoo – 1. Hi, this is just a group of ignorants in Texas. Not the entire U.S. Don't be stupid. 2. The rest of the world? Please. Gay people are killed and tortured in other countries. Don't be a bitch.

  62. 62

    Re: MissCourtney92 – I've lived in Texas for a couple of decades now, and remember when the constitutional amendment to "one man, one woman" marriage passed overwhelmingly just a few years ago. So it seems pretty much the entire state IS homophobic. I know, there are those of us who aren't, but we are mightily outnumbered.

  63. 63

    Re: Sherbear5 – Woops, wrong guy, I thought it was another guy who worked at the same studio! My comment was directed to him, but either way the survey is embarrassing

  64. 64

    I can't believe how much of an issue you Americans make of sexuality. I'm not saying that my country is perfect, we do have our share of bigots, but I think most people agree that someone's sexual orientation is their own private matter. Why is it anybody's business? Why do you people care so much about who is having sex with whom? American's think that Europe is a sex fulled continent, but they don't realize that their own society is sex obsessed society.

  65. 65

    How can you even take any of those people seriously!? They sound like they've lost all their teeth!

  66. 66

    Re: Chinwe Okorie Ŧ – Have you ever been to East Texas??? I go to school out here in Nacogdoches (the station is from Tyler, an hour away. This is part of our nightly news line up that we get), and it is EXTREMELY conservative out here. I was born in West Texas, and they are no better, but I can guarantee you that East Texas is 10 times worse. The people out here are still dealing with racism.

    Being a Texan this really does make me sad. I think that while we can say what we want, this is just awful that a public forum would discuss this. I was happy to hear that not all of the calls were as close-minded as what you would expect. I think I'll just go crawl back to Austin where the people are more open-minded…

  67. 67

    first off its just a stupid question besides it being ignorant.but to all you people who are hating on the U.S. saying that stuff doesnt happen in your country i say bullshit. go ahead and talk shit we will still save your ass when you come on your knees because thats what we have always done.without an America it would be a different world.with all its faults its still the best country in the world.

  68. 68

    Get back to me when the religious right calls for fatwa's and beheadings.

  69. 69

    I'm from Chicago, am very left leaning, and have recently moved to Tyler, Texas (The town where KETK is).

    This is not fair to the young kids who live here. The people calling in are the ones sitting at home with nothing better to do. There are a TON of people here, particularly the people in their twenties, who rally against this.

    Where was the story when the kids RALLIED for the Laramie Project and WON? These kids banded together and told the town they SUPPORTED the Laramie Project.

    Is it as progressive as Chicago, L.A. or San Fran? NO, but to say that EVERYONE in East Texas is bad is so wrong. I see that it is still close minded here, it pisses the hell out of me and I'll be very happy when I get to move back to Chicago or L.A., but there are so many good people here who SUPPORT the gay community it's not fair.

    In fact, Tyler has a very big and out gay community. There are a bunch of back woods hicks who call in and embarass the rest of the town and that's not fair. Howver, let this be a reminder to us all TO GET OUT THERE AND VOTE because it's these nut jobs that VOTE. MAKE SURE YOUR VOICE IS HEARD IN SUPPORT OF GAY COMMUNITIES!!!

  70. 70

    Biggest problem with gays is, they are a -minority- but yet they think they have power. They are under the impression that "normal" people HAVE to accept them. Being gay isn't "normal" so why should people be forced accept abnormal? If you don't you're either labeled a homophobe. Or that you "hate" gays. Hate is a bit of a strong word to use in the first place.

  71. TIMMO says – reply to this


    Um sexuality is not divided between pink and blue… P meaning gay blue being quote complete straight, The kinsey scale should have ppls attention. Cause im god dam sure theres way more then 10 percent that are gay Statisitics cant read ppls hidden truth even in closet or out.. vim sure theres alot more of bisexual , some and theres others that are curious andsuch, and the remaining are straight. we all get a different color in sexual orientation not just pink or blue. like light blue, baby blue, ect. So shut the fuck up homophobics stop brainwashing urselves with religion cause ur scared u might be gay or bi and u just wanna cover that shit up by have a wife but u like cocks up ur ass

  72. 72

    Its a generational thing from what I listened to. I travel through a lot of these small towns and the people are very kind, but they don't leave their little towns. They are isolated. The older generation only know one thing and the younger kids in these towns are bored and usually take drugs and drink too much. I think there will always be a bashing on some community. Gays, Latin, Blacks etc. It won't stop. The elections are coming and sadly most people aren't voting espcially the youth. Senior Citizens always show up, but college kids don't. VOTE VOTE VOTE and VOTE.

  73. 73

    half of these people sound inbred

  74. jlew says – reply to this


    this makes me embarrassed to be from east tx!

  75. 75

    what a bunch of fucktards
    they are not helping their cause by spreading all this hate

  76. 76

    As an East Texan I must point out that it is not all Texans that feel this way. I love the gays! It just makes the rest of us look bad when you have people that hide behind Christianity to spread hate.

  77. 77

    I like your web site Pereez. The comments give proof to the disease of American culture, the hypocrisy, the ignorance, the selfishness, the greed, the hatred. Admittedly, only from about half of the citizens, but oh' what a half.

  78. 78

    I actually live in this area. Though we're not all ignorant monkeys, obviously, quite a few of us are…

    This particular new station does not get any sort of respect from businesses in our area. In fact (as I know several past employees personally), I've been told that they have a difficult time covering the news because no one wants to disclose any information to them.

    And their slogan? "KETK, News You Won't See Anywhere Else."

    …thank God.

  79. 79


  80. 80

    Folks, let's give these guys a break & feel sorry for them. I grew up in the same county with these folks & they are simply uneducated fools. They don't have access to anything outside of what is directly handed to them via the Wal-Mart greeting committee or their pastor. They don't know any better, so they choose not to see the other side of anything. It is quite sad really.

    I am a single woman of 32 years, happy & successful. By the town standards, I am a lesbian because I am 32 years old without a husband, children or prospect of either. The truth is that I chose to go to college & see what happens outside of the county lines. These folks simply don't know any better. It really is sad…

  81. 81

    As someone who is from East Texas (and about a 45 minute trip to the Station where this was broadcast) I must say I am ashamed. I am, however, not surprised. There is A LOT of intolerance, racism, bigotry, homophobia, and just plain stupidity surrounding my home. It's tough for gay kids in East Texas, and I'm sure it's tough for gay kids elsewhere. But let me say this, WE are not all like that. There are positive qualities of Texas. I love my state. I am saddened by it's state though. Let's try to enlighten the people, instead of condemn them. I want a Texas (and a world) where we all fucking get along and just don't kill each other. Yeah, that would be nice.

  82. 82

    I am also East Texan, and have lived about 90% of my life in Tyler.

    No one could have said it better than @SO EMBARASSED.

    I am actually a journalism major out of state, and obviously the question posed is ridiculous and embarrassing.

    But listening to the comments, there was not a single supporter under the age of 55 based on voice recognition alone. If you go to many, many parts of the south, I'm sure you could find some similar answers in that age group. America is evolving and I think anyone in their right mind knows homosexuals will not be the fall of America; there are a thousand other things that will be given blame as well.

    Hopefully those reading will take my word that, just like homosexuals are cited in the comments as an extreme minority, those leaving these ridiculous comments are probably an even smaller minority.

  83. 83

    I have to tell you, the more I hear this crap spewed from reporters and or so called non-bias news media people I want to scream. I am from the North I am not gay, I was brought up in a church going family… non the less, these people need to be taken off the air. Gays are not hurting this country it's narrow minded bigots that hide behind the freedom of speech that are ruining this country. We were always told to live and let live, WTF is your issue, if you do not like gays, don't hang out with them , if you don't like someone's life style don't live it. Stop hurting people you don't know anything about. Blame your fellow Texan for todays problems, he caused more than any gay couple.

  84. 84


    Did you notice that the radio host cut short the people who were in favor of "the gays?" And they let everyone else who had hateful words to say speak their mind for way much longer. It's so depressing to see all of this discrimination towards people who are different, or look different. WHO GIVES A F*** IF 1 OUT OF EVERY 10 TEENS HAS A HOMOSEXUAL PARTNER!? It's NOT like the human race is going to go EXTINCT. C'mon people. Give me a goddamn break. I can't believe the American people can be THIS stupid.

  85. 85

    Thank you so much for posting this in a timely manner! This message has to be heard!

  86. 86

    typical jesus loving hicks.

  87. 87

    Again.. I cant thank you so much! Thank you for making my voice heard for the community!

  88. 88

    What they did was despicable and hateful but in the same token some of the things you've posted in this blog also generated the same vitriol and hatred from your posters. I would rather see people be allowed to exercise their freedom of speech and have people disagree with them rather than have our first amendment rights be taken away b/c it is a controversial issue. If enough people are so outraged by this them they should write to the station's sponsors or advertisers and make their objections with them.

  89. 89

    There is NO sense…in giving time and therefore power and consideration…to this 'news' segment, comprised of idiocy, non-intelligent, uneducated, simple, sad, pathetic pieces of flesh that occupy space. They do not affect me. They have ZERO brain. Idiots. Poor unhappy ignorant souls.

  90. 90


    Name of the Company: ComCorp of Tyler, Inc.
    Station Call Sign: KETK
    Channel: 56
    Network: NBC
    Program Name: Morning Local News
    Date: 10/27/2010
    Time: 7:30 a.m.

  91. 91

    Re: TIMMO – wtf are you high on bro? he didnt use colors…he used numbers 0-6…..
    and in his shit it was more of 10 percent was on 6 meaning completely gay…just lik 10 fell in in 0 completely straight….everybody more or less variation of bi…. and yes u cant say only 10 percent was gay because we know have more people coming out…its like 12 male and 16 female….and its not brainwashing with religion..he stated which sounds pretty dam acurrate, that due to our environment we fail to be "out" even to ourselves, evironment being religion, family, society( those were his 3 main ones) you can add on top of that socio economic status, etc etc

  92. 92

    File a complaint to the FCC

  93. 93

    Re: ally111
    ally, saw your comment and it made me infuriated. The kind of rhetoric that you are have shared is uneducated nonsense. PEOPLE DON'T CHOOSE TO BE GAY, You are born are that way. Do you really think that someone would wake up one day and say," I think I am going to be gay today'? I don't think so. Life is hard enough. I don't know anyone who ever would "choose" to make life harder with the added hatred and un-acceptance that that people like yourself are spewing. Are you aware that perez is gay? if you don't think its "ok to be gay" than why the hell are you following his blog? It must be because since you think the "gays" are ruining the world, so of course you are doing you part by "policing' to ensure this "grossness" doesn't spread. It is comments and narrow minded thinking like yours that "ruin" the world, not the gays. Just to let you know, we gays are the future and are taking over the world, AHAHAHA!!!

  94. 94

    As a man that grew up in Tyler Texas: The people in this small town are very kind. Having said that, I have always found acceptance although Tyler is very conservative. Not everyone has experienced that acceptance in Tyler. I was lucky.

    I sent a post to Perez tonight in hope that my conservative community will find acceptance and embrace the diversity that is so desperately needed for my hometown to succeed. Change is what Tyler needs! Come on! I went to Green Acres Baptist Church!…. but Jesus…love all of us.

  95. 95

    I'm sorry, all I can do is laugh at the epicness that is the accents in this video. Spoof-orama!

  96. 96

    its totally ok for these people to have an opinion-g-d did create man to be with woman-and actually the old testament backs that up…guess these days every guy can do what the hell he wants -but come on- being gay isnt the most moral thing out there and even though it aint anyones buisssness what the next guy is doing-if they want to express there concerns let ém!!

  97. 97

    I'm truly shokked to hear this. Even though I live in the Netherlands and I don't directly have to deal with this, I find it very disturbing that people think like this and even talk about it in public.
    It's so narrow minded to think that a country with such problems (no offence, at the moment the Netherlands has a load of problems as well) will fall because people can be who they are.
    There's a french saying: L'histoire se repete, history will repeat. The discussion that been held at the moment reminds me of discussions about religion (like thousands of years earlier when the roman emperor judged the Jews) of political differences (like the Soviet Union didn't like people who where not on their page).
    We say that those people weren't right and that they were offending the human rights. What's the difference now? Isn't this just like that? Saying that a group of people is responsible for failure? Isn't denying their freedom against the human rights?

  98. 98

    The key word here is America, and not homosexual. I'm not saying that discrimination toward any other human is a good way to think, but we can still think what we want and say what we want in the good old U.S.of A. Also, it's not the crying ninny flamers like you that is going to get the gay rights agenda pushed, but those forging ahead as mainstream, intelligent persons with something to contribute. It's fools like you they're talking about Perez.

  99. 99


  100. 100

    One woman was seriously putting being gay on the same level as child molesters.. that is DISGUSTING!!! Gay/lesbian/Bi/Transgender people deserve the same rights as everybody else…. what right is it of anybody else to say who people can and cannot love.

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