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While sitting herself at an LA eatery in front of legal papers spread out over her table, Courtney Love reportedly freaked out! Here's what she said duri… Read more…

31 comments to “Courtney Love A Victim Of Massive Fraud?”

  1. 1

    omg she looks normal in this picture!

  2. 2

    Welcome to the Nuts Club! Courtney sit here next to Randy Quaid, Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson, please!

  3. 3

    I don't know about the swindlers, but judging by the marks on her arms, she's certainly the victim of an attack by leeches.

  4. 4

    I wouldn't fuck that train wreck for practice!

  5. 5

    The problem is that she's be so high on drugs that she hasn't noticed until now?

  6. 6

    I think shes bat shit crazy.. i might seem more fraudulent.. if ya know the money wasnt going to her kids.. and maybe an off shore bank account.. she was probably too drugged up to remember signing the paper. Either way.. at least her kids are getting money and not her dope dealer LOL

  7. 7

    If it has already happened, why refer to it as an "attempt"?

  8. 8

    Seeing as how I haven't seen the documents to compare handwriting, I have no clue whether or not this is true. That being said, Courtney Love has proven to be all sorts of crazy.

  9. 9

    Again??? Haven't we heard this story over and over!

  10. 10

    Maybe it's the same guys who are after the Quaids lol

  11. 11

    While nobody can argue with the fact that this woman is out of her goddamn mind, she it certainly is possible that someone forged her name to documents, why not?

  12. 12

    Is it me, or are Courtney and Madonna starting to really look alike ? Yikes

  13. 13

    I think she used too many drugs throughout the years and now she has days when she is quite lucid. Thus now she is starting to question things. Who knows if she actually signed it or not though. That will be very interesting I guess. Stranger things have happened. She will probably live to regret all those years in a big haze.

  14. 14

    Re: sanegrl – OMFG YOU'RE RIGHT!!! and maybe she was wasted when she signed those papers. I hope she gets it together cause I LOVE HOLE!

  15. 15

    That's funny because we were ALL victims of FRAUD by the people who claimed that she had talent!

  16. 16

    CRACK is WACK!

  17. @v@ says – reply to this


    Go get 'em, Courtney. It's happening all over.

  18. 18

    Yeah she probably was assed out on God knows what….. but Im bettin that they where counting on that when what she claims happened, happened……ya know if it really did in all….. The best way to hide something from someone is right in there face! And I Highly doubt If she was as fucked up as everyone ones claims, the one thing she would have a handle on would be her Money! Lord knows crack is wack but it is quite the expensive lil habit she would have been checking her accounts incisively to make sure every penny was there so she could buy some more Crack N Smak! LMAO! Gotta Love her! :)

  19. 19

    also lets not forget that she's been saying this for years now! Wasted and not. I mean crack head or not she's stickin to her guns on this one and has been fora while now.

  20. 20

    courtney has a lot of proof and she's been documenting this all for years. when she was struggling with her addiction people knew of all of the millions and millions of dollars that she had because of her late husband and they took advantage of her. If she ever suspected that they were taking her and her child's money they'd just say "oh, she's insane" or "she's on drugs" even though courtney is a very smart woman.

  21. 7tizz says – reply to this


    Re: sanegrl – Wow, that's absolutely right. Maybe they go to the same surgeon. It is a recession - maybe they got a 2fer!

  22. 22

    The Christmas fruit cake is early.

  23. 23

    face is crooked

  24. 24

    so could this be true what the quaids are saying? hollywood star whackers and all?

  25. 25

    Re: truefact – EXACTLY. She has been talking about this for years and years. She was stripped on millions of dollars back in the early to mid 00's while she was using drugs, only to go to rehab and come out clean and sober only to find that she had been ripped off. There are emails floating around the internet by her ex-assistants and people that used to hang around her at the time that confirm all this. They stole her and Kurt's possessions, and cleared out her bank accounts and opened up 100s of credit cards in her name. People just write it off as "crazy Courtney" but the fact is she is a woman in charge of an empire worth hundreds of millions of dollars. You would be crazy to not think that there would be people out there who would take advantage of that.

  26. 26

    I've been hearing this from Court for well over a year…I'm sure its TRUE..that is alot of $$$ in the estate!!./.however…the aspects re: her daughters emanicipation should be weighed into the mix…that given…it could def be true…I had a company start in my home….very successful…and I was completely defrauded, over 300K…I'm fighting it now in the courts..it will prob be thrown out due to lawyering liars…fraud is all over and permeating this country..we all need to speak out and SUPPORT our fellow citizens when they call out F R A U D S T E R S……..

  27. 27

    I read the same story three weeks ago on this blog

  28. 28

    I like her new look, she looks beautiful. (even if the bangs look strange here)

  29. 29

    Insane in the membrane. Maybe she should compare the handwriting on Kurt's faked suicide note with the signature on those 'allegedly faked' documents: maybe they are the same CL scrawl (?!) Put her away Frances. In most countries only family members can put away insane family members. MHO Its way overdue. You dont do this shit in public. UTTER LUNATIC.

  30. 30

    I'm not a doctor but I would be inclined to say I think she might be a paranoid schizophrenic or at least borderline. There always seem to be people out to get her. Addicted to drama ….. and perhaps plastic surgery. Sad.

  31. 31

    I am sure it was purposely done and she's too stupid to understand what she was signing shen she agreed to all that…