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9 comments to “Are Michael Jackson's New Songs Legit?”

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    "FAR from blown away by his new song"…..I don't expect YOU to get anything MJ…you don't seem to like talented people in general..Gaga is talented BUT I'm getting really sick and tired of posts about how awesome you think she is….I doubt you could get your head up her ass any further.

    Is Breaking News MJ's best song?..no…BUT it's NOT the 1st single from the new album …something else will be…it's just a taste…and I like it

  2. Sam90 says – reply to this


    LMAO Perez…not blown away by it, because you like shitty music and you are just afraid that fame whore gaga will be outplayed by MJ the King of Entertainment…but dont be afraud he alrady has :) taht song, although not the best of him was certainly a million times betetr then 99% of whats on the radio now.
    I believe that some parts of the song it was undeniably MJ and some parts were absolutely NOT him. MJ was a perfectionnist and I dont tink he would have liked his material that he didnt FINISH HIMSELF to be realeased. Yet,k I am starving for anything thats musically related to him and I wanna hear more..its a nasty dilemma

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    I'M SORRY…….. IT'S NOT HIS VOICE. i don't care what anyone says money will make people say crazy shit, plus some people just don't have a well-trained ear. IT'S NOT HIS VOICE. period. done and done. there are some songs, one or two i've heard from the new album that are totally legit. but breaking news is NOT ALL MICHAEL JACKSON. maybe a few samples of grunts oohs or woos…. but when has michael EVER BEEN LIKE "CUZ IM MICHAEL JACKSON" THAT SHIT IS MAD TACKY HE WOULD NEVER DO THAT SHIT! come on i can't believe people think that's his voice it's a POOR imitation at that. sorry. i can't believe this shit

  4. 4

    You are a little late on that perez. This was talked about DAYS ago on other websites. Even MSN had this up before you.. sorry… anywho, I personally believe that about 40% of that song is MJ.

  5. 5

    I bet he wanted to play with some 12 y/o dick and pop more pills than actually making good music.
    Last time he cared about making good music was 1991.

  6. JLa says – reply to this


    Parisisburning you are a piece of Sh*t !!

  7. 7

    I had worked for Michael Jackson for years and that is not him singing >> Frank Dileo hadnt worked with Michael for years he just came back not long before Michael died …that sounds nothing like Michael and he would never have released anything that sounded like that >>.its sad what people do to make money …

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    That song does not sound like MJ to me…..I think its FAKE!

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