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Kanye Responds To Bush Comments

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Kanye Responds To Bush Comments

In a recent interview, George W. Bush admitted that the low point in his presidency came when Kanye West called him a racist (in so many words).

After getting wind of it, Kanye responded, saying that he went through a similar experience when he was called racist after the Taylor Swift incident:

“I definitely can understand the way he feels, to be accused of being a racist in any way, because the same thing happened to me, where I got accused of being a racist. West replied, referring to the aftermath of his run-in with Taylor Swift last fall. “For both situations, it was basically a lack of compassion that America felt in that situation. With him, it was a lack of compassion of him not rushing, him not taking the time to rush down to New Orleans. For me, it was a lack of compassion of cutting someone off in their moment. But nonetheless, I think we’re all quick to pull a race card in America. And now I’m more open, and the poetic justice that I feel, to have went through the same thing that he went [through] — and now I really more connect with him on just a humanitarian level.”

You gotta love the empathy he expresses for Bush, who is someone that people rarely express any empathy for!

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65 comments to “Kanye Responds To Bush Comments”

  1. 1

    I guess it's nice to know he's learning something…

  2. 2

    People who let stupid words get to them are fools.

  3. 3

    my body double: you should be killed you fucking scum

  4. 4

    Sounds like Kanye is growing up.

  5. 5

    I am soooo cunfused can someone please help me? Kayne is camparing his inerupting some blonde that can't sing getting an award, to the leader of the free world not responding to people losing their homes families and lives and had they been "white Texans" the National and Coast guard would have been there day one. Kanye is equating his affect of one momment on a communtiy that has such a loss five years later that the response is still shameful…confusing…..

  6. 6

    I think that's an apology.

  7. mw says – reply to this


    keep talking perez - maybe you can get your wish of a nice tea bagger prez… that is SO going to help the gay cause.

  8. 8

    Kanye West needs to shut the hell up! That wasn't even an apology! He doesn't once say "Im sorry". George W. Bush is not a racist and kanye west should have respected the president and he should have kept that comment to himself.
    Nowadays we have been losing respect for the presidential office. Regardless of if the president in office sucks at what he does or not… We should still respect them for putting up with so much crap and taking the responsibility to help all of us out.

  9. 9

    Bush was an outstanding man and an outstanding patriot and an outstanding President. He was also the victim of an incredibly bad smear campaign by the left media that managed to brainwash people into believing he was dumb and incompetent. You saw people waking up out of that funk last night. One of the biggest mysteries of life is why any black person would want to be a democrat. The democratic party dumbs down black people so bad it is shameful.

  10. 10

    "You gotta love the empathy he expresses for Bush, who is someone that people rarely express any empathy for"
    really stfu perez obama is worst. The only reason you say that is b/c your a democrat. Atleast bush cared to come visit our soldiers, unlike obama who doesn't go to visit them!!!! Bush wasn't a great pres, but he wasn't the worst. If he was such a bad pres then why did you people vote for him again?

  11. 11

    Seems like he's not an asshole as many people perceive him to be.

  12. 12

    I actually DO agree with him that we pull the race card extra -and many times unnecessarily - quick.

    But overall (I could go on a list why, but that's stupid), he just gets on my nerves.

  13. 13

    I liked him better when he was talking shiz on Bush. It was hilarious because it was true and he was the only person willing to speak up. I'm actually dissapointed him for this.

  14. 14

    N I G G E R

  15. 15

    Re: Markie – um, no. that's not what he is comparing. He is talking about accusing someone of racism vs when he was accused of racism. When both incidents weren't about race, it was about "a lack of humanity"

  16. 16

    Re: Markie – why are you so racist? wth happened to you? I will never understand how black people can only see in color. 'If it was white people down there'… hello stupid, there were plenty of white people down there. Racism wouldn't even exist if black people would just stfu about it. You are the only ones keeping it alive!

  17. 17

    Really Pres. Bush? That's the worst thing that happen in your presidency? How about Katrina? Iraq? The economy you ruined because u wanna fund ur stupid wars?I could go on and on here..

  18. 18

    I liked Bush, but then again, I'm not into politics much. I think he did the best he could, don't really get the hatred. I think this was very sweet of Kayne to address. Makes me like him a little more.

  19. 19

    Re: Genghis Khan – Because all Reps. are racist and homophobic. what the fuck does take my country back mean? you hate that your counrty is in the hands of a blackman. the only thing that happend last night is non of the young black voters went out to vote thats all it means. RACIST.

  20. 20

    a new sitcom…2 tools and empathy

  21. 21

    Something so strange to me is that both of these people, Kanye and our former Pres are so clueless. I mean President Bush sat there reading to children the morning of 9/11 and that wasn't the worst moment for him, or when all these Iraqi people died, no? Then of course after Kanye got called a racist for his big flub he can feel what Bush felt? I just don't get either of them I guess. Although it really does seem like Kanye just gave a lot more of a mature statement about the whole thing here than the ex President did. I have to say when Kanye said it at the time I still laugh every time I remember how Mike Myers acted. Oh God was that hilarious, and I do try to think about the funny moments in all of that because the entire Katrina thing was so freaking sad. I honestly think that Bush was not trying to be racist at all though. He was just being thoroughly clueless which is what he was very good at doing.

  22. 22

    OHHHH PAHHHLEASE….U.S GOV. and every bit of thee entertainment industry is one franchise/group/establishment, this orchestrated quip is designed to make you think they are not connected. Bull fcukin sh*t.

  23. 23

    Re: kylielover02 – You are very ignorant.

  24. 24

    Re: jeremyandkristy – I am not black or poor as you have assumed. I used "White Texan" because that is what Bush is and he has IN FACT dealt w/ such disaster such as floods (on a much smaller scale) in TX. You also may assume I am stupid I graduated from the same University as Bush. My biggest Argument was one situation was lofty and cost lives. Kanye being an ass hasn't killed anyone.

  25. 25

    Oh Jeez. Not the same thing Kanye.

  26. 26


  27. 27

    you've got to be kidding me. of all the 8 years bush was in office, the lowest point was when a rapper said "and george bush don't about black people"??

  28. 28

    Kanye is a ghetto trash asshole.

  29. ka.06 says – reply to this


    Re: kylielover02 – You're just as bad as Alan Grayson accusing tea partiers of being the people "who were wearing sheets over their head 25 years ago."

    Your stereotypical generalization of Republicans is the reason why Democrats lost control of the house. You are clearly ignorant and uneducated. Unless you single handedly know every single Republican that exists in the US, you don't accuse them of being racist and homophobic. If you broaden your horizons, there are many that are African-American, Hispanic, Caucasian, Asian, etc… and different sexualities ranging from straight, bisexual, homosexual, etc. Next time you add a comment, I suggest you read it before you decide to hit the 'submit comment' button.

  30. 30

    Wow. Maybe he really has learned something.

  31. 31

    Re: Mushu Baby – - LMAO - a bad President deserves ZERO respect. Perhaps the Jews should've shown Hitler more respect. You think that might've kept him from gassing them and doing experiments on them? Probably not…

    That argument makes zero sense to me. I am not going to respect someone simply because they are in a position that demands it. I will respect what you accomplish and your devotion to the American people.

    I don't know what Bush would've done if it was Texas that was hit. I kinda think that being called a racist wasn't the low point of his presidency. I would think being accused of allowing 9-11 to happen would've been the low point, but that's just me, I guess. Kanye's statement "Bush doesn't care about black people" on national television, live for a fundraising effort, was just plain embarrassing, and not for anyone except Kanye. Why Bush cared what he had to say is beyond me.

  32. 32

    If ANYONE remembers Bush is not at fault…the LOCAL GOVERNMENT refused help from the feds a couple of times before Bush went down there. If you watched real news you would get that. Freaking Liberal Idiots.

  33. 33

    Re: gabegetsyouhigh – You use the N word here, you motherfucker?!! I hope a 300 lb black guy with a fresh case of Hep C takes a giant shit right into your dirty mouth. Then I hope that a brilliant black photogragher happens to be there at that exact moment to document you getting shit on by a 300 lb black dude. Fingers motherfucking crossed, douchebag!
    PS. I WILL remember your moniker.

  34. 34

    Re: Genghis Khan – You are a great American!

  35. 35

    Re: kylielover02 – The black voting bloc is racist for the most part and blacks only make up 12% of the population. Barry is in office because of white liberals. You liberals treat blacks like they're children. Republicans KNOW that blacks are very capable of anything they put their minds to. Democrats think they always need a hand up. As for Republicans being homophobic, well, you're full of shit again. Young Republicans support gay rights and older Democrats don't support gay rights. Barry doesn't support gay marriage. CA shut down Prop 8 and my beloved state is so God damn liberal Democratic that it's sickening. Imagine that, Democrats hating gays.

  36. 36

    Re: kylielover02 – You're a fucking stupid piece of shit. You making a blanketed comment like that makes you look like a bigot. I hope you fucking die.

  37. 37

    FEMA tried to come in to save Louisiana. They couldn't cross the border until the governor of louisiana declared a state of emergency. So…………who do we think is to blame for this…….just saying.

  38. 38

    so what that an apology?

  39. 39


  40. 40

    Re: kylielover02

    Man I sure hate when people make sweeping generalizations. Not all Republicans are homophobes and not all Democrats believe in TAX and SPEND.

    I count myself as a Republican and I fully support gay rights and Don't ask don't tell needs to die. I won't lie and tell you that my moral convictions differ but I believe in HUMAN rights more than anything. So please go and educate yourself and argue on fact not with derogatory words.

  41. 41

    wow, dare i say it, but kanye seems to be a changed man. good for him.

  42. uyeah says – reply to this


    According to you, asshole perez…….plenty of us have empathy for Bush, the majority of Americans! He was wrongly eviscerated by the hateful libtards, who rag on him but give a pass to the shitheads that run our country and do 100 times his worst. At least he was never a TRAITOR wanting to take down america. Glad they got smacked down by the MAJORITY of Americans who have common sense and don't have their heads in the sand.

  43. 43

    i'm from new orleans, and i know for a FACT kanye is racist. he requested black ONLY waitstaff at a restaurant out here. no white people serving him. so boo yah

  44. 44

    Are you kidding me!? Low point in his presidency came when Kanye West called him a racist?! Can this man be more self-centered? It's always about him….me, me, me, me, me. How about some compassion towards people you sent to war and people who died during Katrina?

  45. 45

    Thank god he's going to church again!

  46. 46

    When they tell you to get the fuck out of the state since a hurricane is going to hit, then damn get the fuck out of the state. You don't need a president to come down there saying "told you so".

  47. 47

    Bush got upset because he knew it was true.

  48. 48

    get the fuck over taylor swift already kanye…and people say she is milking it…

  49. 49

    A lot of people have deep regard and affection for Mr. Bush. I am as delighted to see K. West's recent comment as I was outraged when he spoke at the time of the hurricane help efforts. YAY MR. BUSH! Never mentioned Obama in his book, Obama being totally irrelevant to what happens in our BELOVED AMERICA. He is not one of us. YAY BUSH AND YAY THE REPUBLICANS AND ALL THE OFFICES THEY GAINED IN THE RECENT ELECTIONS. What's happened in the past 2 years doesn't belong in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. We're taking our country back!

  50. 50

    they are BOTH racists. i love kanye's music but he hates me because i'm white. it's a love hate relationship.

  51. 51

    Young childish Markie.

    Yea Obama responded quickly to the oil spill didnt he. He didnt show up or respond until a month later. But he had time to have party after part, concert after concert at the white house during the oil spill and before he even responded. The media killed Bush for not repsonding until 2 days later. But Obama can have parties and concerts and vacations and not reposnd, and no one says a word. And the sad thing is you get to vote and procreate!

  52. 52

    Re: BeNiceYall – Really, I totally agree! I watch him do what he did at the awards show and the first words that came out of my mouth regarding Kanye was "You are an asshole" Let the kid have her moment, noone said shit to him when he had his moment who the hell does he think he is to act in such an unprofessional manner! As for Bush I never considered him a racist either… Just an uneducated moran! So on both counts this dude needs to shut up as in no way can he compare Kanye accomplishments with a man that has led a Nation politically the same thing! Kanye has given us some terrible music… Bush has been a President to the USA 2 terms in a row and led the nation through the 911 disaster and war on Iraq… The two are similar because…. I don't know but apparently Kanye thigs he ad the ex Pres are one in the same… Wow! You Kanye you sure love you don't you? Almost as much as Lady Gag Gag… The apology changes nothign for me… He's still an asshole, I mean this crap and diamond teeth after writing a song that fights the whole blood diamond concepts in Africa! DOUCHEBAG!!!

  53. 53

    He's comparing the 2 incidents because people assumed he wanted Beyonce to win the award over Taylor because she is black.
    Good for him for 1/2 way admitting it was wrong. He should still appologize especially if he regrets saying it. Everyone is entitled to mistakes. Bush admitted to his mistakes with Katrina in his book and in interviews…

  54. 54

    Re: Mushu Baby – Yeah, you should NEVER criticize your government, no matter how shitty a job they're doing! The people only speak out once every four years: at the poles! …. Idiot.

  55. 55

    I thought this comment was very mature of Kanye and impressive. To admit it was poetic justice!

    Having said that, at the time Kanye just said what I was thinking. And Bush was a horrible president and instead of attacking Obama people need to realize Bush's eight years landed a huge burden on Obama's back! It's going to take many terms to clean up Bush's mess! Atleast Obama ended the Iraq war. You republicans who are smearing Obama and saying "take our country back" What the hell does that mean? To me it does sound racist or elitist. I never saw people say that when Clinton was in office. And why does the country belong to YOU. Entitled much? We're all supposed to be equal. You accuse black people of pulling the race card when you are so quick to look at black people as "them" instead of one of you!

  56. 56

    i dont get how either of these situations are at all alike, kanye west disrespected the president of the united states on live tv, no matter what you feel about the president you should still show them respect. and the other event he disrespected taylor on live tv also (one is obviously not as big a deal as the other) Kanye was in the wrong in both of those situations. and kanye doesnt once apologize in this statement. no matter what talent kanye has he is still just an egotistical douche

  57. 57

    Buuu Kanye!! You were right when you called him a racist. But you failed to say stupid retarded genocide but well..

  58. 58

    what a wimp Kanye is. there was no need to apologize to that fucking idiot Bush. jokingly looking under his desk for weapons of mass destruction after our brave men and women have lost their lives in his fake war, illegal wire tapping the american people, illegal torture, his embarrassing "mission accomplished" photo op., leaving office with a huge deficit, ect., ect…. and his low point is being called out by a pop star? what a complete moron.

  59. 59

    to all you idiots sticking up for that evil piece of shit Bush here's some quotes he made about Katrina. i especially love the one from his fucking bitch of a mother Barbara.
    "I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees." –President Bush, on "Good Morning America," Sept. 1, 2005, six days after repeated warnings from experts about the scope of damage expected from Hurricane Katrina
    "What I'm hearing which is sort of scary is that they all want to stay in Texas. Everybody is so overwhelmed by the hospitality. And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway so this (chuckle) – this is working very well for them." –Former First Lady Barbara Bush, on the hurricane evacuees at the Astrodome in Houston, Sept. 5, 2005
    "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job." –President Bush, to FEMA director Michael Brown, while touring hurricane-ravaged Mississippi, Sept. 2, 2005
    "We've got a lot of rebuilding to do … The good news is — and it's hard for some to see it now — that out of this chaos is going to come a fantastic Gulf Coast, like it was before. Out of the rubbles of Trent Lott's house — he's lost his entire house — there's going to be a fantastic house. And I'm looking forward to sitting on the porch." (Laughter) —President Bush, touring hurricane damage, Mobile, Ala., Sept. 2, 2005

  60. 60

    Did he call Obama a racist when he didn't show up at the oil spill area.? It also took the president so long to visit that site. As robert frost wrote "I can sum up everything I've learned about life - it goes on". so true.

  61. 61

    And of course…Kanye uses the opportunity to make it all about Kanye…so sensitive!

  62. 62

    Kanye is such an idiot. Never once have I heard a white person call a black person racist, it's always the opposite (and I live in a town where the majority of people are white - 95%). What the hell did Kanye want Bush to do the day after Katrina? Run down there and go wading through the 10 foot deep floodwaters rescuing people? No, that's not his job. Bush couldn't have done anything until the waters receded, and New Orleans was so dangerous after Katrina that I'm sure his safety was at risk. How about this Kanye, the people of New Orleans were ordered a mandatory evacuation by the Louisiana government that those who stayed - those blacks you're protecting while you bash Bush - ignored. What's that say? To me, it says, "I'm sorry, but you were supposed to leave and until the floodwaters recede, we can't come to help you." And that's exactly what happened. So suck it Kanye.

  63. 63

    Re: AttFinch – What's wrong with Bush being optimistic? Which is what half of those comments were. I'd rather him look at the bright side than sit there and talk about how terrible the damage was, how many people died, etc. It's good to lighten things up a bit.

  64. 64

    Re: luvluvluvluv1234 – No, he admitted in the recent interviews that his lowest point was Katrina itself. Not just Kanye's comment, anything related to Katrina.

  65. ka.06 says – reply to this


    Re: AttFinch – For some odd reason I don't believe any of the quotes you wrote down. If there is something that liberals do extremely well, it is taking clips and quotations right out of context. If you can prove the quotes with FULL commentary or a written account of the FULL conversation, then maybe I'd consider it… otherwise, I think your quotes are BS.