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K-Stew And R-Patz Making Out On Twilight Set

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robert pattinson and kristen stewart on twilight set

In their defense, it's in the script!

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were filming a romantical scene for Breaking Dawn in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday night.

At least they seem to be enjoying it.

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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64 comments to “K-Stew And R-Patz Making Out On Twilight Set”

  1. 1

    shes such a hot chick. and seems really cool too.

  2. 2

    lucky biotch

  3. 3

    like anyone can tell from the pic and hopefully if it is in the script, it should look like they enjoy it. WHY IS THIS A STORY? OTHER THAN TO GET YOU HITS?

  4. 4

    attempting to stir up some shit as usual I see………….

  5. 5

    The only thing keeping this "COUPLE" together is their $12 million dollar salary & the promise of profits; once the series is over, so will their "RELATIONSHIP! Standard Hollywood Marketing…

  6. 6

    Brazil brings out the best of people :) They look cute kissing!

  7. 7

    Rob is So Hot LO Amo , Thans Perez :D

  8. 8

    yuck they can have each other

  9. 9


  10. 10

    LOOOVE THIS! Does something for me! ;)

  11. 11

    I still really think it's a show-mance between them….

  12. 12

    She's so fucking cute I can't stand it

  13. 13

    She gets hotter with each movie. You could bounce quarters off that perfect ass of hers

  14. 14

    I used to think it was a showmance but their asses are stuck to one another all the time now. All year they've been hanging out when they didn't have twilight to film. I don't mind though, I think they make a cute couple.

  15. 15

    Kristen started out at this cute kid in twilight and she's totally grown into a beautiful young woman now. She's gorgeous, and he's easy on the eyes as well. lol

  16. 16

    aw, nothing like the mornign paper, some coffee and rubbing out a tummy pancake thanks to kstew and her amazing jailbait tits

  17. 17

    she's beautiful

  18. 18

    Yum….just saw welcome to the rileys this weekend and let me tell you. Kristen Stewart is tiny as hell, but fuck me if she doesn't have the juiciest little peach of an ass I've ever seen.

  19. 19

    Jennifer Aniston does the same thing; in every movie she's in , the Hollywood Marketing Machine has her in a rabid love affair with her co-star; after the movie flops the hot-n-heavy romance does too!

  20. 20

    pam's leaking breasts-are you on this site all fucking day long? cause your ass is on every thread all times of the day, wtf

  21. 21

    Love this girl, no plastic parts, all natural beauty

  22. 22

    Re: MRBIGDICK – some people are stuck behind desks all day long and this is how they get by………i have no idea what's pam's excuse is but that's mine………..

  23. 23

    Rob and Kristen are fucking sexy together

  24. 24

    lol at Pam's leaking Silicone Breasts.you have some serious issues.they offered kristen more money not to cut her hair for the runaways and she obviously turned that down so im pretty sure she could care less about money.but its okay keep believing its a "showmance" to make you feel better, whatever helps you sleep at night.

  25. 25

    They are a couple in real life. It's well known that they've been living together. They spend all their time outside of these movies, together. They don't need to pretend to sell these movies, Twilight was a monster hit before they even got involved.

  26. 26

    Love Rob, he's gorgeous. He and Kristen are so cute together.

  27. 27

    Re: clt258 – The did the same things with Rock Hudson & Doris Day

  28. 28

    Jackpot!!!!!!!!!! More pics please!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. 29

    awww i love them together :)

  30. 30

    Kristen should lose the dress and just keep the little bow and the heels.

  31. 31

    hey Pam's leaking Silicone Breasts what happens when all of these movies are finally over and done with and their still together whats gonna be your excuse then?just curious.im sure it'll be very imaginative what with the delusional disorder you clearly have.lol sorry i just like to make fun of people who cry PR its quite entertaining the excuses people come up with.the PR one is getting a little old though, might wanna think of a new one.

  32. 32

    Love them, but really love her dress!

  33. 33

    They finally don't look awkward together it doesn't look forced. They finally put a nice dress on Kristen that compliments her boyish shape.

    Not feeling the hair extension though. But…much better.

  34. 34

    They're still in the news? Why??

  35. 35

    They're totally bumping their uglies

  36. RPORC says – reply to this


    OMG. This is gonna be sizzling hot! Kristen is looking slim and gorgeous while RPattz is as hot as ever! The Twihards are back with a vengeance. I'm not a twihard but it makes me drool just to see them together! And I'm not gay like you Perez!

  37. 37

    am i the only fan of the book that is mad about the scenes they're shooting in Brazil right now? i mean the actual BOOK does not say anything about Bella and Edward in the middle of the streets with dancing, and people, Bella doesn't even see the city, they go straight to the Island. I just hope they don't make a huge party of this!!!! stick to the BOOK!!!!

  38. 38

    That dress doesn't look vera Bella-like but I'm happy Edward is back into his blue shirt!

  39. 39

    waooo. Rob looks beautiful… HOT HOT HOT

  40. 40

    OMG its soo cute, hope it isnt in the script ;D

  41. 41

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEES ! They´re here in Rio….Rio is such Hollywood this week!!! They loved the town and enjoyed it like a really honeymoon.They are really in love…

    Now they´re in Paraty ( city of the Rio´s state, as Rio is both: city and state, like Washington and NY, for instance.

    In Paraty are located the sets for Esme island and it´s like paradise!!! Mansions, charming and rich peple from Rio have houses there…no paps and press are allowed though. Top secret!!!

    I saw them both at Copacabana Palace Hotel. Rob is so cute and nice!!! KStew…welll…the same K Stew…lolololololol!!! Loving it!!

  42. 42

    Lucky biotch! What a hottie.

  43. 43

    I have to give you this credit, Perez .

    Kristen Stewart is really unpleasent and she´s not leaving a good impression to Rio de Janeiro people. Rob, on the othet hand, is all attention and smiles to his young fans.

  44. 44

    Re: justtfax – To annoy you. sorry. but rpatz is taken. lol

  45. 45

    Re: KeepDreamingGirl – How do you know everyone fells like that.
    People maybe feel that Kristen leave better impression than Robert.
    Just because you don't like her doesn't mean that is true. I've heard that Kristen is the one that is nicer to her fans.

  46. 46

    KStew-fan: the only person who keeps saying she's nicer to fans than him is YOU!! I've always heard he is much nicer. But how about this, let's just say they are both nice. Why can't you just say that instead of saying she's nicer, which is just your biased opinion as you have no proof of that and keep saying it over and over again.

  47. 47

    Re: Glamazon555 – Well, you have no prof either who is nicer. I have said what I have heard, haven't meet either of them.
    I heard that she was nicer because she took more time with her fans than Robert and Taylor and she also gave aways free tickets to the premier of Eclipse. She got a bracelet from a fan which she wore at the after party too.

    So of course, if someone starts with saying that Kristen isn't nice at all to her fans but Robert is, I will speak against it saying it isn't true. Saying what I've heard just so people will stop believing that Robert is the only nice one of them.
    Just because you don't like her doesn't mean she isn't nice or other mean stuff you are saying about her. (That wasn't meant for you, it was meant to haters)

  48. 48

    Re: Glamazon555 – Robert is obviously a little more outgoing than Kristen, more talkative and friendly, so it would make sense that people might misinterpret that as Kristen not being friendly. She gets socially anxious and it seems like she is more of a quiet person, that doesn't mean that she is rude.

  49. 49

    I think they both seem like very sweet people. Robert seems so gentle and quite shy. Kristen seems thoughtful and goes out of her way for her fans. They could be rude jerks, given the enormous fame they have, but they're not. I think they're handling it all pretty well.

  50. over says – reply to this


    Rob is gay, I would have thought everyone knew this by now.

  51. 51

    Re: K-StewFan – - Honey , I live in Rio and she left a bad impression even to her fans by refusing autographs to 3 girls, Rob gave the autographs with no problem to the same girls. How do you know that I do not like her? I can not dislike someone I don´t know. The only thing I can say is that she sucks as Bella Swan.

  52. 52

    Critique-Fame: I was NOT the person who said that Kristen was rude. Read more carefully next time. I said that they are both nice. I just didn't think it was right for KStew-fan to say that Kristen is nicer than Rob. Read again what I said.

  53. 53

    KStwew-fan: It's fine if you want to defend Kristen. But you could have defended Kristen by just saying that they are BOTH very nice. You don't have to say she is nicer, because then you are behaving like the person you responded to. I was just suggesting that it's not necessary to put Rob down to put Kristen up. I think it's more appropriate to just say they are both nice.

  54. 54

    Re: Glamazon555 – Well, if someone does put Kristen down I will put her up and Robert down just to tease that person who praised Robert and trash talking Kristen. Got it?

  55. 55

    Re: KeepDreamingGirl – I've seen your other comments.
    So what if she refused, it's her choice and I think Robert have refused before.
    But I have heard people saying that Kristen was the nicest of them because she was the only one that stopped for talking to her fans (on a premier) longer that Robert and Taylor did, they barely said anything to them.
    You said she was rude, she isn't. I have heard people saying they got autographs from Kristen and not just Robert in Rio and they said they wear both really nice and not one of them wear rude. You can be lying for all what I know.
    When Kristen was in Germany, after she had visited a museum and was on her way back to the hotel she stopped to sign for fans even if she was tired.
    Fans has been waiting outside her house, she was nice to them and gave them autographs. Don't say she is rude, she is far from rude and you would know that if you knew what she has done for her fans. I don't think most people would do that exactly.

  56. 56

    Re: K-StewFan – - Wrong again , honey. My other comments praise Rob but I don´t talk bad things about her. And please, don´t blame me for not liking her acting. I have this right, as least. Judging your personality by your unpleseant avatar of this girl ( with so many nice pics of her, you pic this!!)and to the fact, with so many movies and actors, that you only enter in this blog to talk about this kid, I rest my case. Your nor a fan , but a fanatic and to fanatism and blindness( that are the same thing) there´s no answer. Be happy , honey.

  57. 57

    KStewfan: putting down Rob to put Kristen up makes you no different than the people you are mad at. Get it?

  58. 58

    Re: KeepDreamingGirl – Are you for real? One time you say one thing and the next time you say it like you haven’t been saying anything. You wear talking bad about her, if you weren’t I wouldn’t have replayed your comment at all. Where we even talking about her acting? Why do you bring up stuff that we weren’t talking about? Judging my personality by my avatar, I can have which avatar I want and you should care, my choice not yours so don’t bother. So what is it isn’t the nicest of her, I picked it because I like it and I don’t give a fu*k what people thing about ME, but people trash talking other people like that, that I care about because I don’t like bullying at all or any sort of trash talking. I don’t only talk about her on this blog, sure, I talk about her the most but I can do that if I want and again, not any of your business. If you think I only defend her then you are dead wrong, I defend many other people on different site, I’ve even defended Perez. Why the Fu*k do you care if am a fan or blah blah blah. It isn’t any of your business. I’m happy and I don’t trash talk people, at least not on the web for everyone to see because I don’t want to be dissrespectless to the fans. If I don’t like a person I don’t want to waste my time. You should try it sometimes.

  59. 59

    Re: KeepDreamingGirl – If you thought I put Robert down it’s only because you put Kristen down. Only treat people the way you want to be treated right? Can’t take your own medicine?
    I have nothing against Robert but if you put Kristen down I will put Robert down. It doesn’t matter who it is, but I you put anyone down I will but down the one you are praising.
    So stop wasting your time on someone you don’t like and stop with your lies. Don’t say that Kristen isn’t nice or care about her fans because that is far from true. If you continue on doing that I will keep on defending; that is just who I am and far away from just doing that on Kristen.

  60. 60

    Re: Glamazon555 – If people put Kristen down I will put Robert down. If people say one thing they should be available to take feed backs too. Treat other the way you want to be treated yourself; if they say mean stuff I will say mean stuff back. It’s who I am. I have nothing against Robert but if you put Kristen down I will put Robert down. It doesn’t matter who it is, but I you put anyone down I will but down the one you are praising.

  61. 61

    Kstewfan: Kristen would not want you to put her boyfriend down. So you are not a real fan of hers then.

  62. 62

    Re: Glamazon555 – I do what I want and I give the same medicine back, can't handle it? Then shut it. I have nothing against Robert but if people put Kristen down while praising Robert I will do the same, just the opposite. Anyway, why do you feel the need to put Kristen down? So you can feel better because she is with Robert and not you?

  63. 63

    Kstewfan: Don't make up stuff, I didn't put Kristen down. But you admitted putting Robert down. So why do you put Rob down, so you can feel better about the fact that Kristen is with Rob instead of with you?

  64. 64

    Re: Glamazon555 – I didn’t speak just you; I spoke to everyone that puts Kristen down while praising Robert.
    I don’t want be with Kristen if that is what you think. Can’t you DEFEND someone without wanting to be with someone? It’s one other thing if you OFFEND someone at first. Saying lies and all that. Offending and defending is two different things you know. I like Robert but if people put Kristen down I will put him down, give back their medicine. Put people that offend Kristen don’t like her so that is why I do that.
    I don’t like hate on innoence people, that is just who I am, but you just go on with your hate but you should expect feedbacks. (This as well wasn’t just for you)