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New Couple Alert! Taylor Lautner And Who???

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TayTay, you sly dog! You went and snagged yourself a co-star, and didn't even tell anyone!

According to reports, Taylor Lautner has been quietly dating his Abduction co-star Lily Collins for "almost four months!"

And he even stole her away from her boyfriend at the time!

A source reports:

"Lily told pals that she wasn't looking to fall in love, but soon realized she had strong romantic feelings. Taylor was smitten from day one, but Lily let him know she was in a relationship with a stuntman who was working on a Steven Spielberg movie in New Mexico. When the boyfriend got suspicious because Lily didn't return calls promptly, he hopped a plane and turned up unannounced to confront her."

We had no idea that our little TayTay was such a scoundrel!

But with abs like THAT, how could anyone resist?

Sucks to be the ex-stuntman though! LOLz!

You two kids have fun, now!

[Images via WENN.]

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25 comments to “New Couple Alert! Taylor Lautner And Who???”

  1. 1

    I think they make a cute couple. She looks like shes a really nice girl and hes a really nice guy. so, there ya go

  2. 2

    i'm glad he found someone

  3. 3

    Who knew Phil Collins could have a pretty daughter?

  4. 4

    aww she's very pretty. but i don't like taylor lautner so much

  5. 5

    she's cute

  6. 6

    OMG … you mean they are in a movie together and they are also an item???

  7. 7

    She's pretty but he's ugly. Anyway…
    PS. He stole her from her boyfriend ? Aren't you going to call him a whore ? A slut ? A skank ? no ?

  8. 8

    I called that a while ago while filming…they were all over eachother- seemed pretty obvious unless you're totally oblivious.

  9. 9

    Ricky Martin 2.0

  10. 10

    the stuntman's name is Riley Harper… hahahaha pretty funny cause I know him.

  11. 11

    I think those caterpillars above her eyes are about to have a dance off

  12. 12

    Hello this is the girl that came out in The Blind Side with Sandra Bullock. And shes gorgeous I think they make a perfect couple!

  13. 13

    why are people so nice about this?? huh? i mean come on there is no proof and it said that he STOLE her away but you say nothing about it? yet when people like taylor swift are seen or rumored to be with someone she is called a slut or whore or that she sleeps around i mean come on for now i bet there is not that much truth to this i mean they have NEVER once been seen together

  14. 14

    Her eyebrows are crazy.

  15. 15

    Why are people laughing and why are you glamorizing it..She cheated on her boyfriend/dropped him to date someone famous..She will get burned then that will be funny. Sadly most girls would indeed cheat on their loved one with someone they have never met simply because they are famous..Funniest part is the bimbos arent smart enough to realize they will be just a notch and they'll end up losing their bf/gf of years possibly over doing something dumb like that.

  16. 16

    Do her eyebrows bother anyone else? They are thicker than his! Doesn't she have an assistant or stylist that can make an appointment for her to have those waxed? :-\ Other than that she is a really cute girl. Loved her in The Blind Side. Good luck to the both of them!

  17. 17

    he is so fugly, if he's going to be with her, i hope he gets a nose job

  18. 18

    Just another mad up relationship in Hollywood. This guy is sooooooooo gay!! He always shows at awards shows with his BF, he found someone a long time ago, this is just all publicity to try and cover his gay tracks. I think he is one celeb. who will come OUT eventually, unlike Clooney, Leo, Cruise, Travolta, and the list goes on and on and on.

  19. Eris says – reply to this


    She seems pretty but she needs to fix those ugly eyebrows asap!

  20. 20

    hello? he's gay… does anyone not know this already? the jig is up..

  21. 21

    Re: NookiesWA – How do you know she cheated asshole ? Just because 'a source' said so ? How do you know it's true ? errrmm You don't, you just want to throw shit at her because you hate women, your repetitive misogynist comments are wearing thin.
    Come out of the closet prick.
    She is famous as well. How do you know that she's using him ? God what a moron you are, i bet noone has ever loved you in your pathetic life. Why would they anyway ? ….

  22. 22

    Re: AbigailMSU – LOL! I AGREE!

  23. Lumie says – reply to this


    Her eyebrows are distracting. And if that story about the stuntman-ex is true, then wow, what a ho! Taylor doesn't have very good taste, I guess. He should've stuck with Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift, at least they're classy.

  24. 24

    Great! A new beard for him.

  25. 25

    She looks 12… how old is she??