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Mel Starts To Cry On The Stand

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Mel Gibson is in the middle of bitter custody battle with ex Oksana Grigorieva and yesterday, while giving testimony, we hear the pressure of it all finally got to him.

Sources are reporting that while Mel was talking about his relationship with his children, particularly his 1-year-old daughter Lucia, he got all choked up.

But that didn't stop Oksana from trying to throw him under the proverbial bus. When it was her turn to testify, Oksana suggested that whenever the baby spent the night at Mel's, she came back "acting funny." What that means, no one is sure, because Oksana wouldn't elaborate as to what "funny" meant.

Then the battle got brutal as Mel's lawyers prepared there own backfire, playing video of Oksana talking to PEOPLE magazine and other media outlets, then asking, "Do you think by talking to the media you are looking out for the best interests of Lucia?"

We'd have love to have heard the answer to that one!

The testimonies will continue on their next court date in two weeks. We imagine the evidence and the testimonies will only get nastier from here on out, so prepare yourselves.

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13 comments to “Mel Starts To Cry On The Stand”

  1. Tinc says – reply to this


    I hate this alcoholic bigot.I hope Oksana will suck him dry.Go girl,get all of his money!Hahaha!

  2. esj says – reply to this


    With his achievements as an actor/director/producer, the one thing that Mel did not forsee is "his mid-life crisis stage." I'm not siding with Oksana but Mel totally deserves the humiliation that he is going through because he cheated on his wife who stood by him from the beginning. He deserves every pain because he was a fool!

  3. 3

    Oh, boy! What two unstable parents! I worry about the kid. The adults have money and age to get the help they need it.

  4. 4

    the man is obviously mentally ill and she must have known that going into the relationship

  5. 5

    I'm sorry but if you feel Mel can really be trusted alone with a child you are crazy! He's an alcoholic who has twice been exposed with his drunken rants. I'm not saying that Oksana is any better, but clearly Mel needs help!

    Spread da Word @ SPREADDAWORD.COM

  6. 6

    there own backfire?

    THEIR own backfire.

    I would be more than happy to proofread your articles for $10.00 per article. Your mistakes, both spelling and grammatical, have become very annoying.

  7. 7


  8. 8

    oh, right, so just coz he's an actor he's faking his feelings for his daughter? So many people accuse him of lacking control of his feelings and now he's getting accused of acting when he gets emotional over his children. Make up your minds idiots. And just coz he's a recovering alcoholic who was recorded ranting while on an argument with his ex doesn't mean he's a danger to his child. He was able to successfully raise seven kids with his ex wife, who testified on his behalf that he was never physically abusive to her and their children and is a good father, but now he's dangerous coz Oksana, the lying skank says so? Please, the woman is more of a danger to her child since she has no problems exposing her to a twice convicted felon, and doesn't care about protecting her children from all this media circus. I feel so sorry for her son, what must he think right now knowing that his little sister is more special to his mother than he is, it's just too bad Dalton isn't as rich as Mel is.

  9. 9

    Perez, why do you bully Oksana all the time? Why do you feel sorry for Mel all the time? If Oksana was gay would you take her side?

  10. open says – reply to this


    Honesly.. I think SHE is a gold digging B who drove him to his breaking pt. and what does she mean by "funny"!? wth. she's trying to say he DID something to his kid!! that's pushing it. she knows jsut what she's doing… she meant to push him to a breaking pt.. a human being can only take so much. my mother was abused by my father.. this woman is so cold, calm, and collected during his outbursts.. besides my mother, i know of other abused woman.. to be thattttt calm like that when you supposed abuser is talking like that?! sorry.. but no. something is not right with this whole mess.

  11. 11

    I wouldn't give that Who>>e one cent..stupid Guy anyway to leave his wife. But we no nothing

  12. 12

    All the older Guys who srew around because they are so dam insecure should have a good look at this dilemma. I know a few stories like that ..and they all get what they deserve except Happiness..OLD IDIOTS are a shame

  13. 13

    he's a jerk & she's disgusting. those tapes were phony… no one gets into a tirade like that one sided… those "tapes" have OBVIOUSLY been altered… i'd bet just about anything that SHE was a screaming LUNATIC too but replaced all her ravings with that "WAAAAY TOOO CALMMM" voice we hear! she's a money-hungry nutcase and although he is what he is, i truly think it's TWO-SIDED! poor kid is RIGHT… but i DOUBT that a BABY can "act funny" - WHAT???? Send her back to RUSSIA and place the baby with a STABLE family!!! sorry, but even though mel needs some anger management and psych help… i am on HIS SIDE!!