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Anne Rice VS. Twilight

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In Anne Rice's world of vampires, vamps have some nasty violent bite, but in Twilight, vamps sparkle and resist the urge to eat tasty morsels like Kristen Stewart.

Though Anne appreciates the success that Stephenie Meyer has had with her franchise, in a recent interview, she also can't help but call it out for what it is. When asked about the Twilight franchise, Anne responded:

"['Twilight']’s based on a really silly premise: that immortals would go to high school. It's a failure of imagination, but at the same time, that silly premise has provided Stephenie Meyer with huge success. The idea that if you are immortal you would go to high school instead of Katmandu or Paris or Venice, it’s the vampire dumbed down for kids. But it's worked. It's successful. It makes kids really happy."

Oh, not just kids! Clearly, someone hasn't heard of Twi-Moms!

We're sure Anne feels her literature is superior to all this sparkly nonsense on page and screen. It probably is all a little too commercial and franchisey for her. Lord knows what she thinks of R-Patz and Tay Tay.

Then again, Interview With The Vampire did have Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in it so maybe she's cool with vamp movies having a hunk factor or two.

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58 comments to “Anne Rice VS. Twilight

  1. 1

    totally agree, however, anne rice's writing is a good as it because she's thrown off (i.e. incredible imagination)…………..meyer is just a normal person who seemingly read the anita blake and sookie stackhouse novels, had a dream about how she envisioned one or more of the characters and wrote about it. i enjoyed the simplicity of the twilight saga but after reading the aforementioned books i realized twilight is simply the dummied down version…….

  2. 2

    Good effing point, Ms. Rice!

  3. 3

    i read twilight when my english teacher makes me read things like "the road", it dumbs down my brain. lol

  4. 4

    Failure of imagination? Sure it is pretty simple written, I agree. But it's caught the eyes on MANY different people and age groups. More than Anne's books have honestly. She's done pretty well for being a normal person, like April 20th mentioned…

    Imagine it, how cool would it be to have a very handsome man giving you this sexy glare in class… and all of a sudden come to find out hes a vampire and in love with you. To me, that's hot. For a lot of people is it, temptation and passion… that what if's in life. Stephanie really did make a good story. Quite a bit of the writing she did, was lazy in some ways and not very creative… and some what cheesy. But you have realize… people don't care how something is presented, they care about what is means for each individual.

  5. 5

    She's absolutely right! Meyer had a new idea for a vampire story but her writing is horrible!! Even the movies don't have the quality that Interview with a vampire had. Still it's a success, but Rice's books are wayyy better!! Read them all, would read them again!! :D

  6. 6

    also if i lived forever the last place you'll find me is in a high school!

  7. 7

    YES! Could'nt agree more!

  8. 8

    Well, she did take out a one-page ad in the New York Times, the New Yorker, or something like that (hey, it's been a while!) against the casting of IWTV. It wasn't until after she saw the film that she apologized, saying it was actually done decently well. Maybe not so into gut-reaction acceptance of vampire hunks?

  9. 9

    I don't like what Anne Rice writes (her vampires are too chic and intelligent), but she is dead (sorry) right about the whole premise: why on Earth would an immortal go to high school? To blend in? To find food? Immortals have - in Anne Rice's world at least - allready learned everything there is to learn.

  10. 10

    Re: pie107 – funny you say that, if I lived forever, the first place I would go is back to high school. however, i'd only go back once, just to finish…………..not over and over again like meyers characters do :)

  11. 11

    sounds like someones sippin' on the hater-ade

  12. 12

    I completely agree with Rice. I mean, I didn't hate high school, but there is no way on this earth that I would go back if I was immortal. And part of Meyer's success is because her idea has been so dumbed down that it's easy to read (unless you're like me and start to vomit at the atrocious use of grammar and sentence structure).
    And I don't think having good looking actors portray characters is Rice's issue, it's the fact that Meyer's characters just suck (and not even in the cool vampire way).

  13. 13

    I agree with Anne. I'd also like to add her vampires have more substance. It's no debate that her literature is superior to Stephenie Meyer's.

  14. 14

    Anne Rice is just pissed she didn't think of attractive high school vampires 1st!

  15. 15

    ann rice = idiot.

    they are trying to keep the most normal live they can. if you are frozen in time as a teenager, no matter where you live, people will wonder why you are not in school. that is why they move around and have to start younger and younger in each place they live.


  16. 16

    She says its a lack of imagination,yet it clearly isnt as she is doing something opposit the stereotype.Fail

  17. 17

    Stephanie Meyer writes like any capable grade 3 student with the imagination of an innocuous valley girl. Go Anne Rice.

  18. 18

    lol @ ppl getting mad at anne rice lyke dont get your little edward cullen panties in a bunch. the lady's just calling it as she sees it and frankly i'm glad that she said something because nothing's more ridiculous than a disco ball vampire!

  19. 19

    Re: mustbenargles – Cause its commercial… you dont see that many teenagers at all reading something like Breton…
    The book is not only lackluster of imagination, its AIMED to teenagers on purpose cause they are easy to buy (like all these books from these unkown authors are doing now at days and becoming best seller the next day). Its easy to target teenagers and make them feel related to. If anynody else jumped on the Twilight boat, is only for media-commercial reasons.

  20. 20


  21. 21

    Loved Interview with the Vampire - both the book and the film!

  22. 22

    Re: mustbenargles – Please, you probably weren't even alive at the time Anne Rice's books were first being published - she was a huge success. She's actually creative!
    I would love to see more Anne Rice vampires on screen and less of this Twilight BS.
    Re: babybleau – Young, naive Twilight defender… get over it, the Twilight novels are rubbish.

  23. 23

    And the movie of her book with Cruise and Pitt sucked big time! How can she say failure of iimagination when it has definitely caught the imagination of the majority of us? Simple? Sure but that doesn't mean it isn't good!

  24. 24

    While I tend to agree with her, I think she's way overrated as well. I only got a quarter way through Interview With The Vampire and had to stop. The writing was horrible.

  25. 25

    Re: babybleau – WHO cares!. As a vampire you DONT have to give exponations to nobody, without mentioning the fact that Im sick of these vampires living at the daylight. Bring back the REAL vampires!.

  26. Waboo says – reply to this


    She is 100% correct. Her books are amazing, and Twilight sucks balls. It's always annoying when something SO bad becomes obnoxiously popular, so I don't blame her for calling that Meyer woman out on the piece of crap she writes.

  27. 27

    Re: LetttyB – I'm actually quite impressed that you read the Anne Rice as A N Roquelaure Sleeping Beauty Trilogy. I think of those books fondly, as they got me started on my own sadistic path. Much love, dear. Stay wet.

  28. 28

    The interview with the Vampire novels are about a thousand more times imaginative and a million times more well written than the Twilight franchise. Up with Anne Rice as top vampire author!

  29. 29

    Re: babybleau – You talk about them as if they're real… O.O

  30. 30

    OMG that is hilarious! Plus it is so true!! For those saying they are trying to blend in, why high school? Plus doesn't that mean that after going to a certain high school for a few years they will have to move and go to another high school? That is so stupid! I highly doubt they look like high school students too! And they do not socialize so what is the point?

  31. 31

    I agree, i like the stories but i mean come on.. going to high school that many times? I could barely stand it once..it's for horny teen's who aren't looking for anything realistic and can't spot bad acting for shit..lol watch twi-psychotic's go all crazy cause of this one statement lol pathetic

  32. 32

    Re: IvyLeagueBitch – lol yeah cause Meyer's was the first right? please….

  33. 33

    Perez, this news isn't days old, it's WEEKS old. Try to stay on top of things.

  34. 34

    Re: sayswho – Because it's aimed at young people to get all hot and heavy..The only thing that stuck out about her story is vampires are sparkly -_-.. and Interview with the Vampire was very successful and paved the way for many other Vampire movies.. Meyer's isn't the first… But then again something like Interview with the Vampire is for MATURE people.. unlike Twilight..

  35. 35

    I completely agree with her. BTW, Anne was very unhappy with Tom Cruise being cast as Lestat and was quite vocal about it. She was pleased with the end result, though. As for Brad Pitt, "Interview with the Vampire" was filmed long before he was as famous as he is.

  36. 36

    Vampires where not liked that much when Rice wrote her books. In a past time vampires only where for people with "another sort of imagination" . Rice books are the best they keep you intrigued and vampires are what vampires are supposed to be. Suddenly there comes this "chick" writes down a "sloppy" cheap , cheesy vampire books and EVERBODY I mean EVERYBODY loves vampires. WTF man. I'm so tired of this twilight sucks it's boring and the vampires are depressing. Vampires have turned so commercial because of this shit, its stupid and annoying..

  37. 37

    There is no comparison between Anne Rice and Stephenie Meyers . Anne Rice's books are beautifully written, powerful, scary, and dark with deep religious connotations. Stephenie Meyer's books are total and complete crap. They may be entertaining, but don't confuse them with English!

  38. 38

    Let's be honest.. most people only like the Twilight books because of what's his name that plays Edward. I'm a HUGE Anne Rice fan, and I've read all the Twilight books, and let's be honest… the Twilight books were aimed for high schoolers and that's the level she wrote them. Anne on the other hand writes for adults, and uses complex story lines…
    Plus we all know Lestat could kick Edwards ass any day of the week…
    That being said, Taylor Lautner could be my wolf anytime!

  39. 39

    hahah, well said

  40. 40

    Coming from the Queen of Batshit Crazy, no less! She's right, but her own mirrors must not work - she's the one who started us down this "Vampires are really sensitive, romantic souls who just happen to bite you" road. The Fangless Hoarde in Twilight is just a natural progression of that! And wait… it's not that Edward went BACK to high school… HE NEVER LEAVES! Oh Lord! He's that super-duper senior who hangs out and buys beer for the juniors! LOL

  41. 41

    Re: babybleau – That is the dummest thing i have ever read.

  42. 42

    totally right

  43. 43


  44. open says – reply to this


    Why are some of you speaking as though vamp really exhist?! lordy.
    I LOVE Anne Rice's work.. read all her books. Love them. Read all the twilight ones too. them them also. Two diff takes on vamps.. both interesting. One written more for adults. The other for tweens. who cares. they are both good stories in their own way. And I have to say I don't agree with anne that twilight was written with no imagination.. those vamps are totally diff from any others ever written about!! hello?!

  45. 45

    Rice's Vampire Chronicles are far, far superior that The Twilight Series.

  46. 46

    Well the meyer's books were written for the high school aged person weren't they? That's what makes the books so popular it is in a strange way relatable to teens.

  47. 47

    Re: areistia – The books were a HUGE success before the movies or any talk of casting them was out.

  48. 48

    Re: bich45 – You obviously never read the books then.

  49. 49

    Anne is 100% right. That is exactly why the books are so popular, because they are simple. Meyer's main audience is teens, who for the most part don't want to read complicated stuff. They want to live a fantasy from their boring lives and a meeting a vampire in their high school science class makes them swoon. Then of course the adults who are looking to read something simple.

    I read the Twilight book's and I enjoyed the story, but there is no doubt that Meyer is both unimaginative and has high school graduate level writing skills at best.

  50. 50

    Re: IvyLeagueBitch – No instead she thought of attractive adult (and a child) vampires with substance and personality, wrote excellent stories and characters, sold 100 million copies of her works worldwide (some of which were also adapted into films) and made a ton of money. Man her life must be rough. You are an idiot.

  51. 51

    Re: babybleau – Not really, idiot. #1 They can just live as recently graduated high school students. I looked like I was 16-17 until I was around 20 years old. Lots of people do. #2 They could just be pretend home schooled. They wouldn't have to go to public school. #3 They could travel the world with their "parents" and no one would ask them questions. Babybleau = idiot.

  52. 52

    Re: smoochie888 – *Best Dazed and Confused Matt M voice: That's what I like about these high school girls; I get older, they stay the same age.

  53. 53

    Re: mustbenargles
    ummmm Anne Rice's book have been around for DECADES!! her fan base is enormous it can't even compare to Meyer just bc Meyer's books are popular NOW doesn't mean that they will be 40 years from now like Rice's books have. Meyer is obviously talented and her books are great and all but they're not as amazing nor are any type of literature masterpiece, whereas Rice's books are part of pop culture. Rice's imagination and the characters she comes up with just put her in a completely different league. In all honesty you can't compare them, they're just worlds apart.

  54. 54

    Re: babybleau – that's Rice's point.. its all about IMAGINATION… why can't they live all over the world and do other interesting things? it's a book that's obviously not based in reality hence the subject matter of vampires. you're comment is absurd, you contradict yourself. You criticize Ann for her comments bc 'young VAMPIRES can't be anywhere else besides school" ummm vampires don't exist so the entire premise for you're comment makes not sense, bc they are in school that means that the story makes more sense? ummm no vampires are still fanatsy just bc they attend hs doesn't make is more realistic. Meyer's books are good but not great.

  55. 55

    You know, to be perfectly frank, this new infatuation with vampires (brought on by Meyer) makes me sick. I loved vampires when I first read an Anne Rice novel, when I was still in high school. And I had to go through all the ridicule and hate that came with it. My mother tried to make me feel guilty for liking something deemed "evil" by the general public. Now Meyer comes along and its "hip" to like vampires (I mean, sparkly fairies)? WTH?! On a personal level, Stephenie Meyer offends me.

  56. fiera says – reply to this


    She's absolutely right!!! To me, the Anne Rice books are far superior and darker than the Twilight series. Twilight is vampire light.

  57. 57

    Perez get alife!
    Anne did not say anything bad about the Twilight franchise.
    Gee - are you going through withdrawl since you are trying not to bully & out people lately??

  58. 58

    fuck anne rice!