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RIP, Phone Book!

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It's about time!

Since the invention of the internet, the phone book is practically obsolete and finally being phased out.

New York, Florida, and Pennsylvania all approved Verizon's request to stop printing the White Pages this month. Virginia will be the next state in line, making 15 states who have stopped the directories or in the process.

And it makes perfect sense! The use of phone books have dropped from 25 percent down to 11, from 2005-2008. So, 2011 is looking pretty sparse!

It can only help the environment, so we're all for it.

Will U miss the phone book?!

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26 comments to “RIP, Phone Book!”

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    I know I won't miss the pain in the butt things, but when are they going to stop printing the yellow pages? I mean what does anybody do with those things? I know a lot old people will be up in arms.

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  4. 4

    I don't think that's fair. a lot of my family does not use the internet or a cell phone. they use a house phone and a phone book to look things up in. There is still a whole generation of people who use this. hell, I have a computer and I still do use the phone book.

  5. 5

    I miss Furby

  6. 6

    what about those who can't afford the internet? Better for the environment? give me a break. not everyone is brought up in a high class family and given an iphone after coming out of the womb. what's happening is taking away options for under privileged families…and the government wasting tons of time on pointless topics. what about the time, money, and PAPER it costs to pass bills? so bad for the environment! ;) but really…why waste time on taking away things from people?

  7. 7

    Actually sometimes its nice to have a phone book when your trying to help a customer at work and can't use your cell phone.

  8. 8

    I don't think that they should stop making it all together. I know plenty of people who don't have the internet and rely on the phone book. If they want to cut back then fine, maybe don't print enough to give out to every household, make it an option.

  9. 9

    That's stupid, what if you work at a shop that doesn't have internet and you need to look up a phone number?

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  11. 11

    they shouldn't do away with it completely.. but maybe have a website (or mailing addy or phone number for non internet users) to call in and opt in to request the phone book. So rather then leaving them on door steps for people who will never use them.. they can send them to only those who desire them :)

  12. 12

    Good. Waste of paper.

  13. 13

    and also..picture fail.. the story says they will stop making the white pages (which are the smaller ones that list residential listings and a few businesses in the front "red" sheet section) the picture displays the yellow pages.. SMH… perez sucks.. cant even google white pages right lmao.

  14. 14

    Mine has gone straight in the recycling for years soooo YAY!!!! Yellow Pages please follow suit!

  15. 15

    Mine has gone straight in the recycling for years soooo YAY!!!! Yellow Pages please follow suit!

  16. 16

    white pages are not = to the yellow pages. many phone book companies (ala yellowbook) have not been printing white pages in many directories for years to cut back on paper usage. phone book publishers have also been shrinking their directory size, and using 100% recycled materials to create their books. i agree that eventually they should only be a per request item, but there is still nothing easier than looking through an actual book than online.

  17. 17

    they should ask us to go to a web page to say we don't need either yellow or white pages, and they can have an idea of who to send them, I get mine since 5-6 yrs ago and put them in the closet until new comes and old goes to recycle…

  18. 18

    Re: Whoaaa – I hope you aren't putting your phone books in with your regular paper recycling. Phone books need to be recycled separately, and the paper recovered is really only good for making more phone books. This is because the paper fibers of a phone books are much, much shorter than traditional paper. It's how they get the pages so thin. If you put phone books in a batch of regular paper, you can actually ruin the entire batch.

  19. 19

    Re: Robdawg – I feel ya.

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  21. 21

    What if our number changes - will we have to contact all our friends to let them know?

  22. 22

    they should still make them for the pple that need them, they dont have to mass produce them, its kinda sad, im nostalgic about this, i use to play with them when i was little

  23. 23

    Oh no! Now what are guys supposed to rip in half as 'feats of strength'?!

  24. syd3 says – reply to this


    It's the numerous yellow page books that drive me nuts; we receive three/year — none of which we use. However, we do use the white page book (distributed once a year if we're lucky). Will the phone companies distribute CDs to individual households? If the web goes down, one would still be able to utilize the CD. White pages in my state have been available online; what's remarkable is that the household members' ages are also listed (there's an option to "erase/delete" them; however, they're up until one deletes them).

  25. 25

    that picture is a fail and its even more fail that you water marked it

  26. 26

    wut about for elderly ppl who don't know how to use computers?