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Kim & Kanye: Kollaborators?

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kim would be honored to work with kanye west musically

Kim Kardashian has been reportedly spending time in the studio with acclaimed music producer The-Dream, but could she also be planning a collaboration with Kanye West?

Here's what Kim has said about collaborating with Kanye:

"[Kanye's] a musical genius, so I would be honored to work with Kanye. It's all in fun. We're just trying to have a good time."

We certainly wouldn't be surprised if the two combined musical talents. There's already been rumors about the two being more than friends, and he's an influence in terms of fashion for the Kardashians.

Here's what Khloe's had to say about Kanye's influence on their fashion choices:

"He's our fashion muse … nothing happens in fashion unless Kanye blesses it. He blessed Dash New York, and look at the turn out."

What will come of you and Kim Kardashian, Mr. West? Will you sing together? Date? Develop a fashion line together?

We're very curious to see what happens between you two, Kanye and Kim!

[Image via WENN.]

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23 comments to “Kim & Kanye: Kollaborators?”

  1. 1

    Those two should get married. He is a total ass she is is a vapid narcasist it is perfect. They deserve each other!

  2. 2

    Kanye is selling out by doing anything with her.

  3. 3

    The Kardashians are sick. They'll latch onto anyone for publicity. Kanye at least has talent so he'll be remembered. In a few years no one will remember who the Kardashians were.

  4. 4

    she wont be taken seriously as an artist.

  5. 5

    Uh, I like Kanye, but "musical genius", "fashion muse….nothing happens in fashion unless he blesses it"??? These girls are more delusional than I thought!

  6. 6

    Why would Kanye do that? He's a musical genius. He loves music. I love Kim Kardashian, but I seem to remember an interview where she openly stated that she cannot sing. Kanye is into GOOD, serious musical ventures. He might be her friend, but I don't think he would collaborate with her unless she was REALLY something else

  7. 7

    Not surprising. Idiots always stick together. Kanye should just kill himself already. And I doubt that Kim can sing. They will probably electronically enhance her voice or pull a Milli Vanilli. But it doesn't really matter cuz she's too old to be a pop star anyway. No one will buy this junk. Only Gaga and Katy Perry are selling any music these days and they're both in their 20's. Kim is an old maid now. No one cares about her. She can't even find a boyfriend. She's basically a loser.

  8. 8

    Re: lalalala1234 – God I hope so!!

  9. 9

    Kim is a nasty piece of trash. She sleeps around. She probably has at least one STD. Removing her body hair must be a full time job for a desperate illegal alien. She admitted once that she has lots of it. Gross.

  10. 10

    The laughs just keep on coming.

  11. 11

    HAAAAAAAAAAAA… LMAO… they're all so delusional. I wonder how much "singing" she'll get in between taking it up her old-lady kunt, which must feel like a glass of water by now.

  12. 12

    he is a sell out.. he is good a music but she has not passion for it.. this is the biggest load of bs ever.. i can't believe anyone taking her seriously.. she maybe good at fashion and shit but not this.. this is another way to make money and get her name out there >:( ..she can't sing ..she sure as hell isn't a performer.. what the fuck is she doing making a album?? does she really have to put her name on fucking everything..?

  13. okgo says – reply to this


    Another Cheryl Cole!!!

  14. 14

    Ahh yes, she would certainly know "genius" wouldnt she?
    And a "fashion muse". Kanye must be thrilled to finally recieve some compliments….from trailer trash sluts,,, but they are compliments.
    Better then a President describing you as "disgusting" I guess

  15. 15

    Why would Kanye even think about working in music with Kim Kardasian? I don't get it but I don't get the diamond covered bottom teeth that will rip his mouth and gums and destroyed his upper teeth chomping down on diamonds every day.

  16. 16

    She must have seen that picture of Kanye's dick circulating on the internet…SNAP!

  17. 17

    two desperate peas in a pod

  18. 18

    I think is a great match up- both bona-ide royal losers. I agree they should get married and produce lots of mini-mes and then be forced to raise them.
    The Kardashians will stoop to no level to keep their faces in the media limelight so this could be the ticket to buy a few more minutes.I was listening to a parody piece about her on the radio today and I was thinking- she does have a hot body-for a forty-five year old. Her poor abused body looks like an old lady that is getting plastic surgery to try and look younger. Why they have her on fitness magazine covers is beyond me.

  19. 19

    Go read her blog, the comments on there are HILARIOUS! Its the same shyt over & over, "kim your my idol, your beautiful" etc..blah blah blah. Us Mag guided me over there, which was a huge mistake! And the fools who buy into the K familys bullshyt is even more hilarious. What poor mis-guided souls.

  20. 20

    Re: Eyes Crying Purple Tears – Same thoughts here… Musical genius, No… Fashion Muse, holy no! I have seen many outfits this dude wears and I wouldn't spen on that look… These girls are so pathetic in the way they suck up just to be noticed by people…

  21. 21

    Like really Fashion Muse? He's dressed in like a cheap eighties Miami Vice outfit and the jacket is bright pink?? Seriously…

  22. 22

    Re: boogiewoogie – I wonder what type of person would be the target market for Kim Kardashian's BS?? Seriously…..I bet you could sell that crew anything!

  23. dae27 says – reply to this


    So their store received the illuminati's blessing lol