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Dr. Drew Doesn't Think Lindsay's Photo Shoot Is A Good Idea

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Well, he may have a point.

Sure, Lindsay Lohan's career may be suffering while she's in rehab and we all know that gurlfriend could use the ca$h, but Dr. Drew says that her upcoming magazine photo shoot could cause a setback in her treatment.

He says that even though it's a good sign that her counselors at the Betty Ford Clinic think she's ready to venture out for the day, the good doctor says that "going back to work too soon is not good for her" and she could possibly fall off the wagon if she returns to work "too fast." He adds that "treatment's gotta be the priority in her life for the next 3-6 months."

We hope Lindsay's photo shoot isn't a blow to her recovery, but if her counselors see progress, than maybe this is exactly what Lindsay needs.


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17 comments to “Dr. Drew Doesn't Think Lindsay's Photo Shoot Is A Good Idea”

  1. 1

    Only IF they are nude, and done in good taste, would I approve a photo-shoot this time…..wanna see me some firecrotch !

  2. 2

    I think it's mixing what I think must be rehab's "You're just like everyone else struggling with this, snf you have a big problem," with "You're special! You're special!" and I agree, I think it's unlikely that she would be equipped to deal with that difference at this point in her recovery.

  3. 3

    Or, IF she is going down on three other lass's twats !

  4. 4

    I think its definitely to early for Lindsay to be work on any kind of thing unless its her health. That comes first before her work. I'm glad she's making progress but I don't see it lasting though.

  5. 5

    i don't know the real story and frankly i don't care, but security is a huge part of addiction and a huge part of recovery. let the girl go then. let her make her dough. let her feel secure in herself. if she "blows" it…that a huge part of recovery too. PEREZ…STOP FUCKING BULLYING HER…from the oputide lookn in thass all i see you doing. all the damn time.

  6. 6

    Well he IS right and has a point. There's a certain guideline one should follow when in treatment.

    I hate Dr. Drew though. Once he victimized that trailer trash Amber from Teen Mom, I despise him

  7. 7

    headshots? costs like $600 plus $200 to get your resume printed on the back all glossy

  8. 8

    We truly do wish her the best but, in the back of our minds, we can't fu**ing wait to watch her fall off the bus again! You know it's gonna happen. Also, why do we feel bad, or feel hope, or feel anything for a girl who has had every opportunity handed to her on a satin pillow, while she just does whatever the hell she wants with no regard whatsoever for her family, friends, fans, herself? She deserves herself. Hopefully the "self" she gets is a healthy one.

  9. 9

    well, I don't think Dr. Drew is a "good idea."

  10. 10

    I have been in rehab more than a few times, it boils down to how bad lindsay wants to be sober. If she wants to do the shoot and she is honest with herself that she can do it, without any substances then she will make it through the shoot. That being said it is very easy to lie to yourself and say i am ok to do this…i would say she needs a little more time!!

  11. elRey says – reply to this


    Dr.Drew is a dumbass FAME WHORE!!! He is NOT Lindsay's doctor he needs to STFU!!!
    She is under medical supervision, she does not need Dr. dumbass Drew's permission to do anything!!!! Taking part of a day out for a photo shoot does not mean that her recovery is not her top priority!!! She'll stay sober this time, or she wont. She getting help and that's a great thing. Butt OUT dickhead Drew.

  12. 12

    Dr Drew Fraudski's 12-Step Religious Cult Treatment show's celebrities are all ten times as addicted than before the show. The 12-Step Religious Cult GUARANTEES a lifetime of Binging, Treatment, Relapse, and Trouble over & over & over & over….

  13. 13

    "Dr." Drew needs to mind his own fuckin business

  14. 14

    Ugly, fish-lipped cun*t.

  15. 15

    Isn't this the same asshole that said he would plant drugs on her?

  16. 16

    Dr. Drew is a clown. I pity the fools who become famous and have Dr. Drew spewing his bullshit on national tv about them.

  17. 17

    Who in the hell in their right mind is going to go out a buy a mag with these digusting photos in it. I guess the society of 2010 that who. The sick society. Here is a young girl who is constantly getting into trouble and getting away with her behavior and who has been in rehab not just once and not just twice. We are promoting this and actually paying for her bad behavior. Oh and let's not forget that we are paying for the egg donors mannis and pedis and her designer purses. What trash.