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Reports Claim That Chezza Landed A US Record Deal!

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We doubt that this is true, but DAMN! We wish it were!

Reports are circulating that execs at Universal Music Group flew Cheryl Cole out to El Lay this past weekend to sign a £6 million - almost $10 million - record deal to break into the US music scene!

Sources claim that both Simon Cowell and frequent collaborator will.i.am were instrumental in the deal - which includes a US release of her album Messy Little Raindrops and two more after that - and friend Derek Hough was present for moral support!

The insider explains:

"Cheryl got a call from some very senior people at Universal saying they wanted to see her. They are the kind of people who when they say, 'Jump', you ask, 'How high?' So she jumped on a plane and went to LA for 36 hours. Derek was there to ferry her to and fro and give her support as these big execs can be quite scary."

We think this would sound a whole lot more legitimate if she were confirmed as a judge on the US X Factor, but if it is true, congratulations, bb! This is HUGE!

And if it's not true, don't worry! It's only a matter of time before it does happen!

What do U think?? Do U want to see Chezza hit American mainstream??

[Image via XposurePhotos.com.]

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31 comments to “Reports Claim That Chezza Landed A US Record Deal!”

  1. 1

    Yeah I also want Girls Aloud in the U.S. mainstream.

  2. 2

    i ordered Messy Little Raindrops from Amazon UK and got it yesterday so I don't have to wait for her to get a US record deal, but I would still love it for Cheryl to have a presence in the US. Love her!

  3. 3

    wouldn't surprise me - the US music industry has no idea what talent is anymore………..

  4. 4

    That's what I'm talking about it! I really hope this is true because I think she could do really well here.

  5. 5

    Great.Another can't sing,auto-tuned to death poser gets dumped into the slag heap known as the US music industry.Don't worry Cheryl,all you have to do is look and act like a skank,and spew nonsense every time you're required to speak.

  6. Heh says – reply to this


    Will you stop with that Chezza shit this is the United States not bloody England you sound like an ASS

  7. 7

    That woman is soooo freaking gorgeous. I don't really know who she is (X Factor judge??) but all the pictures of her are so pretty

  8. 8

    There are NO $10 million deals in the music industry now unless you are Madonna or someone of that caliber, Clearly, she is not.

  9. 9

    Re: Heh – What do you mean this is the United States? This is a worldwide site .. YOU my friend sound like the ass… Wanker.

  10. 10

    stop the hate for british music can janet britney jessicca madonna jlo sing well live dont think so you dont mess with a girl from newcastle england

  11. 11

    Ask Robbie Williams how easy breaking into America is.

    He's a nobody here.

  12. 12

    how much do they pay to you, Perez?

  13. 13

    loveeee cheryl! BUT, she'll never make it here. No way. Even though brit, katy perry, and everyone else all lip sync at least their songs are good. Cheryl's just sound pretty cheesy.

  14. 14

    Not sure if I believe this or not yet. Maybe she was inspired by my question of coming to the us. You never know. However I think it would be a wonderful idea for her to come stateside.

    I love how people say she can't sing without autotune. Autotune can only do so much. It doesn't give you a magical best singing voice ever. So yes she can sing with or without the autotune.

    I don't care either way she deserves some us attention.

  15. 15

    Re: Trancelike – AMEN! Stop with all these no talent reality competition singers! Stop the live competition shows making new pop stars… PLEASE!!!!

  16. 16

    You're kidding! She can't sing worth a fuck!

  17. 17

    I think Cheryl is just jealous that Leona Lewis made it big in the US. I think it was reported earlier in the UK that Leona made more money than her but Leona has a great and unique singing voice and Cheryl doesn't. I couldn't believe that she only makes a little over a million as a UK X Factor judge….Snooki and The Situation makes more than her….I guess that's why the Brits want to come to the US.

  18. 18

    Cheryl Cole is my favorite artist! this would make my life! i hope its true! The us need some chezza in there life!

  19. 19

    Hard to understand? Oh please! Just because it’s not a stereotypical London/Queen’s English ‘proper’ accent? She barely even has her South Shields (which is NOT Geordie by the way) accent anymore, they’d understand her no problem. Unless they’re deaf.

  20. 20

    Re: Noodle89 – Cheryl isn't from South Shields, she's from Walker in Newcastle (she went to Walker school) so her accent is definitely Geordie - Joe Mcelderry is from South Shields though!

  21. 21

    we dont want her

  22. 22

    What is she doing with her hands?

  23. 23

    Re: MJaded – i believe she has her phone on vibrate

  24. loulo says – reply to this


    how care she suck

  25. loulo says – reply to this


    who care !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. 26

    Re: shawnshamrock You are COMPLETELY wrong, autotune does a lot. Read the word even, it auto tunes your voice, aka makes your out of tune voice in tune and improves it considerably. So yes, it does in fact give you an amazing voice even if you don't have one. If you had ever used the software or know how it works you would know this. Stop talking about shit you have no clue about. She deserves zero US attention. And yes I don't agree with the talentless hacks here being famous, but we have enough of them, we don't need yours.

  27. 27

    Hope so!!!

  28. 28

    Re: gerry in sf – How can you compare cheryl to snooki or the situation?? For one cheryl earns over 1.2 million uk pounds for the xfactor which is like 1.6 american.. most of her singles go straight to number 1 if not number ALWAYS in the top ten.. She has numerous adverts with her face on them shes been on the front cover of nearly every single major magazine every week for the past couple of years.. Tbh i dont think you americans deserve anyone as good as our cheryl

  29. 29

    I just proves, you don't need talent to enter into this so called music industry.She cannot sing and that Cher girl, that's on the x factor show cannot sing.

  30. 30

    Wait till they get a load of her criminal background! I'm glad she going. Can't stand her fakeness.

  31. 31

    I love Cheryl but she sounds like crap live which is why she doesn't sing live (sometimes she'll attempt) but I still love her! Bought her import too!

    That's awesome! Is it true? I don't know but it very well could be!