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Rowdy Dubliners Douse Johnny Knoxville With Beer

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Looks like we're getting another installment of Jackass in a matter of no time!

Johnny Knoxville was spotted celebrating Halloween with a pint of Guiness and with his reality-show turned franchise's camera crew yesterday at the Temple Bar in Dublin, Ireland!

No word on what kind of stunt these guys had planned, but you may notice a leprechaun-themed logo on their shirts and an actual 'leprechaun' by his side!

However, filming was reportedly halted when some rowdy locals got into Knoxville's face and threw beer on him! Thankfully, security intervened before the situation could escalate!

Phew! LOLs!

We know what these guys do to each other in the name of fun, we wouldn't want to see what would happen to people who cross them!

Check out the rest of the images (below)!

[Images via WENN.]

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9 comments to “Rowdy Dubliners Douse Johnny Knoxville With Beer”

  1. 1

    Temple Bar is a neighborhood in Dublin. It is not a bar, much like you are not a human, you are a mongoloid, pedophile freak.

  2. 2


    Someone beat me to it!

  3. 3


  4. 4

    Re: ba-buttons – Temple Bar isn't a neighborhood you idiot! It's in the centre of Dublin city, full of bars restaurants and shops!

  5. 5

    As speaking as someone that was there…. It never happened…. They had a can of beer in their hand and went to hug him and spilt… Guinness is spelt with nn's

  6. 6

    that photos taken outside burdocks which isnt even in temple bar. and its in a dodgy area so something would obviously happen to an idiot walking around with a camera crew and a leprechaun!

  7. 7

    You do realise Temple Bar isn't a bar, it's an area of Dublin? Idiot. Re: Evie-Belle – Neighbourhood is the same thing.

    Jesus, people are stupid.

  8. 8

    Re: lilibambina

    They are also taken outside The Badass Café which is in Temple Bar.

  9. 9

    Perez, I was there, this didn't happen. Also, it is indeed a testament to your journalistic skills that you placed the word Leprechaun in semi-colons, highlighting that it was indeed not a real Leprechaun, I'm sure many were confused as to the authenticity and that helpful clarification was very much needed. Thank you, Pervez.