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As soon as Tom Cruise's adopted daughter Isabella turns 18, she is moving out of his home faster than Tom's character Cole during the Daytona 500 in Days OfRead more…

59 comments to “Tom Cruise's Daughter Wants Out!”

  1. 1

    looks to me they should've monitored what she was putting in her mouth……..

  2. 2

    these little brats… yes she's warranted for moving out - i'd be running as fast as I could.. but she'll still be using mommy and daddy's money. There's no way she'll move out and be self sufficient like a normal ADULT.

  3. 3

    Leave Children out of you Blog. This is a family and they deserve privacy. Even if there is truth to any of this, it only makes your Blog look bad. I appreciate how much you've lightened up though.

  4. 4

    oh and what will she do with her newfound freedom? dare we ask that very important question.

  5. 5

    She wants to move out but Xenu won't allow it….

  6. 6

    I wonder if it has anything to do with Scientology? Maybe she wants to break from the cult. They don't like that. I hope she finds a way to stay safe.

  7. 7

    Again, what is up with the way Suri is dressed? No coat? The adults are dressed warmly. They say she "picks what she wants." Well, my daughter is the same age almost to the day as Suri. And I'm the adult. If it's chilly enough that I'm wearing a coat…she's wearing a damn coat.

  8. Harv says – reply to this


    She’s going to become a semen spittoon.

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    Well, that's pretty normal.
    I'll let El loco Norwegian address what I really think.

  10. 10

    I hope she is planning to continue her education, and moves out to attend university….

  11. SeeMe says – reply to this


    Most kids want their freedom…doesn't matter who their parents are (ok, maybe those who don't parent might have kids that want to stay).

  12. 12

    I dont blame her.. I mean,… its sad.. No one even talks about these kids.. they act as if Suri is the only Cruise child.. Poor Kids.

  13. 13

    I don't blame her, anyone with an ounce of sense would want to steer clear of Tom's scientology bullshit.

  14. 14

    Virtually every 18-year-old wants to leave home. I'd be more worried about her if she didn't want to leave home–especially after having been so sheltered, if that's true. So often, such an upbringing is more about the parents' anxieties or control issues (leaving "religion" out of it) than it is the child's well-being, seems to me.

  15. 15

    I don't blame her. She's a young woman and when 18, wants to start leading her own life.

  16. 16

    Scientology kills!
    Remember Lisa McPherson

  17. 17

    I would have no clue who she was if I saw her on the street..and i dont blaime her..they are prly CRAZY! what happend to JOEY POTTER

  18. 18

    What 18 year old don't want to move out? I picked a college across the country from my parents.. but then moved back to Texas cause there's no place better than home. 18 is a wild year, new found freedom… girl don't abuse it though ;)

  19. 19

    How does she expect to bankroll her big move? I'm betting Tommy isn't going to pony up the money.

  20. 20

    Why print an unsubstantiated rumor?

  21. 21

    What 18 year old can't wait to leave home? This is a non-issue. If Tom wants to adopt me, I'll gladly be his kato kaelin.

  22. 22

    Who died and made Tom Cruise Hall Monitor of the universe? I'm sure she can't wait to get the hell away from that Scientology garbage.

  23. 23

    Who is your source? You have been known for putting false and unsubstantiated information in your blog and later offering an apology for your mistake. Did you talk to Tom, Katie or Isabella? For all you know, she maybe moving out to go to college and you just want to sensationalize this rumor without foundation. One of these days you will get sued by one of these celebrities for defamation of character. Tom had given these adopted kids a very privileged and sheltered life which otherwise they would not have so I doubt very much if Bella would be that ungrateful.

  24. 24

    Wasn't Nicole Kidman their Mom? Do they ever see her?

    P.S. All 18 year olds want to move out. I love my parents dearly but was ready to spread my wings at 18. Moving out is healthy.

  25. 25

    why must so many media sources point out that she's "adopted"? She was raised from nearly birth by them, she is just as much a daughter as suri. I'm adopted and have never once been referred to as my parents adopted daughter vs. my brother who was "real"

  26. Jai says – reply to this


    Run Bella Run

  27. 27

    Yes, it's totally unnecessary to point out that she is adopted. Why do you need to qualify her as the adopted daughter? It makes it sound as if she doesn't count as much as Suri.

    Anyway, I hope Isabella finds happiness in life, and finds a good career. It must be hard growing up with Hollywood people.

  28. 28

    Oh yeah. Forgot to mention. It used to be the norm to want to move out at 18. Why is this a big deal? It's not normal to want to live at home until you are 25 like so many people these days.

  29. 29

    Yet more rich people problems

  30. 30

    That is interesting. I wonder if it is because of the Scientology or because she is sick of Suri and her diva demands. I wonder if that kid is ever cold.

  31. 31

    "…and get away from stepmom Katie."
    First, almost every teen turning 18/ into an adult want to move out of their parents house.
    Moving out of the house to get away from Tom, sure, understandable.
    But I highly doubt "stepmom Katie" has anything to do with her wanting to move out…
    The tone of the quote from the source makes it seem like Katie's some kind of evil person…like she makes her scrub the floors Cinderella-style or something…

  32. 32

    She needs to get out of that crazy castle and go live with Nicole and Keith!

  33. 33

    She wants to move out of the attic she was banished to after her evil stepmom popped out the Queen Suri.

  34. 34

    She probably disagrees with his belief in Zenu and other extra terrestrials! If she is smart and wants a successful career then she needs to distance herself from any connection with the scientologists.

  35. 35

    Re: chichimagees – After Tom and Nicole got divorced the children went to him and she saw them like once a year. The whole situation is really strange.

  36. 36

    Shouldn't this be private?

  37. 37

    Again!! What the H is wrong with Katie!! See her in her boots and jacket.. while Suri is sleeveless.. I assume its cold out and yet this kid is never wearing a jacket.. they do say that she picks out her clothes and she is the boss but come on! That is just stupid parenting!!

  38. 38

    Agreed Perez, you should lay off the kids. It's hard enough being a kid!
    Perhaps Bella will seek out her birth mother or Nicole Kidman.

  39. barb says – reply to this


    no it's her dad, It seems her mom is never around them.

  40. 40

    Re: Abbs5522 – It's because of Tom's "religion". Scientology doesn't allow children to see family who removed themselves from the cult. At least that's the rumor.

  41. detox says – reply to this


    RUNAWAY with that scientology SHIZ, little girl. run.

  42. 42


  43. Zopo says – reply to this


    She should come to Australia and leave the craziness…or go live with her mum.

  44. 44

    I hope Tom's older kids get some time with their normal non-scientologist/culted Aussie parent!!

  45. 45

    Re: Bellagio – hahaha Hall Monitor of the Universe..I laughed quite a bit :D

  46. 46

    This is a really hurtful story to post based on what "sources" say. It's probably all made up. Fuck you Perez

  47. 47

    What 18 year old doesn't want to move out?

  48. 48

    For someone who doesnt like being labeled you just labeled his daughter "Adopted Daughter". What does that mean she's not his, she's really not part of the family. As a mother of an adopted son I can't tell you how offended I am that you singled her out like that. You owe her an apology.

  49. Scar says – reply to this


    wow this bitch is so fat she could live in herself right now to get away from those two fruity parents

  50. 50

    Why doesn't Nicole Kidman let her live with her. I swear she abandoned the kids she adopted with Tom once she hooked up with Keith and had her other kid.

  51. 51

    Of course she wants out. They treat Suri like gold yet seldom do they discuss her and her brother.
    I feel bad for these 2 adopted kids, screwed over by that bitch Nicole and now Tom is all about Suri.
    Why is it that all Scientol. offspring are homeschooled?

  52. vik16 says – reply to this


    WTf happened to Nicole Kidman her Mother???? she basically just abandoned them after her kid?? so dont blame Tom

  53. vik16 says – reply to this


    and Btw were is Suri's jacket in this pic????

  54. 54

    Re: FryCat – Can we be honest! This adopted daughter of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman is probably one of the most confused young woman around. Here you are adopted (which is bad enough) but Mommy and Daddy end up hating each others guts and Mommy had a 'real' baby girl a couple of years ago so where does that leave Bella. well, you know the answer to that. Why isn't Bella living with her mother Nicole? You know Cruise's wife doesn't want her around. She had better go off to college and get some kind of career going for herself because Mommy and Daddy have MOVED ON. My mother was adopted and an only child. Her mother who raised her was an absolutely WITCH who never loved her. Personally, I can't stand that ice queen Nicole Kidman. Anyway, this girl is going to have to move on and forward and do something with her own life.

  55. 55

    Hey Bella! Mommy and Daddy have new families now. But take my advice. WRITE A BOOK! That's right. I am sure alot of people would be interested in reading it. Just be as honest as possible and rake in the dough.

  56. 56

    Re: nancybee – Yeppers, I would LOVE to read that book if she were the one to write it BUT with no editing by "Dad".

  57. 57

    Re: RealRose – Let's hope she does. And don't let Mummy and Daddy find out about it until AFTER it is published!

  58. 58

    doesnt everyone move out when theyre 18?

  59. 59

    Re: MarioMonjack – You're an asshole , your repetitive vicious comments are so fucking boring. Get a fucking life.Re: April 20th – same goes to youRe: Vettle – and you