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Flo Rida Has A Message For Brandy About Romance!

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It sounds like Flo Rida didn't take too kindly to the comments that Brandy recently made about how the two "didn't click" together romantically, and now, he's speaking out against the singer/reality star!

He says:

"Look, I’m romantic guy. I’ve gotta be. I don’t really want go in depth with [what happened with Brandy] but it gets no better than me being romantic. It’s one thing to talk about taking you around the world. However, I’m to the point where I can actually do that if I wanted to. Sure, the little things count in life. At the same time, when people know you do the little things but you can do the big things – like take them to Paris or somewhere like that, it matters. I’m a humble guy, but when it comes down to romance, no one can do it better than me."

Hmm…sounds pretty sincere to us! Who doesn't like to be wined and dined?!

We wonder what caused Brandy to get so turned off by him!

What do U think?? Is Flo Rida full of it or is Brandy just crazy??

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34 comments to “Flo Rida Has A Message For Brandy About Romance!”

  1. Culby says – reply to this


    She probably got turned off by that thug build or the 1997 underpants out of jeans look. Whatev. You can say you are romantic until the cows come home, but if the bouncer look isn't for you all the trips to Paris in the world aren't gonna do it for you! She's no prize either, IMHO!

  2. 2

    the fact that he said this means he doesn't get it… he took Brandy's statement about not "clicking" to mean that he's not romantic. when it comes down to it, you can try as hard as you want, but if there's no chemistry, then it's whatever.

  3. 3

    OOOOOHHHH!!!! He looks like a big ole' Gorilla!! NASTYYYY!!! That's disgusting! I could almost smell his breath as I was reading his quote!!!!!
    If you've gotta toot your own horn about how great you are, that's even MORE of a TURN OFF!!!!!!!!!!!! It's ones like HIM that make them ALL seem SOOOOO NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 4

    HELL YEAH! I would mind a few rounds with him!

  5. 5

    Man boobs !

  6. 6

    The guy has looks, a buffed bod, fame and money. The plain fact of the matter is that he can do better than Brandy. Younger, better looking, tighter body, tighter … (well, you know), more willing and less high maintenance.
    Women sell themselves to the highest bidder and generally overvalue themselves as they secretly believe that they are sitting on the only one in town. Time takes a toll on women's market value. Brandy is like 6 month old bread and this guy has an essentially unlimited fresh (much younger) bread supply available to him day or night. He's having fun playing the field. Brandy was just another notch on his gun.

  7. 7

    Uh, "the big things" isn't taking your partner to Paris. "The big things" is being there in the worst of times, when the world's beaten the crap outta ya, you have no money, the hounds are on your heels and the rest of the world has jumped ship, and YOU'RE still there sticking thru it being an honest partner. The merits of being "romantic" are rather limited if it's not about love and the things that go with it.

  8. 8

    Typical neeger, uses lots of words to say nothing. Get to the point you ape!
    Look how nasty he is all bloated because of steroids.
    Brandy is a murderer but she can do better than this!

  9. 9

    There's more to clicking romantically than taking your girl to Paris. There needs to be chemistry.

  10. 10

    He's gross and she seems like a big crabby pants.

  11. 11

    i love brandy, but she seems like she a little high maintance at times.
    i met flo rida once..he seemed really sweet.
    usually high maintance & sweet dont mix.

  12. 12

    He didn't seem so "ROMANTIC" on her show. Actually, he looked like an asshole that was embarrassed that he was with her. When he showed up to her birthday party, he barely hugged her and he DEFINITELY didn't kiss her. If that's your girl, you don't care if the relationship shows up in the tabloids. He's full of shit.

  13. 13

    Didn't Brandy say there was chemistry missing from their relationship? It didn't have to do with Flo's romanticism… it had to do with whether they clicked. There isn't a prescribed form of romantic action that can be applied at will to any relationship like Flo-Rida seems to imply. If the chemistry isn't there, neither is the relationship.

  14. 14

    just look at his bloated stomach. Can you say stereoids.

  15. 15

    Brandi is annoying and obviously has issues, especially if she is attracted to any guy who wears his pant below his ass. Grow the f–k up already and pull up your damn pants!

  16. 16


  17. 17

    HAVE ANY OF YOU EVER MET BRANDI?!!??!!! HOLY SHIT, I HAVE…she is a bitch…trust me Flo, you dont want any of that nappy headed skank.

  18. 18

    Brandy's just bitter he didn't take her seriously

  19. 19

    … a lot of people using the word Gangsta.. but you don't know what that really means. have you heard flo's music? do you know how he was raise? and the person that said Brandy is nappy headed., ugh thats not a nappy head.. please keep the black terms for the black people since you use it out of context kthanks.

  20. 20

    Can't trust someone who talks like that. Team Brandy!!

  21. 21

    Re: ParisIsBurning – Please kill yourself. The world would be a better place. I thank you in advance.

  22. 22

    Is everyone blind? He's um, got the Tom Cruise, Kathy Bates, Will Smith, John Travolta, Julia Roberts, Whitney Houston, etc. etc… vibe, if y'all get my drift… He's more likely to have chemistry with me than Brandy, nah mean?

  23. 23

    i think he should meet the girl used to date usher that used to be in tlc she seems down to earth

  24. 24

    Brandy is a fake. She used her daughter to get sympathy votes the other night. She also tried to throw the other 3 couples under the bus on Larry King Live.

  25. 25

    leave them alone white people are such trash

  26. 26

    I'm getting a lesbo vibe for Brandy… "the girl is mine, the girl is mine, the girl is mine…" LOL There's just something about her that I don't like — she's trying to hard to be likable on DWTS. When you are likable, you don't need to try. Her partner, Maks, isn't doing her any favors by showing off how big of a dick he is. DEUSHBAG!

  27. 27

    Re: PrinceD – Who the hell do you think you are saying that? Say that when you go to the hospital after getting hurt- it will be all white doctors helping your sorry ass. The only black workers in there will be the janitors, CNA's, and the one's running the downstairs Chick-Fil-A beside the cafeteria. Go eff yourself.

  28. 28

    Re: PlayingTheAngel – whoa dude. you know how Prince D said something pretty damn racist? well you just one-upped him and sound like an even bigger douche.

  29. 29

    at least he wears underpants. lay off the beers!

  30. 30

    I think his ego was a little crushed. So they didn't get on romantically. That's not a smack against him. They didn't hit it off. She wasn't feeling it. So what Flo. He needs to get over himself.

  31. 31

    Re: PlayingTheAngel – actually last time I went to the doctors after being seriously hurt.. they were all Indians and Asians.. (and im white) just saying… your ignorance is showing.. so is prince's … both of yall are lame :)

  32. 32

    Damn they only dated for a hot second. Finally, she can mix her name with another celebrity but since it didn't work now she can't let it go. Brandy is a d*ck chaser and Flo probably wasn't feeling it. I am sure he rather be the chaser.

  33. 33

    How in the world does a article about 2 people who dated for a "hot " minute turn into people spewing racist comments?? I tell you ..its obvious that there are some people on here who have never had to their your own mortality or watch someone they loved die. Because when you witness something like that in your life..it really adjusts your attitude…. people relax..chill..it's ok. I doubt very seriously that Flo rida and Brandy are gonna fall apart and lose sleep over some of these comments…lol Come on…feel the loooooovvvveeeee and play nice before someone gets sent to the corner !!!

  34. 34

    Re: PrinceD – ok…. i know your pissed off by some of the comments, so am I but try not to let other people's negativity and ignorance get to you…..cause racism will always exists… dont let it get to you ….let it roll right off you….dont let people make you negative or act ugly. Because some people just looooooveee to start stuff on here …lol