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Insanity Ensues At A Subway Restaurant!!

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This is SOOO intense!!

Watch this video (above) as chaos break outs when a man jumps over a counter at a Subway restaurant, rips out the phone, gets in a fist fight, challenges anyone to fight him for $100 bucks and then later gets tazed by the cops - all within 5 minutes!!!


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39 comments to “Insanity Ensues At A Subway Restaurant!!”

  1. 1

    so, where's the celebrity?

  2. 2

    Does this mean you're going to post stories about every fight at Subway now?

  3. 3

    I love how the big dude in the plaid keeps going, 'is this your friend', because he is trying not to kick the dudes ass. If the drunken friend could have gotten him out of there, I smell Jaeger. Where was this?

  4. 4

    that seriously has to be the quickest time I've ever seen ANY cop show up, and for at least 4 to show up that quickly…WOW

  5. 5

    I EAT IN THIS SUBWAY AT MY COLLEGE! I cannot believe it made it all the way to Perez!

  6. 6

    very obviously fake, from what i can tell. 1. Someone that angry would have not been happy being filmed. 2. all the cops look to be college age, just like all the people (except subway staff) in the video. 3. it looks like a college type subway, as the dining area is painted red (not typically a subway color) 4. when punches are thrown you dont hear ANY sound of fist hitting face or body 5. nobody reacting with 'grunts' of pain when being hit…. im guessing this is either a complete stunt or something that was done for a film class.

  7. 7

    WKU! GOOOOOOOOOOOOO TOPS! we may not be good at football, but yea we've got this!

  8. 8

    Slow crime day? seriously how many cops were there! and how many were really necessary?

  9. 9

    So, I assume you posted it only because you have the tape. Otherwise, no mention, because after all, IT IS NOT A CHUCK E CHEESE. Mario/Perez does not REALIZE that CRAP goes on in parking lots/small enclosures that ARE CROWDED ESPECIALLY WHERE FOOD IS INVOLVED. (and stupidity of leaving pocketbooks, wallets around in plain sight). I still think you were THROWN OUT OF CHUCK E.'S AND ARE TRYING TO GET EVEN.

  10. 10

    This happened at WKU (Western KY), my brother goes there and showed me this video yesterday.

  11. 11

    idiot probably high on crystal meth….

  12. 12

    ok, i don't know about the states, but 6 cops seems like a little much. i spent 2 years working at a subway and there was 1 fight that broke out, and i mean tables were pushed out of the way, chairs knocked over and food thrown all over the store. and the stupid guy that was swinging, chased the guy (a regular costumer of mine) down the street then came back to applogize and beg us not to call the cops, which we had already done. then he took off running again. the guy that got hit (which he did nothing wrong) had lost his drink so the next time he came in i gave him one for free.

  13. 13

    This was most definitely a real situation. At MY school. :)

  14. 14

    It's fake! it's an advertisement for subway!

  15. 15

    Did you ever eat those crappy Subway sandwiches? I don't blame the guy, WHERE'S the F'ing MEAT?

  16. 16

    Im guessing that the reason for SO many cops showing up so quickly was because it was campus police. They were close by and didnt know how bad the situation was, and frankly probably didnt have anything else going on.

  17. 17

    Oh that's in a school by the way. Not a restaurant.

  18. 18

    Somebody was hungry…

  19. 19

    Was there Celebrity Juice behind the counter? If not…I don't see the point of this post?

  20. 20

    typical kentucky!

  21. 21

    The Giants' fans fight in McDonalds video is way more cool that this one just so you know. But this is cool as well.

  22. 22

    i wonder what he's on…..he lost his marbles lol

  23. vaaka says – reply to this


    what a fucking moron.

  24. 24

    Re: dastanva – actually this is real. the whole story was posted in today's school newspaper. the dude was drunk after homecoming… jus lettin u know.

    W00 H00 !! G0 T0PS! we have so much to be proud of. we can barely win a football game, but we can get Perez Hilton's attention :)

  25. 25

    Can we say "METH RELATED", people?

  26. nzfl says – reply to this


    His look was priceless when the cops told him to get on the ground.

  27. 27

    i really dont think the cops should have tazed him when they did thats for sure. He stood there like a deer caught in headlights and they tazed… not very good.

  28. ozmed says – reply to this


    I respect the two black gentlemen that tried to diffuse the situation. They controlled themselves very well, to some extent. I would have got a few licks too after getting punched in the face. Overall well restrained men.

  29. 29

    1) This was at Western Kentucky University!
    2) It wasn't fake at all. I was there!
    3) It was concluded that this guy had just gotten back from serving over seas and was having symptoms of PSTD… You can hear him say he had to question them because he thought they were involved in terrorist activity.
    4) It's sad the only recognition our school gets is from a drunken subway fight and the record for our football team having a 2 year losing streak! lol

  30. Jai says – reply to this


    Ahhh Subway, the place is a drunk magnet on Friday and Saturdays.

  31. 31

    Hey guy with the UT sweater!!! woot woot!! reppin Texas!!

  32. 32

    the cops should not have tazed him when they did, they should have given him a moment to react. he looked like a deer caught in the headlights, way too quick to do something so drastic.

  33. 33

    no i couldnt watch i hate violence

  34. 34

    I don't care how crazy he was being, I can't stand when cops use the tazer. I know someone who died from getting tazed. This guy definitely didn't need it either, once the cops showed up he just stood there.

  35. 35

    man … i wish these people would just shoot themselves and let the world rest in peace…

  36. 36

    those rent-a-cops must have gotten a free meal out of this.

  37. 37

    This happened in my hometown. People like this is why I'm ashamed and went to good ol' University of Kentucky. Western Kentucky University is like Redneck University, and not the classy ones we have here at UK. WKU got the drunk ones that can't handle their liquor and don;t have mommies and daddies that can pay for a better education than WKU. bahahaha!

  38. @v@ says – reply to this


    Tazer happy much? Granted, the guy was a wasted moron, but tazing can stop a person's heart. He was just standing there. All six of them couldn't turn him around and put the handcuffs on him? Cops these days look to be wussies who don't like to get their hands dirty. Old cops were professional and ascertained judgement when they looked at a situation. Hell, the people in the sub shop could have put cuffs on him without resorting to tazering.

  39. 39

    Eat fresh MoFo — Zappp