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Pentagon Study In Favor Of 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' Repeal!

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How will anyone be able to argue this?

Two people close to the upcoming report by a Pentagon study group regarding the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell have come forward to reveal that according to the draft, the military can lift the ban on gay men and women serving their country openly with only MINIMAL and isolated incidents of risk to the current war!

The 370-page report continues that over 70% of the respondents - all active-duty and reserve troops - to a survey sent out by the group said that the effect of a repeal on DADT would be positive, mixed, or nonexistent!

Although the sources refused to give their names or position, they maintain that the reason that they came forward with the findings were to minimize those opposed to the ban manipulating and mischaracterizing the group's findings.

The full report will be handed over to President Obama on December 1st.

Although this is pretty much what we've known to be true all along, it's still FANTASTIC news!

The time for change is almost upon us! We sincerely pray that our President does not let us down!


[Image via AP Images.]

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7 comments to “Pentagon Study In Favor Of 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' Repeal!”

  1. 1

    Good. I have a number of gay friends in the military. They are low key and would continue to be so if DADT is abolished. This would simply protect them if anyone found out.

  2. 2

    I don't think he will let us down!

  3. 3

    I'm all for equal rights and what not..but this blog has gone down hill.. what was once a blog for celebrity gossip.. is now just a forum to have LBGT topics crammed down our throats… along side lady gaga. No offence to perez.. but hes not exactly the most in tune with politics.. I mean hes a flat out idiot.. who consideres Kentucky a southern state.. Im sick of him and his shit.. he should start a seperate "I Lick Lady Gaga's asshole" and a "Politcally Perez" Site.. to store all the stuff not related to what the blog was originally intended for.

  4. 4

    … Maybe I'm being a pessimist… But I don't know if this will happen…
    Besides, a majority of people want the benefits as "married" couples. How is that supposed to happen when Gay Marriage isn't allowed?

  5. 5

    I am married to a Marine who has recently returned home from his 3rd tour. He is in the Marine reserves and also bartends at a gay bar. I, as his spouse, was sent one of these packets to fill out. As the wife of a Marine, who also bartends at a gay bar, I have absolutely have no qualms whatsoever with gays serving in our military. I have also had lengthy discussions with my husband regarding this matter. He also sees no real problem with it. It is my opinion that if you are willing to sacrifice, which is what you would do, to serve our country, then it doesn't matter what your preferences is. My support of the repeal is unwavering and I am hopeful that the President and Congress can finally get it right.

  6. 6

    WTF does being a homosexual have to do with anything. I really can't stand people who picket or rally against homosexuals. Uh helloooo! You're wasting your life being concerned about what everyone else doing in their private lives. Here's a tip, go and take your opinions and shove them where the sun don't shine, because they're not wanted!

  7. 7

    Even though I personally believe that gay and lesbian partners of service members should have all the same benefits as hetero families- like health and education benefits- that's not what this is all about. LGBTQ partners and families have been getting by for a long long time without these benefits. More importantly, they're looking for the human and social rights they are denied- like being able to attend award ceremonies and social events with their partners, or being able to be contacted if their partner is hurt or killed while on duty. Honesty and integrity are the core values of every branch of the military… why then ask people to lie about some of the most important parts of their identity. Can you imagine if the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' law was applied to some other kind of identity, like having Christianity as a religion perhaps? What if the US military told members that they were perfectly free to believe in whatever religion they choose, they could just never tell anyone about it, practice or act on any of their beliefs surrounding Christianity. If you do act on these beliefs or are merely suspected to be a Christian, then you will be dishonorably discharged, and lose all benefits. Just an example to highlight how truly ridiculous and un-American this policy is. Shits whack.