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Maybe TLC is hoping if they order more episodes, they can get Jesse James back on and Gosselin up their ratings. It couldn't hurt, right? (Actually, it… Read more…

14 comments to “More Kat Von D On TV”

  1. 1

    I wish TLC would give Kat the boot and focus on the other tattoo shop with Amy, Pauly, and Corey.

  2. 2

    in that pic she looks like a conehead about to eat a hero

  3. 3

    Anyone see this twat on Joy behar? She was a total vomit. Haaaaarrrribbble personality and couldn't answer any jesse jamess questions because she is such a big star and she's above it. Those two can have each other. They both have gotten in trouble with nazi references. Perfect for each other

  4. 4

    I still enjoy watching her show but i dont know if i'm a big fan of her personally anymore, her tattoo work is great, but i'm not so sure about the person behind it. And as much as i like this show, i wont watch it without Corey.

  5. 5

    i really hate her now.. she's such a swinger.. i mean one loving relationship to the next and she's not even really broken up.. she's been doing that for awhile it's fucked up.. and sandra's ex? i mean really? he is fucking ugly and disgusting.. and the show with out corey is stupid.. idk what's her problem but she sure is full of herself idk what i ever saw in her or what anyone else does anymore..

  6. 6

    I wish they would focus more on an ACTUAL tat shop like the one with Corey and Pauly and Amy. Kat is stupid, she's so fake and needs to grow the fuck up.


  7. 7

    No problem here. Jesse already out douche's Jon Gosselin without even showing up.
    Who watches this crap anyhow? Kat's a brokedown messed up tatooed freak.
    She's been around the block so many times she needs to be repaved!

  8. @v@ says – reply to this


    You could throw a marshmallow from anywhere in the room and it would still hit that gaping mouth.

  9. 9

    TaaDaa!! This the real reason for dating Jesse, the publicity paid off!! More shows! I still dont get the problem of having JJ in the show? She said they are very much together and if they have a relationship it makes sense for him to be part of her slutty life. Anyways he is a publicity slut himself so it shouldnt be a problem for him. … Is she ashamed? Arent they madly in love with each other?
    Anyways right now she is in Austin,TX at a book signing and then goes on to Dallas and afterwards she has a couple of days off to hook up with Jesse. So why all the hoopla with him being in the show.
    Now I understand why Sandra is in NY, the travelling circus is back in Austin and she doesnt want to be part of the drama.

  10. mouse says – reply to this


    The pictures of her in the OMG black shirt with the under bright pink boob-tube thing are from when she was at my Philadelphia B&N. She was so creepy o_o

  11. 11

    Re: Wild-Guitar – And..why? She's talented and the reason people tune in. That would be a stupd move to fire her.

  12. 12

    God, give her a break. Obviously none of you know her, because she is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of everything you have described her as. If you don't like her, who freaking cares?! just shut up already and get over it!

  13. 13

    Re: jennycakes – i agree i kind of liked her but she so full of her now

  14. 14

    ugh i cant stand her at all she thinks she hot sh!t and think she is so much better tlc has given her a big had if i ran into her i'd deck her blaah d;ksf;ldkslfk