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Dear Tom Selleck: Please, Move On!

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You're time came and went! Now, let someone else rock your mustache.

Word around La La Land is that a Magnum, P.I. remake maybe headed to the big screen. There are a few big names being considered for the covet part of the dashing Hawaiian private eye, like Ashton Kutcher and Matthew McConaughey, but there is one person who would like to see Tom Selleck return to his iconic 80s role.

Tom Selleck! Ha!

Tom told sources:

"Look, I'm not being egotistical, but 'Magnum' is in about 100 countries. They can't just buy a title and stick some younger guy in it. These things are quite real to audiences."

For one, you're being a tad egotistical. And two, you're audience is going to understand that it's been almost 30 years since you cruised around in that red Ferrari and that its time to fish around in the kiddie section for a new private eye.

Maybe you can play Higgins, though!

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62 comments to “Dear Tom Selleck: Please, Move On!”

  1. 1

    I think Tom Selleck should play Magnum.

  2. 2

    you wouldn't think to put any random indie for the indiana jones movies, right? well, tom feels the same. don't be an agists. senior citizens need work too.

  3. 3

    F#%$ that, I want to see TOM. Ashton Kucher? HAH, your kidding right? McConaughey? He's too wimpy. Selleck kicks their ass. We need a real man

  4. 4

    Selleck is Magnum. Always has been and always will be. Neither AK or MM is fit to even trim his moustache.

  5. 5

    your audience* not you're audience, you dumb fuck

  6. 6

    Oh shut up Mario. He could be 90 and he'd still be way hotter than you.

  7. 7

    nope. wrong Mario…wrong…..there IS NO magnum without Selleck….period…
    he IS magnum PI…..end of story

  8. 8

    Tom Selleck is Magnum PI. He was hot then and he's still hot! He's right, you're wrong. Sorry PH…

  9. Logan says – reply to this


    No else should play Magnum…. Tom is still an excellent actor, and as long as the story is well written (doubt that will happen) he will outsell any other second rate person playing the role HE made famous. Either Tom is Magnum or they just should leave it alone. (remember the shitty A-Team remake?) Me either.

  10. Logan says – reply to this


    1 more thing… "move on." Come on Mario. how many times did you beg to be a judge on American Idol. It was sickening to read every 5 posts. Move on my ass….

  11. 11

    He has a point. Anyone else playing the role would only be able to do it because he did it originally.

  12. 12

    Wow….dont fuck with Selleck. Magnum is Magnum. That is like remaking Dirty Harry with Ashton Kutcher…give me a fuckign break. Magnum PI even in his 60's can still be a cop.

  13. 13

    No offense, but Ashton & Matt as Magnum now way. I could still see Selleck doing it. For a man as old as he is, he looks great. Really great. Clooney would be a better Magnum. I don't think that the other two are anywhere in the league to be considered for the role, sorry!

  14. 14

    "Maybe you can play Higgins, though!" Sassy Perez! LOL

    But Tom Selleck is still hot to play Magnum, P.I.

  15. SF90 says – reply to this


    Can Ashton Kutcher and Matthew McConaughey even grow mustaches?
    There is one Magnum and one Magnum only. That Magnum is Tom Selleck.

  16. 16

    Tom's right all the way. He should be Magnum; but on another note I DO wish they'd find someone else to play you!!

  17. 17

    Seriously, F*CK you, Perez. Tom Selleck is one of the nicest persons on the planet. He's not egotistical - they asked him for a comment, and he gave one. He's absolutely right - too many times, classic shows are turned into garbage with remakes, and he's just making a point to be careful and not just stick some flavor of the week in there. Magnum was a great show, and Tom Selleck made the character into an icon of tv series. Don't knock him; he's earned his stripes, and he did so by being a true gentleman - nice to everyone, and a phenomenal dad. Everyone who knows him LOVES him, rightfully so. So back the F*ck off.

  18. 18

    Oh - and for my p.s. - I'd take Selleck over MM any day. I won't even dignify the Asston suggestion with a comparison - he is neanderthal trash and better not even throw his name in the hat. Idiot. Tom Selleck is hotter than both combined, not to mention a far superior actor. He is Magnum. Want another Dirty Harry or Indiana Jones? I think not, Asshat. Tom Selleck is Magnum. period.

  19. 19

    he's terrific, he looks fantastic, he should do it. people get older, it's called LIFE, idiot.

  20. 20

    Tom Selleck IS Magnum PI! Ashton Kutcher? Are you fucking kidding???

  21. 21

    Love Tom! You cant replace him, he IS Magnum PI. And all these stupid remakes suck anyway, nothing beats the original.

  22. 22

    My God…really Perez? Magnum PI was pure awesomeness and Tom Selleck was what made it that way. And have you Selleck lately?? The man is still smokin hot. I'd definitely still hit it!

  23. 23

    Agree w/ everyone above…Tom Selleck IS Magnum PI. Ashton Kutcher? Are you fucking kidding me? That bitch boy would ruin the role of Magnum forever.

  24. 24

    tom selleck was hot then and he's hot now! i would way rather roll around in bed with him than babyface ashton kutcher!

  25. 25

    Tom is still a hottie, sorry boyz….. But simce y'all rought it up, give me some more Magnum!!! Loving Hawaii Five 0, why not dust off the Ferrari?

  26. 26

    Tom Selleck is Magnum.

  27. 27

    I am on board with this so hard. Tom Selleck should bring Magnum back. No one else. Got a huge amount of respect for this man. He is what he is. Ask him a question…he's gonna answer it.

  28. 28

    Dear whoever the Hell is writing for Perez,

    There is a HUGE difference in your and you're. "You're time came, you're being, and you're audience" Only one of these makes sense.

    And on topic, Tom Selleck IS Magnum. He's still as sexy as he was when his poster was on my wall!

  29. 29

    Tom is Magnum as far as I'm concerned. He still looks fine could kick some ass.. I'd go see him in the theatre any day.

  30. 30

    Ashton Kutcher over Tom Selleck??? Bwahahaha! Mario is obviously high!

  31. 31

    Well first of all glad to see your asshole side come out again,and I mean that in the most sinsere way.Being too nice to people is way to freaking boring.Just cuz you got cynical and pessimistic side dosent mean your a bully.Ya just got a little stinker side to ya keep up the good work bro!Oh and I think matthew mcConaughey would be perfect for the role!

  32. 32

    Who cares if it has almost been 30 years since Selleck started playing Magnum PI. Magnum PI is still relevant. Guys in college still dress up as Magnum PI for theme parties. Magnum PI's fan base has been growing since their seasons are on DVD and online with Netflix, Hulu, and other sites streaming them for years. Everyone knows Tom Selleck is Magnum PI.

    If Harrison Ford can still act as Indiana Jones, Slyvester Stallone as Rocky and John Rambo, Bruce Willis as John McClane, then why can't Tom Selleck still act as Magnum?

    The story line needs to be really good and not make it seem like a TV made movie. Treat Magnum PI franchise like the James Bond franchise. A good plot will carry the franchise not a film with just explosions. Also, Tom Selleck needs a fine A-list actress as his love interest.

    This movie has alot potential. They need to hire me. Bring back the Murder She Wrote franchise as well. We need a good murder mystery thriller.

  33. 33

    Don't be silly Mario. Tom Selleck always was - and still is - superstar material. He's a superb actor and when he's on screen, he commands a presence. He leading man material of the Sean COnnery type. He just needs worthy material to appear in. Magnum was a terrific show in its day, but what is now needed is some ORIGINAL ideas, not something rehashed. Like a lovely dinner reheated, it's never as good second time around. I'd love to see Selleck in some great big Spielberg movie. Awesome.

  34. 34

    Ashton as Magnum? What are folks smoking? I could see Matthew McConaughey.

  35. 35

    Screw you Perez. There is one and only one Magnum. There is NO actor today who has what he had. They're all little boys and pretty boys, and idiots. There are no leading "men" in Hollywood these days. Ashton Kutcher??!!! Bitch PLEASE!

  36. 36

    I totally think he should play Magnum! Why not. Why do we always have to look for a younger fresher face…you better respect aging Perez. With that same thinking you'll be to old in about 5 minutes to report on the young and famous…

  37. bunck says – reply to this


    They should definitely make this movie with Selleck, Magnum could be close to retirement and it would be a much better and more serious movie. If they make it with McConaughey (I can't even take the other possibility seriously) they will just make another cookie-cutter silly movie that my 11 year old niece could write.

  38. 38

    While I don't agree that Selleck should reprise his role, I also don't agree that the role should be reprised AT ALL. Ashton Kutcher as Magnum, what the hell…. that would be like Taylor Swift playing a Beth Ditto. Would. Not. Work.

  39. 39

    Selleck is GREAT on Blue Bloods. And I am only interested in seeing a Magnum movie if Selleck is Magnum. What's wrong with an older wiser Magnum. Maybe he can buy his own Ferrari by now. I have ZERO interest in a new Magnum.

  40. 40

    Dear Mario, learn to bash people in proper English, otherwise you look like a complete dumbass.

  41. uyeah says – reply to this


    I wouldn't watch anything with Ashton Kutcher in it. No girly men please. tom could still do it. What's wrong with an older leading man? He still looks good.

  42. 42

    why not just stop remaking old shit.

  43. 43

    There's no Magnum P.I. without the man himself! Tom Selleck is and always will be the hunky hunk with the nice legs and bushy moustasche, no ifs, buts or ands! Sorry P, if you don't like him, don't watch him!

  44. 44

    why would anyone want to replace Tom Selleck!
    Perez Hilton, shut the fuck up, you never know what you're talking about when it comes to remakes!!
    or anything else for that matter…

  45. 45

    fuck ashton and matthew, no one can replace tom fucking selleck.

  46. 46

    I agree with him. It doesn't need to be "remade" it's already been done, He is Magnum PI. and as someone pointed out earlier, Harrison Ford still is Indiana Jones - BUT IF they insist on a remake, Please God NO do not cast Ashton Kutcher - worst casting idea ever

  47. 47

    There is NO WAY anyone else should play Magnum. That character belongs to Tom Selleck and always will. He was hot, hot, hot then and he still is. I'd watch him any day. I would never watch a Magnum show with any other actor. Period.

  48. 48

    Really Perez? The big guy's right. Have you seen the man lately? He hasn't aged a day. Still looks like the same sexy, masculine, handsome, tasty bit-o-manliness he was 20 years ago. Your just jealous. I'm gay too and would love to have a go at it with Tom too, but it ain't gonna happen.

  49. 49

    Tom still looks mighty fine and can play Magnum to perfection. He IS Magnum. No one would bother seeing anyone else in the role. You on the other hand are what, 32 or 33 and already look like crap.

  50. 50

    Tom Selleck is Magnum P.I. no one could or ever should try to replace him!

  51. 51

    Tom Selleck IS Magnum!
    Just like Harrison Ford IS Indiana Jones!
    Why do you think he can not play Magnum????
    Are anti older a people Perez???
    Look out You will be 30 years older too someday.
    Do you want to see a younger Perez take over for you then??????
    If Tom Selleck does play Magnum it will flop!!!!!!
    We want Tom Selleck as Magnum and no one else!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If you want to add a youngster to the movie make them be his son or nephew or something but NOT MAGNUM!!

  52. melb says – reply to this


    I'd bet that dude is still hot- he rocks. He is all man- I could see how you wouldn't really understand that.

  53. 53

    This is the same as the A-team not having MR T playing Mr T, without Tom the remake is pointless and stupid

  54. 54

    You can't even spell. You can't even properly diss Tom Selleck. You idiot. And it hasn't been 30 years since Magnum…it's been 20. And maybe YOU can play Higgins… you fat fuck.

  55. 55

    At least he had a "moment." What's your claim to fame? Really dude, a real journalist—reports the news—withOUT including their personal opinions. Oh, and I thought you had laid the "bullying" aside…..Three things you CAN'T escape—-old age, taxes, and death….Your time will come—but don't worry some dickhead will report you as being a has been. What comes around will eventually go around…

  56. 56

    HEY, this is AGEISM!! Not cool at all. Tom Selleck IS Magnum P.I. and in my opinion he's also a far better actor then Ashton and Matthew.
    this "young and attractive at all costs" policy in hollywood movies should really stop…

  57. 57

    There would be no movie without the show. There would have been no show without Tom Selleck. Figure it out. He rocks! I see the old, nasty Perez is back.

  58. 58

    Tom Selleck IS Magnum! Suck off you fat fuck!

  59. 59

    i see Perez bitching and been nasty did not last long

  60. 60

    Selleck IS Magnum PI. End of story.

    Have you even seen Selleck recently? He looks great and could easily reprise his role.

  61. 61

    I'm team TOM LOL… how the hell can you replace Tom Selleck… I won't watch it if they do and I'm sorry but Ashton is NOT manly enough to be that cool… and Matthew is too much of a stoner to capture bad guys!

  62. 62

    I love ya, Perez, but this is where we differ. Tom Selleck is Magnum PI. The show with anyone else in the part will flop. Have you seen Blue Bloods? Tom still has it!!