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Jackie Chan To Open His Own Museum

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Dedicated to, what else, HIM!

Ha! Why hasn't Speidi thought of this???

Start saving your pennies because soon, Jackie Chan will be unveiling his own personal museum aptly titled Jackie Chan World!

The world will house, as Jackie puts it, all the "shit" he's collected over the years from his various movies, as well as some personal things. He told sources:

"All my props and costumes, I put them there. I want people to go in and see them. Now I am planning Jackie Chan World - everything I've collected all these years will go in there. Teacups and saucers, cars, rocks, spoons.In my office, so many s**t! I've got six lofts in Hong Kong and if I want to find an Apple (Mac) I can't find it anywhere. I have to buy a new one. One day, when I die, I want my bank account to be zero. Nothing."

Basically, he's going to charge admission for people to see his storage unit. Not a bad idea, if we thought enough people would show up to see all this stuff.

Sadly, we don't.

Do U think you would want to go to Jackie Chan World?

P.S. - Does anyone else want to send the producers of Hoarders his way?

[Image via WENN.]

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13 comments to “Jackie Chan To Open His Own Museum”

  1. 1

    my guess is people like jackie chan more than your own mother loves you………

  2. 2





  3. 3

    The Las Vegas Liberace Museum is available, and it's already filled with tacky things Jackie can say are his!

  4. 4

    If he is going to make it fun for the children and even somewhat interactive apart from just looking, I think it could be a nice family place to visit, why not. If he has curios stuff and rare things it might be enjoyable.

  5. 5

    Jackie is a great guy. Love his films.

  6. 6

    I love Jackie Chan! He is a great family entertainer - never cuss words in his movies and he is absolutely the most amazing stunt man/martial artist of our time! This guy has done all his stunts until probably just recently due to age. He is fabulous.

  7. 7

    Jackie is an amazing guy, I would DEFINITELY pay to go to his museum! He is a legend, and he blatantly didn’t mean it the way you make it out. Bring on Jackie Chan World, can’t wait!

  8. 8

    Shut up wannabe! Don't make me come over there and Jackie Chan your ass! The guy is a legend and I for one want to see his teacups.

  9. 9

    For all of his supposed knowledge on the stars, Perez Hilton seems blissfully unaware that Jackie Chan is the biggest star in the world (and that was before American audiences even knew about him). Of course people will go to this in the millions, his Asian fan base alone will make sure that storage unit is packed, as well as all the other fans from every continent. Jackie has to throw the public a bone seeing as all he makes is s**t nowadays. It'll be good for everyone to take a stroll down memory lane and remember how awesome he used to be.

  10. 10

    If it was Bruce Lee's stuff, yes - in a heartbeat. Jackie Chan? Let me think about that…

  11. 11

    Jackie Chan is probably one of the very few contemporary film stars/celebrities that will actually still be watched and entertaining people 100 years from now. Anyone who can't appreciate this man's incredible range of talents is probably a racist, I would suspect, or in some way holds negative assumptions about Asians.

  12. 12

    Sounds like you're starting to show your colours again Perez.
    Jackie Chan has had a career DECADES and has appeared in over 100 films. He is one of the most recognisable names in the world. Who wouldn't want to go?

    Oh, you…. because you'd rather look at Gaga's meat dress…

  13. 13

    Cool , Jackie Chan is Awesome, Would enjoy seeing this museum