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More From Heidi's Montag's Broke Mom!

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Ugh. This is heartbreaking.

Heidi Montag's mom Darlene Egelhoff is giving the deets on her financial problems and the loss of her estranged daughter.

Here are some very depressing HIGHlights:

On the loss of her restaurant:
"We're a tourist town, so our business department was dependent on the economy. Business started declining. We tried to make the necessary adjustments, but we were just not quite in time. We were forced to close because of the economy."

On borrowing money from Heidi:
"The restaurant was struggling, and I was crying on the phone. I fought it for so long, but finally, I said, 'Tax guys are on the way. It's $8,000.' Heidi very generously wired me a check that day. That kept the restaurant afloat for at least six months. It was so generous and helpful."

On cleaning houses for a living:
"The work is sporadic and competitive. My work is not enough to pay the bills. We need other work immediately. [My son] Sky is eligible for free lunch at school and is proud to take advantage of it."

On Heidi:
"I have no regrets in life. I feel like God makes all things for good, and the most difficult situations we go through in life are opportunities. That's when we build character and strength – during difficult times."

[Her voice begins to crack] "I love Heidi more every day, even though I don't talk to her. I love her unconditionally. I have total confidence that we will have a loving, strong relationship again. I think it just takes time. Heidi and I were so close when she was growing up. I think at some point she needed to disconnect from me in order to discover herself."

So sad. At least she's probably getting some $$$$ for these interviews!

[Image via WENN.]


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