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More From Heidi's Montag's Broke Mom!

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Ugh. This is heartbreaking.

Heidi Montag's mom Darlene Egelhoff is giving the deets on her financial problems and the loss of her estranged daughter.

Here are some very depressing HIGHlights:

On the loss of her restaurant:
"We're a tourist town, so our business department was dependent on the economy. Business started declining. We tried to make the necessary adjustments, but we were just not quite in time. We were forced to close because of the economy."

On borrowing money from Heidi:
"The restaurant was struggling, and I was crying on the phone. I fought it for so long, but finally, I said, 'Tax guys are on the way. It's $8,000.' Heidi very generously wired me a check that day. That kept the restaurant afloat for at least six months. It was so generous and helpful."

On cleaning houses for a living:
"The work is sporadic and competitive. My work is not enough to pay the bills. We need other work immediately. [My son] Sky is eligible for free lunch at school and is proud to take advantage of it."

On Heidi:
"I have no regrets in life. I feel like God makes all things for good, and the most difficult situations we go through in life are opportunities. That's when we build character and strength – during difficult times."

[Her voice begins to crack] "I love Heidi more every day, even though I don't talk to her. I love her unconditionally. I have total confidence that we will have a loving, strong relationship again. I think it just takes time. Heidi and I were so close when she was growing up. I think at some point she needed to disconnect from me in order to discover herself."

So sad. At least she's probably getting some $$$$ for these interviews!

[Image via WENN.]


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17 comments to “More From Heidi's Montag's Broke Mom!”

  1. 1

    She's fallen on hard times, like a lot of us.

  2. 2

    Yeah I could feel sorry for her mother. At least she was working, not just spending money mindlessly.

  3. 3

    People are hiring now for ski season - she should be able to get a job in a ski resort that might be better. The only problem is it might disappear come Spring once the mountain closes.

  4. 4

    heide should have helped her family instead of blowing all her money on her hideous record,,,,shopping…and bad plastic surgery

  5. 5

    Then entire world is in a state where businesses are lucky to survive due to teh economy and we need to hear from people who let excessive amounts of money get thrown out the window and restaurant business colapse and I am suppossed to be sad? Sorry we all have to fight everyday to survive and make our way through this world and sympathy to people in Hollywood is lame! When one puts the opportunity to make tonnes of money for easy do nothing garbage and they fail at that due to being greedy and self praising and insensitive then you learned the lesson that you were intended to learn!

  6. 6

    So sorry to hear of her $$ problems. Gosh, most people understand that completely. Maybe Heidi can sell some of those expensive crystals and help her mom out.

  7. 7

    Poor Heidi, even the bit-torrent sites refuse to share her self-funded CD!

  8. 8

    The rent in mountain resort towns in Colorado is insane - so many people that own restaurants and shops go under, and that was before the economy went into the shitter. It's not a surprise they lost it, sadly. If they're struggling, living up there isn't the answer - everything is expensive.

  9. Harv says – reply to this


    Heidi could always turn tricks to support herself, douchbag and mom.

  10. Jaded says – reply to this


    Well she can't borrow from Heidi she's broke too.

  11. 11

    Broke mom? Is that suppose to hurt her and her mother? You do realize, not everyone has the luxury to spend money freely, unlike you Perez. Shit I'm sure you wipe your ass with your money… It'd be totally cool to get $20 from you just for being a loyal reader for many years now, $20 could really help in paying my bills that are barely paid!

    I don't much care for Heidi but this is truly sad. I grew up with my parents scrimping for money it breaks my heart hearing someone else going through that because I know the pain and worry. If I had the money, I would do anything I could financially for my family, so GOOD for Heidi! It is NOTHING to be embarrassed about or be demeaned over… It is SO normal for people to go through this right now! So chins up to everyone who is barely making it.

    Bless their hearts and I hope the best for her mom… I really hope it gets better for her.

  12. 12

    Man some people on here are just plain out cold. Must have never had the feeling of loss when you barely have any money left and bills to pay. Must be fuckin nice. I don't give a shit who someone is, famous or not. It is VERY stressful to not have any money. VERY. I hate society, don't get me wrong; but I truly feel for people that go through this and are really trying to work to make up for their lack of money. It is so rough out here, $10 an hour anymore just does not cut it on it's own =( and that's all there really is right now for jobs, $10- jobs. Retail… no wonder why society is so negative. Get treated like shit for a $7 an hour to be treated like shit by customers and managers and STILL not have enough to get by.

    I think a few here need a serious reality check. Where is Robin Hood? We need him!

  13. 13

    Re: mustbenargles – You're one to talk about people being cold. Pretty much everything I've seen you say on here is nasty. If you're not complaining about being broke, you're hating on someone you don't know. You're a bigger hypocrite than you say Perez is.

  14. 14

    i read darlene's blog and her ability to remain optimistic despite all her financial issues is admirable. i hope heidi reunites with her mom, she has her best interests in mind as opposed to d-bag pratt.

  15. 15

    I'm really glad that there was a part in the interview where she said, the day she called Heidi for money, Heidi instantly wired her $8000. It shows she loves her mom, but after a while, I bet Heidi started thinking her mom was using her and wasn't working hard because her daughter was famous. I mean the celeb life in general must be hard. You never really know who is on your side because they trully care about you or because you are a "Celebrity." I really hope their whole family gets better. I wonder if Heidi Montag's sister is helping out the family, since she got money from "The HIlls" too?

  16. 16

    don't give your mom money.

  17. 17

    Wow, I don't know how everyone else was brought up or what their family relationships are like but if I was a celebrity making millions of dollars, some of that would go to my family as well.