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Amazing Behind-The-Scenes Footage Of Beyoncé!

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This is so fascinating to watch!

Check out this previously unreleased footage (above) of Beyoncé preparing for her 2006 MTV Video Music Award performance of "Ring The Alarm!"

Being able to see first-hand how committed she is to putting on a fantastic performance only makes us love her more! She clearly puts everything she's got into this, even if it's just the small details!

And her hard work clearly pays off!

So inspiring!

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25 comments to “Amazing Behind-The-Scenes Footage Of Beyoncé!”

  1. 1

    "Being able to see first-hand how committed she is to putting on a fantastic performance only makes us love her more! She clearly puts everything she's got into this, even if it's just the small details!"
    Fantastic performance? What is this? 1993? She's a hack. She dances like a third-rate stripper. She can't sing. Bitch is FAT. Kiss her ass all you want, Fatboy, this whore wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire (well, no one would - but she wouldn't piss on Jesus if he was on fire)

  2. 2

    This fat bitch is so ghetto and vulgar, I hope she falls and breaks her neck next time she rehearses.

  3. 3

    Bey is the best performer in the world

  4. 4

    Haters can hate all day long, fact of the matter is, she works HARD, she sells albums, has sold out concerts and her fans love her. Nobody can take that away from her.

    It was really cool to see how commited she is to give us a perfect show, and she did. Love Beyonce!

  5. 5


  6. 6


  7. 7

    Wow, she's talented so…at the end of the day I'm just thankful she's not a bimbo she can't sing unlike a lot of other people in the business.

  8. 8

    She doesn't give a crap, she's just a selfish and self absorbed diva.

  9. 9

    did she or did she not sing live during the performance. i always thought she did but it now appears that she didn't because the track that they are rehearsing to towards the end of the video sounds exactly like the performance did.

  10. 10


  11. 11

    I love how she prays that the lord give her a great performance. She should be asking that he ends world hunger instead, yah?

  12. 12

    I don't care for her much but she puts on a hell of a performance………….I'm not only going by above video, I've seen some of her concert stuff on Fuse…….she should control the "scream singing" though - it does get out of hand……..

  13. 13

    What happened to the Beyonce recycling factory? I could have sworn 2 years ago Perez couldn't STAND beyo. You suck Perez. You suck troll balls.

  14. 14

    To all the WHITES AND OTHERS who's hating on Bey just note she'll out dance and sing any white girl out or pass!!!! NOW RUN AND TELL THAT.

  15. 15

    "you can't do a blue light on black girls"……. girl tell me about it!

  16. 16

    She is amazing lol

  17. 17

    wow! she is a hard worker and she seems really commited BUT she kind of seems like a bitch. And is it me or did she call that one girl after her performance who kept saying "damn bee!" stupid? Overall i am impressed.

  18. GG78 says – reply to this


    Overrated, song stealing, rude kunt ! Her singing voice is so weak inconsistent !

  19. 19

    It is great that she is an outstanding performer on stage because off stage she can't put a grammatical sentence together. Also, I think the Lord has more important things to do than to "bless her lighting".

  20. 20

    Beyonce has always been a good performer and entertainer. I'm glad she has gotten better at public speaking, because at the beginning of the tape she was KILLING the Kings English…

  21. 21

    Re: ParisIsBurning – beautiful comment.

  22. Jeri says – reply to this


    Re: Mushu Baby – That was a friend of hers and she was playing. You never said "oh you're so stupid" while talking to a friend being funny? GTFOHWTBS!

  23. 23

    Re: ParisIsBurning – And you are an ASSHOLE, who has nothing better 2 do than wish a violent act on someone who, AS THE ASSHOLE up above you said, "wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire!" Why don't you FOOLS find something better 2 do than worry about Ghetto people and Fat bitches…ASSFACED, BAFFOONS speaking on this topic, is offensive 2 Ghetto people and fat bitches…DUH!! I would LOVE 2 see what the 2 of your asses look like! Probably UGLY, FAT BITCHES! Or simply, UGLY BITCHES, I suppose.

  24. AliRo says – reply to this


    Re: ba-buttons
    that's called undiluted jealously right there.
    you're not making money and selling out shows like her. you CAN'T do what she does.
    she's living her dreams and your at home on your computer bitchin' about it.

    she's fit, beautiful inside and out, and is an amazing performer and vocalist.
    there is no one out there right now who can do what she does.
    one of kind.

  25. AliRo says – reply to this


    dddaaaammmmn people be hatin' HARD!
    This is a woman who is beautiful, fit, talented and living her dreams.
    The fact that so many are sitting on their computer bitching about her being "fat" or "old" is a joke.
    Get off your ass and make something of yourself instead of hating on people more successful that you are!