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Are Ladies TOO Nice To Get Jobs?

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studies show that recommendation letter affect whether or not youll get a job

Looks like you ladies will have to keep a close eye on anybody you choose to write job recommendations for you in the future!

A new study shows that men are more likely to get faculty jobs than women, based largely on how they're described in recommendation letters.

These letters more often identify women with "communal or "emotive" qualities, whereas men are more likely to be described with "agentive" words, which are more appealing to potential employers.

Here are some examples of words used to describe women, which aren't landing them jobs:

"caring, sensitive, agreeable, warm"

And here are words more often used to describe men in recommendation letters:

"assertive, confident, ambitious, independent"

Here's what Rice University professor of psychology Michelle Hebl had to say about the study:

"When you use communal terminology, it is linking people to a feminine type, and they are not seen as credible and they don't get hired. It's not just men doing this to women, and it's not just women being hurt, but it hurts women more."

Should be inneresting to see if more women get these faculty jobs after they learn about this study.

Even if you are truly caring and sensitive, it sounds like these companies would prefer ambitious and confident women working their buildings, ladies!

Keep a close eye on those letter writers, bbs! If someone is willing to take the time to write you a recommendation letter, we're sure they wouldn't mind throwing in some "agentive" words to describe you with!

What do U think of this study? Do U think it's legit, or not so much?

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5 comments to “Are Ladies TOO Nice To Get Jobs?”

  1. 1

    I had no idea that perezhilton.com was now offering job hunting advice. Silly me thought it was a GOSSIP blog. Doh! My bad.

  2. 2

    I think it makes sense. From childhood, girls are taught to be feminine, cute and docile…while many boys are taught to be aggressive, confident/cocky and dominant. Because girls are praised and rewarded for this kind of behaviour all their lives, it makes sense that we would continue to expect to be lauded for this behaviour come adulthood. Unfortunately, when women assert their independence and ambition, they are accused of being bitches, lesbians, or "acting like men", and they tend to fall back into these "inherently" feminine norms. This is the reason that women are often overlooked for jobs in high-powered positions. Its not because they aren't capable, its because they don't want to display the "unattractive" drive or go-get-em attitude that it takes to make it to the top.

  3. 3

    Are you seriously offering up Angelina Jolie as a victim of women's inequality? She is a heartless, cold-blooded man stealer. And she doesn't look back, or care about the women she hurts! Bad example! She's emulated the dog of a father she had, instead of trying to be the decent woman her mother was before being betrayed by the dog of a father…

  4. 4

    I know that woman still have a huge climb to make in workplace equality, but this article is complete bullshit. In no way am I being sexist, a pigheaded male, etc, etc, but I think most folks will tell you…..Working for a woman is absolutely horrible. There is an old saying, girls are made with sugar, spice and everything nice. I think at some point, the mixture has been watered down & that has been compensated by more spice. Woman are vengeful, mean, nasty, and honestly insane. Especially if they have children. I have a child and I know my brain is turning into jelly, so I can only imagine how it is for a full time job mommy. If I ever have to seek another job, I will turn down jobs if the woman is my boss. I won't be in this kind of position again. And I blame society for how a woman has to be in the work place. We as a society have kept women oppressed in the work place for an eternity. Woman have literally had to climb, pull & claw their way to the top just to remain unequal. I know this will be taken the wrong way by some, but I hope folks can see where I coming from. It has nothing to do if she is qualified or not, in fact most can do their jobs better than a man. It has to do with how we have molded the work place female into a raging bitch of a boss

  5. 5

    when girls act like that ppl call them bitches :(