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Quaids Agree To First Television Interview, Suggest People Are Out To Kill Them!

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This is by far one of the strangest conspiracy theories we have ever heard.

For the first time since they have adopted their, um, "unique" Bonnie & Clyde lifestyle, Randy and Evi Quaid have agreed to sit down for an interview. This morning, they broke their silence by speaking to Good Morning America about their criminal activities and lack of time spent in court/prison.

But those topics never really came up. Instead, the pair went off on the wildest tangent imaginable, concocting a story that their biggest fear was that they would return to Hollywood only to be "whacked" by people who are looking to kill them for financial gain.

They say it's happened before, it will happen again and they don't want it happening to them!

According to the pair, there are several parties interested in killing them for profit. Theses supposed murders, according to them, include an estate planner, an accountant and the mafia. Evi goes on to call themselves "refugees," who both "genuinely feel" that these supposed "star whackers" are out to get them. Randy explains that these supposed killers have gone so far as to "follow" them around, "tag" their cell phones and hack their computer.

Then Randy puts forth that "it is very possible" that these same people could have "murdered" Heath Ledger and David Carradine for profit as well as "set up” Robert Blake! The couple even go on to say that these fiends other targets include Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Mel Gibson, with Evi sighting Mel's much publicized recorded hate-rants as evidence of these alleged evil-doers handiwork. She explains:

"I think he was drugged. I think he was slipped a mickey … to steal his money and ruin him."

What the….???

Oh wait, here's the strangest part of the interview: both denied being "mentally unstable or under the influence of drugs. "

Anyone else not convinced about that?!

If you think you can handle it, check out the interview to hear more about the Quaid's theories. (above)

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24 comments to “Quaids Agree To First Television Interview, Suggest People Are Out To Kill Them!”

  1. 1

    too much vicodin

  2. 2

    Very interesting. There's always two sides to the coin. Although I'm not ruling this out as bull, I'm keeping it in my mind. I mean Hollywood is a dirty business. A lot goes on that the general public may be oblivious to, so I'm not ruling this out. There have been a lot of questionable deaths (imo) and I wouldn't doubt there being some truth to this. Just my opinion. Sometimes people who seem really crazy are actually more in tune with "reality" than the majority of the masses can perceive. It's a mad world. Nothing is what it seems.

  3. 3

    she sounds a little crazy, but i think there's a lot of merit in what he's saying. in the hollywood industry everything is so fixed and fake, who knows if these people really are dying of natural causes.

  4. 4

    Holy fuck! These guys are completely CRAZY!

    Unbelievable! No seriously, UNBELIEVABLE.

  5. 5

    one word: illuminatis

  6. 6

    How did this dude ever have tens of millions of dollars???

  7. 7

    Michael Jackson was murdered also. If you read his autopsy it reveals he was NOT a drug addict. And he told Lisa Marie in 2005 he was afraid of being murdered also his mom told Michael told just before he died that he was afraid.

  8. 8

    o.m.g……. crazy….. METH - one hell of a drug.

  9. 9

    I can't say they are nuts. Old Hollywood was a big mafia. You were owned by a studio. Your manager ran your contract and your money. Why wouldn't the bad economy make thieves and killers out of agents and accountants? It's not that unreasonable. The thing I do not understand is how the fuck you can have $40 millon dollars and claim to go without food or a place to stay. What happened to the $40 million? How do you give anyone power over that much money.

    I've always liked Randy Quaid. His crazy guy in Independence Day was great. He's a wonderful actor. I remember not long after he married this Evie chick his manager and his brother and people in the industry were worried because she's a nutcase and hurt his career. Now this.

    If Canada wants them then why not. And the justice system in California is a goddam joke. What a waste of time fucking with these two.

  10. mgh says – reply to this


    Some of the points the quaids were talking about I could Understand. Financial ADVISORS TO celebs steal and skim everyday. Lindsay Lohan and Britney SPEARS are and have been targets for completely being screwed over.

    THE QUAIDS may be alittle over ZELOUS but I think alot of this may be ACTING to make a drastic point.
    They didnt seem to be on drugs in the video at all. THE answered Every question logically , was on point and didnt slur.

  11. 11

    She sure likes the spotlight.

  12. mgh says – reply to this


    Re: Ulises – : I agree with your view. Eventhough they may not have ideas that are considered "the norm", to me they look like they are intelligently answering the questions in a logical manner.
    This makes me think , they are not on drugs and may possibly not have any psychological issues.

  13. @v@ says – reply to this


    Hollywood is full of con men of all persuasions trying to separate stars or any well off people from their money. Accountants, agents, P.R. people can be upright and ethical, but just as many have been working all of the angles for years. It would be an easy explanation for a star who had blown all their money themselves, but on the flip side probably anything is possible. Anyone who worries about these kinds of cons should contact police or the F.B.I.

  14. 14

    The only person out to kill Randy Quaid is Dennis Quaid for embarrassing the hell out of him!!!!

  15. 15

    Don't forget about Britney Murphy and her husband's MURDERS!!!!!!!

  16. 16

    Michael Jackson's MURDER; ANS's MURDER….

  17. 17

    These poor people need help! I don't know if this is organic mental illness or mental illness brought on by years of drug use, but they are clearly not in touch with reality (kinda like Lilo and Dina, come to think of it). Sad.

  18. 18

    He sounds stoned and she looks like she's having a ball though all this.

  19. 19

    While they are in Canada, they should drop-in on Sarah Palin in Wasilla, Alaska. She's throwing a big "Pity Party" very soon! A lot of Alaskan residents will tell you they moved there to "get away from the system", so it could work out. The Quaids give a whole new meaning to the phrase, "Crazy in love."

  20. 20

    I saw this interview and the entire time they were sounding just like a paranoid schizophrenic would. I would with mentally ill patients and this sounded just like something my clients say. The part about bugging the phones, hacking into the computers, being followed by "businessmen" and "organized crime". I honestly think that the judge needs to have a psychiatrist visit with them and get them on some medications or put them into a mental health clinic. They are feeding each other's paranoias which is not helpful and just makes it even worse. Soon they will be a danger to themselves and others.

  21. 21

    crystal meth paranoia - sad

  22. 22

    Hard drugs of some kind. They stopped for a few days and got cleaned up for this interview. But I bet they were smoking or snorting as soon as they left the interview!

  23. 23

    Folie a deux.

  24. 24

    Uh Oh, looks like someone doesn't want to play by the rules any more. The free masons/illuminatis are out to get them. Once you stop worshiping the devil, you're dead. Sad part is, no one will ever believe them.