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Redbox Vs. Netflix

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redbox to take on netflix with web based service

For those of you who are sick of heading over to the local Shop Rite every time U want to rent a movie, but like the idea of $1 movie rentals…Redbox MAY have an answer for you.

On Thursday, Redbox announced their plans to go digital by next year. They plan to expand their roster of movies which they'll offer with the disc-free service.

Here's what Redbox's chief executive Mitch Lowe had to say about the company's plans:

"The disc business is still very strong and will continue to be for quite some time, but we need to get into this space to take advantage of the gradual transition to digital."

We're hoping they'll keep to the $1 rentals, especially if they want to provide competition for Netflix!

If they raise prices to typical Internet new-release prices, which are generally between $4 and $6, we're thinking nobody will get TOO excited.

What will U do when Redbox goes digital? If you're a Netflix subscriber, will U stay loyal or will U change to team Redbox?

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8 comments to “Redbox Vs. Netflix”

  1. 1

    Competition is always a good thing I will say, but I am sure it will take a while before their digital offering is all that good. To be honest I have never even tried Red Box as their nearest kiosk isn't that near my house. I am loving me some Netflix right now though.

  2. 2

    It's been $1.50 a movie as part of their "trial increase" here in albuquerque since last year…which coincidentally was roughly the last time I rented from Redbox.

  3. 3

    If Redbox offers movies that are newly out on DVD to stream, I'll jump ship. Netflix offers lots of movies to watch instantly, but many popular titles and new releases are still only available on DVD.

  4. 4

    Netflix is a flat rate for as much as you want, although they don't always have the new releases right as they hit - but you get those in blu-ray or dvd form one/two at a time as part of that flat rate.

  5. 5

    Well since netflix is already doing it digital and keeps expanding their library I think I'll stick with netflix, but it's a good thing that redbox is getting on the bandwagon. Remember for only 9 bucks a months you can watch unlimited on netflix and rent 1 DVD at a time. That's why they are dominating.

  6. 6

    I'll keep my Netflix and continue to supplement our new movie release rentals with the redbox streaming service….assuming it will work on our television. That's Netflix big advantage right now….is its availability on so many devices. In my particular case, it's a Wii gaming console. I'm also in the market for a tablet and will be wanting it to work with that too.

    We already supplement the Redbox kiosks with our Netflix subscription and its a whole lot cheaper than cable.

  7. 7

    Netflix for life!!!!!

  8. 8

    Sorry, but Netflix for life - they didn't screw with us when blockbuster did. Competition is great - but when the original is being good to their customer, they deserve their loyalty. It's not always about saving a dollar or two. Besides that, netflix has a humongous array of rentals - nothing compared to what blockbuster offered.

    As for $1 rentals online - not gonna happen. First of all, it takes days for shipping, and shipping costs money. I believe redbox rentals have to be returned in 1 day, so that's how it can work.