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Willow Smith Slays It On Ellen!

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We refuse to believe she's only 9 years old!!!!

This was bananas!!!!

Check out Will & Jada's daughter kill it with her first-ever TV performance, doing her mega hit Whip My Hair, above!


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104 comments to “Willow Smith Slays It On Ellen!”

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  1. 1

    man she sucks…

  2. 2

    Sreaming is singing????? ear plugs please… another no talent Hollywood brat…..

  3. 3

    That that is a kid that will grow up with and become someone because of her parents!!!!

  4. 4

    Well Whip My Hair! Pretty strong for a 9 year old. Wow! She sounds better than some of the older singers. LOL!

  5. 5

    crap….remember the good old days when it was about actual singing/talent and not some circus performance. I miss those days!

  6. 6

    is that because she's 10?

  7. 7

    her parents paid for her to be on this show and others. it's so dumb, and so sick, by age 10 she'll be a nobody. Bye Bye Loser!

  8. 8

    Neither her mom nor her have talent. They both suck and anyone who legitimizes this horrible screamer is a fool. Maybe she should be reading that cult crap her parents are into….

  9. 9

    I wish someone would knock her out.

  10. 10

    A lot of work went into that production. Who needs school anyway?

  11. 11

    I can't deny for a 9 year old she really is talented and she exudes so much confidence. Not to mention that she sounded pretty good. I saw a clip on YouTube of Rihanna when she was about 15 or 16 singing Mariah Carey's song "hero" and she sounded AWFUL! But look at Rihanna now she constantly dominates the pop and mainstream charts. So that leads me to belive that Willow has the potential to be absolutely huge!

  12. 12

    I can't stand this little fame whore freak and her Scientologist parents.

  13. 13


  14. 14

    Whenever I see the two children of Will Smith, the first two words that pop into my mind are "obnoxious" and "brats." They're not cute. And don't their parents have enough money? Do they have to exploit their kids and inflict them on the rest of us? Seriously … give us all a break and get these brats out of the public eye.

  15. 15

    it's difficult for people to remember her in a couple of years since next year, toddlers will start to come out and rap…

  16. 16

    Another childhood lost

  17. 17

    It´s kind of sad that she´s been portrayed as a sexual object at such a young age. Pedophiles put there should be happy as hell.

  18. 18

    Whatever happened to real talent. Does this mean anyone over 30 will never get new music again, because they're getting younger and younger. I mean it's cute, but not entertaining at all.

  19. 19

    holy shit, that badass little thang ain't foolin' around - she was seriously werkin' it like an old 'ho, I mean, pro!

  20. 20

    so she showcased she has the same amount of talent as every other "artist" out there right now - none.

  21. 21

    I got chills watching that. Holy shit.

  22. 22

    Scientology kills!
    Remember Lisa McPherson

  23. 23

    um one word overated
    shes only there because of her parents
    what happend to real talent,yeh shes only 9 but look a mj at nine lol mike was a freak of nature

  24. 24

    shittttt….this kid is talented!

  25. 25

    Seriously…this girl can NOT sing. Her voice is awful. The only reason she's a "hit" is because of who her parents are. If she were a normal 9 year old girl she'd be laughed off of the stage.

  26. 26

    Too bad she has hugely famou sparents and she can't carry a tune in a bucket. .

  27. 27

    i thought she did well for her first tv performance…good job Willow!!

  28. 28

    Gosh, I hate to say anything bad about a 9 year old, but this just isn't good. At all. And frankly, I'm a bit tired of having kiddies at the top of the charts. I, and all of my friends, have zero interest in buying music from someone who hasn't even hit puberty yet.

  29. 29

    Geez, talent? Come on. If it were not for who her parents are, she would never be on Ellen. I thought she sounded terrible.

  30. 30

    She sings better live than, the celebs older than her….

    *coughs* Katy Perry….Taylor Swift…I was expecting a lot worst from Willow, but she did good for a first live performance.

  31. 31

    I admit that she does have talent. But I don't know why they couldn't have waited a few years?? Let kids be kids!

  32. 32

    haha she sang the opening better than Rihanna, burn! she is also cute and talented and that performance was goood!

  33. 33

    Who wrote that? LOL It's for 5 yr olds.

  34. 34

    she's an amazing dancer

  35. 35

    she sounds like rihanna….

  36. 36

    No doubt she's getting more attention than she probably should because of her parents but I think she has potential. She's only 9 yrs old and strongly resembles Rihanna. It's good because she has a lot of confidence for a young kid but sad for Rihanna that she sounds as good as a 9 yr old child. If Rihanna, Britney, Gaga can make it, why not Willow? Hell…even Paris released an album and a couple of music videos. That's proof that ANYONE can make it these days. It's all about who you know.

  37. 37

    Oh Rihanna, is that you girl? who stole that video from you room??

    ho ho ho

  38. 38


    LIP PSYNC!! She's NOT singing LIVE! She can't sing that song, that's all studio muffled anyways! She'll never sing live! Same as Brittany Spears.


  39. Laury says – reply to this


    I can't believe some of you are saying she can't sing. Did you watch the same video I did? That little girl has a great voice. Yes, it's true that having Will and Jada Smith for parents has helped her get into showbusiness, but if she has the talent to back it up, then I don't see what the problem is. Just give her a couple years and she'll become the new Beyoncé.

  40. 40

    she is 9 years old i don't know alot of 9 year olds that can sound like that. i was personally blown away. people are so jealous now days. if you thought your child was talented and you had the means to make their dream come true you wouldn't? it isn't like the karate kid wasn't a successful movie and this little girls music isn't getting radio play. they're talented even if their parents fame helped get a foot in the door, it's not like people are down to waste millions of dollars i haven't seen beyonce and jada out having lunch anywhere sooo..

  41. 41

    so cute!

  42. 42

    Everything about this and every adult behind this is twisted.

  43. 43

    Nothing worse than a kid who tries to act like an adult. Kids belong in school and acting their age. Will should know better and my perception of him has changed. Kids are talentless just like their mother. Shame on you Will and Jada for trying to create this obnoxious circus. I hope they have an education to fall back on one day. But knowing that you are involved with the Scientology cult I am guessing that you are thinking more about the cash flow over what is truly best for your children. I've seen more talent on the street corners of my city. Very sad indeed.

  44. baby says – reply to this


    my god that kid just needs a bananna in her hand instead of a microphone1 she is an ugly lil thing!

  45. 45

    you can tell willow has been in training for years now (dancing, singing, performing). she looks good performing and seems really comfortable. i wanna hate the poor girl cause of her privilege and snobbery, but i have to say willow has talent. she needs to work on her singing tho. i have to say, i hope this song's fifteen minutes end soon, cause eventually someone's gonna suffer from whiplash. i can imagine tons of willow haters suing her cause the song gave them whiplash from trying to dance to it. LOL!!!

  46. 46

    You refuse to believe she's 9… erm, because she's actually 10 years old as Ellen clearly says? Woah, sloppy journalism or what?

  47. 47

    It seemed like she was lip syncing…

  48. 48

    Let's hope she can live her words and shake off the haters on this site! That kid sounds great especially for being 9! She looked great performing and clearly has nerves of steel! I can't imagine even at my age being confident enough to go out there and perform so well. Must be in the genes but either way, she'll go far. Sit behind your keyboards and trash a 9 year old some more and see how big it makes you feel guys, seriously.

  49. 49

    There are some real shameless people on here saying such terrible things about a child. Personally, the song drives me effing nuts, regardless of who is performing it.

  50. 50

    Oh please, she wouldn't even of had the opportunity to have a song actually recorded if it wasn't for her Parent's money.
    There are so many talented people out there that have paid there dues and deserve a chance & she get's it handed to her.
    The right price can buy you anything - what's next???

  51. 51

    She's nine, not nineteen. I like the Smiths, but I think they're forcing thier kids to work in the public eye-it's a disgrace. She has her whole life ahead of her to work, let her enjoy her childhood.

    What the Hell does Whip Your Hair even mean anyway? It doesn't actually mean whip your hair ,does it?
    That's stupid. :-(

  52. 52

    I don't see how anyone can say she sucks, she was pretty damn amazing. I think she's too young though, and to be that good at 9 years old means she's worked day and night on it which sucks. Her parents should not have supported her doing this until she was a little older, you're only a child once. In 10-15 years she'll be a complete wreck. Watch!

  53. 53

    oh wow, you do realize that you're criticizing a 9 nine-year old girl right? I swear u people are the most obnoxious, most rude and despicable people I've ever seen, she's a child a direct result of her parents, she can't be held accountable for her actions, and in my opinion she has a great presence.

  54. 54

    cant stand this ugly muppet

  55. 55

    i have to wonder how young is too young for children to get into the "business" seems to me like this sort of stuff…making money, working, being dragged around to shows and shoots and have photographers follow you around…well that's not really kid stuff, is it?

    i feel kinda sad for showbiz babies…seems like a normal childhood is taken from them by adults using them for a buck.

  56. 56

    This song is so fucking annoying brilliant ahahaha. And I'd rather watch her for the next few years than rihanna.

  57. SuzLo says – reply to this


    another star kid who is talentless. no, i'm not jealous. i'm just sick and tired of missing out on true talent out there.

    i don't have a problem with families with connections helping each other out. i'd do the same but i consider this the industry kissing will and jada smith's ass.

  58. 58

    She's incredible. 9 years old and can sing like that..compared to rihanna on saturday night live this was immense. and her parents may have got her off to a good start but with genes like that she definitely has talent

  59. chiro says – reply to this


    Anyone can sound good with Autotune.

  60. 60

    WHAT is with all the hate?!?! shes talented! and performs a lot better than people 3 times her age!

  61. 61

    Can some of you remember that she is 10 years old and saying things like she is a fame whore and just generally mean things sound particularly crueler because of her age?!?!? Some people love to rag on EVERYTHING and can never enjoy things for what they are. I think she did fine and you can definitely tell her voice is going to get a lot stronger as she gets older. fun performance and an adorable star in the making. Good job Willow.

  62. 62

    Good GOD what a bunch of haters. You're all jealous this 9 year old has more talent in her pinky than half of you cry babies.

  63. 63

    She sings better than Taylor Swift

  64. 64

    she is totally lip-synching through out
    then sings finally at the end over the canned music
    : / kinda a bummer, because theres so much pressure placed on her in the public eye
    to have her actually not singing is going to put a lot of criticism on someone so young…
    her parents should step back and think of the long term effects on their decisions involving her career…
    as much as a young girl dreams big, those dreams are so special in childhood..
    they could have waited a little longer…
    as much as she probably pushed for it, it seems her parents wealth might be the problem. Usually parents don't have the means to grant all their childs wishes…
    and in that time they grow up with a passion or craft that they work hard on, or even change their mind about and switch several times…
    but they still have that time for growth and learning protected from the world,
    that is so important about childhood….

  65. 65

    wow. some of you people are so mean and twisted. this kid is talented and has oodles of personality. i wasn't loving the song - i'm an adult - but when i saw the video and this performance. she has star quality, just like her father and presence, like her mom.

  66. 66

    I liked her even though she was lip singing she is just a kid

  67. 67


  68. 68

    Loved it. Love the interview after… and that was her first live performance :) and P.S her birthday was halloween day so she is 10 :P

  69. 69

    Nepotism. Yawn. Get that black hairball off the stage. We're tired of no-talent, arrogant lil chits. Give us talent!

  70. 70

    Re: Jamie Jones – girl…re-watch the video.. when the track was playing she was dancing.. you can tell when she was singing cause you know when you dance and then start singing you sound like Usher in the VMA lol.

  71. 71

    You peol are hating. shes talented. Point blank, and i love her!

  72. 72

    Do you ever wonder how many kids in the ghettos and Projects around the country have 10 times more talent than the Smith-Pinkett kids but they don't have Daddy and Mommy connections and money? Willow she's OK but Jaden In Karate Kid looks like a deer caught in the lights it shows than in this country moneys talks and no the talent.

  73. 73

    Michael Jackson's back

  74. J43 says – reply to this


    She is not even good! The song is stupid and she has no talent. The only reason she is 'out there' is because of mommy and daddy…UGH what a spoiled brat…

  75. 75

    that was great..nice going Willow!

  76. 76

    So many people who are still commenting on here are just nasty vile LOSERS. That was fantastic! What a talented little girl! That was so great for a child of such a young age. Having famous parents doesn't automatically give you talent. This little one has clearly got it, no matter who her parents are!

  77. 77

    I have to admit Willow has the potential to become really big.

  78. 78

    lol she sounded better than rihanna on the only girl part.
    great performance.

  79. 79

    Love her Rihanna tribute in the beginning! I can't hate on a little kid so I won't talk shit…But it just kinda makes me jealous that she's only ten and already is a pop star…Lucky Kid, but this could backfire on her later on…Nepotism is never seen in a good light. I wouldn't say she has anything on Michael Jackson when he was 10 years old. And JoJo is a MUCH more talented singer as far as kid stars go. But cheers to a 10 year old doing what she wants.

  80. 80

    good lord.. she still hasn't gone away.. that song and her voice is SO fucking annoying !

  81. 81

    most of that was recorded and then i see she joins in when she catches her breath..wtf…………..

  82. 82

    she is lip-syncing you idiots.. she trying to sing pieces of it when she can.. i was watching it..were you?? i don't see how people didn't notice that.. and it's so annoying that when other people don't agree with the same things or the people you like that you just call them jealous..that is so fucking stupid..not everyone appreciates bad taste..

  83. 83

    do all of you feel good bashing a freaking NINE YEAR OLD? when most of you are probably adults. get the fuck over yourselves she's a child. why are you calling her a whore? and half the things you say about her don't even make sense. she hasn't done anything yet for you to hate her so much so shut up, grow up, and don't watch videos if you don't like her. fucking idiots.

  84. 84

    people are so mean. i think she sang really well.

  85. 85


  86. 86

    In this day and age with the likes of Rhianna and Ke$ha as mega-stars THIS GIRL IS HUGELY TALENTED, her live singing voice kills both of those girls and anyone who says she isn't is being obnoxious.

    I think that if her parents weren't famous people wouldn't hate on her so much so actually it's more of detriment to her career. That Greyson kid who did the piano cover of paparazzi (he, don't get me wrong, is also very talented) got so much press and so much love and she would too if it weren't for everyone screaming nepotism.

    It's complete BULL she is talented and should be judged not by talent of pop stars past but on her own merit. If any of you think that society will be seeing women like Mariah Carey and Christina Aguleria anytime soon you are delusional. What sells now is youth, beauty, an vibrancy and she is in an abundance of them all.

  87. 87

    I don't believe she was singing live, however that opening with Rihanna's "Only Girl" … she sounded much better than Rihanna does.

    I'm appalled at the ADULTS cursing this child out. That's fine to dislike her music, or to claim you're looking out for her because she's "too young," etc., but to call her a whore and brat is a bit much.

  88. 88

    Re: Pegado1970 – Boohoo! Go cry me a river. Nobody cares! I think her performance was fantastic and she had so much energy and confidence for her age. That's truly amazing! And I was totally blown away. "Whip My Hair" is cute and full of a lot of attitude which I'm sure is what Willow was going for. All you people are so jealous and you really don't need to be jealous just because someone else is talented and you aren't. And for all you people saying "I'm tired of music coming from kids who haven't even reached puberty yet" If that's even a relevant statement which it's not so I'm just gonna leave it at that. Most of you "adults" act like your Willows age. Want some wine with that cheese?

  89. 89

    Re: baby – HA HA Ha!!! Awesome!

  90. 90

    Come on people, she's a kid, Be easy on her. She's better than a lot of cr@p out there. The song is catchy and good. Time will tell if she's a star.

  91. 91

    This little girl just out-sang Rihanna…howz about that for talent!

  92. 92

    The entire family makes me sick. I wish they would go to their cult in a desert somewhere and never come out. And maybe the cult leader could hypnotize all of them into not ever wanting to be in our society ever again.

  93. 93

    I just don't know what her parents are thinking. She's 9 years old and she's dressing and trying to act like an adult. She cannot sing well and the only reason she's a "sensation" is because of who her parents are. Otherwise no one would notice her. Anyway, I saw her during the interview portion of The Ellen Show and was really turned off. The way she was dressed and the way she talked seemed so desperate for attention. No 9 year old should be dressing like a grown woman. She needs to be in school with children her own age. Not up on stage dressed like that and attempting to sing. I have NO idea why she has suddenly become so popular. Oh wait, sure I do. It's because of who her parents are!!!

  94. 94

    You under estimate the abilities of nine year olds. If they were given top dance lessons, alot of money and the chance to have a record deal, they'd produce something at the level of this. It's not even that great. Just really catchy and auto-tuned.

  95. 95

    She did really well but I think Will and Jada should have let her finish school first, fame can wait. As for the rest of you, she's a kid!!!! She's not even out of elementary school and some of you retards are calling her a fame whore and wish "someone would knock her out" What the hell?!?!! Check yourself out for wishing harm on a child. No matter how old she trys to act she's still a 9yr old girl!!

  96. 96

    That song sucks and she should be in school, growing up like a normal kid. Countdown to Willow being in rehab begins now. Shame on her parents!

  97. 97

    Shame on those of you hating on a 10 year old little girl! LIP SYNCING she is NOT! She has her Back up track for the other vocals but she is doing all the verses herself for sure! Also folks lets not forget she sang Rhianna's tid bit there in the beginning and rocked it better then Rhianna did all last week. I think Rhianna finally went threw puberty cause he voice has changed and not for the better! LMAO!!!! I kid kid…. kinda Lol…. I say, good for Willow! If this is what she wants. Her parents seem to have taught her great life skills up to this point considering the way she carries herself and as well spoken as she is. Despite there "religious" beliefs I think Jada and Will above there "talents" Have Done a great job with there kids and will be more then willing and able to reel them in n the event her "career" gets in the way of her being a respectable prioritized little girl. Futhermore those of you saying she is UGLY…. again shes far from it without a doubt she is in her awkward faze that WE ALL went threw at that age. Ya know when your two fron teeth grow in and theyre bigger then ur face LOl…. he has a gorgous smile and those Eyes!!! In ten years You'll see she's gonna be a Doll!

  98. 98

    Also whats wrong with her outfit??!! Granted its abstract but its far from being Adult in nature? It looks like a craft box exploded on her! I like it Lol…

  99. @v@ says – reply to this


    What's the hurry? Her talent isn't going anywhere. I'm surprised she has representation at this age. I hope her parents monitor the pace of the meat grinder. Better to grow into it than in spite of it.

  100. hmc44 says – reply to this


    I think its dumb for people to say that will and and his wife are exploiting their children. their parents are both SO talented, talent runs in that family. Maybe the kids want to go out and do it. my dad runs his own business and I with every bone in my body will either own his or be just as successful. she can sing. she just, doesnt have a great song… listen to her for being 9. she sounds like a mini rihanna. the song itself is terrible.

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