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Teen Mom Coming To Hollywood!

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teen mom farrah abrahms moving to hollywood to pursue acting career

This wouldn't be so awful if it wasn't sending a terrible, TERRIBLE message to young teenage girls. You know, get pregnant, get on TV, and that will make you a movie star!

Really, this is so disheartening.

Star Magazine is reporting that Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is planning a big move from her small town in Iowa to Hollywood. Sources close to the young mother, including her baby Sophia's paternal grandmother, Stormie Clark, claim that Farrah ""telling everyone that she's moving to L.A."

Another sources close to Farrah and Sophia adds:

“Farrah wants to become an actress and has been consulting a publicist/manager for advice on how to make her move, hire an agent and get a complete makeover. Her head has gotten so ridiculously big since Teen Mom became a hit — Farrah's confident she's going to be famous!"

Wow. Acting, really? How inspiring.

This is instead of going to, oh we don't know, college perhaps? You know, to learn something and better yourself for not only yourself but your daughter who'll undoubtedly look up to you as a role model.

Where is this girl's mother while this is all going on? Isn't anyone knocking some sense into her and trying to get her to have real conversations about her future?

Or is everyone just letting her ride this MTV gravy train right into the nearest welfare office because that's what we see in this girl's future if she doesn't wise up!

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88 comments to “Teen Mom Coming To Hollywood!”

  1. 1

    She's ugly like Sarah Jessica Parker so she'll probably make it big.

  2. 2

    I really don't think this is true… Its STAR magazine reporting it. Star magazine…come on now. When have they ever reported anything with an ounce of truth. Farrah seems to be doing what she can to make a better life for her and her child, I commend her on that.

  3. 3

    No see it worked for Kate Gosselin..so it will probably work for her too…

  4. 4

    Why are we glorifying these idiots? Are there no executives at the networks with an ounce of common sense. We keep promoting bad behavior and stupid decisions. What happened to the programing that promoted positive behavior and good role models?

  5. 5

    She is in culinary school and is close to completing

  6. 6

    Since when does becoming a mother mean you're not longer permitted to move to Hollywood and try acting? She's gotta work somehow to support her child. Not to mention the fact that she's already got a back-up career in the culinary arts.
    Could be worse, she could give up on life and earn a living spreading useless and demoralizing gossip over the internet.

  7. 7

    A lot of people would probably do the same thing if in that position, so there's no reason to hate on her for the rest of her life just because she made a mistake. Besides, educated people know that you can taken any number of college courses online and work simultaneously.

  8. 8

    So … whats your career Perez?. Professional d!ck? lol. Come on, the girl is just trying to take advantage of her luck, because she could have just been one of the thousand of teenage girls that noone knows they got children and got to work in a supermarket for a lousy salary 14 hours a day.
    The culinary arts might not be the greatest achievement ever (…. hey cooking aint that hard! lol) but she is trying something out.

  9. 9

    Re: PixiePeet – Lol You Think She's Ugly? I'm Curious What You Look Like. I Think She's Real Pretty. But Yeah Bad Move On Her Part

  10. 10

    Why shouldn't her dreams come true. She's a good Mom. She deserves happiness as much as anyone else.

  11. 11

    i believe it ive seen her personally at a local community college, and she was all pissed off cause a few people didnt know who she was lol… i can support her moving tho, if shes got a shot at making her and her daughters life better.

  12. 12

    you only live once… she should at least try

  13. 13


  14. 14

    Bristol Palin is on Dancing with the Stars. No matter how bad the example people will still watch.

  15. chelc says – reply to this


    Your such a freaking dick perez.
    get your freaking facts straight.
    She DID get her high school diploma, She DID go to College for culinary ..
    You just enjoy destroying peoples lives.
    its makes me sick.

  16. 16

    she went to college. culinary arts. it's not law school, nor med school, but it's still a degree.

  17. 17

    I don't think this is true at all. This stupid rumor has been going around for weeks now (one about Maci, too) and they have both denied the rumors. Until it happens, none of us should judge her.

  18. 18

    I get your point but she did go to college. I think it was a 2 year program for Culinary School. I'm not sure if she's done with it or not but at least she is getting involved in things that interest her! She was into modeling even before she became pregnant. She's grown and matured a lot from 16 & Pregnant to season 2 of Teen Mom. That's not to say she doesn't have a long way to go yet, because she does! But she's heading in the right direction.

  19. 19

    Duh Perez, last time her mom tried to "knock some sense into her" she was arrested! Let her go make an ass of herself! She's nothing but a spoiled, temper-tantrum throwing bitch anyways, she really doesn't deserve that beautiful little girl

  20. 20

    Maybe you should try to do some more research before you post things.. Farrah has almost finished culinary school so she has gotten an education first

  21. 21

    True or not, if that's what she wants to do with her life, it would be smarter to do it now, when she's a public figure, than to let it wait until no one is interested, no? Watch the show, and you would have some insight into her life, as she seems like a nice girl. Also, show some respect, her boyfriend - the father of her child, died, and she cries about it all of the time.

  22. 22

    Farrah is gorgeous.
    I would date her any day.

  23. 23

    i think she should really strike while the iron is hot…i mean, we have really short attention spans when it comes to celebrities, especially reality tv "stars". if she can make some good money to put towards sophia's education or a down payment on a house then good for her! :)

  24. 24

    I don't agree with glorifying teen pregnancy at all, so I agree with you on. Yet I really think you're being particularly harsh and unkind. Maybe she is letting things go to her head, but she's also a young woman who's already been through a lot for her age: teen pregnancy, losing her baby's father, being assaulted by her own mother (yeah, the comment that someone should knock some sense into her was especially cruel given she's recently experienced a domestic violence situation, nice…). I really thought the message you gave vowing you would no longer condone bullying was actually heartfelt…well, it seems the new "kinder" Perez didn't take long to fall of the wagon…

  25. 25

    and i think you're just jealous because no one wants you, perez. you're always begging to people to have you. you're dying to be a judge on x-factor, you were dying to be a judge on american idol, you begged ellen to appear on her show to lie about your changes, and you probably begged to oxygen to be the host of the bgc reunion. because really, what kind of audience you're going to bring anyway?

  26. 26

    Oh Perez…now isn't that the pot calling the kettle black. As others of said, what do you do? Don't you think sitting behind a computer, hiring people to sit behind a computer, and following stars around (stars that obviously don't give a shit about your blog) a job? Did you go to any post secondary institutions? Since I'm sure you don't know Farrah personally, I'm sure you know NOTHING about what she dreamed to be before MTV came along. Instead of uplifting people you have fun pulling them down. Every two seconds you talk about bullying, you're CYBER BULLYING people you don't know. I think before you sit behind your lonely computer, you should reflect on the direction YOUR LIFE is going in instead of being a sorry spectator (that reports everyone's moves) all the time. Get A Clue…. Please :)
    P.S Your featuring Farrah on your blog right….so she must be doing something right. She's a cook and a star now I guess.

  27. Kswat says – reply to this


    ummm, have you ever watched the show?? It doesnt matter what her mom or anyone else says…Farah does what Farah wants! C'mon now Perez, this girl has an agenda and will do whatever it is she wants. Aside from that aspect, I do think she is a good mama.

  28. 28

    I think its so sad how young girls have to mature faster because they have to raise a baby BUT Farrah just doesn't get it!!!! She is so careless & ignorant!! She won't be able to take Hollywood's criticism but who knows…..

  29. 29

    Hey if the Jersey Shore idiots can make money off their stupid show, why can't she??? I mean what do you want her to do, make a sex tape, pose for playboy. She is a single parent and has to take care of her daughter.

  30. 30

    If it's true about the neglect she should definitely not be moving to hollywood. 30 is a good age to be pregnant not 16!!! as far as im concerned. I had my little guy at 23 and that was too young.

  31. soko says – reply to this


    she cant even narrate her part on teen mom. She sounds like a robot! She shows no emotion except a cry then goes back to being normal straight faced… how is she going to act?!

  32. 32

    Oh Perez, you know nothing about this girl.
    She does go to school for culinary arts. Just because she's not enrolled in Harvard or Stanford doesn't mean she's not in school.
    smdh. Do some research before you post something.
    And if she wants to move to El Lay and pursue an acting career to support her daughter..more power to her!
    Don't be jealous cuz no one wants you in their movies!

  33. 33

    good decorum for you does not apply to teenage moms. seems like a classist thing to me. you're this way because you're a righteous, judgmental, hypocrite, perez. when will you see that? and to think i had hope you'd really change. you actually were really analytical back in the day, so i know you have the gray matter. has hollywood changed you that much and turned your brain to mush?

  34. esj says – reply to this


    If that's what she really wants Perez let her be. Acting is not bad per se but I know some people in the business are but there are still legitimate people. You always think you have a monopoly of opinion. Dumbass!

  35. esj says – reply to this


    Perez good job for being a dream-killer. Now that you've limited your bullying ways you think you have the lives of everyone according to your crystal ball. If she wants to be an actress you have no right to stop her. For someone who is pimping himself to be a judge on American Idol just shut up your fake vajayjay!

  36. 36

    She has no personality or inflection. How is she going to act?

  37. 37

    this story is bullshit.. and perez stop being so damn gullible too.. geez this shit came from star magazine people.. i mean the worst magazine when it comes to the truth.. plus she doesn't talk to that side of the family so how the fuck would they know all this deep information? this story is stupid and to all those who believe it so quickly…

  38. 38

    she actually graduated from high school last time i check 50% of teen moms dont even grad from high school at least she got her high school diploma and not to mention she even going to cooking school or something I forgot what the degree is actually call anyway sure its not law school or medical school but who said college is only for lawyers and doctors? her degree she is studying for is still a college degree. and who said she needs to work in 14 hour job everyday and earn $8 a hour just cause she is a teen mom she can try acting if she wants she has the right to do that perez. at least she doesnt sit in a chair all day and spreading gossip all over the internet like you perez.

  39. 39

    and perez i'm sorry but your being a dumbass.. you said it yourself you don't watch this show.. so you don't know shit obviously.. she did go to fucking college you dick and she has a degree in culinary arts.. so if you don't know something stfu before you give advice on parenting.. just saying..

  40. 40

    Um…maybe you should watch the show first before you start of fucking give advice. She already went to vocational college and finished dumbass so shut the fuck up.

  41. 41

    Farrah….please don't go there…you need to be a REAL mom to your little girl! You will regret it in the long run.

    Don't look like that white trash idiot Amber!!! You've done some pretty laim stuff, but I feel you have hope in giving this child a good start in life.


  42. 42

    Why should Farrah not try to make it in Hollywood??? She is a young Mom BUT she is so much more than that alone! She is not 16 anymore, she has finished culinary school and has made a decision to follow her dreams of being an actress. How is this any different than other single Mom's out there in Hollywood??? She did start off on MTV 16 & pregnant as a bratty young, selfish brat. Do you know any 16 yr old girl who would have been different, if so they are the exception to the rule. Farrah has grown up so much and has taken advantage of going to therapy to work through the issues that have come up with her Mom & the loss of Sophia's (her daughter) Daddy who was killed in a car accident before Sophia was born! Farrah has had her share of struggles and has dealt with them in a fashion that is normal for a young Mom! I think it is time Farrah is looked at as the adult she is now and not the 16 yr old she was years ago. I say… Shoot for the stars, Farrah!!! Don't let anybody tell you what you can or can't do! Prove to these judgemental people that you can make it big and if you for some reason don't make it…at least you won't have regrets later in life!!! Keep your chin up Farrah!!! :-)

  43. 43

    i see a porno in her not too distant future or a sex tape at a minimum

  44. 44

    She did go to school. She went to culinary school, she wanted to be a chef. I think if she makes it in hollywood, then good for her and if not she does have an education to fall back on

  45. 45

    "Where is this girl's mother while this is all going on? Isn't anyone knocking some sense into her"

    does anybody find this funny, because didnt her mom actually beat some sense into once?

  46. 46

    this funny and very very sad at the same time

  47. 47

    Shes still young. She's allowed to make mistakes. I bet when you Perez was her age and told people you want to do and be what you are now they would've thought you were crazy and stupid. Leave the teen moms alone, they have enough to worry about. Picck on Jersey Shore instead.

  48. 48

    Sadly, if you recall, her mother did try to knock some sense into her… poor girl.

  49. 49

    perez is jealous of any pretty young thing with a vagina

  50. 50

    What happened to her "dream" of opening a restaurant. She was in "chef" school (making pita bread pizzas as homework. lol).
    Her mother may be a raging b****, but she has some sense and I'm sure she's against it. That will just make Farrah want to do it even more.
    Farrah is Missouri pretty, but not Hollywood pretty. I don't think she has a future in acting - her voice is annoying and she would need YEARS of work to be ready for the camera.

  51. 51

    And what message are you sending? Publicly bully and make fun of as many celebrities or semi-celebrities and make millions? Once again, hypocrite!

  52. 52

    Well it's pretty easy to say comments such as these when you have never seen the show. When I first watched Teen Mom and Sixteen and pregnant I made the same judgements. But you really need to watch it to see that this show is not encourging girls getting pregnant AT ALL. It's showing the truth, and how hard it is to be a teenage mother, so that girls will NOT get pregnant. And why is it such a terrible thing to be an actress? Farrah wants to live her dream and support her child, why is it a bad thing to do that?

  53. 53

    Farrah went to college for culinary, so don't knock her and say that she is a bad role model for her daughter and other teens around her.

  54. 54

    She actually DID go to college and she graduates this month from Culinary school, Perez…know your facts!

  55. 55

    If she does move to L.A. she'll soon join the army of cocktail waittresses or hostesses waiting for the big break. Pathetic.

  56. 56

    Star magazine isn't exactly reliable.

    …and she was in school. She was very actively juggling culinary school, work, and her baby last time the show was on. I never thought much of her until last season. That girl worked hard to take care of her baby.

  57. 57

    IT'S sad but all of these t.v stations are doing whatever it takes to make money and believe it or not they can turn anyone into a movie star BUT preying on the young and DUMB and OBLIVIOUS is just really pathetic.
    It's one thing to give these young kids an opportunity to to get financially settled BUT IT IS ANOTHER TO NOT TEACH THEM THE PROPER WAY TO DO IT…..
    These girls on this show obviously did not have the proper parenting or have NO common sense to do anything so someone needs to open a school to teach NOTHING but common sense..

  58. 58

    Hey Perez, did you finish college? I'm assuming your employees did.

  59. 59

    So she wants to follow a dream. Good for her. What is wrong with that? Good for her, let her daughter see her go for it…..So it might not work out…at least she would have tried. Her mom seems a little flakey and probably shouldn't be giving her any advice anyhow….Other people are riding the MTV gravy train, why not her?

  60. 60

    Farrah did go to college… obviously you have never watched the show. She works her ass off and she is a single mom. Let her live her life. The girl has been through enough so she deserves to do what makes her happy and she is beautiful!

  61. 61

    Who cares what she does.. it's her life. She will either make it or fail. Can't hurt to try I guess.

  62. 62


  63. 63

    Perez, you are honestly disgustingly rude. I hardly ever read your site anymore because it is just soul-sucking negativity. This girl is actually one of the best moms on the show, second to Maci. AND she is undoubtedly the most ambitious and motivated. The girl graduated high school, is near completing culinary school, and works full time. I doubt this is true, but if it is, who are you to judge? She modeled BEFORE mtv and the simple fact that she sought out doing the show in the first place shows she probably had an interest in hollywood long before. Stop being such a jerk in everything you do, Farrah has grown up a lot and is becoming a great mom. One thing is for sure, this girl will never step foot in a welfare office, she's far too headstrong and motivated.

  64. 64

    She's a spoiled brat. She should be thinking about actually learning something, go to college, set a good example to her baby, make money so she can take care of Sophia. But no. SHE wants to get famous, so Sophia get's kicked to 2nd place.

  65. 65

    She's got the ego, that's for sure….but no talent and subpar looks. Maybe she's coming out here to be someone's trophy wife. At that, she will excel.

  66. 66

    Has anyone ever successfully transitioned from a reality tv character to a real actor or actress?

    I can't think of one.

    These reality people need to embrace reality television if they are making money in it, ride the wave, save their money, and use the money to create a new income to support them when their reality tv life ends.

  67. 67

    nooooo. she's the most annoying one! I don't wanna listen to her whiny voice in theatre. she's dumb! Go work at your pizza place Farrah!

  68. 68

    She said that after she graduated from culinary school, which she is supposed to do in November (this month), she wants to open a restaurant. I'm pretty sure she also specified that she wanted to do it in LA because it's Asian and Indian infused or something like that.

    Believing her child's grandmother, who is giving interviews for tabloids at a sad attempt to make money off of the granddaughter she didn't give a shit about until recently is beyond stupid.

  69. 69

    Re: coco283 – So she's "one of the best moms" on the show, when there are only 3 - Maci, Amber and Farrah. Not saying much putting her above Amber.

  70. JCPR says – reply to this


    i hope she doesn't have to cry in a movie because her cry is the ugliest ive seen in my life!

  71. 71

    Be careful what you wish for because her mom might take up your suggestion of "knocking some sense into her". She's already tried to "defend herself" and we know what happened with that.

  72. 72

    What an idiot. But she's a teen mom, so she has no sense.

  73. 73

    First of all, Farrah was into modeling BEFORE 16 and Preg. and Teen Mom. Making the move to become an actress is no surprise. Second of all, I'm pretty sure Farrah finished college.

    Usually I agree with what Perez reports but I don't like this one at all.

  74. 74

    Farrah is "kind of" cute. That's it. What does she think she is going to do in Hollywood? She wont make it on her appearence, or her personality. Dumb Girl!

  75. 75

    Re: JCPR – LOL So true.

  76. 76

    She'll probably pull the whole "I need big $$$$ fo mah baby" card and end up neglecting the child and spend every penny on herself. Not a fan of this.

  77. 77

    Maybe she should meet with SuperNanny beforehand. I think Farrahs mother could use some help in taming Farrahs tantrums.
    No one can possibly take her seriously…

  78. 78

    i agree with soem of the others.. seh did go to college and in my opinion, i think she is doing well for herself and using the show to her advantage. she has seemed to grow a little since starting the show. she is young, and has been through a lot god give her some damn credit. i dont udnerstand why people lvoe to shoot someone down when theyre already down or just trying to get back up on their feet.

  79. 79

    Alright, stop the Kate comparisons. Kate was an educated, CAREER woman when her life was medically blessed with the septuplets. Farrah is just a stupid, pretty teenager whose only accomplished making bad sexual decisions and CONTINUES to make horrible parental decisions.

    Yeah, Farrah was on her computer while her baby bathed in the kitchen sink UNATTENDED. STOP making these ignorant girls famous. It is insulting to us smart, responsible women!

  80. 80

    Come on…it's obvious that our Country was founded on the idea of Capitalism not the pursuit of higher education. Otherwise, we wouldn't have the president we have or the economic crisis. Instead of bad mouthing Farrah and her attempts to better herself more than the average teen mother, you should be berating the American public in their neanderthal taste in entertainment. After all, if the masses weren't screaming for more dumb reality shows and promoting talentless idiots into stardom, there would be no market for Farrah (or Perez Hilton for that matter) in Hollywood. But, thank God there is a market for it….Otherwise, we'd all be stuck watching baboons mate on National Geographic because that is all that would be left. Can't anyone just go about their lives and quit worrying about meaningless crap like this. So freaking what…Farrah is moving to Hollywood. Jessica Simpson thinks chicken of the sea is really chicken. How does any of this pertain to you? My suggestion,,,snap out of your drama/internet/television induced comas and go create your own drama to talk about. It is so much more fun that way.

  81. 81

    Who is Perez Hilton to talk about anyone? What exactly did he become famous for? Blogging? Or maybe it was naming himself after some idiotic blonde heiress? Who knows. It seems to me she is doing the smart thing and striking while the iron is hot. Maybe she is riding the MTV gravy train, but at least this way she can make some money first and go to college later and not have to borrow from Uncle Sam like everyone else seems to be doing….

  82. 82

    I hate when people say that 'Teen Mom' glorifies getting pregnant at a young age.. first of all.. have you watched the show? There is NOTHING glamorous about any of the situations these girls have to go through. If I was a teenager watching this show, it would actually prevent me from having sex at all. If that is what it's like to be a teen mom, I would've wanted no part in it. None of these girls have it easy. NONE.

    And regarding Farrah, she was a model before she got pregnant. She also has one of the hardest situations. She has to go through it alone. Not that her 'baby daddy' doesn't want to take care of their daughter, he died. DIED. No one knows what that's like. And for Perez to say 'How about you go to college' Again, if you watched the show, she did go to college, culinary school actually. So how do you know she hasn't graduated already? And how can you say that getting paid a lot of money for acting isn't taking care of her child? She's doing this alone and someone comes along and offers her $ to act, of course she's going to take it.

  83. 83

    Perez clearly does not watch the show. She has finished culinary school and is actually a very responsible Mom. When she first had Sophia she was out partying and letting her Mom raise the baby but she has since straightened up and is the sole care taker for HER daughter. Also, you should watch about joking that she needs something "knocked" into her since she did have an altercation with her Mom that was heartwrenching. Look it up bitch. Sorry but I love teen mom! Love it!

  84. 84

    I definitely don't think this is what Morgan Freeman had in mind when he created the show.. it was intended to show the struggles of having a child.. which season 1 did.. now its become a monster…. cut the show already…

  85. 85

    MARIO- Since you dont watch the mom you don't know that she actually has a rocky relationship with her mother. Her mom is CRA-ZY!

    AND SHE IS IN SCHOOL. She's in Culinary school. I think this story is FAKE.

    MARIO Get your facts straight!

    This site is getting ridiculous. Nowadays you post anything from a magazine before checking if its valid.

  86. 86

    the show* (change mom to show) sry.

  87. 87

    KT7280, well said. And, that was a great burn aimed at Perez. He deserves it, not just for being rude to a young woman who's never done anything wrong to him, but also for his general ignorance and stupidity. When is he ever going to learn that it's not television's job, or the job of individuals on TV, to be a parent or role model to every kid on the planet. That's the parents' job, not the job of the entertainment industry and especially not MTV's job, heaven forbid. Here's some advice to every parent out there: sit your kids down and explain to them that characters on TV are not nessicarily the best people to model their lives after. I think most parents, if they actually bothered to talk to their kids about it would find that most kids are well aware of which tv personalities are not good role models. I think it's more some parents, and Perez Hilton, who have the problem with this than most kids. Every kid knows that being a young parent is not the ideal, but it sees that most parents refuse to understand that most teens are going to have sex and they need to teach them about birth control!!! Can anyone say, "Sarah Palin?"

  88. 88

    perez i agree 100 perecent terrible message