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Rihanna Will Never Forgive Herself For Missing Katy's Wedding!

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We can't even imagine what a difficult decision this must have been to make, and we can understand why she could having doubts about it now!

Rihanna recently opened up about her heartwrenching decision to miss Katy Perry's wedding to Russell Brand in India, and revealed that she was forced to stay behind and put the final touches on her new album, Loud, instead of being present to support her friend!

She explains:

"I will never ever forgive myself for that…it was a crazy time, it was a crazy week, I'm switching management. There was no phone service in India and very little-to-no Internet service, so it would have been a little irresponsible of me. I'm sad that I missed it."

Poor thing! She really does sound torn up about it!

But Katy and Russell are both a part of the biz, so we're that they understand what a tough predicament she was in!

Hopefully, though, if she's ever put in a similar situation once again in the future, she'll recognize where her heart is and she'll make the decision based on that, instead of work obligations!

What do U think?? What should have Rihanna done??

[Image via WENN.]

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75 comments to “Rihanna Will Never Forgive Herself For Missing Katy's Wedding!”

  1. 1

    My father always said if you want to be somewhere you will make it happen.

  2. 2


  3. 3

    I don't think she can claim that no phone and internet is the reason. Even the smallest villages in India were hooked up to the internet (and I was there 10 years ago). If they had their wedding in Mumbai then no problem on either count - it is a main city. Bit pathetic to blame India.

  4. 4

    she was a real bitch, she could have delayed the album release date

  5. 5


  6. 6

    no phone and internet services??? lol, well try harder next time to deceive your dumb bimbo friend….

  7. 7

    All that money and fame and no control over your own life? no internet service. lol. Is there anything real about the industry or so its performers ?

  8. 8

    Oh come on, if she takes off for a weekend who is going to be angry? She is the star, they all make money off her not the other way around. If your friendship means that much to you then you move heaven and earth to be there for them.

  9. 9

    Whatever! There is Internet and phone service in India. It's not like it's another universe.

  10. 10

    she shoulda gone to the wedding. It's not like the wedding sort of just popped up all of a sudden.

  11. 11

    1. the wedding was already planned. 2. she's a star and can do what she wants. 3. india could've taken care of her just fine.

    all bs.

  12. 12

    That's OK Ton's O' Fun! Your fans will never forgive you for your ass getting fucking HUGE!

  13. 13

    I'm not buying it. She's a star, she can be anywhere she wants and when. Obviously, there was some reason she didn't go– besides the supposed lack of internet and such (which I also don't believe). I bet she realized that Katy is a dipshit, just like the rest of us have!

  14. 14

    You didn't go BIG ASS because you suck as a friend. Maybe go have Chris Brown serve you up some well-deserved backhanded common sense again.

  15. 15

    blah blah blah who cares what this stupid ho does?

  16. 16

    Re: lizzana – LOL! I'm so sure! Rihanna is a working girl, like MANY professionals, sometimes work comes first and being the biggest pop star on the planet means she must work and follow through with her obligations that were probably scheduled MONTHS in advance. Besides, Rihanna threw her a bachelorette party and sent her a great gift…Finally, WHO CARES! They may be besties but Katy and Russel are probably too in love as newlyweds to be too bothered by it. Her fam was there and isn't that really all that matters? People always like to fault Rihanna for EVERYTHING because she is the top chick…She gets blamed for "getting herself beat up" by Chris Brown, then gets blackballed by Barbados because she never visits home and when she does go there she gets booed from her own country, now she is called a bitch because she missed a wedding for a couple that will most likely divorce in a few months…Big fucking deal. She's a busy girl.

  17. 17

    pretty sure there is phone service in india because the are always calling me to ask if i want this and that and when i call a phone company in Australia i always get put through to someone in India

  18. 18

    why does she keep blaming it on that, i'm sure india has phone and internet service. especially since her being a celebrity she could off found some service. she's a joke.

  19. 19

    Jealousy does strange things, even to the best of friends. I'll bet Rhianna was feeling a little jealous and decided to skip the wedding and using her album as an excuse…now she's feeling guilty because she's supposed to be Katy Perry's good friend.

  20. 20

    Jesus this washed up dying fad is really milking this for all that she can huh?

  21. 21

    You are a superstar and the boss.
    If you wanted to be there, you would have been there.
    Maybe you know in your heart this wedding is a sham and will be over in a few years so why bother.
    Don't worry, you can go to her next three weddings.

  22. 22

    um…no phone service in india? please check yourself rihanna! maybe not in the middle of the jungle, but last time i checked there is both internet AND phone in india!

  23. Caryn says – reply to this


    no phone or internet , yeah thats why every call centre has moved to India

  24. 24

    hopefully she'll make time to go to the prime minister of barbados funeral….he did a lot for her and made her an ambassador…or will that be another thing she'll regret…

  25. 25

    Total BS. Everyone knows that she could've been there. I'd like to know what the real reason is. Mario stfu! Your a f'ing idiot and she's a nasty fake whore.

  26. 26

    Man she makes it sound like they were having their wedding in a hut lol.

  27. 27

    Re: lizzana

    Really?? She's going to cost her record label money to go to a friend's wedding? Just because someone is a mega-star it doesn't mean they don't have a boss they answer to.

  28. 28

    I think there will be other opportunities to attend a Katy Perry wedding in the future.

  29. 29

    Re: goodtasteishardtofind – Uh, Lady Gaga is the biggest pop star on the planet. Rihanna is looking more and more like a one hit wonder.

  30. 30

    So we outsource ALL of our customer service to major corporations but no phone service or internet?????????????

  31. 31

    omg.. she is so full of shit.. she keeps saying that because every news site, station and all the media were asking why she didn't go and that she really had no excuse.. because really she doesn't god.. just stfu and call yourself a bitch already for missing it and get over it.. everyone see's through this b.s…

  32. 32

    Re: goodtasteishardtofind – I co-sign this.

  33. 33

    No phones! No lights! No motorcars! Not a single luxury!

  34. 34

    Rhi Rhi.. doesn't call the shots, her label calls all the shots.. she can give inputs just like any other artist and the label see if its manageable.. pushing back an album and delaying the job she had to do that weekend cost money and it really wasn't worth it.. also on top of that she had shows and appearance to make..Katy and her man are too busy getting in on to really care. Please Spare me that you care cause it's no big deal. END.

  35. 35

    What does this space alien do? Does she do windows & toilets for some STAR like that porno whore Kim K?

  36. 36

    You miss your best friend's wedding because there's no INTERNET service!? Ummm. Okkkk.

  37. 37


  38. 38

    Just lost all respect for this woman, how ignorant, it's India not the f*cking Moon.

  39. 39

    Don't buy into this. Recently she put down Kate and Lady Gaga together…hmmmm bet her talentless ass got the boot from the wedding.

  40. 40


  41. 41

    So according to Rhianna there is no internet or decent phone service in India - if that's the case how come the worlds call centres are all based there..I must get cold calling from India on a daily basis (here in the uk) pathetic excuse

  42. 42

    Her wedding took place in INDIA 'no phone or internet service'? I wonder how those call centres / Indian businesses are doing it without phone or internet service?

    This friendship is as fake as Rihanna's hair.

  43. SPB says – reply to this


    Who gives a flying fuck??

  44. 44

    Anything to change the discussion from her latest hopeless attempt at singing live on SNL.The worlds #1 skank poser.

  45. 45

    Hey RiRi, better not tell that to the thousands of people in Bangalore that take all the jobs away from Americans. I call major bullshit on this one.

  46. 46

    I always thought India had BETTER internet connection than the US.

  47. Suze says – reply to this


    That's ok Ri…you can go to Katy's next wedding.

  48. Neha says – reply to this


    Rihanna, you're full of shit. I live in India and there is phone and internet service everywhere, so don't feed us that garbage.

    And Katy and Russel were getting married at a five star hotel in Rajasthan. If that doesnt have phone or internet service, then I don't know what does. Fire your bullshit management, fire your bullshit publicist who sanctions your stupid excuses, and grow the fuck up.

  49. 49

    This girl is a fucking dumbass.

  50. 50

    There are no excuses (except for the obvious) for missing important events in the lives of our family, friends, and loved ones. Work is definitely not one of those excuses. In fact, it's one of the worst excuses. She seems extremely shallow and not very bright. I have zero respect for people who cannot see beyond their own self-importance.

  51. 51

    haha, ignoramus! When you call tech support, your call is more than likely routed to India. The phone and internet works just fine there.
    Come up with a better excuse!

  52. 52

    oh please…this is utter shit..i understand if she wasnt able to attend due to work committments..but to blame india's phone and internet serivice. that is just stupid. i live in india and guess what my iinternets worked and on top of that katy and rusell got married in a 7 star hotel and the area nearby. i hardly think phone and internet service would be a problem. lying bitch.

  53. 53

    She has no friends after her lie about Chris Brown!

  54. 54

    Rihanna is a FARTBOX!

  55. 55


  56. 56

    Bullshit she's broken hearted. If she wanted to be there, she would have. Her job is quite a bit different than being a fry jockey and it's not like she would be fired. She could call the shots, she CHOSE not to. Dumb bitch.

  57. 57

    Re: goodtasteishardtofind – biggest pop star? c'mon, give me a break! I can't tell you a single song she "sings" even after seeing her briefly on SNL (thank GOD for dvrs and fast forward!) She's famous for getting beat up and having Ronald McDonald's pubic hair on her head.

  58. Neel says – reply to this


    Rihanna next time please make sure you have at least a cursory knowledge of the subject before making up a lie. India has 700 million mobile connections (excluding landlines!) as of Sept 2010. It is the fastest growing mobile market in history with 21 million+ new customers each MONTH. I've made international calls on trains passing thru the smallest of villages. Rihanna can't make calls from the worlds great 5 star hotels?

  59. 59

    and ill say it again, bullshit.

  60. 60

    yeah there no such a thing called internet or phone service in high rated hotels in india…. yeah right…. BUULLShiT

  61. 61

    SMH.. you reported this already.. no one cares. If she really cared.. she woulda been there. PERIOD.

  62. 62

    No phone service in india? Hmm.. so how come whenever I call HP Tech Support after hours my calls are always re-routed to their outsourced call center. SMH. And I SKYPE with a friend of mine whos in Dubai…!! Skyping requires internet.. SMH shes a joke.

  63. 63

  64. 64

    I have no idea why Rihanna even associates with those douchebags. Katy Perry is nothing but a gimmick and Russell Brand is a nasty perv. Good for Rihanna for realizing that she is way too cool to be going to their wedding.

  65. 65

    Re: Chinwe Okorie Ŧ – It sounded like you were trying to stand up for this woman…but then you said it would cost her money and wasn't worth it…you confirmed that even her fans know she's just a money hungry, self-absorbed bitch.

  66. 66

    Is she delusional??? She was going to India not Timbuktu!!! Every village and city there has phone n internet connection. Jesus its like the outsourcing capital now….probably the doorman of the palace Katy got married in would've taught Rihanna how to use a phone n internet conn…bcoz lord knows what she's using rite now!

  67. 67

    It's not like they are actually friends anyway. They are "publicity friends" only, that's why the papz were invited to Katy's bachelorette party thrown by Rihanna. They are no better then "speidi" for famewhoring.

  68. 68

    Apparently, to Rhianna, fame and making money is far more important than friendship. In which case, I'm glad she'll never "forgive herself" for making so selfish.

  69. 69

    Re: goodtasteishardtofind – too bad she isn't the biggest pop star on the planet..

  70. 70

    HAHA yeah right, a wedding only comes around in a persons life one time (suppose to anyways) there was only one chance for her to go, and many more to finish her album, she screwed up, what a lame excuse, and what a shitty "friend"

  71. 71

    Friends last forever, but albums im sure you can make an exception to delay it for a day or two. Katy Perry will only get married once hun, but I can imagine how it is . Hope all goes well

  72. 72

    Re: Snuggies keep me snug and happy – cost her label money….wasn't worth the drama from both ends since Katy new in advance that she wasn't going to be there.. and there could be a divorce in the future.. someone always grow apart.. i am gonna guess it will be Katy.

  73. 73


    I would have canceled if I could…

  74. 74

    there are no phones in india? what?

  75. 75

    Dont worry, Katy will have another wedding in a few years… You will have another auto tune mediocre album with you in leotards or some weird hair color in order to prove that you are edgy. You still won't be able to sing or dance and we'll still be bored. Just so you know Riri, they do have internet in India and I am sure where the wedding was, was in a 5 star hotel. Hardly the jungle…What an idiot…