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Chuck Norris Is BACK….In The Czech Republic

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Check out the video (above) to see Chuck Norris star in an ad for Czech phones.

Why would Chuck Norris resort to acting in Czech phone commercials as opposed to American action movies, you might ask?

Chuck Norris doesn't NEED to act in Czech phone commercials. He chooses to because he's fluent in every language that's ever been in existence, and doing these phone commercials gives him the opportunity to take a break from boring English and speak in a different language with the actors on set.

Also, Chuck Norris refrains from performing in American action movies because he's automatically offered the lead role for every action movie ever, and by working out of the country, it gives other actors like Jason Statham the opportunity to get leading roles in action movies….and Chuck Norris likes Jason Statham action movies. He thinks they're "cute."

Does Chuck Norris make U want to buy Czech phones? Or perhaps move to the Czech Republic?

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9 comments to “Chuck Norris Is BACK….In The Czech Republic”

  1. 1

    OK, so WHO said that? I see no "source", just some stupid comments. He doesn't say one WORD of any other language in this commercial, much less "every language that ever existed", OMG. This guy is a hack. OH

  2. 2

    The only time I enjoyed watching this old turd on the screen was in "Return of the Dragon" when Bruce Lee kicked the unholy crap out of him. After beating him senseless, bloodying him up, and breaking his leg, Bruce snapped his neck and left him a dead heap in the Roman Colosseum. Classic! Chuck Norris is way too old to be throwing out a tough guy image. If the old fart even tried throwing a roundhouse anymore, he'd probably break his hip.

  3. 3

    Of course we all want Czech phones now…otherwise Chuck Norris will show up and round house kick our asses to Antartica or beyond.

    Haha RedBlayze chill obviously you don't read Chuck Norris facts. Someone wrote that up as a joke and it was not the best one, but pretty clever. I love Chuck Norris Facts…haha. Good times online. Oh by the way if you go to Google type in Google Chuck Norris and then I Feel Lucky good things happen.

  4. 4

    Maybe T-Mobile won't go out of business now. Chuck Norris has that effect…

  5. 5

    Re: RedBlayze
    you're kidding right? if you don't get that quote, then you know nothing about chuck norris.

  6. BEfan says – reply to this


    this commercial is hilarious. im from the czech republic and i seriously LOLed when i saw this for the first time, hahahhaha.

  7. Tinc says – reply to this


    There's nothing wrong with czeck republic,but chuck norris it just soo lame.hahaha!

  8. 8

    It's now called the Chuck Republic ;)

  9. 9

    Thinks they're cute. Oh fucking buh-ruther.