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Bella Swan Gives Tony Soprano A Lap Dance

| Filed under: Film FlickersKristen Stewart

Well this is…awkward.

James Gandolfini always loved strippers on The Sopranos! But alas, he doesn't seem to twi-hard for Kristen Stewart's bag of tricks!

Oh wel!

Check out this scene from their new movie, Welcome To The Rileys. (above)

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83 comments to “Bella Swan Gives Tony Soprano A Lap Dance”

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  2. 2

    I think this looks good. :)

  3. 3

    such a bad actress…

  4. 4

    stop labeling kristen - she wasn't even right for the part of bella to begin with………this movie actually looks quite good if you see a real preview………

  5. 5

    i wouldnt call that much of a lapdance.

  6. 6

    love it! I'm officially a Krisbian!

  7. 7

    Always the same expresion in her eyes, always the same attitude I don´t like her at all, she´s not a good actress

  8. 8


  9. 9

    Looks amazing! Hope it comes to my country

  10. 10

    hahhaah fu** nuts! this looks like a good movie.

  11. 11

    Looks hawt! Love Kristin! :)

  12. 12

    is this real I don't recall this scene!

  13. 13

    Where was this lap dance? I must have missed it somewhere.

  14. 14

    my god …..

  15. 15

    You are so mean for showing this clip. I am not surprise that you chose this particulate clip, you couldn't chose another? Ones again you try too put her dawn, being mean kristen and trying to ruined her. She is playing a part, she is an actress. And she is amazing and we love and support her. You haven't change a bit. You are same ashole as you always been..

  16. 16

    I like it. Although , i think Kristen is a very shy person, you can tell when she's on a red carpet,or doing interviews,she just seems akward and shy. I think if she opens up a little bit she will keep getting better and better. But im not a K-stew critic, im a fan.

  17. 17

    If she played a zombie she would win an oscar for sure

  18. 18

    I like it

  19. 19

    Just trying to keep the customer happy…. I love it!!!!!!

  20. 20

    ewwwww, awkward , bad acting, ewwww..

  21. lolli says – reply to this



  22. Mon says – reply to this


    WOW!!! Talk about some REALLY BAD acting. KStew should find a new profession, since acting isn't agreeing with her. Maybe she should become like her character in the movie, that seems to suit her more. Won't have to worry about the photogs chasing her around and the dorky looking dude she is dating. Can't wait for all that Twilight crap be done and over with and watch as their careers tank because that was only movie that gave them a name in Hollywood. Saw the other movies that those two were in and I was not impressed, total waste of money. Might get lucky and she will not be making anymore movies along with the dorky looking dude she dates.

  23. 23

    That was painful to watch.

  24. 24

    the acting. it's just not happening.

  25. 25

    this looks interesting!

  26. missB says – reply to this


    It is good to see her showing emotion unlike that stupid bella swan!!

  27. 27


  28. 28

    awkward? the awkwardness was clearly part of the script. duh. Still being a hater on this girl because she gets to fuck R patterson… you haven't changed a bit. Still the mean girl.

  29. 29

    This looks good!!!!!

  30. Pisky says – reply to this


    Re: Mon – Its hilarious how idiots like yourself continue to thrash her, while i admit she doesn't do great in the twilight films, but most of that was due to the dreadful script writing and directing, hence why Eclipse was exponentially better than the previous 2. But her indie films, including this one, constantly get rave reviews, especially for her acting, i'm no K stew fanboy by any stretch of the imagination, but srsly if you're gonna hate on someone, can you hate on people that don't know how to act for real, and not just say her acting sucks b/c you dont like her as a person? That scene seemed great acting wise, read the reviews for the movie she "carries" the films with her acting. Concentrate on people like Ewan Mcgregor or George clooney who couldn't act if their life depended on it.

  31. 31

    hahahahaha FUCK NUTS!!!
    still can't get over that

  32. 32

    Still not impressed with her acting. I still see the same mannerisms…

  33. 33

    cant wait to see the movie!

  34. 34

    kristen is na awesome actress! love her!!!

  35. Dusss says – reply to this


    Well… she can play a desperate frustrated awkward girl… o wait that's in real life as well.

    Be carefull of Lucie Jones! Going to lose Robbert any time soon…

    Where there's smoke, there's fire!

  36. 36

    FUCK, her ass is heaven. I just want her to sit on my face for a day straight.

  37. 37

    her ass needs to win an oscar for making me explode in my pants

  38. 38

    damn that girl has an ass on her. I bet sparkle tits motoboats it all day long.

  39. 39

    and bwahahah look at all the bitter chunky bitches talking shit about her, you're just jealous cause you don't have an ass you can flick quarters off of like her.

  40. 40

    Wow, it is weird seeing Kristen in this type of role. She also doesn't look like a typical stripper, she's petite. I guess in the movie she is lying about her age, but I am 25 and people tell me I look like I'm 16 because I'm small like her. It gets so annoying after a while…

  41. 41

    tony's a scared bitch–I would have dived into Bella's "swan" face first if she spread eagle like that in front of my face.

  42. 42

    she's got an amazing ass, dang, bella!

  43. 43

    This chick is tight-if she straddled me like that I'd jizz in my pants adam sandberg style

  44. 44

    she's got an ass you just want take a bite out of

  45. Lumie says – reply to this


    She's just such a terrible actress. Always the same facial expressions. I was surprised that I didn't notice her biting her lip in this clip. I'm sure emo kids just LOVE her, because she's so "different" from the usual Hollywood actresses. She's still painfully awkward to look at.

  46. MR says – reply to this


    She is such a terrible actress!! I don't care how many critics say she's great - they're all either getting paid to say it or they have a thing for her…I don't know. She shows absolutely no emotion on her face the entire time and even when she's yelling and supposed to be angry…her face doesn't change and her voice doesn't even sound angry.

    Don't get me wrong - I think she seems like a cool girl in real life and she's beautiful and has a beautiful bf…but she CANNOT act.

  47. Jeej says – reply to this


    She is one hot-ass chick but holy crap her acting is horrible, just like in the Twilight series. Sh can rub on me half naked if she has duct tape over her mouth.

  48. Jeej says – reply to this


    Re: saritah – Were we watching the same clip? D:

  49. 49

    It is a difference of getting roles of whiny, trashy little bitches and actual bad acting. She has this serious sour face, so she can't act all those happy cheesy girlie roles.. they simply don't suit her.. In my opinion, she is amazing in her movies, if we do not speak about twilight, because the only thing that puls this movie is a good looks of all actors.. so, mabey she is not great comparing to all jolies, johansons, anistons.. but i think Kristen is one OF the best in HER generation, and if not the best, the most STRIKING for sure.

  50. 50

    fuck nuts–bwahaha. But seriously, I want her ba doink-a-doink ass.

  51. 51

    I wanna toss her salad

  52. 52


  53. 53

    Meh, I'll see it, but I won't pay for it.

  54. 54

    I don't understand people saying Kristen is a bad actress. She is ONLY 20 years old and she is already the 10th highest paid actress of Hollywood. I think she is a serious actress far from being celebrity and trying hard to get her own space.
    Robert Pattinson is an excellent singer but unfortunately people will continue to link their image to Twighlight for a while.

  55. 55

    LMFAO! omfg holy crap… i am in shock.. lol that is probably the most emotion she has ever shown in any of her acting gigs LOL.. how you like Edwards girl now lol… omg i can't believe she wore that ! damn

  56. 56

    what a cute backside she has, all these tricks mocking her talent on here probably have dimply, cottage cheesed asses and they can't handle the power of her power ass.

  57. 57

    enough to make me bust my nuts

  58. 58

    Re: Emmizz – god you sound like such a baby.. she obviously did this movie and that part so people can SEE it.. it gives her movie more plublicity idiot.. he chose that scene probably because not a lot of people would expect her to do a role like that..geez she is not that great of an actress anyway

  59. 59

    yum yum yum wanna lick it up the slit and then hit it from behind

  60. 60

    Re: lilnino – are your just defending her cause you want to fuck her.. if she was fat and ugly you'de be agreeing and talking shit probably.. so who cares.. just cause someone doesn't like her acting doesn't mean they're "jealous".. it actually mean's.. they don't like her acting -_-..ya nasty

  61. 61

    if she's such a shitty actress, why has she been handpicked by some of the best directors around? She was discovered by David Fincher, she's been tapped by barry levinson, mike figgis, sean penn- and this was all before twilight so don't give me all that "she's from twilight" excuses. I guess all of you could school some of the biggest names in the industry on what good acting looks like.

  62. 62

    oh and perez- it's suppossed to be awkward, which of course you know. She looks like his dead daughter, he takes her aside in the strip club because of this, and because she looks too young to be there. He's kinda feeling out why she's there, not trying to feel her up literally.

  63. 63

    why does it feel like its Bella Swan acting? Trying to be hard and edgy…. and somehow not working. I can see that KS has some acting ability but I dont feel she blossomed yet. Her acting is still not at the level this character needs, I think she is still developing but she's definitely not at the level she needs to be for roles like these.

  64. 64

    lol, I love how people watch a minute of the movie and conclude she doesn't have the depth for the character. You guys are idiots, she's playing a damn hooker/stripper who has to rub up against a fat dude's junk for 10 bucks-you think she's going to be doing cartwheels? Emoting and showing herself wounded? Fuck no, she's gonna have a poker face on to get through the work shift and make that money bitches

  65. 65

    I just said this earlier this week after seeing this movie. The most amazing Georgia peached ass this side of the Atlantic. She's so fucking hot

  66. 66

    Uhmm??? Was that even acting?

  67. 67

    Re: MonRe: urcewt – You do know she get amazing reviews from critics that has been working for a long time and know their stuff well, they are saying she is one amazing actress.
    Don't come here and say it like it's a fact. It's one thing that you don't think so but everyone doesn't agree with you. Many people like her and even if you continue on hating her (or else you would have bothered) she still earns her money and gets amazing critics, she still has her fans and so on.

  68. 68

    nut buster of the year

  69. 69

    that takes guts to do a role like that..she plays Malory perfect….for her age she is great

  70. 70

    Re: jennycakes – Jealousy often comes with hate; at least if that person hasn't done anything wrong to you or anyone else.
    If you simply don't like her then you wont bothering yourself; if you do, it comes out as hate which can mean jealousy.

  71. Jeej says – reply to this


    Re: K-StewFan – I have NEVER seen any critic say she is a wonderful actress. She is emotionless and she has a mono-tone voice. You can like her, i don't care, but don't tell lies.

  72. 72

    Re: Jeej – Roger Ebert just said after watching this movie that he discovered an important new american actress. the NYTimes critic, forgot the name but is known for being a hard ass critic, said beyond her tics she's an appealing and compelling actress. NYDaily orgasmed over her skills. You're wrong, she's a critical darling-people just hate her for being associated with Twilight or else because she's fucking people's imaginary boyfriend RP

  73. 73

    and wow, she has a great body underneath all those jeans and hoodies.

  74. 74

    definitely gonna buy this on DVD, along with a costco size bottle of lotion and industrial strength kleenex

  75. 75

    Re: Jeej – Actually yes, several have said that. Most critics seem to like her quite a lot and have given her a huge amount of praise in her recent, non-Twilight roles(still, she might not be great in Twilight but many critics think she is the only thing holding it together)such as Adventureland, The Runaways and from the above clip, Welcome to the Rileys. Not to mention some of her other well received, past performances like The Yellow Handkerchief, The Cake Eaters, Into the Wild, The Messengers, Speak and Panic Room.

    Are you people are going to be repeating the tired, bitter rhetoric if she gets praised in On the Road next year? Seriously, get over it, move on with your lives and focus on something positive. It's utterly pathetic how dedicated you people are to trashing this 20 year old girl.

  76. 76

    Re: Jeej – Why don't you stop with the lies and star opening your eyes? You only look and take in what you want to take in. Like the others said, she gets amazing critics from most of her movies (excluding Twilight), Roger Ebert is one of them and if you know anything about critics you will know who he is and hoe big and good he is in that stuff.
    You may not like her but don't tell lies ;)
    Also, don't like her then don't bother, show some respect instead.

  77. 77

    she kinda talks fast

  78. 78

    Re: doritozzz – She maybe was told to by the man behind the camera and the script. ;)

  79. 79

    Re: Estrella G. Morales – Totally agree with you, she has always the same expresion in her face, always speaks in the same way.

    She's a bad actress.

  80. 80

    Re: newtexana – So that is why she is being praised but critics and they are saying she is an great actress. Important new actress to the future?
    Ok, Twilight is bad but almost no one is good in it. Watch some of her other movies, she is great in them. Who ever said that she has the same face and voice and shows no emotions is a liar and doesn't know what they are talking about. When they said that people (haters) picked up on that and continue on saying it while the don't now what they are talking about and haven't even seen her other movies.
    It's one thing that you don't like her but saying she is bad is a completely lie.
    Just because you don't like her as an actress doesn't mean she is bad.

  81. 81

    oh screw me….wtf was that? she needs to just stop with that so called acting she is doing!!!!!!!!!!
    i feel so embrassed for her.

  82. 82

    Re: LisaLovesRob – There’s no need to feel embarrassed for her because her acting is great and she knows what she is doing.
    Just because you don't like her doesn't mean she is bad at acting. She does get praised by critics that know that stuff.
    Stop hating her because she dates Rob, LisaLovesRob! JEALOSY.
    She is one fantastic actress so stop with the hate and tell untrue stuff will ya? Its one thing that you don't like her as one actress (we know the real reason) but don't tell it as a fact because it certainly isn’t.
    Kristen - fantastic actress; you - jealosy

  83. 83

    ok we have to go a little backwards for this 1.she was in a panic room 2.she was a kid bank robber 3.rape victim 4.could see dead people 5.handicaped kid 6.girl who fell in love with vampire 7.she was rocker 8.now she's strippin for Tony….i'm scared for what's coming next!